NicholasVery strange book and definitely one that requires an open mind to read The book is an odd combination of historical romance, fantasy, and erotic romance that makes it unique from most other books Even though fantasy paranormal isn t something I generally read, I have to applaud the author s creativity in writing this book Nicholas is the first book in the Lords of Satyr series which is about, initially, 3 brothers who are half Human and half otherworldly They live on a large vineyard in Tuscany and hide their true selves But then a letter from the ElseWorld comes from the King, saying he was dying and confessing that years earlier he had secretly sired three half Human daughters He tells the Satyr brothers to find the women and marry them, thereby giving them the Satyr protection The brothers are reluctant, but know the have to do it Nicholas is the first to go after his future bride.He finds Jane in disguise at a fair, telling fortunes to earn money Jane has no idea she is only half Human, but she hates the weird abilities she has She is trying to save money to run away her bad home life with her little sister Then Nicholas offers her marriage, and though doesn t understand why, she agrees as long as her sister can come too Once they re married, the two have to deal with the secrets between them that of their true natures and face the issue of marriage and sex Jane does not want her husband to have mistressesbut if that s what she wants, then she must give in to hisdebauched nature in order to satisfy him And they must also deal with a threat against their lives.Saying this book is odd is a pretty big understatement There s a little bit of everything with the historical aspect, the romance, the fantasy, the eroticism It s definitely not a book for those of you who prefertypical books and don t like to stray from the norm And the sexual aspect is very high This book hasthan a little kink in it It s not for the feint of heart.Aside from all thatwell, it s hard to say I really like this book I liked it to a point, but mostly I thought it was interesting because it was such an anomaly It s very creative and unique and even if the type of story isn t entirely my thing, I appreciated the story the author told.I did wish the romance angle was a bit stronger Any sort of romantic feelings got almost entirely bogged down in the secrets the characters were hiding and all the sex I thought there could have been a stronger emotional connection between Nicholas and Jane.The book engaged me enough, though, that I look forward to reading the next in the series Should be interesting to see how things go for the other 2 brothers and what kind of story the author weaves for them WARNING, this book contains very explicit sex and language, males who sprout a second penis once a month and use them both at once on a woman, anal sex, oral sex, toys, one group sex scene, f f group sex not involving the heroine, non consensual f f involving the heroine, a semi incestuous relationship between secondary charactersand well, you get the point i actually finished this i actually did I ACTUALLY ENDURED THIS TORTURE i depraved myself from sleep because i was too curious whatcould happen till the end you know what happened CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT YEP MY BRAIN IS DAMAGED BRAIN CELLS DEAD i actually laughed at the beginning literally cried how funny some parts were but obviously it didn t last that long i mean this book.this i don t even know how to label this weird genre.i mean wtf what did i just read seriously what does this epic read have one guy with 2 c cks and a serpentine that heals wounds after hard f ck seriously demented group of women raping and killing their victims seriously demented group of women gang banging the heroine with dildo 3 brothers gang banging the main heroine everyone all the time enjoying every type of penetration in this book seriously stupid heroine very weird satyr ways incest scene with the main hero sucking milk from one breast and their son from other while the main heroine is sleeping after giving birth because no shit she is tired and her husband helped her deliver the baby to the world one effing weird world if you ask me ridiculous scenes with healing the grapes with having sex on earth because seed new life or something like that some myth creatures only to use for f cking one of demented women dying of too many orgasms by dildo phallus taken from some creature that doesn t exist any yes you read it right do i need to listRUN FOR YOUR LIFE AND DO NOT LOOK BACK so this book has the rating of 3.58 again i am shocked as much as i found out the rating about MY SERBIAN WOLFif i offended anybody in my updates that liked this book i apologize because that was really not my intention everyone reads what suits them and nothing to be ashamed ofi am just shocked but at least there is comfort in one thing if you want to see very visual review click the link belowBLACKY S REVIEWi believe SHELLY B had a DNF with this one she was struggling to read it chicken P HE HAD SWORN TO TAKE A PROPER WIFEHE HADN T BARGAINED ON MEETING HIS MATCH Nicholas Looks Very Much Like What He Is The Handsome, Successful Heir To A Vineyard In Tuscany But Nicholas Is Much , For He Is One Of The Last In An Ancient Line Of Satyr Men And The Dying King