Natural Harmony (Confession Records, #1)

Natural Harmony (Confession Records, #1) My thoughts after I read this book were Sabrina aka Sabra a one hit wonder singer many years ago She is given the President position at the record company by her uncle who is sick She unfortunately has been tied to creepster manager Beau in some odd relationship for the past 10 years She needs an assistant and in walks young hottie Wade who is looking for his way into the record business She is very attracted to Wade right off the bat even though she s six years older than him SIDE NOTE I think one of the pluses of this book was the female was the boss and the male was the assistant whereas its usually opposite in office romances Wade and Sabrina just click immediately He seems to know exactly what she needs when she needs it and is a very effective assistant They just work well together But Beau starts trying to woo her back when he sees competition and the attraction between her and Wade I will say there was low drama in this book and I was pleasantly surprised with the direction the book took regarding Sabrina, Wade, and Beau The best way to describe this book would be just to say it was cute overall Just a sweet, cute read. 4 stars With her uncle being sick, Sabrina has been given the position of acting president of her uncle s record label With a new position comes a new assistant, Wade I didnt like Sabrina s manager guy she s sleeping with, Beau, I thought he was very manipulative Once Wade appeared, there was no doubt who the right guy for her wasThere s a thousand words for you Sabrina I ll say them all to you eventuallyI picked this up looking for low angst, sweet, sexy, cute romance and I got exactly that For all my buddies who are hopeless romantics, this is a good one to pick up. 5 stars Sweet and Sexy Loved It IT S LIVE http www. Natural HarmonyA completely unique story that had me wrapped up from the first page A story of one woman finally finding and believing in herself and the beautiful man that helped her find her way I ate this one up Sweet Sabrina Walker. former pop princess now working at Confessions Records..her uncle s label and also the label that launched her short career as sabra She no longer dreams of being a star. she just wants to help Confessions be the very best that it can be She loves her job, her uncle, and the label But she doesn t just want to be completely behind the scenes any She wants to be able to make a difference, make big decisions..she s just ready for MORE More that the one hit wonder that now works at her uncles label. MORESabrinaFinally Sabrina gets the chance she s been dreaming of. her uncle and President of Confessions needs to take a medical leave of absence and he s decided to place Sabrina at the helm of Confessions She s ready. a little nervous but ready She s going to need the perfect assistant. one that can anticipate her needs and help her take on her new responsibilities responsibilities she s been just dreaming aboutEnter Wade. he s been trying to break into the business for a while, willing to start at the bottom He s got big dreams of finding big talent He s got a ear for great music and loves the business If he can just get a leg in That chance comes when an opening for the new presidents assistant comes on the market WadeNow first, don t let male assistant turn you off. sure, Sabrina is his boss, but these two connect immediately, the sparks are everywhere and when they are in the room together you never really feel any kind of bossiness from Sabrina She and Wade just click He does anticipate her every need professionally and he s everything she needs right now The two develop a fast friendship, with some flirting of course. but they both try to keep it professional For as long as they can wink Now in the back, we have Beau. Beau has been Sabrina s agent since the beginning He was older and wiser and really took advantage of Sabrina from an early age He wasn t evil by any means. just manipulating to get what he wanted out of her He made her into Sabra and has really always seen her as Sabra They ve had a sexual relationship for years Beau is incapable of any type of love and although Sabrina does not love Beau..he s always been a part of her life A small part of her may have always possibly wanted , but the smart part of her realized that Beau has always used her forthan her mind He keeps her hanging on by a thread but that thread is strong But theWade and Sabrina are around each other. theshe realizes she doesn t need and never needed Beau She s strong, capable, smart. time to kick Beau to the curb for good and break his emotional hold he s had on herAnd Wade is there every step of the way..he know s the hold Beau has had on Sabrina and he knows she deservesHe wants to show her want she deserves and give it to her. and he does. I love that Wade was never jealous for Beau s hold over Sabrina. it bothered the hell out of him because he knew how strong Sabrina was Ok. do not let the thought of anything triangleish throw you off There is really no triangle here Sure, Beau had an emotional hold on Sabrina but it was nothing like the chemistry between her and Wade Beau was a familiar she had just got used to over the years But Wade. Wade came in and rocked her world Now things aren t always easy but there was really very little angst at all Sabrina was strong, she just needed someone to help show her how strong she was Wade was simply delicious he was so sweet and would do anything for Sabrina He wasn t a push over by any means. but he knew the one thing Sabrina had lacked her life was a feeling of control and he wanted to show her that she was truly capable of being in control of her life The majority of this story I had a big ole grin on my face It was really one of those books that just make you feel good I smiled so much The connection between Wade and Sabrina just felt good It was never over the top crazy lust Sure, the were physically attracted to each other from the beginning. but watching them truly fall for each other was just amazing Kate Roth has a real talent for spinning a tale that just draws you in. Although this my first book by Kate, it certainly won t be the last ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review 4 4.5 Sweet and Sappy Stars Here s me..after finishing this book.Perma smile Sometimes you just need a good ole sweet and sappy love story Full of hearts and rainbows and all of that other lovey dovey shit.Wade seriously that dude was SWOON worthy I need a hopeless romantic like Wade.Natural Harmony is Wade and Sabrina s story Sabrina was a one hit wonder you could say Famous at the age of 17 and infamous a few years later.eventually becoming an executive of her uncles record label She s spent the last 10 years tied to her manager Beau Beau was a douche