Odium (The Dead Saga, #1)

Odium (The Dead Saga, #1) From USA Today Bestselling Author Claire C Riley Comes The First Book In An Intense, Post Apocalyptic Series ODIUM Bringing Life, Love And Survival Together For One Thrilling Read The Infection CameHumanity FellAnd The World Everyone Knew EndedBut One Woman S Unwavering Determination To Live, Against All The Odds, Might Just Be The Only Thing To Survive This Bleak New ExistenceWhen The Fate Of A Young Girl Hangs In The Balance, Nina Sacrifices Herself And Leaves The Barricaded City She S Living In Despite This Act Of Selflessness, Nina Isn T The Same Woman She Once Was She S Bitter, Angry, And She Wants Nothing Than To Disappear But Now She S Reluctantly Become Both Protector And Family To The Girl She Climbed The Wall For The Duo Set Off Across The Bleak, Post Apocalyptic Landscape, Toward A Safe Haven That Might Not Exist While Journeying, They Meet Mikey A Man On The Run From His Past And Hiding From Bigger Demons Than The Ones That Walk The Earth He Introduces Them To A Life They Couldn T Imagine A Life Above The Ground However, This New World Continues To Bring Dangers, And Darker Shadows Than They Knew PossibleAnd Nina Quickly Discovers That Beyond The Wall The Deaders Aren T The Only Thing To FearThat Love And Survival Just Might Go Hand In HandAnd That Fear Will Not Be Ignored, Or Forgotten Now ABook Series


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  • Kindle Edition
  • 378 pages
  • Odium (The Dead Saga, #1)
  • Claire C. Riley
  • English
  • 10 July 2019

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    4.5 Suspenseful Survival Stars I dream of blood, death, friends, family, everyone dies Sooner or later everyone dies the dead will rise and eat you alive This book is not about happily ever after It s a suspenseful thriller, full of action, sadness, angst, death, and emotions There is a little bit of romance in between this entire depressing zombie apocalypse outbreak, which I really enjoyed a lot. The story begins inside The Walls , a safe place where humans were able to stay protected from the zombie infestation during the apocalypse Emily was a teenager living inside the walls She was hungry and tries to steal food The leader inside the walls Lee was a mean bastard and didn t care that the poor teenager was starved Instead he chose to kick her outside the walls so she can fend for herself Nina also lived inside the walls and witnesses the unfairness of this and stood up for Emily That basically got her kicked out as well However, she was glad to leave because life inside the walls was not a life either it was like a prison They were starved, abused, and bitten and she was glad to get her freedom Nina and Emily travel outside of the walls scared to death, to find shelter and food on their own At first Nina was annoyed by this teenager and wasn t sure why in the hell she did what she did She tried to stay away from people and not attached to them because all that cause was sadness at the end However, somehow they both became attached to each other through their journey to survive Nina felt that she had to get strength to protect Emily So she killed zombies throughout their way to safety They had a plan but on a world where the dead lived and they fought for survival, there was no guarantee for the next day I was so nervous for them I was practically chewing my nails the entire time. They ve gotten lucky and met Mikey at one stop and he guided them to a safe place where we meet a group of survivors It was tree houses where they were able to stay safe for a while but they knew they had to find food and supplies They decided to go on groups and search but no one was safe thought They learned this quickly the hard way When they thought they had a chance, one of their group members dies, then shit breaks loose and it seems like everyone starts to dies It s hard not to swallow all these deaths Some death hurt than others but still it was madness But Nina was a bad ass through all this and I loved her strong minded character Even thought I was internally freaking out for her and Emily and everyone else. Mikey was a bad ass too I couldn t help liking him a lot. Not only they were fighting to survive against the dead, the ugly zombies but also there was another group of survivors called The Forgotten At least that s what they called themselves the outcast The forgotten were a group of people who also where fighting to survive this apocalypse however they were bad people, mean and evil They wanted revenge against the people inside the walls because when all shit went bat crazy and they needed a safe place the people inside the walls did not let them in It was hard to get inside even when they begged to at least take in their wives and kids the people inside the walls didn t care and turned them away. Mikey liked Nina from the very first time he met her and he was messing around with a chick at the camp where he was staying at He stopped that the minute he met Nina Well, that didn t go well for this chick Her name was Crunch Yeah, I know awesome name right Lol She was such a bitch to Nina the whole time Nina had no clue why until she found out that about their thing Mikey and Nina fought a lot because well Nina was a stubborn bitch herself and Mikey wanted to protect her In the midst of all I enjoyed their flirting, their chemistry, their fighting, it was nice to have this during this depressing times. Even though there was not a lot of a sex scene there was a lot of tension for sure I was grinning like a fool most of the time because these two made me laugh with their weirdness. Tell me you like me admit that you have feelings for me Mikey Fine, I like you but that doesn t mean we are boyfriend and girlfriend Nina They both finally got to hook up and of course after the calm comes the storm right Exactly, when they woke up from their own HAPPY LALALA land, shit got real Zombies came from all over the place and not everyone made it alive To top it off The Forgotten got a hold of them and now they have other big issues to deal with I was so anxious and nervous it wasn t even funny Overall, I loved this book I enjoyed every minute of it because it kept me wanting , actually I am dying to read I need to know what s going to happen to Nina, Mikey and Emily Seriously this author has a way to bring a dark book and make you enjoy it and the endings Don t get me started, they always end up on cliffy I should have known better but I m addicted and I will continue to read the next books on this series. We have to kill Fallen and then we have to save everyone inside the wall Book Series Order Audio Kindly provided by Author Claire C Riley, Thank you Claire

