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My Highland Spy This Highland Laird Won T Bow To The CrownLaird Ruairi Sutherland Refuses To Send His Only Son Away To Be Educated By The English And He Most Definitely Will Not Appear In Edinburgh To Pay Homage To A Liege Who Has No Respect For Scotland So He Does What Any Laird Would Do He Lies To The King The Last Thing Ruairi Expects Is A Beautiful English Governess To Appear On His DoorstepBut This Lady Spy Might Make HimLady Ravenna Walsingham Is A Seasoned Spy Who Is Sent To The Savage Highlands To Uncover A Nefarious Plot Against The Crown Playing The Part Of An English Governess A Job Easier Said Than Done She Infiltrates The Home Of Laird Sutherland, A Suspected ConspiratorIf She Doesn T Betray Him FirstRavenna Soon Discovers That The Only Real Threat Sutherland Poses Is To Her Heart But Will The Proud Highland Laird Ever Forgive Her When He Discovers The Woman He Loves Is An English Spy

Award winning author Victoria Roberts writes Scottish historical romances about kilted heroes and warriors from the past She was the recipient of the 2013 RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice award for Best Medieval Historical Romance for X MARKS THE SCOT, as well as the 2014 BTS Book Reviews Red Carpet award for Best Historical and Best Book of the Year for MY HIGHLAND SPY Represented by Jill Mars

✪ [PDF] ✐ My Highland Spy By Victoria  Roberts ✷ –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • My Highland Spy
  • Victoria Roberts
  • English
  • 12 January 2018
  • 9781402292002

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    THIS book must be one of the most pleasant suprises of my latest book choices I just wanted a Highlander book and randomly chose this without having read any reviews or received a recommendation about it.And thenSURPRISE The story was about the English spy heroine that went undercover as a governess to the son of the Highland laird that was suspected of scheming against the Crown It seems so clich , right Even so, the story developed in such a way with the right amount of funny dialogues my time reading this was so pleasantly spent as I found myself laughing out loud very often , intriguing clan feuds and the best of secondary supporting characters amazing work Ms Roberts you have made me impatiently crave their stories in the following books of the series.A new follower has been born Ms Roberts, glad to have read you P.S And Angus IN LOVE 4 surprisingly unexpected stars

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    My first Victoria Roberts historical romance novel, but it definitely won t be my lastRuairi and Ravenna had me hooked from the first page to the last MY HIGHLAND SPY is a story filled with intrigue, adventure, a sweet romance and my favoritehighlanders Ravenna Walsingham is not your average English lady, she works with her uncle as an accomplished spy for the Crown and her latest assignment has brought her to the home of Laird Ruairi Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands, a suspected threat to the Crown Posing as a governess to Laird Sutherland s son Torquil, Ravenna plans to uncover any conspiracy but soon realizes the only danger lurking is the possibility losing herself to the handsome and charming Highland laird and compromising her assignment.Everyone that reads my reviews knows my favorite kind of heroine is a strong, independent one with a smart mouth and Ravenna fits this description perfectly This type of leading lady isn t so prevalent in historical romance so I knew Ms Robert s story would be a real page turner Ravenna is a smart, kind and determined woman who is extremely protective of her family and loyal to those she cares for, despite being a spy for the King She has some preconceived prejudices against highlanders so it was great to see her guarded interactions with everyone when she arrives at Ruairi s home I really enjoyed her character and love how organically she fit into Ruairi s world, as if she were always meant to be there Ravenna held her ground with the smexy alpha and it was a great surprise to see a real heroine in this book, not a damsel in distress, which is common in this genre If there s an alpha hero I can t resist it s a highlander and Laird Ruairi Sutherland is as swoon worthy as they come Territorial alpha males are welcomed but not mandatory in my books and Ruairi is a real fresh breath of air in this story Like Ravenna, he s devoted to protecting his family son and clan, Ruairi is a great leader who doesn t mind sacrificing himself for the greater good His determination to keep his son by his side after his wife s untimely death and not send him off to the English, tugged at my heart strings He isn t the usual brooding male, he has a great sense of humor and his flirty banter with Ravenna are some of the most enjoyable moments in MY HIGHLAND SPY The romance between Ruairi and Ravenna develops over time, even with their intense chemistry which made it all worthwhile..there was no drama between them I was relieved to learn that Ravenna is an experienced woman and not a virgin which means these two could heat up the pages without a proposal or marriage, it was great to see two grown adults give into their passion with no expectations These two are perfectly matched despite their cultural differences and bring out the best in each other I couldn t get enough of them Another character I must mention in this review is Ruairi s best friend and right hand man, Fagan He stole the show from Ruairi a few times with his wit and charm His friendship with Ruairi is really sweet and I hope that Ms Robert s considers him as a possible love match for Ravenna s younger sister Grace The small glimpse of the interaction between them left me wanting their story MY HIGHLAND SPY was a fantastic introduction to Victoria Robert s captivating romance and larger than life characters There s enough adventure and tension to keep you intrigued, with a steady pace that doesn t feel too rushed and allows you to really connect with the characters New and old readers of historical romance are sure to find this a delightful reading experience I mean, who doesn t love a sexy Highlander who speaks Gaelic and wears a kilt, right I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This review was originally published on Romancing the Dark Side

