Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing Lasts ForeverHigh Atop A Los Angeles Skyscraper, An Office Christmas Party Turns Into A Deadly Cage Match Between A Lone New York City Cop And A Gang Of International Terrorists Every Action Fan Knows It Could Only Be The Explosive Big Screen Blockbuster Die Hard But Before Bruce Willis Blew Away Audiences As Unstoppable Hero John McClane, Author Roderick Thorp Knocked Out Thriller Readers With The Bestseller That Started It AllA Dozen Heavily Armed Terrorists Have Taken Hostages, Issued Demands, And Promised Bloodshed All According To Plan But They Haven T Counted On A Death Defying, One Man Cavalry With No Shoes, No Backup, And No Intention Of Going Down Easily As Hot Headed Cops Swarm Outside, And Cold Blooded Killers Wield Machine Guns And Rocket Launchers Inside, The Stage Is Set For The Ultimate Showdown Between Anti Hero And Uber Villains Merry Christmas To All, And To All A Good Fight To The Death Ho Ho Ho

Roderick Mayne Thorp, Jr was an American novelist specializing mainly in crime novels.As a young college graduate, Thorp worked at a detective agency owned by his father He would later teach literature and lecture on creative writing at schools and universities in New Jersey and California, and also wrote articles for newspapers and magazines.Two of his best known novels were adapted into

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    Honestly, and with no shame, I knew that my opinion of this book would be tainted by close to three decades worth of the greatest action movie ever Die Hard Usually the book is better than the movie, but this movie is better as expected so that s just how it is Moving on .As an action book, this was decent It takes place in the late 70s and in some ways it had aged well and in some ways it hasn t With our modern technology, some people may have a hard time enjoying the CB communication that drives this book Also, he spends a lot of time lamenting about some of the terrorists being females I don t think that would be taken as much into consideration any and it isn t really necessary for it to be If they are terrorists, they are terrorists and male and female shouldn t really matter it s interesting that they made all the terrorists male in the movie were they still worried about this kind of controversy in the 80s The writing seemed a bit choppy to me and the general progress of the storyline a bit disjointed Perhaps this was done to reflect the urgency and chaos of the situation, but it just ended up occasionally throwing my focus for a loop.Book to movie a surprising amount of key events and dialogue made it from the book into the movie Sadly, there was no yippie kai yay .Summary check it out if you are a die hard Die Hard fan yup, that just came to me you re welcome If you are looking for an awesome action book, chances are you may leave this one only slightly satisfied.Interestingly, I just realized I finished this on the one year anniversary of Alan Rickman s passing Hans Gruber is much better than Tony Gruber any day

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    Treasure of the Rubbermaids 14 Yippee kai yay, Mr Falcon The on going discoveries of priceless books and comics found in a stack of Rubbermaid containers previously stored and forgotten at my parent s house and untouched for almost 20 years Thanks to my father dumping them back on me, I now spend my spare time unearthing lost treasures from their plastic depths.Gather around you whippersnappers and listen closely as Grandpa Kemper tells you another fascinating tale from his days of yore Many, many moons ago back in the late 1980s I once went to the movies with some friends and they showed a trailer for a film called Die Hard, and we were all very confused It looked pretty cool, but why was the guy from Moonlighting fighting terrorists Was it supposed to be serious or funny It looked like a hard core action movie but Willis was cracking jokes, too Was Arnold Schwarzenegger too busy for this one As hard as it is to believe now, back when he still had hair and long before he had helped that kid who saw dead people or chased 12 monkeys through time, Bruce Willis was seen by the viewing public as the kind of guy who would play the lead in romantic comedies and definitely not the dude who you d see firing machine guns at villains But some bright Hollywood type cast Willis in Die Hard after all the other action heroes of the day turned it down and the rest is history.The film was based on this book originally titled Nothing Lasts Forever Joe Leland not John McClane is a middle aged ex cop who now works as a security consultant with an emphasis on anti terrorism tactics who goes to visit his daughter Steffie in L.A After arriving at Steffie s office in the middle of a Christmas Eve party Joe goes off to wash up and make a phone call when the building is invaded by 12 terrorists who take Steffie and her co workers hostage Joe manages to hide, but he s trapped in the high rise and has to start fighting the bad guys to save his daughter and survive This book is actually a sequel to another Roderick Thorp novel called The Detective which was also turned into a film starring Frank Sinatra in 1968 The Interwebs tells me that due to contractual issues Sinatra had to be offered the role in Die Hard even though he was over 70 at the time I don t know if that s true, but the idea of Sinatra saying Yippee kai yay, motherfucker makes me smile While there are some significant changes between the book and the film version like the age difference between Joe Leland and John McClane, there s a surprising amount of material written here that got used in the movie Running barefoot through broken glass, using a fire hose for an improvised bungee jump off the roof, dropping explosives down an elevator shaft on an office chair, and making a dangerous climb through an air shaft are all things are all things that seem like a Hollywood screenwriter putting an action hero through an obstacle course, but they re all here in the book One thing the movie adapted very well is showing the toll that the fight takes on the hero Joe Leland is seriously injured, exhausted, and absolutely filthy by the end of this The film picked up on that and did a great job of making McClane a completely worn out mess by the time the credits rolled I think one of the things that makes Die Hard such a great action movie is that they followed the book s example of making the hero someone who can be hurt and who does get tired and runs out of bullets eventually instead of just having him stroll out of the fight at the end with just a little dirt on his face and a tiny cut on his forehead The book was published in 1979 so it does seem somewhat dated, and there s a lot political stuff as well as some hand wringing over this escalating terrorism issue So glad they got that worked out The ending is much darker and grimmer than the movie version, but it s still very recognizable.It s a pretty decent action thriller for it s time, but the film is an action classic and is one of those that has become so much bigger than it s source material that the book has become an afterthought It s a fun read, but you ve seen a bigger and exciting version in the Bruce Willis movie.