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    RUN You fall, you die Odium is the first book in the Dead Saga With the original blend of sci fi, horror, action, and a hint or romance, Claire C Riley starts this series off with a bang This can t be right She s just a child Nina is living in hell The world has been infested with deadly zombies Although she should feel safe in the city behind the wall, instead she has witnessed and experienced horror, torture, and heartbreak When the safety of a young girl named Emily is threatened Nina takes a stand If Emily is to be thrown out of the city, Nina is going with her If I would have known As Nina and Emily venture out into the big bad world they fight for survival The things that once were so important are frivolous compared to sustaining the fundamentals of life As Nina and Emily encounter survivors along with their journey, Nina finds the spark of romance with a man named Mikey Emily, Mikey, and Nina are constantly at the ready with death always looming There has to be certain things in this world hope, innocence, love Told in Nina s POV, Odium is hilarious, frightening, scary, action packed, tender, and quite sexy Nina is so strong Her quick wit and sarcastic personality fuels the dialogue and drives the pacing the entire read The characters are complex due to their circumstances and experiences in this apocalyptic world The fear of death is so real that no one is safe The description in the writing is so absolute that the senses come to life through each and every scene I could smell the death in the air I could hear the moans of the zombies approaching I could taste the hunger and dehydration of the characters I could feel the touch of Mikey holding Nina and offering her a semblance of peace in this mad crazy world Simply put, I was glued to the pages and could not stop reading Overall, I would recommend Odium to everyone that isn t afraid of an accelerated heartbeat I have never laughed so hard and been so scared all within the same the breath I am quite in love with Nina and I cannot wait to continue the journey of The Dead Saga The Dead Saga COPY graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review For reviews reveals giveaways visit

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    4 1 2 riveting starsI love Nina and want to be just like her when I grow up and the zombie apocalypse happens But did it have to end that way Cant stop now.have to find out what happens with Mikey, Emily and Nina

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    Odium is a book that I had been looking forward to review for a couple months now When I finally got my hands on a copy I started devouring it almost immediately As far as Zombie stories go I liked Odium The book had decent character development, the Zombies were ruthless in their pursuit of the living and I think the Author came up with some creative ways to keep the survivors safe However, Odium is far from a perfect Zombie book and here s why First off, my biggest issue with the story is Nina She starts off actually quite likable when she steps in to save Emily Rose from a fate worse than death However, that quickly changes when the pair head out into the Undead wasteland Her personality changes from strong willed survivor to whiny bitch in the blink of an eye As the book progressed I realized I didn t like her very much at all She didn t listen, she whined about everything, she was judgmental, rude and to top it off didn t care to learn anything to better her situation Sure, she always cared for Emily Rose and that at least was a redeeming characteristic but it wasn t enough to keep me from wishing she d end up Zombie chow Secondly, I didn t like how The Forgotten were portrayed I get it they were the big bad of the story who shows up at the most convenient times to reek havoc on the characters lives All stories need a villain and The Forgotten played the role nicely I just personally wasn t convinced they were as bad as the other survivors kept saying At least not compared to Lee whom Nina is constantly referencing as this evil tyrant who took pleasure in torturing the citizens behind the wall Lastly, I was severely disappointed how under prepared everyone was handling life outside amongst the dead Nina and Emily Rose have at least somewhat of an excuse but Britta, Mikey, JD etc have none such since they ve been living out amongst the dead since it all began You d think they d be hardened pros at planning escape routes and keeping bug out bags stored in various locations just on the off chance they were overrun One good meal and they all drop their guard, keep the vehicles out of reach and forget to carry weapons with them as well It was just so bloody convenient that they d be run off with nothing Once I could forgive but twice is just plain sloppy Now despite all my misgivings mentioned above, Odium was still a good Zombie story It was brilliant for the characters to convert a Wilderness Survival Course into a sanctuary from the Undead, I loved that I also loved how Steve kept his chickens safe in the hatch of the RV it was a smart idea and a great way to transport them as well Lastly, I liked that the Zombies were actually putrefying as a dead body should Sure the Zombies were still scary but also it was nice to see that they weren t Immortal Just wait long enough and they d eventually re die off Final ThoughtsWhile Odium is far from perfect, I still really enjoyed the book and am glad that I read it Despite my lack of love for Nina I m looking forward to seeing what the next book brings Who knows maybe she ll have some growth between this book and the next even I d recommend checking this one out if your looking for a new Zombie book to read With that being said, I ll be rating Odium by Claire C Riley .Reviewed Originally Blood, Sweat and Books Copy reviewed provided by Author All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in an which way for providing them.