Of ElseWorld Wants Him Not Only To Marry, But To Wed One Of The King S Own Daughters A Half Human, Half Faerie Woman Unaware Of Her Heritage Nicholas Won T Shirk His Duty To Produce Heirs To Guard His Race S Legacies, But He Never Plans To Make His Bride His Only Lover A Satyr S Sexual Hunger And Sensual Skills Are Legendary One Woman Will Never Satisfy HimOr So Nicholas Believes Until He Meets Jane As Spirited As She Is Fey, As Beautiful As She Is Innocent, She Is Nevertheless Determined To Make Her New Husband Hers Alone And She Is Eager For Him To Teach Her Every Deliciously Carnal Secret He Knows I m not a fast food kind of guy It s not because I m a snob about it I have really trashy tastes and I love the cheap, salty, greasy flavor But my body has much classier tastes and prefers good food A couple hours or minutes after I eat fast food, I feel vaguely nauseous and lethargic, and the next day sort of hungover It s just not worth it sad to say, I m an insufferable, fine dining, organic food sorta guy If I want fast food, it s taquerias and noodle houses, not restaurant chains So I save fast food for the semi annual drives down to visit my family Like little poison treats Over the years, I ve learned to differentiate and even have favorites In N Out is hands down the best, 4 stars Carl s Jr is likable, especially that chicken sandwich with the green chili on it, 3 stars Jack in the Box has an admirably bizarre and off putting menu but makes me gassy, 2 stars Everything else is 1 star and must avoid Oh and Arby s is literally hell on earth and sucks your soul out with a plastic straw, but I love the combo of roast beef and horseradish sauce , so 2.5 stars I guess I think I ll round up not a bad place to eat, once every year or two I m not an erotica kind of guy It s not because I m a snob about it I have really trashy tastes and I love reading about sex But my mind has much classier tastes and prefers things that are well written and have interesting themes and or deep characterization After an hour or so of reading most erotica, I feel vaguely nauseous yet also sleepy, in a bored, well I guess it s time for bed I have to get up early sort of way It s just not worth it sad to say, I insufferably prefer books that aim higher than getting a response from my crotch If I want cheap reading thrills, I will go for horror paperbacks or pulp scifi and fantasy because at least the stories absorb me and sometimes the writing is surprisingly stylish So these days I save erotica for the end of various weird, pointless reading challenges, e.g Read 100 books by the end of 2017 or, in this case, Read 1 romance novel a month in 2018 Like little erotic hail marys Despite years of fitfully reading erotica, I m still not sure what I think of the genre or what I actually like Santa Steps Out was incredible, 4 stars, but was that really erotica The Virgin Proxy was fun and actually hot at times and The Flesh Fables was very well written buthorrific than erotic, 3 stars for both Lord of the Deep was cute and upbeat but also embarrassing, 2 stars Most everything else have been 1 star experiences and will not be reread and certainly have not been added to any spank bank except maybe at a deep subconscious level, I mean who knows, right Oh and then there s this book, Nicholas, which has a Tuscan setting and I m renting a villa there this summer with friends so that s a fun coincidence and it also has hirsute satyr men despite the hairless cover model and faerie wings being pulled out by a self hating half breed and magical brain numbing nipple rings and dildos made from the sex organs of animals that died naturally and so throb forever and evil maenads and death by orgasm and sorta incest of course and sexy pagan lesbianism, that was a happy surprise, and three brothers sharing a wife for magical protection reasons, sure and mindless sex slaves made from mist so no need to feel guilty cause they re not even real and I guess I m down with that and weirdly cold, clinically described, very un erotic sex scenes for the most part and an awkward, rather uncomfortable for me to read but still rather sweetly loving sex while pregnant scene followed by an awkward, rather uncomfortable for me to read but still rather sweetly loving NURSING SCENE and surprisingly not bad prose that didn t make me cringe, oh and A MAGICAL SECOND PENIS THAT POPS OUT FROM OUR HERO S PELVIS ONCE A MONTH WHICH MY MIND STILL REFUSES TO PICTURE, so 2.5 stars I guess I think I ll round down not a bad sort of book to read, maybe once every year or two. EPIC buddy read with Blacky, Shelly, Vishous, Rain, Racht, Miss, Iva, Steph and Karen 10.2.No comment So, I was looking for kinky But I got weird And pretty much a dislikable story A very very eeeewwwww story.So let us star by talk about the cheating.Ehm.I hate cheating What is it doing in my erotic fiction Up until now I found erotica mostly clean of this theme.Romance authors have a strange fondness for it abusive parents having abusive children come to mind and make me wonder do the authors of these books have unfaithful men in their lives.But it seems that cheating in books is like a plague and I am cursed to stumble up on in at all times.I will not even start about the creepy make believe women Or what ever they are Women that the Satyrs can conjure up in their