Never Sit If You Can Dance

Never Sit If You Can Dance Jo S Mother, Babe, Liked To Drink, Dance, And Stay Up Very Late When The Husband She Adored Went On Sales Calls, She Waited For Him In The Parking Lot, Embroidering Pillowcases Jo Grew Up Thinking That The Last Thing She Wanted Was To Be Like Her Mother Then It Dawned On Her That Her Own Happiness Was Derived In Large Part From Lessons Babe Had Taught Her Her Mother Might Have Had Tomato Aspic And Stewed Rhubarb In Her Fridge, While Jo Had Organic Kale And Almond Milk In Hers, But In Important Ways They Were Much Closer In Spirit Than Jo Had Once ThoughtAt A Turbulent Time In America, Never Sit If You Can Dance Offers Uplifting Lessons In Old Fashioned Civility That Will Ring True With Mothers, Daughters, And Their Families Told With Lighthearted Good Humor, It S A Charming Tale Of The Way Things Used To Be And Probably Still Should Be

Jo Giese is an award winning radio journalist, Bestselling author, former TV radio reporter As a special correspondent, she was part of the Peabody Award winning team at Marketplace, the most popular business program in America At Marketplace she won an EMMA for Exceptional Radio Story from the National Women s Political Caucus and a GRACIE from the Foundation of American Women in R

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  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Never Sit If You Can Dance
  • Jo Giese
  • English
  • 19 June 2019
  • 9781631525339

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    Never Sit If You Can Dance is about a woman s appreciation for her mother and the lessons we learn from our own Sometimes we don t realize it but our mothers always have these life lessons to teach us It reminded me of my own mother and I was able to relate to a number of these lessons.I very much enjoyed this book Thanks to the publisher and the author for sending me an ARC through Booksirens to review All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    So many times I have said or did something and thought, OMG I m turning into my mother Never Sit If You Can Dance by Jo Giese is a heartfelt memoir of lessons learned from her mother I loved this book It also made me realize how much I appreciate my mother and grandmother So many lessons learned from them, even though at a young age, I didn t always appreciate.

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    A lovely tribute to the author s mother, Babe, who lived life to the fullest, embraced the concept of carpe diem, imparted wisdom of how to live life and who never wore dull clothes Told in a series of vignettes, Jo Giese conveys Babe s personality as well as the journey a daughter takes in her mother s final years.

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    Thank you to the author, I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Oh how I loved this book It just warmed my heart, so many of Babe s gems that I had to write down and will keep close I was reminded again that it s the little things never show up empty handed, send a thank you note, the happiness of giving and receiving flowers, that can make all the difference I especially loved the chapter on the good goodbye It reminded me so much of my grandparents and how their goodbye made you feel like the most important and cherished person on this earth Thank you Ms Jo Giese for sharing a little bit of your mother Babe with us I think everyone that reads Babe s story will be better for it.

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    This lovely little memoir is written by Jo Giese award winning radio journalist, author, former TV reporter Written about her mother, Babe, and the lessons she learned from her Funny, sweet, and thoughtful I loved reading this little gem

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    A lovely tribute to the author s mother There are many lessons we learn from our parents if we are willing to listen I really enjoyed reading through the lessons that Babe had to share.

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    The author writes a book of essays about the lessons that her mom, Babe, taught her I can imagine that Babe was so full of life and she obviously taught the author much about life There were some funny, laugh out loud moments and some really sad moments as her mom lost people that she loved.

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    Loved it Review to follow

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    This was a very sweet memoir of the authors mother, Babe Though she grew up thinking that she wanted to be something different than her mother, the author recounts all the lessons she s learned, and now emulates because of her A very easy, quick read it took me less than an afternoon while waiting on the hubby to mow a large property , this was a loving testament to the way things used to be, and how the ideals of generations past could shape the future.

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    You know all those things that your mom and or grandma say that you don t pay any attention to day to day but become part of the fabric of your life That s what this book is about A light read with a heavier impact, this book is sweet and endearing but will leave you slightly emotional and weave it s way into your thoughts long after you ve turned the last page Giese s book is a memoir she positions it as a memoir of her mother s life but, in truth, it is also a memoir of her own Her mom, whom she calls Babe, was born in 1916 and is clearly a product of her time Giese tells her mother s story in vignettes, each representing some saying or life lesson that she impressed upon others Everything from Don t be drab to Never leave a compliment unsaid, Babe s lessons are straightforward and initially, I worried that there wasn t quite enough there to warrant a book I m glad I kept reading, however, as Babe s life lessons though perhaps coming off as a little simple and dated are as important and applicable globally as they were to the person she became.Babe lived the classic 1940s and 50s housewife life she raised three children, supported a working husband and managed relationships with her extended family Not all was rosy for her, however, and Giese allows us a peek inside the crippling depression that Babe suffered with after several miscarriages and the pain that losing a spouse and outliving all of one s friends must cause.Through Giese s book, we see a picture of a loving wife and mother in Babe We also see some of the typical mother daughter discontent that arises over a lifetime of loving one another The lessons that Giese gleans from her mother s outlook on life are poignant and honest you can imagine that although Giese grew into her appreciation of her mother s wisdom, it likely grated on her when she was younger and had less of the gift of hindsight While it s possible to question whether or not Babe s lessons are really that important I dare you to read about her methods for saying goodbye and not have it change the way you view partings forever.Giese is a journalist by trade and the book is written in a very straightforward, friendly style I admire the way she tells her mother story cleanly and allows the reader to draw his her own conclusions while still fortifying the tales with her own impressions and feelings This book could easily have devolved into a Don t Worry, Be Happy guidebook from the 1950s Giese, however, infuses the stories with her peronsal spin and allows the reader to see how Babe s tutelage impacted the woman she ultimately became Giese allows the reader to follow her mother right up to her death in 2015 and leaves us, through her stories with a better understanding of what vulnerability and nurturing really mean At 168 pages, Never Sit If You Can Dance is a quick and easy read Be careful though You may not recognize the deep impact that book s simple message is having upon you until you close the book and walk away Babe s message, as well as Giese s, will stick with you and wander back to you like an old friend just when you least expect it

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