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Not in the ScriptYou can also read my review HERE It is so adorable SO ASDFGHJKL We all need to read books like this often Not In the Script made me all feel giggly is that a word swoony and definitely warmed my heart Yes, LOVE is such a wonderful thing and yes, it doesn t follow a script at all Emma Taylor is an artist and she s one of the new stars of the TV show Coyote Hills As a main protagonist and one of the point of view in this book, Emma is not really hard to like She s relatable and genuine Being inside her head is like a walk in the park, there s no struggles and I just glide through out the book because her voice is soothing and light This novel worked out so much for me because the characters are well defined and absolutely likeable It s not just Emma, but the whole cast. the whole crew Jake is yeah, I dare you to hate this guy One chapter and I bet you will lose This guy is decent and doesn t have a stain of douchebag syndrome Ha Just made that up Oh he s not perfect No one in this book is But there s where the character development came in I love how the two characters fight for their feelings for each other and grow as a character at the same time.You know those romance that is so grin worthy because it s just so darn cute and makes you feel like there are butterflies in your stomach The way the two characters ended up together is indeed slow. But it was fun to read In here, no one is aggressive and no one is forcing anything to each other They had their share of stupid and idiotic things to do as a book character and I love how the author constructed the whole thing towards the end YES, I am absolutely satisfied.I have nothings to say about Amy Finnegan s writing except that it s excellent Her words seeps right into me immediately that s why I didn t have a hard time reading it when I was 2 to 3 chapters in.And how cool is that we re reading how actors do their job and how it all works behind the camera Yeah, I love that aspect too I learned new things and it was fun.Overall, Not In The Script has become a 2014 favorite It s fun, it s sweet and absolutely heartfelt Its like my grandmother always says, Isn t it great to be young and in love This book was in my recommendations for some reason, and I was just staring at it, wondering why it was so familiar Like it was so gosh darn familiar Then I realized why Fun fact my mom s cousin wrote this book So back in 2014 2015 when it was released, my Grandma told me I had to read it Practically shoved it down my throat Even though I ve never met my mom s cousin before Still haven t to this day But that s okay I love my Grandma and I read this for her You re welcome, Grandma And I remember really loving it But maybe I m bias idk. Not in the Script is the definition of a pleasant surprise Honestly, I m not all that crazy about Hollywood stories Most of the time I have trouble accepting how realistic and genuine they are and so second guess everything I m reading Amy Finnegan s book, though, completely charmed me The tone is lighter than I expected, for one thing, so it doesn t take itself too seriously Yet, on the flip side, the main characters are so likeable that I could easily picture myself being friends with them in real life Even though their careers as actors play an important role in the story, they still come across as down to earth It also helps that I found the romance not only believable and well earned at the end, but adorable as in let me smoosh your faces together, too Yes, I definitely shipped it Not in the Script gave me all those butterfly feelings, exactly what I was hoping for, and I m so happy I decided to pick it up.Here are some of the book s highlights The story The book is told from the perspectives of Emma Taylor a successful teen actress and Jake Elliot model turned actor who deep down would rather pursue a business career They are both cast in an upcoming television series, alongside another actor who Emma has had a crush on forever from afar and a brand new Hollywood starlet There s also Emma s best friend, who has always been a massive Jake the Bod fangirl Think you can see how the romantic drama plays out Well, I was wrong, so you might be, too If that early description doesn t sound all that appealing to you, that s okay, because Not in the Script has a few surprises up its sleeve First, no love triangles or even squares, in this case , so breathe easy There s no romantic entanglements in that regard, unless it s a misunderstanding There is a forbidden aspect to Emma and Jake s relationship, since Emma doesn t want to hurt her friend and so keeps them a secret, but the tone always stays comfortably light It s a fun, sweet story that had me smiling and clapping and quickly turning the pagesThe setting Much of the book takes place on the set of Emma and Jake s television series It s a nice peek at what goes on behind the scenes of a film crew all the goofs, blunders, and general mayhem that can sometimes ensue This is the part of the book I expected any reservations I would have to stem from, but thankfully nothing seemed over the top or unrealistic As I read on, I found myself really enjoying how Amy Finnegan describes the film set She includes snippets of Emma and Jake s screenplay, different terminology, the hair and make up preparation actors have to go through, what filming actually looks like from the perspective of an actor, the destructiveness of tabloid articles, etc It brings the story to life in surprisingly creative ways.The characters I ve already mentioned how much I like Emma and Jake A lot of that has to do with how well they acted their age, despite their environment They come across as neither too hardened due