minds Maybe, just maybe I could have lived them down Not really But the hero cheats in a brothel also Isn t that nice Doesn t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside No, I didn t think so.And all this because his father told him that wives should not have pleasure and not know about their secrets His father being the man that loved his wife, suffered from not telling her the truth, and fucking anything with a skirt I mean it just gets nicer and nicer, right His meek little wife also feels guilty for having any pleasure because her aunt told her it is not cool to have it.Her aunt being the woman her brother.Eeew factor, right If I had a meter it would have exploded form strain And this only in the first half of the book As they passed the knot garden, Nick recalled his time dallying there with the maid in his youth His cock twitched But the workers were about and it was not the time to mate with his wifeSo, he got a hard on thinking about having sex with some random girl and that made him want to straddle his wife.Can you feel the love And can you feel my frustration I mean let s face the facts Erotica does not have to be about love But don t make me want to barf all over the hero and his moral Well, not even morals I liked a lot of erotic book where people were very kinky and had small amounts of moral But here The hero is just plain unlikable.And boring.How can a guy with two penises be boring, any way Any how all this considered all of his women action made him plain distasteful And very non selective He states himself in the brothel that anybody could make hem ehm hard So what is to stop him form dallying with anybody at any time in his life Next hero, please This one isof a lame lecher.When we have the party at her aunt scene I was having the biggest frown ever The hero is fawning over his two courtesans in front of his wife.I am pretty much sure even his father who showed him the ropes did not do that.Onepoint toward a lame loser hero Plus these brothers are from an other world The world of fae and mystical creatures how is it then that Nick is so ignorant of wives and their traits As in ignorant of the fact that they are women too, and as such can omg be pleasurable beyond being a stiff board in bed I would have understoodif he did not want to unleash his beastly pleasures on his wife Ok, you creep but he seems to think that the wife should have no pleasure Really How lame can you be And plus, it is totally weird in the light of the fact that a their whole nature revolves around the lusty and b he satisfies even the whores So in the other half of the novel, oh joy, our hero is giving all of his attentions to his wife A total turn about and not very well written one at that.Here we find an other supposedly kinky detail blue glowing nipples Laughs around until her tummy hurts Blue glowing nipples Man GLOWING NIPPLES Welcome to Vegas baby Hahahaha.So not sexy But not in a disgusting way Noin a are you serious Way Lets us tray this way Signore Mosca you may lick my tette I would have giggled if not for the fact that her husband is just teaching her how to be hospitable toward other gentlemen as a good mistress should Yuck And what can beyuckie that this Why, her husband having a whole three person imaginary conversation with voice change involving her pleasuring two gentlemen that are his guests How stupid Arggggh This whole book is just so stupid Yes, that was what I exclaimed while reading I exclaimed it many many times.Almost as many as oh ewww, how strange.I lived trough his slithering what ever that went from his balls on the night of the full moon.I lived trough her one month pregnancy.But when his son could not conjure up milk on his first breastfeeding and then the hero pulled at the nipple until he tasted milk omg What an eeeeeeeeew Dear mothers, would you let the father of your child to do that I think not I can not pin point the moment the book went from bad to worse maybe it was when all the crazy cult women entered the scene Or them being ok when their nipple ring thingies were removed Maybe when the heroes brothers had sex with his wife in order for her to be safe Or the fast forward end with the fatal but finally cured pox on the grapevines But how ever you look at it this book was purely not worth the time I invested in it, because there is kinky and there is disturbing There is fast action and there is multiple plot devices crammed together to resemble a fantasy adventure.All in all horrible. This was definitely an interesting concept although I am not certain there was enough of an actual plot to hold my interest for an entire series.After reading some of the reviews from other readers, I was expecting this really kinky freak show book and I have to say I was a little scared On page 2 we learn that the Satyrs have 2 cocks one for each opening The 2nd penis that is meant for the anus only comes out to play once a month for 1 release during the full moon Okay, so that is weird Early on, we also learn that the man Jane has known as her father is having having a twisted sexual relationship with his step sister and has been since puberty The step sister, Izabel is involved in some sort of cult that kidnaps, tortures and has sex with and then murders teenage boys the group has an evil plan to destroy the Lords of Satyr Oh and