nugget Plain and simple He was 13 years older than Sabrina.took advantage of her naivety..controlled her..manipulated her.strung her alongand used her They never really had a relationship but he was the only person she has ever been with Wade was this annoying itch.ugh justSabrina s uncle gets sick and makes her acting President during his medical leave Wade becomes her new assistant From the moment he walks in the door she s attracted to him But douche nugget has this hold on her I wouldn t really classify this as a love triangle Once Wade enters the picture and their friendship grows and the sexual tension mounts, Beau never stood a chance I still wanted to tell him to This wasn t an overly dramatic read There wasn t a lot of angst It was just a sweet love story..about a girl who kind of lost her way and was saved by love For my smut lovers the sexual tension was HOT and there was just the right amount of sexy times to not over power the story Overall, I really enjoyed this one and look forward to reading the remaining books in the series This was a standalone view spoiler with an HEA hide spoiler OMG, WADE WADE WADE Oh wait, first Kate has done it again made a truly engrossing novel that sucks you into the characters and there lives making you fall in love with each and every character to the ones you love to love to the ones you love to hate Now, back to where I was OH,Wade, Wade Wade you are such an amazing character truly devoted in your job, your feelings and behind closed doorsHow, could a woman not be jealous of what your willing to offer Sabrina Each and every character of this novel has there own little story and spot in this novel and I am dying to learnabout each and every one of them in hopes fingers crossed that stories captivate my attention just as much as Sabrina and Wade did Beau, seems to be the bad guy in this novel but I have to admit whispers I even want to knowabout him YES I so said that Kate, you have captivated me by your writing once again and I stand by in waiting for what comes next in the Confessions Records Series An arc was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 4.75 MADE ME SMILE HEARTS Sabrina Walker, a former pop princess is suddenly named the acting president of her Uncle s record label when she learns that he s ill Sabrina is ready to move forward with her professional career and show her Uncle and her peers that she s up for the challenge Beau is her manager and she s also his secret lover She was swept off her feet when she first meets Beau The dazzling smile, the nice tan, and the good looks made her turn to liquid and she did anything to please him Beau becomes familiar to her and they form this limbo relationship Beau tries to control her rather than try to be her manger The relationship with Beau has made her insecure.When Sabrina hires Wade Lawson to be her assistant, she can t deny the attraction she feels for him Wade awakens something in her that Beau took away, her confidence They try to keep their distance but their desires overcome their rational thinking When Sabrina Wade are together you can feel the firework They fit perfectly together They know exactly what the other needs without even having to voice it to each other Sabrina is scared to let go of the familiar past which is Beau and try to build something solid with Wade Wade lets Sabrina takes control of the relationship, which is something Sabrina isn t use to Wade brings light back into Sabrina s life and sticks by her side through all the obstacles she had to go through professionally and emotionally Kate Roth, I am officially a fan You are a very talented writer Your writing style just flows naturally You kept a smile on my face all throughout the last portion of the book I loved it Suddenly Named The Acting President Of Her Uncle S Record Label, Former Pop Princess Sabrina Walker Is Finally Ready To Grow Up While Her Professional Life Moves Forward, She Still Clings To The Last Fragment Of Her Past Life In The Form Of An Uncertain Relationship With Her Manager, BeauWhen Sabrina Hires Handsome, Young Assistant, Wade Lawson, He Awakens In Her The Hidden Confidence She S Always Desired What Starts As A Casual Affair Quickly Intensifies To Something MuchSabrina Must Decide Return To The Familiar Life Of An Insecure One Hit Wonder, Or Embrace Wade And The Woman His Passion Has Helped Reveal Natural Harmony Is A Stand Alone, Adult Contemporary Romance And The First In The Confession Records Collection Kate Roth has done it again Having read a pre release copy of this book I can say without doubt that it s one to add to your TBR list I will not do spoilers but what I can say is that once again Kate has created interesting and believable characters and I was pulled in right from the start I had my very own cast playing the movie of the book in my mind The story is exciting and emotional at the same time I found myself in tearsthan once Two sexy men feature in the book both quite different from each other and I loved the way Sabrina s character developed as things progressed.Kate has such a natural style and I can t wait to read her next book 4.5 stars Thank you, Kate Roth for letting me read an ARC of Natural Harmony I m not a blogger, but I am a fan of Kate Roth and she was gracious enough to let me read this wonderful story before it went live Natural Harmony is about Sabrina Walker, former pop princess who finds herself in the position of President of Confession Records When we meet Sabrina, she s a bit lost in her life She s struggling to figure out who she is and what her decade long relationship with her manager, Beau, really means With her newfound promotion at Confession Records comes a new assistant named Wade Lawson Let me tell you, I loved Wade He was a breath of fresh air in a sea of book boyfriend cliches Hot, swoon worthy, gentle, and supportivewho knew men like this existed in the book world Be prepared for a new book boyfriend I found myself completely engrossed in the story Kate Roth takes the reader on Sabrina s journey of self discovery and love as she finds out who she is, what she wants, and who to give her love to This book had some really great lines, but my favorite was His mother was like a damn fairy flitting around bringing goodness to the world in the form of wine and hot sons. SO much to love about this book From the fun setup of the Britney v Christina past of our MC to her interesting relationship with her managerAnd then there s WADE omg H O T This is a fantastic, fun, sexy, lovely book Highly recommend authorkaterothand follow me on Twitter katerothwrites

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  • Natural Harmony (Confession Records, #1)
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  • 24 January 2017
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