to their line of work nor too immature due to any personal success going to their heads They both have these big hearts, are passionate about what they love, and aren t afraid to be their goofy selves Of course, this wouldn t be a story if the characters didn t have to grow Emma, for all that she s level headed and smart, tends to let the people in her life walk all over her, and that includes her mom slash manager and her best friend I think that s a major part of growing up learning when to put your foot down and start making the adult decisions in your life I was really rooting for Emma to stand up for herself As for Jake, what he s dealing with made him that muchendearing His mom, who he has an amazing relationship with, recently had a stroke and so he puts aside his own dreams to help support her Rather than pursue a business degree, he agrees to model and act so that he can pay for the things she wouldn t have been able to otherwise He is such a genuine guy not to mention full of wit and tease when it comes to Emma that I couldn t help but wish he d get what he wanted.As for the supporting cast, I didn t necessarily like an of them, but Amy Finnegan does a good job of making them all multidimensional Kimmi, the hot headed diva, and Brett, the self centered but sexy heartthrob, both seem like your stereotypical actors at first, and they are annoying on several occasions, but there s depth to them as well They will surprise you a couple times Their roles in the story are an effective way to show that what we read in tabloids and newspapers is never the full truth As for Emma s best friend, let s just say there s no love lost there She is truly the only source of frustration and disbelief for me in the book I wanted her out of the picture and out of the way of Emma and Jake s relationship She s so clueless about how relationships work, and I was just waiting for Emma to tell her like it is.The cute romance There are so many adorable aspects to Jake and Emma s relationship the excellent banter that shows them as just a couple of goofballs the will they or won t they, just kiss already dynamic the eventual sneaking around that issweet and fun than anxiety inducing I found it impossible not to want them to just dive right in, their chemistry is that strong They are so perfect together, it s obvious, but complications force them to dance around each other for a while and then to play it safe when they re not alone There s also the fact that they are celebrities, with paparazzi always around the corner, so trusting the other person and not what you see and hear is an even greater challenge I guess what I m trying to say is that this romance had me on the edge of my seat, shaking the book a little bit I needed them to happen, dammit The slow burn, though, is torturous in the best way Jake and Emma take their time getting to know one another, building on that initial attraction By the time flirtation and physical touches come into play, I felt the romance that muchI think I had a mini panic attack when they first hold hands Who knew that simple act could cause so many butterflies Be still my beating heart.I can t recommend Not in the Script enough It s a perfectly lighthearted YA romantic comedy, with amazing main characters, a swoony romance, and a strong story line There will be laughs and happy sighs escaping your lips, I promise I m obviously very excited to see what Amy Finnegan writes next.This review can also be found at Love at First Page. You know those books that leave you with a goofy grin throughout the whole story Amy Finnegan s Not in the Script was that kind of book This book was such a lovely read I just loved how happy it made me by the end with all the warm fuzzies.Emma was an easy character to root for from the first instance we meet her She was a TV star, but she was in no way conceited, spoiled or bratty, which I was thankful for She was a complete sweetheart and she was genuinely nice to everyone around her She carried a positive energy with her that brightened the pages She was also independent, which can be a rare quality when it comes to teenagers these days Additionally, Emma grew throughout the book, learning to not let people stomp all over her Not in the Script was also told in the POV of Jake, Emma s new co star and potential love interest Jake was such a cute boy and you guys know how much I love my cute boys He was also a hottie who got his start by modelling YEP, I realize I m being shallow Despite his good looks though, he was so unpretentious and so down to earth and he did everything to take care of his paralyzed mother MAJOR SWOONS I loved this boy, if you can t tell from my complete fangirling Emma s best friend, Rachel, was a character I pretty much despised from the start She was such a jealous friend who basically used her friend and blamed her for her own failures Emma continued to remain nice to her throughout by trying to get her gigs but I honestly would have kicked the girl out But the rest of the cast in Emma and Jake s new show were fabulous and I loved their diverse personalities.For me, what was really interesting was getting to see the behind the scenes when it comes to making a TV show It was thrilling and all kinds of exciting and it made me glad that I never aimed to opt for a career in the film industry Amy Finnegan sounded like she knew what really went on in Hollywood and it was very interesting for a lover of TV shows like me to see what really goes on into the production of a TV show The romance, you all It was so freaking adorable I wanted these two kids to make out already creeper alert , because they were just so perfect for each other My shipper feels were all over the place and I loved the slow burn nature of