before they have sex with the boys, the women 5 or 6 total have an orgy with each other I was a little confused about how the evil women plot aspect really fit into the story It just didn t go with the story very smoothly It just felt like the author was just throwing in some strange sex scenes for shock value Let s not forget that Nick the Satyr husband of Jane decides to share her in a coupling with his brothers in order to help protect her from harm during sex a bond is created that will let the brothers know if she is in danger.All in all, it wasn t all that erotic or interesting and it ended kind of abruptly I am not sure if I will be continuing with the series Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group Nope.No.Nyet.Nein.Nao.Nihil.Nei.No way in hell.Reviews scare me.Reviews make me laugh.This got published And it s a series With seven books If each male character has two penises that s an odd equation.2 x X a lot of penises. This book comes with a warning This is a REALLY HOT book sexually explicit Okay, that s not what I would have warned for To save time, I m just going to number the things that would beappropriate to have warned the readers about 1 During the full moon the hero, Nick, has two cocks Two Cocks One, two Both fully operational And huge over 8 inches Each.2 True to his name, Nick and his brothers turn into satyrs during the full moon With fur, possibly hooves 3 They have sex with non sentient females that service the Satyr and which the author refers to as victims And that ends the prologue.4 The King of ElseWorld has three daughters but they don t know he s their father because he had sex with each of their mothers while they were asleep This struck me as skeevy I was wondering if I was just being too critical when I realized that the situation is very similar to a man going to a bar and putting GBH in a woman s drink and having sex with her It was just done with magic, rather than a drug Eeew.5 The incest theme that runs the whole of the book Some minor issues include the Satyr brothers having collective orgasms, the heroine Jane s not father having a very long term affair with his step sister, and Nick having sex with a prostitute and her possible sister, but I m letting all that go Really, by the time I read a hundred pages I was convinced that Nick and Jane would end up being siblings What I didn t expect was for Jane having sex sequentially with Nick and his two brothers in their multi cock state I don t know about anyone else but if I never read the words spurting, warm, brotherly sperm inside her and come for me, sister I ll be a happier person Look, I m as kinky as the next girl, probably kinkier, but I need warnings for some things Not worth a warning, but Lords of the Satyr had some very bad mythology Satyrs have a reputation, well deserved, that a frat house would envy They are known for their love of sex and wine By the way, one thing the author did that I thought was appropriate was to make the Satyr brothers vintners Of course, actual Satyrs would have a winery with a brothel attached Not the heroic, dependable, guard the gates type of mythological creatures, but the author depicts the Satyr brothers as guarding the gates to the ElseWorld I m pretty sure you could bribe an actual satyr with a really big jug of good red wine. WARNING THIS BOOK HAVE SO MANY ADULT CONTENT EH, NICHOLAS IS EROTICA BOOK AFTER ALL P AND MAYBE FULL SPOILER ADDENDUM Just want to say, thank you Thank you for all who support me and show their kindness to me Its hard, yeah, but you all the reason why I love this site.I decide to let some monkey loose from the zoo and play with me, to express my feeling about this book.Nicholas, the first book of Lord of Satyr, feature Nicholas Satyr and Jane Cova..First, I read this because I m curious when read some review at GR here Seems like people both love and hate it, and when someone mention the hero growing 2 cocks at one time, I feel like Ehm, okay, I admit I m interesting and giddy at the same time, don t forget, a lil bit kinky too giggling Let into the storySo Nicholas Satyr, is a Satyr You know Satyr Magical creature from Greek Myth, who believed as descendant from Bacchuss, God of Wine But this satyr of course not like Mr Tumnus at Chronicle of Narnia Remember this book is erotica, we talk about naughty satyr here.Nicholas and his brothers, Raine Lyon is the remained satyr and their life are near extinct They need a wife to give them heir Luckily or unlucky , The Fey King, Fleydon, just sent them letter, said he have 3 illegitimate daughters, the result of his affair with mortal woman So his daughters are half human and half fey Fleydon ask Satyr Brothers to search them, then married them , in purpose to protect his daughter from war at ElseWorld the magical world Nicholas, Raine and Lyon decided to search their bride, with Nick search first at Italy And then he meet Jane Cova..This is when things going AWFUL..So I will tell you, point per point, since there are so many AWFUL, DISGUSTING, and UNBELIEVABLE moment at this book So finally Nick married Jane The spitfire Jane, then become meek Jane She doesn t know what to do at her marriage night, and just remember what her evil aunt said Nicholas then consumated their marriage, with NOT SO ROMANTIC SCENE EVER He just grab her, open her leg, apply