My Brilliant Career / My Career Goes Bung

My Brilliant Career / My Career Goes Bung Miles Franklin S Classic OfFollows The Unconventional Life And Struggles Of One Of Australia S Most Memorable Female Characters Sybylla S Passion And Rebellion Bring Her No End Of Trouble, In Life And In Love Included In This Edition Is The Sequel, My Career Goes Bung

Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin was born in 1879 in rural Australia My Brilliant Career, her first novel, was published to much excitement and acclaim She moved to Sydney where she became involved in feminist and literary circles and then onto the USA in 1907.She was committed to the development of a uniquely Australian form of literature, and she actively pursued this goal by supporting write

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  • My Brilliant Career / My Career Goes Bung
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  • 24 August 2018
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    It s hard to believe that this novel was written by a young woman in her teens it s even harder to believe that it was written in the late nineteenth century So much for Victorian attitudes Sybylla rages against her parents, shuns marriage in favour of a career, sees class ism and injustice as it truly is, and at one point questions the existence of God The result is an entertaining story Sybylla is a worthy literary sister to Anne of Green Gables, or the March sisters The story has a little less of the innocence to it, but all of the charm The description of 1890 s Australia are vivid, as are all the people Sybylla meets and those great Australian geographic names.

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    I m well aware that many people find Miles Franklin s work a little slow going, but My Brilliant Career is one of my absolute favourite novels, and one I ve reread several times since my first time as an impressionable teenager I love the main character, Sybylla, and I ve had a massive crush on Harry Beecham for roughly twelve years now Do read it it s not the most exciting book, nor the happiest, but it s beautifully written, truly evokes that sunburnt Australia we love to imagine it s not quite so pleasant to be in just hot and rather dusty , and it s a novel that has the capacity to really make an impact, even if you re not a naive fourteen year old.

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    I m usually a strict urban fantasy reader but I had to read this book as part of a course I was doing I was pleasantly surprised Definately recommend it.

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    Not so good as the first in the series Also pretty sure there is a Virago version, which not listed.

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    My Brilliant Career has not gained, I think, from its reputation as an Australian classic , or even from Gillian Anderson s very good film, which launched both her brilliant career, and those of Judy Davis and Sam Neill The film, in particular, might lead one to expect a relatively serious treatise on the condition of women, bathed in a romantic magic hour outback glow It doesn t really prepare one for the quirky construction, conversational tone and offbeat humour of the first book, and the positively postmodern, metafictional conceits of the little known and rather wonderful sequel in which we are informed that the first book which purported to be an autobiography was actually the novel that the protagonist was writing at the end, and that we are now being told the real storyThese books don t read like classics they read like contemporary fiction that just happens to have been written in the past They are not as good as you might have expected, but they are a lot fun.

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    I think I liked My Career Goes Bung even better than My Brilliant Career, It was fascinating to see the repercussions of the original publication I think this book seems to be much autobiographical than the former, and even though it is a bit confusing at first, if you accept My Brilliant Career as the fictional autobiography within this fictional novel, it begins to make sense It was very interesting to see the society life of Sydney in the early 1900 s, and see how that was contrasted with the depressing nature of the drought engulfing the rest of the country Sybylla is portrayed as quite a little schemer, but she s a much happier girl in this book, although just as earnest Funnily enough, we still suffer from dry, dusty, drought conditions in the Riverina, and yes, Sydney is still a much fun place to be Amazing how things change, yet still stay the same

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    I read this as a 16yr old felt Sybylla was my kindred spirit I could relate to the fire burning inside of her A yearning for something that not even she could fully articulate Frustration at the narrow confining society she found herself the moments of despair when her own gauche absurb behaviour failed to measure up A much loved coming of age tale set in a world of old world homesteads, lively jackroos, Australian drought and uptight Victorian drawrooms.

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    This book tells of one girl s experience in the Australian outback interested in art and literature when no one else in her area is interested in such things, where the women are expected to marry and have babies to forgo any interest in a career instead of a home and husband.

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    Important follow up Book shows that the failed relationship with Harry Beecham was the best for everyone and that it would all work out How is happiness found or measured is definitely one for the reader.

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    Ok, I didn t finish it May someday..No place to say that I just quit

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