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    Thank you to SOURCEBOOKS CASABLANCA and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.4.5 starsCan we just take a second to bask in the beauty of this cover A kilt and a stunning background Yes, please I can t believe how long I let this book sit on my to be read list I have really been missing out I adored this story The vernacular was much modern that I would expect for the time period, but you know what The author weaved such a wonderful tale that I ended up not even caring about that I loved Ravenna and Ruairi Ravenna was smart and compassionate, and Ruairi was a leader who cared about his people and would do anything to protect them But when it came to Ravenna and his son, the man was a gentle giant I enjoyed the suspense in this book It wasn t over the top, but it was enough to leave you wondering whodunit and what would come next Torquil, Ruairi s son, was a wonderful addition to the story He showed us Ravenna s softer side, and I didn t feel at any point that he overwhelmed the story Fagan was Ruairi s right hand man he loved to needle Ruairi about his son s governess and cared about his laird and the people who depended on them I can t wait to find out about him, so I m excited that his book his next My Highland Spy was a wonderful read that flew right by for me I started listening to the audio of this story at work, but it was so good that I switched to print when I got home so I could finish it ASAP If there was one thing I wish this book had, it would be just a bit time spent with Ruairi and Ravenna once they found their way back together again This review was originally posted at Badass Book Reviews.

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    Meh Too many anachronismsNot enough expositionBoring heroineBoring heroWinsome tyke not so winsomeEvil nemesis not quite evil enoughPolitical intrigue not that intriguingThree sisters means three booksAnd for fuck s sake, what kind of British governess spy for the Crown canna read French At least there was Angus the wolf to hold the narrative together.

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    5 starsVictoria Roberts knocked it out of the park with this one I was hooked on My Highland Spy the second I started reading it I loved Ravenna She is a strong, feisty and independent English lady who is determined to succeed in everything she does She is not happy to learn that she will be sent to live among the barbaric Highlanders and have to teach English to Laird Sutherland s son She soon learns that not everything she has heard about highlanders is true Ruairi is the strong, handsome and rugged highland Laird who would do anything for his son and clan, except turn them over into the hands of the English I loved the bantering between Ruairi and Ravenna throughout the book Their connection was instant and the tried to fight it but fate had other plans Victoria Roberts is a very talented author who will draw you right into her book and keep you hooked until the very end I could not put My Highland Spy down and hated being interrupted while reading it Ms Roberts is able to make you feel her character s emotions and you feel as like you are right there with them There is one scene where someone cracks their head open and the way she described it, I heard the crack and had to put the book down for a second to calm my nerves and find out what would happen to them I laughed and cried along with the characters and was ready to jump into the book and throttle a couple others If you have not read a book by Victoria you need too You will not be disappointed Thank you Victoria for another amazing book.