some cream, then trust to her No foreplay, no kissing, no hugging When Nick satisfied, he left Jane to sleep alone ALONE AND SHE NOT CLIMAXED YET And this happen not just once, but twice, and , andI know Jane is virgin and untrained at bed, but what happen to her, is beyond CRUEL Nick and Jane already married like I said before, but that not make Nick forget his debauchery habits When he go to other city, he go to brothel, while HIS WIFE WAIT HIM AT HIS HOME I know at historical era, it s fine a husband have mistress But heck, I can t accept this infidelity Not just go to brothel, Nick satisfied his lust with f cking Shimmerskin, some magical creature, whose unemotional,and can t feeling anything, designed to fulfill Satyrs brother need at The Calling I will explain The Calling later , and Nick reshaped the Simmerskin like Jane, just because he can t forget his lust to his wife Dude, you have your wife at the same home, and you decided to f ck HER REPLICA Nick and Jane go to some noble party At that party, Jane see Nick with his two mistress oO , jealous, then told by her aunt, Izabel, that its okay men have mistress, while she remained as dutiful wife So Jane want Nick to teach her to become his mistress, rather than his wife When I think , maybe, just maybe things will get interesting, the method Nick using is meh To pretend as another men when teach your wife is NOT SEXY AT ALL I forget about The Calling The Calling is an event, held once a month, at full moon This when Nick and his brothers, have two pen s And after he s married, he can mating to Jane, not to Shimmerskin Jane still not knowing her origin as Fae And when she have sex with Nick, her nipples is GLOWING O.M.G GLOWING BLUE I don t know whether I want to laugh or crying Not just stop there When Nick magical manhood disappear, he still have sex with Jane, and he have some serpent like creature out from his hip It called The Seeker If you already read Breed series by Lora Leigh, you know the Breed have some alive barb like Think Nick s The Seeker like that That make me speechless. Okay, finally after The Calling, Nick impregnated Jane And seems like Jane s pregnancies is unusual When next Calling, Nick of course can t resist the urge to mating with Jane But wait Jane is pregnant And even just 1 month, her belly is so big But still Nick don t care and f ck her without mercy Nick, your wife is PREGNANT And you don t care with her condition, Jane who afraid she will harm her baby, and you said that s Satyr way And some WTF moment after that, Jane delivered her baby OMG, just one month pregnancies, and she birthing her child Bella Swan and Renesmee Cullen, you have a rival in the town Their name is Jane Cova with her son, Vincent Satyr The climax at this book Anticlimax after all Just Jane s Aunt, Izabel have evil plan, abduct Jane and her child, then die Just all, ugh And when Nick decided sharing Jane with his brothers SAY WHAT , he got jealous After so many not romantic scene, he jealous to see his brothers have sex with Jane O.M.G I can t do this any And the final scene, when they got a big problem, the solution just a BIG MEH And what with war whose Fey King tell about at the first Nothing, no clue about the War.And still I read this until finish facepalm I d read some erotica Some I really love it, like Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning, or Lauren Dane s Brown Siblings Some title, I just okay, I know we can t expected some plot when read erotica, just prepare ourselves to read many sex scene But Nicholas , is the worse erotica I ve ever read.First, is it erotica romance I doubt it, because I can t feel any romance, AT ALL No from the 1st page, until near the end When Nick finally said love, it feels like forced Two, yes the author can described the culture and historical background at Italy in the 1880 era, then mix it with myth Her writing is good, I admit it But it become useless, if the erotica content is UNBELIEVABLE and make you shakes your head or your mind blank, because readers can t proceed what s going on at the story with so many AWFUL moment.Last, I hate infidelity.That s the bigger reason why I give this just one star Nick have wife, but what have he done As husband, he s so cold, distant, and selfish Just want Jane to produce heir etc, etc After the end I can t feel the connection between Nick and Jane I don t care if Nick have 2 gorgeous c cks He s the worse hero EVER And now Nick is dead to me.I don t know if I want to recommend this to anyone This book is just awful, disgusting and anticlimax, even for me, who open minded I read erotica too, thank you very much Because some part just pretty AWFUL..Can you count how many AWFUL I wrote at this review I will not bother to read the next and the next book have hermaphrodite heroine 3 is better than 2, eh Note This book contain anal sex, orgy, incest and f f scene

Hi, I m Elizabeth Amber, author of The Lords of Satyr series of hot historical paranormal romance novels Nicholas, Raine, Lyon, Dominic, Dane, Bastian, and Sevin 2012 I m a museum junkie and love history and archeology When I was an art history major at university many years ago, I became fascinated with Greco Roman artifacts I ve visited many archeological sites and museums in Italy and Gre

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