their romance Even when they weren t a couple, their dynamic was fantastic The banter between the two of them had be going awww on every page that they were together in This was definitely one of my favorite romances and one that I m going to cherish for a long time.Also, kudos to the author for keeping the drama to a low level There was some drama, but it wasn t over the top and the kind that was intolerable.Not in the Script was such a lovely and feel good read I can say with certainty this is a book I will re read in the future whenever I need a book to cheer me up Amy Finnegan is definitely one author to watch out for in the rom com YA contemporary genre. I am not one to frequent the romance genre, but I picked this one up after some prodding from my wife Of course, I was afraid that it would be corny and cliche, but it was far from it In fact, I had a hard time putting it down once I got going.The story is a teen romance at heart, but the incredibly well written dialogue kept me engaged throughout The author also seems to have an excellent understanding of the film industry, and I found myself just as interested in the behind the scenes perspective as I did the romance itself The characters were realistic and fun, and since the book changes perspective every chapter I felt like I was always reading something fresh.In short, I would definitely recommend it It s not very often that I recommend a romance novel, but it s just too much fun to pass up. Truth be told, this would not be my normal type of book to read A new contemporary romance in the IF ONLY series , but I m so so so SO thrilled I did You d think a story centered around acting and Hollywood and paparazzi and wrapped in romance would readily succumb to cliche.Nope The characters, the plot, while touched with the familiar are sprinkled liberally with Finnegan Fairy Dust And by Fairy Dust, I mean realism And some great one liners And two liners The characters feel unique and real and you can empathize with them all in some form or fashion okay, maybe not Kimmi so much, but she s young and learning This is a super fun book with some seriously wonderful dialogue and banter Plus, anybody interested in the inner workings of a film set both technical and dramatic so smoothly and perfectly interspersed.And, for the gender this isn t gonna be marketed toward you know who you are, XYers , this is the sort of book you want to read to help you understand the XXers, and maybe pick up a few tricks of the flirting trade Note via Jake, not Brett. An ARC of this title was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review My thoughts are my own.This review can also be found at The Starry Eyed Revue Not in the Script was kind of adorable And I expected as much, having read the previous two novels in the IF ONLY series and finding them each decidedly cute I m never sure what to expect with a story based on movie star characters, though, whether the book will glorify Hollywood or whether the characters will be over the top and stereotypical Lucky for me, Not in the Script felt genuine and though some of the characters did come off as obnoxious and over bearing, those were the exceptions and not the rule for this book.Emma is a rising star who has been burned several times in the dating department So, for her next project, she s put love on the back burner in order to focus on her career and keep her name out of the tabloids She tries, anyway Somehow, the paparazzi are always there And, of course, so is gorgeous former model turned actor Jake Elliott The two attempt to keep their relationship strictly platonic and focus on the show, but their chemistry is off the charts.Though there are a lot of external factors complicating their relationship including but not limited to a former crush on her heartthrob of a co star, the fact that Emma s BFF has had dibs on Jake The Bod Elliott since before Emma met him or even put a name to the face, and most importantly, Emma s desire not to date another co star despite all of that, Emma and Jake s budding romance is really mature They discuss all of the reasons they shouldn t be together, why it might not work out and what the repercussions could be They also really get to know each other by hanging out platonically off of the set Jake never pushes Emma for , but he doesn t hesitate to let her know what he wants and that he s willing to wait until she s ready for that type of commitment What they have is so genuine and scorching hot at the same timeit s hard to believe they were able to deny themselves each other for as long as they did.That heartthrob co star does complicate matters further when he shows genuine interest in Emma, but I promise you, no legitimate love triangle develops Actually, Brett reminded me a lot Reid in Tammara Webber s BETWEEN THE LINES series, and his character s role in this novel played out in much the same way Even the budding actress main character shares the same given name I really enjoyed that series, so it s no surprise that I loved this novel so much However, I think I liked this one just the tiniest bitbecause it showed thetechnical side of acting all the time spent in the makeup chair, the drama on set and the director s reaction, the last minute changes to the script, etc I think including those aspects made this book that muchrealistic, and it s my favorite so far in what I m now going to coin the bringing Hollywood to the page subgenre.Pretty much, I really just liked Emma and Jake and what it took to get those two together The side characters all seemed pretty one dimensional and none of them really stand out in comparison I d kind of like to see their stories expanded on in subsequent novels, though, much like the series I ve already