Naughty or Nice

Naughty or NiceDetermined To Escape The Control Of Her New Guardian, The Willful Lady Francine Fitz Hugh Decides To Drive The Supposedly Elderly Man Away, Only To Discover That, Far From Being Old, Lucien Kendall Is A Handsome And Charming Man With A Unique Talent For Seduction Original

Before she discovered romantic fiction, Melanie George was the CEO of an executive search consulting firm Her most important job, however, has always been that of mother, to both a much adored son and two precious dogs When she is not writing, she is trying to restore her hundred year old house and has come to the conclusion that paint speckles will than likely be a permanent part of her pe

❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Naughty or Nice By Melanie George ➝ –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Naughty or Nice
  • Melanie George
  • English
  • 08 September 2019
  • 9780743442749

10 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice

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    This book kept me up late this Saturday as I found I could not put it down without finishing it How I feel about the book is complicated It was a very good romance with elements of realism that added to its appeal The hero was not a goody two shoes titled hero with no dark past or issues other than chasing women, drinking, and gambling He does indulge in those sports to various degrees, though Instead he is self made and comes from the lowest of the lower class He had grown up extremely poor in the worst of conditions, dirt poor His father was a terrible man who abused him, his siblings, and his mother He gets into trouble with an Earl s wife and ends up being shanghaied off to India where he develops an addiction to opium He never hears from his family again as they simply disappear Despite all this, he manages to become a respected and admired military man Lucian was a complex character who I did not always like I have a strong aversion to substance abuse so I know that this was a major issue for me However, I really do like flawed heroes, so that was also an advantage I struggled with whether I felt his reasons for falling into opium addiction were valid In the end, there is definitely some credence for him seeking solace in the drug, although it wasn t a wise decision for his life He was a honorable man in many ways, but at the same time, he did not always do the right thing I liked that he was irresistibly drawn to the heroine, Fancy, who he finds out later is his ward Initially he thinks she is a thief and a working class woman who is available to be his short term mistress The initial draw is lust, but soon he finds that she brings him peace When he finds out late that she has been pretending to be someone other than his guardian, it makes things a lot harder for him, because he knows he must give her up The reasons why Lucian is Fancy s guardian stems from his time in India serving as the commanding officer for her brother Even that situation turns out to be very complicated This book is a very complex one to read, but very readable at the same time It deals with issues of addiction, poverty, guilt, forbidden love, and also delves into the wrongs of imperialism Although you could pick it up to have a nice romance novel read, be prepared to have your intellect and your heart involved, as this book does delve deep as the hero finds his way out of the morass of drug addiction and a tortured past into a bright future with Fancy.

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    The cover and the little message Have yourself a sexy little Christmas let me thought this book would round up my Season s reading Not at all, Christmas is mentioned once to say it s still some time ahead And later on, never again Misleading covers Then there s the genre itself A historical romance, where none of the characters care about conventions and rules, nor do they know them mostly, except when those can be useless for the plot I do not necessarily require the utmost realism, for instance I readily accept embellishment regarding hygiene practices, but it went way beyond that The whole character of the hero could not have existed as such otherwise The beginning with the encounter between Lucien and his newly appointed ward, Fancy, was rather delightful However it did not last There was soon some bungle in the timeline something came up a few weeks after the death of the grandma 1 year before and the poor girl was given a 3 months deadline there still are 2 months remaining to that deadline Add to that some highly improper behavior from the young Lady Then a hero totally closed off Sprinkle with hints of improper geography the Buddhist munk is Indian, first unlikelihood, then he is also trained in the Shaolin fighting technics well those come from China, like 3000 km away with the Himalayas in the middle, and the Taoism Buddhism as practised there has just nothing to do with that of South East Asia or the Himalayas I finished the reading at an accelerated speed, because I did not care enough for it And that s a shame, because some things like Lucien s addiction and inner turmoil was not so poorly managed.2.5 stars only

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    Well, I began reading this quite a while back At least seven YEARS ago I may be slow but I m also thorough which is an odd statement because I skipped also Yes, I read about girl parts but they were of the erotica nature, so not too bad Yes my child, another feisty virgin meets her newish guardian and then they marry, the end Same road, different attractions Recommended

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    This started off ok but after beginning action it slowed down After 100 pages in I started skimming, after 200 I skipped to last chapter Lady Francine s guardian Lucien shows up interfering with her plans Title cover had very little to do with story.

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    So much potential squandered in a speedy ending.

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    Tormented Lucien is appointed the guardian to Lady Francine, who decides to masquerade as a simple servant.This is one of those deeply psychological books Sometimes a little too heavy.

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    No me ha gustado tanto como el primero, pero he disfrutado ley ndolo Es la primera vez que leo que yo recuerde a un personaje con semejante adicci n.

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    Book 2 in Pleasure Series Good.

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    me gusta las historias donde uno de los protagonista tiene que superar una historia tan triste

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    Forgettable I borrowed because it looked kinky It was a holiday theme with nary a kink.

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