Total Resistance

Total ResistanceBook By Dach H Von

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Total Resistance , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés H Von Dach auteurs dans le monde.

[Epub] ➝ Total Resistance Par H Von Dach –
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  • 190 pages
  • Total Resistance
  • H Von Dach
  • Anglais
  • 14 January 2018
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    This was a fun read If you are in to the history of special operations, or the academics of traditional guerrilla warfare, insurgency counterinsurgency, etc this one deserves a place on your bookshelf The material is a outdated, but the concepts are solid.

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    Much of the minutiae may not be as useful any, for example how to take down phone lines, and there are other facets which simply did not exist in the author s time, for example drones or digitized electronic warfare Other facets are too specific to the Swiss military e.g instruction for specific mines, grenades and the author assumes his audience which were Swiss military and Swiss citizens who had undergone requisite military training is already versed in basic fire and movement, weapons handling, patrolling, etc.Nonetheless, the book is still highly relevant to the modern, American reader The general strategies, maxims and insights still hold true As a book on the mindset and process behind guerrilla warfare, I have yet to ready anything superior Additionally, the author spends a great deal of time on 3 things that are almost always absent from other treatises 1 the methods of the enemy to psychologically and socially disrupt resistance to its occupation 2 how to form and grow secure social organization which will allow for resistance and guerrilla groups to form and survive 3 the implications and issues of establishing PR, propaganda, finance, etc for the resistance Even the classics on guerrilla warfare, such as Mao s and Che s books, avoid these topics almost entirely and focus upon a general notion of spirit of resistance or on tactical considerations.Dach s book spends good time on the issues related to guerrilla field operations, but he also equally covers the civilian resistance aspect i.e non combat interdiction related and the enemy s methods of organizing and conducting himself.There are also various maps illustrations in the book that initially appear quaint or simple, but will illustrate the various concepts well without a lot of clutter that you might find in a book that was too specialized Invaluable are photographs or illustrations that illustrate, for example, the best spot to hang explosives on a railroad tank car, or how to best and most expediently sabotage a bridge These sorts of illustrations are also consistently lacking in most of the literature on this subject.In the end it s an excellent source, especially considering it s brevity and cheap price tremendous value.

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    Written in 1958, then translated and issued in English in 1965 Interesting that there is an introduction by Col Wendell Fertig US Army Retired Fertig was in the Army in the Philippines and was trapped on Mindanao in WW II when he organized the Philippinoes into a resistance Fertig awarded himself a higher rank in WW II to better work with the natives, unfortunately, this annoyed Gen McArther, and he was very cool to Fertig in WW II.The book is obviously dated as it was written in 1958, which is now 56 years ago The book is written around a condition like WW II, where Switzerland would be attacked and overrun in part or in whole, and the war continued, and the Swiss could expect some relief at some time in the future.He talks about guns, and points out that almost all Swiss homes have guns, and that the people would give them to a resistance as the occupier would confiscate them all, or kill people found with guns It should be noted that the Swiss now and for decades have their army guns at home if in the reserve, or there former army guns if they have retired from the reserves The Army rifles would be the equivalent of the US M 16, with a fully automatic capability This is about what they could to to discomfort the enemy.I liked the way he finished the book We must and will win this battle since each Swiss male and female in particular believe in the innermost part of their hearts even if they are too shy and sober in everyday life to admit or even to speak about it in the old and yet very up to date saying Death rather than slavery Anyone interested in guerilla warfare by a European country may find this book interesting.

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    Major H.Von Dach s Total Resistance is a 175 page instruction book filled with information on setting up and operating an insurgency The copywright is 1965, but is built on an earlier work from 1958.Amost all other works on insurgency deal with handling thwarting them when the danger is to you, your unit or your country Total Resistance however, details the building of an insurgency, from the nuts and bolts of creating an insurgant unit, it s security techniques, along with general instructions on some types of saboteur actions against an enemy.In a long ago life, I trained insurgents for military operations against some of America s enemies at the time Von Dach book by no means covers it all, but it gives the reader many of the ground work starting points to building a successful insurgency operation.H RossiUSMCR

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    Original material is from 1958, though this book was published in 1965 Dated, but the core concepts remain entirely sound Does anybody out there want to update, refresh republish this book It s not the last word on its subject matter, but probably makes a good starting point Depending on whether your interest is survival, or revolution, you may want to follow up this book with some of the titles by Ragnar Benson Five stars for excellent material, succinctly presented Minus one star for being a little bit dated A well deserved four stars.

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