Nancy in Hell

Nancy in Hell Take A White Knuckle Tour Of Hell Because It Seems It S The Only Choice In The Afterlife Nancy Claims To Be A Good Girl But, Now She S A Sexy, Chainsaw Wielding Chick Wandering A Tormented Landscapes Filled With Tortured Souls, Lusty Demons, And A Broken Hearted Lucifer Collects Nancy In Hell

Seud nimo de Juan Antonio Torres Garc a

[Reading] ➷ Nancy in Hell  By El Torres –
  • Paperback
  • 104 pages
  • Nancy in Hell
  • El Torres
  • English
  • 08 December 2019
  • 9781607063544

10 thoughts on “Nancy in Hell

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    Blood, guts, TA, and as cheesy as possible No , no less.

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    I thought I would love this book but holy shit, there are SO MANY PROBLEMS.What s it about This girl named Nancy dies and goes to Hell, she however doesn t think she should be in Hell so Lucifer decides to help her escape.Pros The art style is pretty cool It s very reminiscent of cheesy but fun action comic books from the 90s example Image s early comics so I thought that was cool and very well drawn.The action scenes are frequent and very well done If you want to see a girl slash up demons with a chainsaw in extreme gory detail, this book depicts a lot of that.The horror stuff is fairly well done.The ending is interesting, good way to lead up to the sequel.Cons The story is stupid It s a very typical Supernatural TV series esque plot but edgier which could be fun but in this it s very poorly executed, mostly because the main point of it seems to be I m cool and edgy.The characters aren t interesting As much as I love horror I will admit many of them especially in gory, shock value stuff have bland characters and this is no exception The main character is basically no personality but snarks at everything and has giant titties, that s all there seems to be to this character.The dialogue is pretty bad.Maybe I m wrong but I m pretty sure this is meant to be a comedy but it fails miserably Throughout this entire thing I laughed once at something in the final issue in this collection so yeah, this comic s attempts at humor are pretty sad.This story is very predictable.This book s insane amount of plot convenience is just wow I don t mean wow in a good way You know the way that super unrealistic ridiculous shit just works out for the main character in a lot of superhero films This is worse than that.As someone who believes in God but isn t super religious or easily offended I ve noticed that when it comes to sacrilegious fiction, there are 2 kinds well written, mature, entertaining stories that tackle the subject of religion examples Garth Ennis Preacher or Mike Carey s Lucifer or YOU CAN T MAKE ME GO TO CHURCH MOM , this is the latter It makes no sense to anybody who has studied the subject for all of 15 minutes Some stuff I don t mind like the escaping Hell story or whatever but then it has ridiculous shit like implying that everyone, including Jesus, goes to Hell yep, it s that stupid and nonsensical or when it tries to say woo hoo, Hell is a party of no morals but then goes oh shit, we re all sad and tortured by demons, everything s so fucked up like make up your mind This might be some of the most poorly written commentary I ve read.I knew that this book would include fan service but holy shit, this book is just ridiculous about it Like, the first page of story, we see it in a POV that focuses on Nancy s crotch as she s talking There are also so many pages as in most of them where we see angles that show off boobs, butt or crotch while organs and blood are being spilled all over the place in the same fucking picture just eww Also, for some reason Lucifer never wears a shirt, it s just insane with it Overall This could have been a really good, fun comic book It isn t.I m pretty sure that the target audience for this is 11 year olds who want to piss off their religious parents.Sure the artwork is nice, it has some sweet action and the ending is interesting but it s a predictable story with boring characters, weak attempts at humor and poorly written commentary that almost just seems like an excuse to talk shit about religion and draw big boobies.My advice, especially to any kids who just hit puberty and are just interested because of the cover let s be honest, there s a few who look at Goodreads reviews of these books for that reason is if you re interested in mature comics read some well written ones that live up to the title of mature A book like this may be called mature because it has gore, swear words and fan service all things that I have no problem with but that s all there is to it, making it be an immature comic.2 5

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    I m just gonna get right to it I loved it.Why did I love it It was cheesy, funny, sexy, gripping, trashy gold The artwork was gorgeous, the story was unusual, the girl was hot It was right up my straza.

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    Not sure why I m reading horror recently but this was a lot of fun.

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    The setting is hell, so the blood is present everywhere There are some ass shots of the scantily clad Nancy that are totally gratuitous, but, of couse, greatly appreciated as the artwork is beautiful in a grotesque way There are many references to religious and mythological creatures, but most of them are presented in a different light than the one we are used to All in all it s not bad and I m going to check out the sequel.Hell is a nasty place where souls end up to be devoured Some take the easier path and allow this to happen, but others fight until the last second, trying to enjoy the freedom by destroying, drinking and having plenty of sex Nancy is one of these fighters and uses her trusty chainsaw to escape a bar that is overrun with hell hounds hungry for souls She is soon found and saved by Lucifer, whose rebellion, fall and suffering are detailed His anguish caused the creation of hell, so he is its main power source He needs a being of free will to escape hell, so he teams up with Nancy He isn t a bad guy, really, and his torment has weakened his resolve, but Nancy motivates him like only a strong woman can view spoiler They face Cheitan, a master of manipulation, then the mythological Furies, but they are defeated Mr Macabre follows the duo secretly as he has a hidden agenda since he betrayed hell Lucifer and Nancy get to the gates of hell, but a giant monster is blocking their path They make a run for the gates and wake up in the real world, only to find that it has been overrun hy minions from hell hide spoiler

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    This book is exactly what it presents itself as and I must say I love it Nancy is the perfect antihero and wait until she meets Lucifer The version of Lucifer here is off trend and pleasantly original There s all the gore this horror fan needs to be satisfied, demons, boobs, what else can I say Nancy is one hell of a book puns intended.

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    Cuando El Torres y RyP se ponen a trabajar juntos, es l gico que salga adelante una historia de un nivel tan bueno como esta Terror, gore y humor en su mejor combinaci n.

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    Cheesy, trashy, and just plain fun.

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    I felt that the characters, except for the different version of Lucifer, were not that interesting The story and characters either needed to have depth to make them interesting and someone we would care about or the story should have been a silly over the top thrill ride with tongue in cheek humor As it is the story and art work in this book is just average.

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    Tank Girl meets Army of Darkness meets Supernatural with TA The character of Lucifer was a little obnoxious, and this certainly won t be winning any feminist awards holy beaver shots, Batman but I loved every trashy, gorey, boobalicious page.

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