Oathbreaker Fast Paced And Exciting Adventure That Will Enthrall Every Reader Erin Hunter, Author Of The New York Times Bestselling Warriors SeriesIn The Fifth Book In Michelle Paver S Bestselling Fantasy Series, A Struggling Hero Descends Down A Dark Path A Thrilling Read For Fans Of Brandon Mull And Jeanne DuPrauWhen He Was Outcast, Torak Was The Hunted One Nine Moons Later He Becomes The Hunter When He Vows To Avenge The Killing Of One Of His Closest Friends Racked By Guilt And Grief, He Follows The Killer Into The Deep Forest, Where The World Spirit Stalks The Hidden Valleys As A Tall Man With The Antlers Of A StagBut There Is A Rottenness At The Heart Of The Forest, For Its Clans Have Succumbed To The Lies Of The Soul Eaters Here, Torak Must Face Fire, War, And Overwhelming Evil Oath Breaker Is A Story About Keeping Promises And The True Cost Of Vengeance Highly Entertaining New York Times Book Review

Michelle Paver was born in Central Africa, but came to England as a child After gaining a degree in Biochemistry from Oxford University, she became a partner in a City law firm, but eventually gave that up to write full time.The hugely successful Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series arose from Michelle s lifelong passion for animals, anthropology and the distant past as as well as an encounter

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  • Hardcover
  • 292 pages
  • Oathbreaker
  • Michelle Paver
  • English
  • 17 January 2017
  • 9780060728380

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    Torak s adventures with Wolf, Renn and the other Open Forest clans are endangered by Thiazzi s reach for power in the Deep Forest where he manipulates the mysterious Red Deer and Auroch clans In this penultimate volume of the wonderful Wolr Brother series, Torak once again learns about bravery, friendship and forgiveness while nearly losing everything he values I find that these books are wonderful in their depiction of the Stone Age Bronze Age in northern Europe and especially loved a moment towards the end with the Forest Horses.A must for you and your kids

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    This is the best book so far in this very good series It is packed full of adventure, literally from page one Torak suffers yet another great loss in life, and this time, not being a small child, he swears revenge He drags those who love him Wolf, Renn, Fen Keddin along on his quest, and often, in spite of the evidence directly in front of him, he allows his oath of vengance to lead him down paths that are not in his best interests Like any kid feeling grown while not yet being grown, he takes on too much blame for things not really his fault and not enough for things that are and still, Renn and Wolf stick with him They all grow and learn edge towards a better life There is much else I d like to write, but one thing leads to another, and I don t want to give anything away I d recommend this series to kids of any age, only pausing to phrase my recommendation with a disclaimer that this series takes place in an imagined world, 6000 years ago We don t really know how folks lived, or what they thought supplied the life force that obviously surrounds them if your own belief structure is so shaky you can t contemplate a world of clans, bonded to animal spirits and living lives filled with mysticism and inexplicable events without endangering your own spiritual well being then sorry Go re read the Chronicles of Narnia yawn.

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    Sometimes there s no warning Nothing at all. Yep indeed, I had NO warning about how much I would love this freaking masterpiece.Never mind what I said about Outcast being my favorite, THIS IS MY FAVORITE FROM THIS SERIES well that is unless the last one turns out even amazing than this one, which will be very difficult OMG I AM FANGIRLING I was so pleasantly surprised because I did not expect to love this one so much And because I did not have any expectations it BLEW ME AWAY I really need to own this series, and this book especially Michelle Paver is such a talented author This story sucked me in from the start It seems like the characters have reached a new level of maturity and even though Torak still makes stupid decisions, he is learning from them Most of the time, stories centered around revenge don t capture my interest too much BUT THIS STORY ABOUT REVENGE WAS SO WELL DONE Ugghhhhhh Arghhh continues to make fangirl noises I AM SO FUCKING EMOTIONAL RN I need a moment.

