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Nordic FairiesI honestly loved Nordic Fairies The story had been a fast and exciting read, my heart pounding all the way but there were a lot of things I found that needs to be fixed One would be the order of the story It was kind of confusing to start at the present then backtrack a bit, then have small flashbacks during flashbacks, before finally coming back to the present time I do think thatdescription is needed I couldn t even differentiate Jen, Megan, and Sarah I only filed them in one place of my brain Svala s friends I was also annoyed at the fact that Svala didn t talk much until the second chapter However, I can relate very well to her since she doesn t have much interest in her friends chatter and that she likes gemstones There were also some typographical errors but everything else is in place.Despite the story s unchronological order, I did understand 99% of the story and it held my interest It was fascinating to read about Svala s past, even if it was short I don t know what else to say I loved the book, the story plot It was amazing, although, as I ve said, it lacks description so you d have to imagine a couple scenesthan once to get the right picture Also, to find out how amazing it is, go get your copy and read it I ll definitely read this again sometime, which is quite rare for me considering the fact that I hate rereading books due to its already unveiled plot.Oh, and in case you re wondering, there isn t much of Norse mythology going on around this novella btw, I wish it was a full length novel instead , only the mention of the light and dark fairies I m not even sure if they re really called Lios lfar and D ck lfar because I only know of light and dark elves when it comes to Norse mythology.Last note Thank you to Saga Berg, the author, for giving me the ebook for free Have I mentioned the cover is absolutely gorgeous She could be a valkyrie for all we knew. God, I need you He clasped her face in both hands and eased back to look at her.This book.Unbe freaking lievable.Nuff said. What was this about What were the assignments How do they help to keep the balance between the bad and good fairies Who are these Dark and Light fairies How are Nordic Fairies differ from regular ones If Viggo and Svala stayed together for decades at the time, why are they only talking about marriage now The thought never crossed their mind in all of the 900 years Why is being a celebrity bad and immediately sets off red flags, and makes Svala stalk Viggo Did he violate the rules somehow Then HOW And for crying out loud, what are the rules exactly And if they are supposed to stay away from each other, then how do they have the secret hand motion, which came especially useful when he ran for office Was he running for office as an assignment, or was it after they completed whatever they needed to complete and finally got together Oh, and finally, what s Svala s assignment now Is she even working on one Love story had no substance, the characters were not developed and the timeline jumped all over the place I had a lot of questions and was not sure what was happening after the first few pages, forget about the ending where I just went HUH Where was the world building again The last straw was when I read this line Outside, people hurried past with their suit cases and paper cups, missing the whole point of living Mind you, here Svala is sitting at some New York cafe with a cappuccino in her hand, looking out the window So what s the point of living Sit and drink coffee at an overpriced cafes and look down your nose at people who have to I don t know, work The point of living was never explained, so I can only draw my own conclusions I understand that this is a novella, but really why create this supposedly complex world and story and then not explain anything If there are not enough pages to write everything to make it clear, then maybe Sara Berg needs to re think what she wants to write. This was an interesting teaser to the story of Svala and Viggo I couldn t get a really good feel of the story because it seemed to lack the necessary meat that explained Svala and Viggo s relationship, their status as fairies, or the backstory behind the differences between Dockalfar and the Liosalfar This was not a bad story and the series has great potential I hope the second installation has a littlebite to garner the readers interest and engagement in the story. The author was kind enough to send me this ebook for free, and I am really glad she did From the moment I started reading, I was intrigued by the characters My only complaint is that I wish there wasI am dying to know what happens to Svala and Viggo next Their story seems like it has the potential to be an epic love story I look forward to future books and learningabout the characters. This book was given to me by the author for free Svala is a member of light fey, as is her lover Viggo Hundreds of years old, she made a pact with a Fairy, as did Viggo Now she must complete assignments under the watchful eye of her guardian As a reward, each time both Svala and Viggo complete an assignment, they get to be together for a short time until they are given another assignment Sometimes they get months together, sometimes only weeks, and the length of the assignments differs as well from 1 6 years Something strange is going on now though, because now Svala has seen Viggo on the television, he s become a movie star Worried that Viggo may have been corrupted by the dark fey, Svala and a few of her friends go to New York to a film premiere to meet Viggo, and for Svala to try to understand what is going on Svala risks everything doing this though, as she and Viggo are not supposed to see each other whilst they are on assignment, and if either of their guardians finds out they will be severely punished and will not be able to see each other ever again.This is a short story, a sort of prequel to Saga Bergs first novel which is yet to be released It introduces a few characters and ideas about the fairy world that Svala is part of, and sets the scene nicely for the book Hopefully, this won t be long coming and we can find out what happens to Svala and Viggo next A promising start 5 10 Book length 729 kindle locations Nordic Fairies is an unique twist on faeries that keeps your attention in an instant It s an absolute page turner that will make you crave the second book as soon as you turn the last page An awesome fast read, with a cliffhanger that ll make you gasp and rethink what you ve read it s a must for everyone who loves fairy