compared this book to However, I will say that I truly enjoyed how important family was to the main characters in this story They both craved some kind of normalcy, and we all know how easy it is for family to knock you off your pedestal and bring you back down to earth Emma s and Jake s family situations were completely different, but they were still similar in that this was what kept each of them grounded, made it so that they continued to pursue their dreams but did so with level heads Not in the Script was a clever, humorous read, and though the characters are out of high school and living on their own, nothing explicit or untoward happens, so it s still perfect for a YA audience Labeling it as a new adult novel might change some opinions toward the book prematurely, but it s new adult in the way that Fangirl was new adult, if that makes sense I liked how the author approached the growing up situations and did so without becoming preachy or making a lesson out of the story She let her characters make mistakes but expressed through them how easy those mistakes were to fix if one reliedon open communication That s a biggie for me.Actually, now that I think about it, Not in the Script wasn t kind of adorableit was unbelievably adorable I pretty much wore a smile on my face the entire time I was reading It was kind of light and fluffy, but while it wasn t silly, it also didn t deign to take itself too seriously All in all, it was exactly my kind of read The slow burn of a romance itself is worth giving this book a try Like Emma, you ll be caught off guard by Jake s genuine charm before you know it GIF it to me straight No, it s not in therethis kind of love can tbe scripted To see review with gifs click here.Confession I like cheesy celebrity YA books I can t help it Maybe it s because these books provide the only decent excuse for having the love interest look like one of the Hemsworth s long lost but hotter brothers, but I lap these books up like they re princesses books Sad thing is, often they are kind of bad.Good news though there s a thing called the library And that s where I picked up Not in the Script.Let me be frank, in any other genre in the age group it probably would ve been a complete flop But as a Hollywood book it s kind of meh The book isn t the worst of it s kind But it sort of had the cliches that make me weary to actually buy these books Therefore, when contemplating the format of this review because you know I do that I decided that I was going to write a How To guide using Not In the Script as my go to source material Note, this how to guide reflects my opinion only and should viewed at best as supremely bad satire At worst well, a sad how to guide Amy Finnegan had nothing to do with it I m just using her book to illustrate what frustrates me about this sub genre of books.MJ s Guide to How to Write an Extremely Cliche Hollywood Centric YA BookIntroduction Ever wish you could create that on screen magic with five thousand cliches and readers who can predict your every twist Look no further, this blog post is your guide Using illustrated examples from pristine cliche novels, I will show you How to Write a Cliche Hollywood Themed YA Novel.Ingredients A drippy main character pouty lips are a must, hair color can vary, she must be cute but not overtly sexy A leading man who rivals the Hemsworth brothers Bonus points, if they poised in their underwear for Armani like Beckham note, it s no longer Bend it Like Beckham it s Pose it like Beckham.A new hit TV show or movie that looks like it s a cross between One Tree Hill, Save by the Bell, and The O.C.Side characters whose personality is like cardboard.A plot that looks like Lifetime could handle it.Procedure 1 Introduce Drippy Main Character Make sure she s relatable by making her a non smoking, non drinking, non personality virgin Props if she has a non existant cruddy romantic life.2 She gets a big break If you re trying to be original like Amy Finnegan author of our go to piece did then you ll have your star be semi established and have the male lead be new Otherwise, have a complete neophyte get their big break.3 Have a momager side plot that goes nowhere other than adding a bit to the family dynamics which makes you cool because.side plot.4 Have a director producer character that might as well be Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon a Time sans the leather pants or you know any big Hollywood type that you re wild about working with Have this guy be known as ruthless because all producers directors who are big are and then have him just shrug whenever you have teenage angst.5 Throw in the Long Lost Hemsworth brother, and boring side characters as costars Bonus points if you make one of these costars a really hot guy so you can have a loooove triangle cause you know love triangles are the best plot device ever since Bella gave birth.6 Have crush on no personality hot guy while develop the relationship with the Hemsworth brother.7 Have character wise up to who she truly loves.but it it too late 8 Have some incoherent mess that s ridiculous occur so we can get a climax in this Include an almost career disaster, everyone hating Ms Drippy and have it miraculously resolve with no music becuase this is a book.9 And they all live happily ever after.Those are the essential plot elements to having a successful Hollywood themed book Don t worry about originality, character development, or annoyed readers who wonder.why Why Why can t the author add anything remotely original to a subject matter that could be interesting.Protips 1 If you give your character any sort of backstory remember we want her to be America s sweetheart all those starlets who drink, have premarital sex are EVIL Your character