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    An enjoyable, sweet romance, My Highland Spy was a wonderful read I really liked this book From the likable character, to the sweet romance, this book was lovely.Ravenna was a good heroine She was strong, clever, protective of her family, and a kind person in general Though she served as the king s spy, she was first and foremost loyal to the people she cared about I thought she was a great character and I really liked her.Ruairi was wonderful He was so sweet and totally devoted to the people he cared about, whether it was his son, Ravenna, or the clan he was so protective of He was a sweetie and I really liked him.The romance was lovely Ravenna and Ruairi were great together.They both loved each other unreservedly, even with all the obstacles between them And, of course, there was plenty of chemistry between them, with lots of steaminess going on I thought they were great together.The plot was well paced and, though I didn t get totally hooked for some reason, I was kept interested the entire way through There were a couple of surprises along the way I really enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely.My Highland Spy was a wonderful historical romance It was a sweet, enjoyable read that I really liked Romance lovers, you might want to check this book out I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Even a spy for the Crown cannot resist this Highlander in his sexy kilt.This was the first book by Victoria Roberts that I have read, but it certainly won t be the last I don t typically go for the historical romances, but something about the description of this one piqued my interest I am so happy I went with that instinct Ravenna has a mission, and despite her reluctance to go to Scotland to fulfill that mission she is determined to do it and do it well She is going to pretend to be Laird Ruairi s son s governess while gathering information for the Crown She intends to be focused and thorough in her mission Then she meets Laird Ruairi With his penetrating eyes and sexy kilt she finds it difficult to keep up her pretense Ruairi couldn t say what surprised him the fact that Mistress Denny so blatantly approved of his handsome visage or the look on her face when she realized he understood every word she said Laird Ruairi has put off the king as long as he can and has not been set upon by a spy He knows nothing of this and only thinks this woman is here to teach his son English He also hasn t felt anything for a woman since his wife passed Now Ravenna is here and has grabbed hold of his attention with both hands He lowered his head and brushed a soft kiss to her forehead A rose for the bonniest lass who ever graced the Highlands With secrets being kept and two people with very different agendas falling in love, will loyalty or love win in the Highlands This book was such a wonderful surprise for me I was slowed down at first by the language that I wasn t used to but the story was so engrossing that I overcame that easily There was humor and excitement and characters so rich they each had their own voices in my head I would recommend this book to anyone, whether you are a fan of historical romance or a newcomer to it, such as I was I look forward to reading another book by Victoria Roberts very soon An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.This review can also be found at

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    I was hooked on My Highland Spy the second I started reading it The plot was well paced and, I was kept interested through the entire book The main characters connection was instant and they tried to fight it but fate had other plans I always enjoy a book with witty humor and sarcasm, this book doesn t disappoint My Highland Spy was a wonderful historical romance It was a sweet, enjoyable read. Romance lovers, you might want to check this book out I can t wait to see what is next for the Highland Spies I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    I went into this book with zero expectations, and I can solidly say that it s a book I ve enjoyed the most out of anything I ve read for quite a while the writing is good, the book is well paced well, the romance is pretty quick but hey, it s a romance book, it s not pretending to be otherwise , the characters are interesting and it s got some decent plot twist and turns that make you feel all of the emotional spectrum I LOVED Ravenna as a protagonist, and i m genuinely sad to see the other books in this series follow different storylines I was living for the whole English aristocratic lady who s secretly a spy for the Crown but ends up finding a sense of belonging in the wild Highlands a big criticism of the romance genre is that it can play into some sexist tropes, but I would call Ravenna a feminist lead I also thought Ruiari was a fab love interest and got invested in him too and, by extension, the romance between the two of them when things started to go wrong in the book I genuinely cared and couldn t stop reading to find out what happens when I was getting ready to pick the book up and keep reading I was genuinely a bit excited, because the story was fun, the characters were brill and I was invested in it if you re a romance reader, definitely pick this up, but if you re not, neither am I but I still really enjoyed this so give it a try you might end up being pleasantly surprised too.

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    Who doesn t love a Highlander, those kilts, that sexy accent.sighs I want one This is my first novel by this author but I can t wait to read listen to I am so glad I have the second one to dig into soon Laird Ruairi Sutherland won t bow to the king of England and send his son to England to be taught English So to some that means he could be part of those who want to fight against the English King So they send a spy to check him out in the guise of a governess to teach his son English Lady Ravenna Walsingham is that spy She has been working for her uncle since her parents died so that her sisters would never have to do anything like this or worst.Ravenna figures that the Laird is going to be a horrible brute but she didn t think he was going to be so handsome What was suppose to be a pretty easy assignment is about to get complicated when she falls for the highlander and his son To bad he is going to hate her when he finds out she is a spy.Laird Ruairi is a very head strong, handsome, and stubborn Scott Sighs I have a soft spot for Scotts They just make me melt, I love the Scottish accent and this Laird could melt any heart He is a great father to his son and he won t give in on what he thinks is right He won t fight the English unless they come after him even if it gets him in trouble with his ex father in law.Ravenna is a pretty spunky lady which I love I mean she is a spy, can t get much spunky than that She does have a fear of dogs, but lots of people are like that And well Angus is not just a dog but a wolf so I will give her that one She takes to the Lairds son quickly and has a lot of fun teaching him English She also takes fairly quickly to the handsome Laird, bu I don t think I can fault her for that either he would just talk to me in that accent and I would be a goner My Highland Spy was a very good sexy book and I enjoyed it very much If you like Scots and historical romances then I am sure you will like this one as well I think I just want the man on the cover sighs.

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