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    I got a digital copy of this book from Netgalley, so first of all thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for a chance to read this one.If you are like me, you have seen the movie Die Hard countless times I had not read the book so my husband and I decided to make this one out next buddy read First of all, this book was published a while back, so there are few dated references Also, the story is very different from the movie So, if you see that this is the book the movie was based on, try not to go into it with any preconceived notions The action is just as tense, but one thing about a book is that we are able to listen in on Leland s thoughts while he s going through everything Despite the trauma and life and death decisions Leland has to make to stay alive and save the hostages, he also turns intropective He thinks back over his life and his mistakes He may have a sensitive side, but he is still a kick butt hero.Overall this is still a model for many of the modern thrillers we love today This one gets an A.

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    The basis for the first DIE HARD movie by an incredible author in his prime What s not to like This book drips action.

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    Woop Woop Sound the alarm We have a movie that s better than the book The primary reason to read this sucker is because it s the basis for the movie Die Hard, a Christmas Classic don t fight me on this, just accept This is one case where the movie WAY outshines the book John McClane is charming He s an underdog He s like Howard the Duck Trapped in a world he never made.Joe Leland is a dud Also, he claims responsibility for encouraging stores to put high theft items like pens on cardboard backing to discourage shoplifting Seriously In the middle of a firefight, that s what you re thinking about Can you imagine John McClane taking credit for that Hell, no If he did something that resulted in that, he d regret it for the rest of his life, and he d probably go on a minor bender every time he had to buy a pen at Walgreen s There are a lot of the specific little things from Die Hard in the book Some of the key moments play out nearly the same But take my word for it, this book is so skippable The folks who tell you how faithful the adaptation is are folks who skimmed the book, saw the beats, and ignored that the tone and character are so different, and holy shit is it slower I d sooner watch Die Hard s 4 6 is that how many we have now than read this book again Easy No contest Is John McClane crashing a truck into a jet absolutely insane Yes Does it really violate the appeal of the first, second, and third movie to make John McClane a superhero Sure But fuck it At least it s entertaining as hell.

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    This review can also be found on Books as portable pieces of thought blog.I grew up watching action films with my Dad just as I grew up reading Harlequin novels with my Mum Until I got older and broke out of the predetermined genre preferences, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Mel Gibson before his descend to cray cray were my childhood Die Hard is one of those films I knew by heart and that has stood the test of time better than most So, when I saw that the book that had inspired Die Hard was available on NetGalley I had to jump on it Nothing Lasts Forever was first published in 1979 Die Hard came out in 1988 The book focuses on Joseph Leland, a World War II veteran, retired cop, private detective, terrorism expert, and a security consultant, who just gave up flying his own place seven years earlier Leland is divorced, widowed, and a grandfather of two He never liked his son in law but has patched up his relationship with his daughter after he stopped drinking and is on his way to see her now John McClane is a youngish married cop from New York on his way to see his estranged wife and two children for the Christmas And he just happens to be afraid of flying Both land in L.A., get a limo drive to a high rise and are in the middle of a phone call when the shooting starts As I said, I knew the story going in There wasn t a slightest chance that Thorp might surprise me with a plot twist, brutality, or gore What surprised me was how Thorp filled the pages between the action scenes Where Bruce Willis fills the solitary scenes with muttering and talking to himself, Leland in the book recounts his personal history He reminiscences the war as he maps out the empty floors between 32nd and 40th He laments over his failed marriage, his slightly skewed priorities in life, and friends he s lost in the war and since the war And there s no question of which war he s talking about These passages could have easily been mind numbingly boring but they re not They give Leland the room to think and the reader the feeling of time passing And unlike John McClane, Leland is markedly in pain He s weary, tired and struggling each step of the way For all the details that the filmmakers changed characters, relationships, making the company a Japanese conglomerate instead of an American oil company called Klaxxon I ll give you a minute to let that sink in I was surprised to see the things that they didn t change From bare feet to the safe full of money, from the people thrown out the building to the explosions aside from snapped necks and led poisonings, it s all there.This book really is the bare bones of the film The film improved on the pacing and mixed some things up, like the bazooka attack happening much earlier in the film than in the book, but it also took a few steps in the wrong direction Die Hard is a sexist creation and I m not just talking about the unnecessary scene with a bare chested woman or the titty pictures plastered on a service tunnel wall I m talking about female terrorists The book has several, the film has none The motives and over all causality in the book is much complex than it is in the film Aside from the brothers, what motivates the terrorists and Hans Gruber especially is pure greed where as in the book Little Tony the Red has ideological objections to Klaxxon s dealings in Chile As the book focuses on Leland alone, it s natural that the film adds to the character gallery all additions men and deepens a characterisation or two, but I would argue that what Al Powell does in the end of the book is far complicated than any sob story told over the radio could ever be and possibly worth an essay of its own.For all their similarities Die Hard and Nothing Lasts Forever are two different creations that work well in their own mediums despite their flaws I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.