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    Odium was a terrifying, exciting ride through a land of zombies A land that is not rotten and black, as the self proclaimed leaders behind the walls of the barricaded cities would have you believe, but alive and flourishing Except for the dead that bring their rotten stench with them.One of the many things I loved about this novel was how Claire C Riley used the sense of smell, which is usually overlooked in zombie novels, to bring another level to the dead she created in this world I felt like I was in her world from the start I clearly saw the rot and distinctly smelled the putrid decay I desperately fought to stay alive.Odium s characters were alive and credible The characters decisions were believable, even if they weren t always reasonable or practical But that s what made them genuine And the humor injected between the nail biting moments, was spot on.Odium is not a run of the mill zombie story It is so much , and Claire C Riley is an amazing writer I mean, who else would describe the moan of a hungry zombie to a throaty groan that would escape you during a sensual back massage Kudos, Claire.So, if you like zombies, then make sure this one gets on your list.

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    I m ready for whatever is thrown my way

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    4 Addictive Stars I might not be Lara Croft yet, but the desperation to live can fill you with a hell of a lot of enthusiasm for surviving, and if that means fighting hand to hand with a walking corpse when you need to, then so be it Its official IM HOOKED I read the 0.5 Novella Nina s Story before reading this one, and I am glad I did I highly recommend doing that so that that you get to know Nina what she has been through to get to the point where this one starts out And you definitely want to know where those Dr Martens come from she s always swooning over Trust me just do it The world has totally gone to shit There was a virus and everyone is now pretty much dealing and trying to survive The dead have been walking among them for 3 or so years when the book takes place Its either die by a gun or die by the dead The military got together and built this place behind the walls so everyone who made it to the wall, would be safe from the deaders aka or what I like to call Zombies Everything behind the walls is not what is seems though Nina has been behind the wall since its beginning but wants nothing than to escape the hell she is in An opportunity arises when a young girl teen Emily is caught stealing food The punishment for stealing is banishment beyond the wall and most probably death by zombie Nina finally has had enough and decides its either now or never so she willingly leaves when Emily is kicked out Nina, not used to handling or dealing with the dead, has to figure out real quick how to gain courage and strength for not only herself but for Emily who is counting on her to survive With every Zombie encounter Nina only gets Fierce, strong and fast Along the way to finding safety the girls run into Mikey, who brings them to a world they couldn t ever imagine a life ABOVE the ground However, with a new world comes new dangers and darkness The girls soon find out that the deaders are not the only thing to fear beyond the wall This was such a fantastic start to what I am sure is going to turn into one of my favorite series Its so fast paced and action packed If you are a fan of survival type stories or dare I even bring up The Walking Dead then you will LOVE this book and probably salivate until you can start the others oh wait maybe that s just me This isn t a typical Zombie Apocalyptic type book I mean it is but it isn t at the same time There is focus on the Dead but there is so much to the story We get to see other threats and unique side characters Nina will grow on you she is turning into quite the bad ass She has a great, and HILARIOUS personality I love that we get to be in her head and see all her thoughts, feelings and fears Emily is such a freaking sweetheart I triple dog dare you not to love her Mikey is a Cinnamon Bun And for whatever reason is going to be Brad Pitt from World War Z, bc I want it that way, ok Bare with me OH AND his gang, they are fantastic Each with their own wits and personality to make them stand out THERE IS SO MUCH ACTION and heartbreaking moments This one will tug at your heart strings There is a side of romance but totally NOT the focus There is too much to worry about with the end of the world and all to be focused on romance So for that I was grateful but what little we do get is slow burning and just the right amount Nina s character grows SO MUCH from the start to the end Its awesome I love character backstories and seeing where they are coming from I love seeing how the relationship between Emily and Nina grows too I know I am probably leaving out so many thoughts but just trust me ADD IT TO YOUR TBR If you like this sort of thing P Even if you don t its pretty good, Just sayin

