Nothing with Strings: NPR's Beloved Holiday Stories

Nothing with Strings: NPR's Beloved Holiday StoriesI felt that all the story were cliffhangers I gave this compilation of short stories a two star rating because Bailey White is very good at what she does I would love to be a gifted writer such as she, but I would choose to write about things that are uplifting, not downright depressing I had to watch a Hallmark movie to offset the gloomy feeling I had after I turned the final page If you believe even remotely that happy endings are possible, don t read this book. For Than A Decade, Bailey White Has Delivered A Story Each Thanksgiving To National Public Radio S All Things Considered Listeners Long Awaited By Her Many Fans, Nothing With Strings Is The Entire Collection Of These Thanksgiving Stories, Published Together For The First TimeWith Wit And Charm, Bailey White Writes About An Almost Gone Little Town Where A Spoon Player Is A Guardian Angel, An Old Woman Fears That John James Audubon Is Living In Her Attic, And A Homely Governess Wins A Baby Bull In A Raffle And Loses Her Heart It S The Kind Of Place Where Heavenly Blue Morning Glories Grow In Through The Windows Of Old Houses And Funeral Food Is Shared On A Greyhound Bus On A Fall Afternoon You May Not Have Ever Been There, But You Will Feel Right At Home In These Pages Bailey White S Beautifully Written Stories, Teetering On The Edge Of The Unreal, Are Sure To Bring Back Memories You Don T Really Have Though I haven t heard her in a long time, I ve always enjoyed Bailey White s stories on NPR Nothing with Strings is a compilation of her Thanksgiving stories.Because I ve heard her on the radio, I was able to hear her voice in my head as I read the stories This is an added dimension to my enjoyment of reading Garrison Keillor as well The cadence and intonation of her South Georgia accent is a real pleasure.But the sound of the stories is only an added treat The real enjoyment is in the stories themselves The characters are sometimes quirky, sometimes sad, sometimes courageous, sometimes imaginative, but always, always real Having grown up in a small Southern town, I feel like I know all of these people personally, the joyful Meals on Wheels lady, the happy despite his unarchived dream bus driver, the little boy who misses his mom.You ll laugh you ll cry you ll giggle you ll sigh You ll enjoy Nothing with Strings. From the title, I was expecting a collection of holiday stories Nope Not here Only one story revolved around the holiday season What I got was a collection of random stories that would be classified as Southern fiction Most of the stories left me wondering what just happened A lot of them felt incomplete Most of them went over my head I wouldn t have finished the collection, but I needed it for a challenge The one story I did enjoy was Bus Ride It was a simple story that revolved around a group of strangers on a bus ride together. This book left me feeling confused, frustrated, even deceived First off Can someone please explain to me what was going on in the story The Long Black Veil I ve been wracking my brain trying to figure that one out and still it eludes me This is my first experience with the writing of Bailey White, so I had no clue of her writing style But it says very clearly on the cover that it s a collection of beloved holiday stories by NPR, along with a charming drawing of an unwrapped present and Christmas lights on a window seat I generally trust NPR to provide high quality content, and now here s the crux of the issue to provide at least a somewhat accurate description of what I m about to experience But they couldn t have been further off the mark, which is why I feel deceived Yes, I know that s a strong word, and maybe I m making too much of the whole thing, but the description provided is just so blatantly wrong that I half wonder if it got put on this book s cover by mistake These stories or at least the first three, which is as far as I read are sad, confusing, feel like they didn t have a proper ending, and in no way related to any holiday, Christmas or otherwise I gave it two stars because the narration for the audiobook was pleasant and White does seem to have a way with words even if it s not my style. I didn t care for this book as much as the 3 other books that I ve read by Bailey White It was enjoyable, but I had a hard time figuring out what was going on in some of the stories and then it would be over and I d have to read or listen again just to understand what happened I do love Bailey White s quirky sense of humor and unusual characters. Nothing with Strings is a delightful collection of short stories of small town Southern life these stories, by Bailey White, were originally herd on NPR one each Thanksgiving While each story is complete on its own, together they provide a picture of life in a small town where nothing much happens or rather, where all the complexities of human experience may be found. I think my rating has to do with the book being different than my expectations than the actual quality of the book I downloaded the audio version of this from my library for my christmas trip because I wanted something holidayish for the holiday season Yeah This is not that At all All the stories seemed really similar, and some really quite tragic Tragic stories aren t necessarily a bad thing, but you have to make the reader care about the people you re writing about I was apathetic Both the title and the cover make it seem like a fun little christmas book, but that is not the case. A collection of short stories from Bailey White, a featured contributor to NPR s All Things Considered I haven t heard Ms White on radio tho having read these, I can see why they may have her telling her little vignettes rooted in life in a small Southern town They re charming, intriguing, on occasion whimsical, with a few twists and the right atmosphere for warm and winning all American story telling.I was browsing at the library, looking for something else, and the idea of shorts was pretty appealing so I took a chance A few will probably stick with me Miss Wiggleworth s Bull, in which an homely resident school teacher wins a bull At first, she seems almost an object of ridicule, but the twist made me rethink my view of herand I liked the low key surprise of it Another story, Return to Sender, features an old lady still trying to order from an ancient Sears catalog, much to her daughter s dismayand surprise I think my favorite was called The Garden, simply tracing a section of garden carved out by one person then worked on, changed, lost, and rediscovered over succeeding generations Made me wonder what history and story I pass by without ever thinking of what might be there So a pleasant and enjoyable read,good for tucking into in bed at night Good enough to make me pick up another collection Mama Makes Up Her Mind.

Bailey White was born in 1950 in Thomasville, Ga She still lives in the same house in which she grew up, on one of the large tracts of virgin longleaf pine woods Her father, Robb White, was a fiction writer and later a television and movie script writer Her mother, Rosalie White, was a farmer, and worked for many years as the executive director of the local Red Cross Chapter She has one brothe

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