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    This book was a total surprise stumbling across a reference that refers to this book as the inspiration for the movie Die Hard Now I didn t even know there was such a thing so of course I had to find a copy of it and read it.Well I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed reading it yes it was dated the book was written in the 70s after all However rather than reading a novelisation of a film I quickly realised in its style of course I know its relationship to the film that this was the story that the film came from.There are so many similarities in this story to the film I know no spoilers however I think everyone knows the story of the film so I think its fair game but there are also some massive differences too those you will need to find for yourself So there is no doubt that this book was the source of the inspiration and yes some of the scenes are almost identical I never knew this book existed but now I am glad that I do now and that I have read it As I say it is dated in places but still a ripping good story the amazing this is that there is a prequel to it and that too was made in to a film this time staring Frank Sinatra I may have to go and track that one down too.

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    The cult novel that inspired Die Hard isn t actually quite as satisfying as the movie itself, but it s not a landslide victory Far from it Roderick Thorp s got some serious writing chops He s not a great stylist, but his novel crackles with original thoughts and powerful exposition Joe Leland s not quite John McClane, but he s quite the interesting cat nonetheless he s a third degree black belt shit talker and rationalizes his fears the way only an alpha male can He s fun to read, and belongs on the page at least as much as John McClane belongs on the silver screen.Now, in order to answer the question everyone s obsessing about the novel is maybe 60 70% similar to what the movie is It s not where Nothing Lasts Forever is fun though These scenes are action packed and rapid fire, so they re hard to conceptualize It s through the original scenes that the novel stands out though, through the exposition and Thorp s ber efficient dialogues If you worship the movie as much as I do, it s worth a read If you re just a pulp fan, it s worth a read too This is some seriously fun throwback stuff.

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    I m glad I read it, because now I can say I read Die Hard , one of the greatest movies of all time DThey re very, very different You can tell someone just read the book and went holy shit, this is a great idea for a movie and that was about it.Yes, terrorists sieze a tower Yes, John McClane kicks ass all over the tower That s about it for similarities, though.John McClane is a lot older Divorced, his ex wife has died, he s a recovering ish alcoholic, Vietnam vet He s visiting his daughter at the tower, and her two kids, THAT S who he s ultimately trying to save.Hans Gruber is nowhere near as big a character and doesn t have that name , which made me sad, because he s one of my favorite movie bad guys.This book is a lot raw, a lot grittier, a lot intense No shiny Hollywood ending for this story It definitely reads like how that situation would go down in reality.Three stars because the story was good enough to keep me reading, but the style was kind of choppy to me Slashed and pieced together, it was odd to read.

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    I can overlook a lot of less than stellar writing when the story is so good and well told, but all the flaws really seem to be in bold type when the story just doesn t work I almost put Roderick Thorp s novel Nothing Lasts Forever down after the first couple of pages, and that was just introducing the protagonist by way of a taxi ride to the airport, but it was just so poorly done The flaw was in the superfluous character of the taxi driver who is described as a young black man who has a daughter in college son in High School The only reason for the conversation is to reveal that the passenger has a daughter with two children and he is going to visit her A young man who has a son in High School just made me shake my head I tried doing the math in my head, and even if he became a father at 16, he would still be about 30 to have an 16 year old son so what did young mean, or why was it even brought up Quite a few years later I watched Bruce Willis bring the character to life in Die Hard , and it is one of the few instances where the movie managed to correct something the author should have done with that first chapter The odd thing is that as I watched the movie, I thought it was very familiar turns out I had read the book past its shortcoming first chapter and thoroughly enjoyed it The movie changed some other bits too, like it wasn t his wife he was visiting, it was his daughter, and the terrorists weren t there for the reasons given in the movie Sometimes it is worthwhile to get beyond the opening or any faults we may find with it In this case, I m glad I did The story was compelling and well paced I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of this book.This would make a good Summer read out on the beach, in a hammock It is different enough from the movie to make it a fun comparison.

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