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    Review also part of zOctober2013 on My Book Addiction The story begins with Nina in a walled off safe zone, a place she s survived for quite some time, witnessing a teenager being kicked out for stealing a piece of moldy bread from the animals Those are the conditions they have become accustomed to since the world fell apart Control hungry jerks in charge that don t give a rats ass about anyone in their care It s like a prison Nina is tired of being bullied and it takes watching Emily getting dragged toward the wall before she finally speaks up Nina hasn t cared about anyone for a long time She shut her emotions off like Stefan from The Vampire Diaries after the incident But now. something about this particular day and this young girl have her fired up After a slap across the face from the leader of the group, she makes a rash decision to head over the wall with Emily Armed with nothing, including the first clue about how to survive, they drop down to the other side to find a world they haven t even seen in years One that mother nature and the undead now rule How long could two girls without any survival skills possibly last out there Odium takes us back to the realm of traditional zombies which I love I m all for an insane zombie story now and then to shake things up a bit, but even in my video games I prefer the old school shambling zombies to the newer evolved superman zombies With the slower corpses there is actually a chance of survival, which gives people hope and a reason to fight While I do enjoy watching or reading about the occasional high speed zombie horde that strikes deeply rooted fear into me, there is no chance in hell anyone is making it out alive, no matter how it s written If I m caught in the middle of an apocalypse with zombies that run faster than an olympic sprinter, I m throwing in the towel right away Go ahead and eat me at that point I will be the first to admit that I m not strong enough to take on Z man and his super stamina.My favorite thing about this book is how realistic the characters are, especially Nina She is the poster girl for how I imagine a person would feel and react during the zombie apocalypse Her fear is palpable which pulled me right in I actually felt as if I was Nina trudging through the woods, hopeless and lost, so close to giving up I could taste it Her character arc is absolutely brilliant, and her surprising sense of humor kept me chuckling between all the spine chilling moments Perhaps we can hide from it If it doesn t know that we re here, then it might just keep on walking I fall to my knees and slide myself under the car as quietly as I can, though every noise my body makes on the ground sounds like a fireworks display being set off I can almost imagine the giant red arrow pointing at my location She is here dinner is served Claire C Riley, OdiumOdium is a very well balanced zombie tale with vivid imagery, amazing characters, and heart racing action I highly recommend this book to all of my fellow zombie fanatics

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    I feel privileged to have read a beta version of ODIUM and experienced its evolution into an ARC and publication document Claire C Riley has taken zombies to their roots, to those tried and true, shambling entities solely focused on filling decaying bellies with fresh flesh.Claire C Riley provides readers with depth and emotion not always seen in horror storylines it s altogether fresh and unexpected From the instant Nina climbs the wall to follow Emily into the unknown, she begins an internal transformation from a woman who has chosen not to care into a woman who must care, because she has realized that retaining her humanity means closeness with surviving humans closeness, in particular, with the young girl she considers a daughter and the man she hopes might reawaken the deadness inside of her, the hole created by Ben s death.Below is one of my absolute favorite paragraphs from Claire C Riley s ODIUM One particularly fat zombie, with barely a scrap of material to cover her overly large and rotting bosom, is staring up at me like I m a prize T bone Her jaw is hanging loose from her face, swaying with her every move and leaving nothing to the imagination Fantastic Nina Emily s journey is riddled with insights into human behavior, zombie fights and just the right pinch of dark humor romance I thoroughly enjoyed the read and highly recommend.

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    I really dislike it when I read a book and want to kill the character I m supposed to be pulling for I mean, why did Nina risk her life for Emily only to treat her like dirt for most of the book Yes, I know she had issues with trust but, in my opinion, the author took that way too far By the end, I just wanted HER out of the picture I couldn t find any reason for keeping her around She whined, she judged, she pushed everyone away, and she was a B The antagonists, The Forgotten, were portrayed as savages but were they really so bad as the ones in charge of the sanctuary Nina left behind If you ask me, they had a right to be angry with how they and their families were treated This entire book was upside down as far as the characters I don t plan to read any others in this series but from the first, I really couldn t care less if any of them but Emily survives.

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