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    DecisionIn the latest adventure, Torak must track down the killer of his friend Torak blames himself for leaving him alone and swears an oath to avenge his friend The killer they know and he is a powerful Mage Alliances will be tested among the clans and maybe this Mage s power is all the greater if he s a Soul Eater Evil lurks within but can others see it before its too late The Mage retreats to the deep forest which is beset with evil and the clans close to it are turning The peoples are fracturing and dividing Time is running out and Torak has many reasons to kill this Mage but at what cost If faced with a choice of upholding his oath or saving a friend, what would his decision be and what would honour have him do

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    This wasn t the best of Michelle Paver s books in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series There were quite a lot of parts in the book that lacked believability for me Since I work with horses, I felt a big ouch there and wished she had done better research on them However, it was an exciting read As always, she has a writing style that really draws you in The theme of the struggle against a need for revenge was the best aspect of the book.

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    What I liked Where to start I have loved this series of books since I first opened Wolf Brother in 2004 Michelle Paver s beautiful writing creates an ancient world that instantly draws you in and makes you believe in it so much you can almost feel the breeze and hear the Forest leaves rustling around you.I love her detail She has obviously done a lot of research and truly immersed herself in the world of post ice age Europe and this reflects in every single line of the book You can tell she has spent days at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust watching how the wolves move and act around each other, you can tell she s visited Polish forests untouched by human hands and all of that adds up to make these some of the best young teen novels I have ever read in terms of world building and realism.Her characters are brilliant also Surprisingly easy to relate to despite living lives so different from our own, just a few pages in it feels normal to leave a scrap of food in a tree fork as a thank you to the Forest for providing or making sure your bow is carefully oiled and always ready to use Torak is strong willed and one of my favourite characters in any book, partly because of his close relationship to Wolf and partly because he is so very human in his doubts, passion and fears.The story is fast paced and exciting, keeping you turning the pages long after you should have switched off the light and gone to sleep or stopped reading to do your homework.What I didn t like This is much harder to answer because there is nothing I can come up with to dislike Which means Michelle must be doing something very right indeed.

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    Some places hold an echo of events others possess their own spirit Oath Breaker, page 140 Each book within The Ancient Chronicles of Darkness is filled with truth and wisdom wrapped within fiction Each book stands on its own, while being interwoven with the one standing next to it and, each book draws you in Oath Breaker receives a 4 star rating only because the list of new clans introduced creates a bit of a muddle From start to finish, the waters ran a bit muddy and slowed things down for me.You can easily track characters without confusion It s just that for all of Michelle Paver s exquisite technique and sharing of detail, which typically allows a reader to be one within its pages, living and breathing next to its main characters this time, the descriptives got in the way a bit for me.A magnificent read, nonetheless tightly held secrets are revealed to include information previously unknown about Torak s Fa and Mother along with why his Mom declared him to be without a clan The revelations are brilliant.Michelle Paver s series for young adults remains one that none should miss regardless of age or gender This authoress has lived and breathed alongside her characters too and you can tell She s just as in love with them as you ll find yourself to be Bravo Michelle Paver s Bravo

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    I had forgotten or blocked out what an emotional rollercoaster this book was and still is to me There are so many infuriating moments wherein Torak makes decisions which I deem foolish and well just utterly foolish On the one side, I find it difficult to see the situations from his perspective because he has an attitude and decision making I do not recognize myself in But on the other side, there is such a great struggle between the three main characters because of it One I just really find fitting for both the setting of the book and the coming of age period Renn, Torak and Wolf are going through.

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    I swear, this is my absolute favorite series It has amazing descriptions and is incredibly original and easy to understand It was very exiting and thrilling throughout the entire book It really makes you feel a lot of emotions such as happy relieved, scared, and sad The ending was probably the best ending I ve read in any book and it literally made me cry This was the 5th book, so there s only one left in the series and that s really heartbreaking for me because I could read these books forever

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    This has been the most emotion driven book of this series so far Not that it lacked adventure, it definitely didn t.There s a major character death that affects Torak a lot, and all throughout the book, while seeking vengeance, he learns a lot about himself, about others, and others learn a lot about him as well There s a shift in his relationships with everyone and in the way he sees things This book felt kind of bittersweet to me and that s probably a way to introduce the next and last book of the series So not ready for this journey to end.

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