books And even if you re not a fan of those, you will like it I loved this 5 starsthan deserved There s really nothing negative I can say about it Except that it was over so quickly I found myself wanting to continue reading Svala and Viggo s forbidden love story So I have to get the second book ASAP I ve read my share of fairy books Wings, Iron Fey, Fever series, etc I love them I m really interested in everything that has to do with the fairy myths and folklore but I haven t come across anything like Nordic Fairies before in other books, which is truly awesome It was such an amazing and unique twist about them so I couldn t stop reading The plot was great and the cliffhanger sort of shocking in a minor way The main character is Svala, who became Lios lfar Nordic light fairie thousands of years ago, so she could be with the boy who she loves, Viggo, who also agreed to become Lios far fairie However, it wasn t without a catch Each lifetime they live they have to fulfill assignments to do good to uphold the balance in the world After they fulfill these assignments they are allowed to be together for some time until their next life begins and they have to start all over again And if they seek each other out before their assignments are completed they will be punished.In the current life Svala is leading, she is sixteen years old and one day she sees Viggo on tv and learns he s a movie star now Assuming something is wrong and afraid that the dark Nordic fairies, D ck lfar have gotten to Siggo, Svala wants to seek him out to find out what s going on But seeking contact with each other before there assignments are done is forbidden What she learns is that nothing is as it seems and she can t trust the people she trusted before But is it true Saga Berg s writing was truly wonderful, detailed and absorbed me Svala s character was sweet and strong I also loved seeing Svala and Viggo in their previous life when they were reunited for three weeks I loved how they are around each other and I could clearly feel the love they had for each other It makes me feel sad how they are being kept apart all these years Cliffhanger twist aside, I also loved the character of Svala s mentor Trym, who is reallylike a father to her He seems to really care for her I hope to learnabout Viggo s character in the next book because he does seem swoon worthy with his blue eyes and dark hair.All in all this was a wonderful book taking you to see another side of faeries that ll make you almost disregard other fairy books I enjoyed it a lot and I hope others will too. Review on Linny s LiteratureWith the premise of not just your run of the mill fairies, but Nordic fairies, I immidiately was drawn to this book Both this element and the storyline of a fairy couple living new lives, completeing assignments for eternity in order to spend it with eachother was very unique It fails to mention it in the description, but this book is actually a novella It took me maybe a total of one hour to read the entire thing Due to the book s shortness and it being the first of a series, Nordic Fairies waslike reading only the first few chapters of a regular sized novel The storyline was still being explained and my interest in it was only just starting to bloom I still have many questions and the story itself, of course, is very far from being resolved It was like setting a delicious cake in front of me and only allowing me a nibble I think that Nordic Fairies could be a delicious cake worth a 5 star rating in its entirity, but the first bite itself, filled with explaination and build up, can only be worth 3 stars We don t get to know the characters very well, since the story is only in its beginning, but so far I like them The main characters, Svala and Viggo, seem to be trully in love an eternal love Svala is pure and Viggo is devastatingly handsome I m not as impressed with Svala s friends yet, but we haven t learned much about them at this point Despite its shortness, I did enjoy it Dark and Light fairies, lovers repeatedly forced apart for eternity, something mysterious going on in the balance of light and dark. As I said, the storyline is very unique and I am excited to learnabout it and the characters in the sequels Nordic Fairies was well written and, unlike many indie books, it didn t have any spelling or grammar errors either I think this series has potential and I plan to read the second novella to the series, Freja. What I liked about it Interesting concept that the story s based on both sides hire people and offer incentives.the sweet love scenes going on between the MC.the very real possibility that Trym might be working for the dark side.the mystery behind the lady in the jewel shop.What I didn t like there was no explanation about the two factions of fairies other than one was bad and the other good I would have liked some info about them and who led them. Nordic Lios Lfar Svala And Viggo Have Been In Love For A Thousand Years After Two Years Apart Svala Turns On Her TV To Find Viggo In The Public Light, Posing As A Movie Star She Tries To Seek Him Out And The Events That Follow Forces Some Deep Buried Secrets To SurfaceSvala And Viggo Have Spent A Hundred Lives Together Over The Last Thousand Years As Lios Lfar, Nordic Light Fairies, Their Job Is To Do Good And To Uphold A Balance In The Mortal World A Balance, Often Compromised By The D Ck Lfar, Nordic Dark Fairies But Even Good Fairies Need Incentive Svala And Viggo Are Kept Apart Each Life Until They Fulfill Their Assignments Only When, And If, They Succeed Are They Allowed To Be Together For Whatever Period Of Time The Powers That Be Decides Sometimes They Are Together For Decades, Other Times Years And During The Last Union Once Only Three Weeks In This Life, Svala Turns On Her TV And Learns That Viggo Has Become A Popular Movie Star This Is Not Only Highly Unexpected, It Indicates Something Is Wrong And That Viggo Is Attempting To Contact Svala Before Their Assignments Are Carried Out, An Action Which Is Strictly ForbiddenSvala Seeks Him Out, But Not Without Breaking A Few Rules Of Her Own, And Learning That Things Are Not Always As They Seem

Saga Berg was born in Sweden during the snow storm of 1979 and knew already at the age of seven that she wanted to become a writer She studied English and Communication at the University of Malm , then took her Bachelor in Marketing and Communications at the same University.After working a few years as a Marketing Manager, Saga Berg started writing the novella series Nordic Fairies, her first pu

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