Night Mary

Night MaryGreat horror story superb range of styles from Dwyer Remender is becoming a must read for me Great, smart, fun, pulp trash comic goodness. This is a fun little story about a girl who can enter people s dreams nothing wholly original, but it s right up my alley I don t do summaries in my reviews, so I will focus on what I liked and disliked about this comic I read this in the Crawl Space oversized hardcover as part of my October horror reading.First of all, I have to address some of the negative criticism towards this story While it is understandable that people seem to think the story was disjointed and incoherent, I think that it was mostly intended As I was reading it, I felt like I was in the dream with Mary As with most dreams, there were lots of jumps from location to location, all with different art styles and odd dreamlike features such a jumbled clocks, locations bleeding into one another, distorted faces and unclear details, and of course plenty of symbolism The real world sections were always drawn in black and white, which is symbolic in itself Initially, I thought the art would be the weak point of the book, and while it is sloppy in places, it fit the story perfectly I might even go as far as to say it carried the book As for the writing, it s okay I generally love Remender s writing, but it s clear this is not his best work keeping in mind Kieron Dwyer also shared writing duties It s not bad, but it felt rushed in places, especially in the last issue where we are presented with an infodump of revelations that didn t quite stick the landing Not to mention several typos that were somehow overlooked That said, the writing team was wise to keep the writing to a minimum and let Dwyer s artwork tell most of the story If I were to rate this on the quality of the comic while being objective, I d rate it 3 5, maybe lower, but if I were to read books with that mindset I d never enjoy anything So I give this a strong 4 5 because I enjoyed it quite a lot and I always weigh my enjoyment very highly when rating books It engrossed me and kept my interest all the way through As I said earlier, the subject matter is right up my alley, so I knew I d like it to some degree, but it definitely ended up exceeding my expectations. Meet Mary Specter, A Misunderstood Teenage Girl Trained To Be A Lucid Dreamer Mary S Father Runs A Sleep Disorder Clinic Where Mary Enters The Ghastly Dreams Of Severely Disturbed People In An Attempt To Help Them When A Patient Is Revealed To Be A Serial Killer, The Nightmare World And The Waking One Become Intertwined, Putting Mary In Real Jeopardy Set In A World Where The Boundaries Between Dreams And Reality Are Tenuous, Night Maryis A Very Dark And Terrifying Trip Into Psychological Horror An ambitious graphic novel with some intriguing ideas ultimately fails in its attempt to execute them The beautifully eerie art adds a nice creepiness, but the storytelling is sloppy There is a very large info dump toward the end that seems like too much too late, and could have been handled much better Also, I thought the ending was lame. Dreamer, wake unto me.What a great comic and a nice surprise better than expected Night Mary is genuinely creepy and downright disturbing at times This one s going to stick with me for a while Mary is a lucid dreamer who coaches patients inside their dreams, helping them overcome personal issues She s also trying to pull her comatose mother out of her receding mind, while dealing with her father who runs the dreaming clinic, and deflecting the aggression of some mean girls The real problems start when a patient flips out and murders her loved ones and herself Mary also begins seeing a recurring image in her patients dreams, a strange eye and a voice calling, Dreamer, wake unto me When it first appears, she thinks it s coming from the patient, until it appears in another dream and another Things progress quickly, and Mary soon realizes the dream invader is a real threat and also connected to her in a sinister way The pace of the story is quick, adding to the overall tension And the ending, well, it s both satisfying and chilling.Definitely recommended for horror fans. This was a pretty decent horror comic, now on to my pro s and con sPro sThe dream sequences can get pretty freakyThis is a perfect comic to read around Halloween, it s even set around HalloweenThe art definitely provides some good atmosphere for the comic, most of the sequences set in reality are drawn in blue, some in green and the dream sequences are fully coloredCon sI have never been of fan of Kieron Dwyer s art, and it s not great here, it s okay, but it is very scratchyOverall, if you re looking to for quick and spooky read, this is for you Basically the essence of being mediocre Art is okayish, premise is still quite original, way the story is delivered is frankly quite boring and the point of the story is clich piled unto clich On the other hand, pacing is okay and you will read it in 20 minutes tops. muy bueno, la trama onirica me recuerda al ciclo del sue o de lovecraft, una historia muy interesante sin duda. I was quite interested in the premise of this graphic novel Mary enters the dreams of some seriously troubled people to gain insights that will help her father who runs a sleep disorder clinic to help them Mary is trying to cope with the loss of a patient and the guilt she feels for what she feels is her responsibility in the circumstances surrounding the loss The fact that there s been another presence in Mary s lucid dreams since the loss , in the form of a disembodied eye and the words Dreamer, wake unto me , only adds to the creep factor.There were too many backstories and ethical dilemmas that were dealt with too superficially for me to love this one I would have preferred there to be less stuff going on You ve got a daughter lucid dreaming for her father while clearly traumatised He s quite happy for her to be missing out on school because she s doing what he trained her to do since she was a small child You ve got a mother who s in a coma due to the accident and the daughter who s supposedly responsible for bringing her mother out of the coma The father has his own backstory Each patient has their own backstory The FBI is involved There s the Dreamer, wake unto me thing throughout the story The artwork was interesting and the splashes of blood worked well in the scenes that were mostly greyscale Having the dream nightmare sequences in different colour schemes depending on the content and dreamer was a nice touch and I liked that it was the time the characters were awake that had the least amount of colour.I didn t have any problems with the dream nightmare sequences being disjointed and strange Had they all flowed seamlessly with no weird elements they wouldn t have appeared dreamlike to me What l did have a problem with was how quickly the story was wrapped up It was all a bit too neat towards the end and the final few panels provided a pretty clich d conclusion Ultimately I didn t love or hate it While I was reading I wanted to continue to see how it would end but I don t feel the need to urge you to read it immediately so we can gush over its awesomeness together. This was okaythink Nightmare on Elm Street kinda theme The artwork really bothered me for most of the panels as you could see thru the characters and I wasn t sure if this was supposed to be symbolic or just bad lazy art Wouldn t bother reading further into this series as it ended on cliffhanger.

Rick Remender is an American comic book writer and artist who resides in Los Angeles, California He is the writer co creator of many independent comic books like Black Science, Deadly Class, LOW, Fear Agent and Seven to Eternity Previously, he wrote The Punisher, Uncanny X Force, Captain America and Uncanny Avengers for Marvel Comics.

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