should not suffer from the usual problems that someone with so much freedom and money at a young age would.2 Have that best friend be jealous and proceed to slut slam her, so that it s okay that the main character decided to go for the guy she knew her friend had the huge crush on.3 Have a love triangle even though the book is written in two points of view and it s obvious who s going to win.And Now Back to Our Regular Review.Okay, so my how too gave away the very boring plot But to be honest, it was pretty predictable There was nothing original about this book and I think that s one of the reasons I almost didn t finish it With this genre of books, I think you have to do something original and have really compelling characters Unfortunately, Not in the Script had neither.One of the things I will say about Not In the Script was that for the most part it was so vanilla it didn t offend me So, that s good I guess. Millions Of People Witnessed Emma Taylor S First Kiss A Kiss That Needed Twelve Takes And Four Camera Angles To Get Right After Spending Nearly All Of Her Teen Years Performing On Cue, Emma Wonders If Any Part Of Her Life Is Real Any Particularly Her RelationshipsJake Elliott S Face Is On Magazine Ads Around The World, But His Lucrative Modeling Deals Were A Poor Substitute For What He Had To Leave Behind Now Acting Is Offering Jake Everything He Wants Close Proximity To Home An Opportunity To Finally Start School And Plenty Of Time With The Smart And Irresistible Emma Taylor If She Would Just Give Him A ChanceWhen Jake Takes Emma Behind The Scenes Of His Real Life, She Begins To See How Genuine He Is, But On Set Relationships Always End Badly Don T They Toss In Hollywood S Most Notorious Heartthrob And A Resident Diva Who May Or May Not Be As Evil As She Seems, And The Production Of Coyote Hills Heats Up In Unexpected And Romantic WaysThis Novel In The Deliciously Fun If Only Romance Line Proves That The Best Kinds Of Love Stories Don T Follow A Script so CUTE but I desperately need an epilogueI ve read quite a few books that deal with the emotional price of fame and the lack of privacy that goes alongside it Not in the Script really allows the reader to experience both the ups and downs of like in the public eye while weaving in one of the dreamiest romances I ve been concentrating on how books promote empathy in my library lessons, Not in the Script does this brilliantly The dual narrative allows an additional connection to understanding the characters emotions, actions and interactions.Emma has been acting since she was 12 Growing up fast, leaving home to live with her Aunt during filming, she is very independent At the same time, Emma has retained her compassion I love Emma she is quiet, reserved, intelligent and kind Her feet are firmly planted on the ground, she studies while simultaneously maintaining her passion for acting She is insatiably curious about the world around her and shies away from celebrity gossip While she is eternally grateful for her success, Emma also feels guilty that her best friend, Rachel, hasn t had the same luck as she has Emma continually strives to compensate for her success with Rachel, opening doors for her and buying her things Emma also has to navigate the rocky path of having her mother as her manager, examining where the line is between both roles.Rachel is the opposite of Emma in every way for me she appeared very self absorbed and shallow Something that only becameprevalent as the story progressed Both Rachel and Emma have celebrity crushes yes even the famous can have a celebrity crush , in an ironic twist of fate, Emma finds herself in the position of working with both of their crushes However, the reality is completely different from the daydream, yet misunderstandings still occur based on previous fantasies Personalities in real life alter the fantasy.I loved all the characters in this story, the peripheral characters balance the plot beautifully and show the different ways in which fame or even the pursuit of fame can affect you The behind the scenes look at TV Media and the way in which they can manipulate situations and spin people was eye opening It takes a lot of trust and faith in the other person in order to make a relationship work while living in the public eye.Jake is perfect for Emma He also has his feet firmly planted on the ground, having fallen into modelling and then acting by sheer luck His natural talent has been rewarded but it isn t what makes him happy He is grateful of the money he makes as it helps him take care of his mother swoon He is really down to earth and very accepting of people His traits and Emma s combine beautifully Although, Jake is still a relative newbie to the fame game as modelling does provide a degree of anonymity acting doesn t Both Jake and Emma are genuinely lovely people who keep getting caught in the web of other peoples drama I loved every second of their progress together and desperately want an epilogue I d also like to see the other characters get their own stories crosses fingers Not in the Script cleverly combines the highs and lows of life in the public eye while still maintaining a personal life and relationships The strain the media puts on you both professionally and personally Ultimately what price does fame cost.

Amy Finnegan writes her own stories because she enjoys falling in love over and over again, and thinks everyone deserves a happy ending She likes to travel the world usually to locations where her favorite books take place and owes her unquenchable thirst for reading to Jane Austen and J.K Rowling Her debut novel, NOT IN THE SCRIPT Bloomsbury, Oct 2014 , came about after hearing several years

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