Nice And Rough

Nice And Rough Nice And Roughis The Hottest New Contemporary Romance From Bestselling Author Lucia Jordan Grace Bancroft S Life Is Comfortable Comfortable And Boring Being The Daughter Of A Southern Governor Affords Her All The Privileges And Restrictions She Could Imagine Not To Mention That Her Love Life Is Utterly Non Existent But When Her Father Comes Under Threat From A Mysterious Enemy, Grace S Boring Life Is Turned On Its Head She Is Thrust Into Confined Quarters With Two Men She S Never Met Before Two Men From A Vastly Different, Vastly Exciting Walk Of Life Two Men Who Are Utterly Irresistible When The Three Of Them Are Forced To Live In The Same House, Tempers Flare And Passions Ignite Suddenly, Grace Finds Herself In The Middle Of Something That She D Only Read About In Romance Novels But Grace S Life Is Not A Romance Novel, And There S A Reason She Has Always Lived The Quiet Life Before With Great Passion Comes Great Risk And Sometimes Also Great Suffering Is Grace Ready To Confront The Perils Of An Exciting Adventure

Lucia Jordan is a writer who believes sex must be celebrated and enjoyed Every other subject in the world seems fit for literature and art whereas sex and sexuality, something that concerns us all, is only now starting to emerge and become accepted in the mainstream Lucia endeavors to be as comprehensive about the sexual imagination as possible by writing short stories and novellas that are both

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  • Nice And Rough
  • Lucia Jordan
  • 13 March 2019

10 thoughts on “Nice And Rough

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    Just some fluffThis this the story of Grace She is a governor s daughter She feels like she has to keep up the pretense of a southern lady so she doesn t ruin her father s reputation She learns that the threats to her father has gotten worse and that she has been placed in protective custody Collin and Dre have been given the task of protecting Grace They see that she is a privileged child that hasn t worked hard to get where she is in life They are only protecting her to take over the security company they work for.The reason I gave this installment the one star is due to many reasons The number one reason is due to the grammatical errors in the writing It took away from the story When names are misspelled and words left out of sentences it makes me have to figure out what is being said The context is construed somewhat The number two reason is the disconnect with the characters I feel like I learned nothing about them The character development was not there She is attracted to them and vice versa However, I didn t feel the connection and sexual tension between the three characters I hate to be told of something and not sold to it Lastly, the installment left me with questions than anything Why was she really in custody What were the threats What did her father do Sadly the writing and plot did not make me want to venture further to find the answers

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    Being a governor daughter make her life bit rough , when a threat call came to her father and held her life to farm house outside the city They just try to friend and end up having a physical relation, which land them up in a problem as following day they receive a package full of pictures while they were at river doing it.

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    This is basically a filler book that is just sex I m not sure why I m surprised but from what I saw on iBooks I thought it would be a bit different but you have to get the other book for the suspense actual plot So yeah Wasn t terrible but I won t read the others.

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    I don t like Cliffhangers Just when the story gets interesting you end it and make us buy the next books in order to finish the story I absolutely hate doing that I really like the story It s way to short on my opinion.

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    Won t be reading the rest Maybe I m old fashioned, but I want my books to be complete, standalone stories not half a book, or even less And misspelled words, the wrong words, and poor punctuation distract me from the story.

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    Cliffhanger Yep one you don t know is coming till you get this first part and see on the first page this story comes in parts Simply for that reason I can t give than 4 stars What 2 Because Collin starts off with a chip on his shoulder and after a couple days drops it with no softening before hand to make it believable There are a few things that make this first installment feel rushed and maybe in the next it will be ironed out Maybe as a whole it is worth much than 2, I just won t know because I feel the author should be up front about how this story comes in parts.

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    prologueThis book introduces us to the 3 main characters that the series will revolves around As stated introduced us, just as the story gets going this novella ends I gave 3 stars because I am tired of these intro stories and than if I wish to find out what happens to the characters I have to read 2, 3, or in some cases 4 books and at 2.99 a pop for 171 pages its ridiculous Now enough of my rant.This book is a good read not sure if I am gonna purchase part 2.

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    Got this free on It s one of those dang mini little books that just makes you buy the next book But this book wouldn t even be worthy of buying the next book I hate when authors split a whole book into three or four novellas Also there was several print errors If your thinking of getting it for free, just don t waste your time.

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    Great Read This book is so good Grace is the governors daughter her father is getting threats so he sends her away She has two men guarding her which she isn t happy about A great series Thanks.

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    Why did she have to goGrace knew something was going on Being the governors daughter something was always amiss This time she was having to go into hiding with not one but to ex Mariens Gorgeous oh she was in for than bodyguards she was sure.

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