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Off Magazine StreetThe movie A Love Song for Bobby Long, which used this book as its premise, is one of my favorite movies No matter how many times I watch it, I will always cry at the end cry for the redemption that Bobby Long found in his life before he died, depicted perfectly in the verse he quotes from TS Eliot We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time for the journey he went through in life, only to make a full circle and return to his garden a new man This was one of my favorite themes studied throughout my literature career, so perhaps that is why the movie resonated with and touched me so deeply Discovering that the movie was based on a book and completely aware of how movies are NEVER as good as the books they are based off of I determined that I must read the book I did luckily saying this in hindsight research the book before reading it and found that the movie was loosely based after the book in truth I did NOT expect many similarities between the book and the movie.With that saidI would rate the movie a 6 even before reading the book , and the book well, you can see for yourself I rate it a 2 I would not read it again I would not recommend this book to anyone and I don t feel any enriched than before I read the book To me, the saddest disappointment of this book was to see these two great scholars of literature act like the lowest of the low scum of the earth my opinion according to my standards, of course Vulgarity, I can handle but in a society where child pornography and adults having sex with underaged kids or young adults whatever is a huge problem and a huge crime, I found this desire in Bobby Byron unstomachable about the book and, in fact, overshadows the redemption that Bobby Byron do find in the end.My end conclusion in reading this book I have the UTMOST respect for the filmwriters who read this book and turned it into the beautiful masterpiece that the movie is It made me love the movie just that much. It s not the movie, A Love Song for Bobby Long The movie is one of my favorites, but if you expect the movie in the book the sceenplay was adpated from, you won t find it easily This is no clear cut, cause and effect storyline rather, it is a place and an assortment of outsider characters who have many issues and failings Aging reprobates traveling blithely on their chosen road Only their exuberance for life and learning redeems them and confers salvation on a young girl thrown by fate, into the process.Down in those neighborhoods, near the levees, when the wind is Easterly, you can smell the river, right down through the drink in your Go Cup It infuses Capps writing In the narrow backyards and through the trees, you can find the folks in author Capps book They don t really look much like the folks in the movie, but they are honest, and easily accessible if you don t try to pry too much out of them Most of their mistakes are constantly repeated, but that, too is honest.Now, the movie is a lot of fun, and a good story, but this is really another story This one s about the folks most of us have pretended not to know, pretended not to get , or pretended we couldn t see As unbelievable as the story and characters may appear to be at first glance, they settle right in and the reader is left with a portrait of the human spirit that s very moving and very intimate.If you haven t been around the block a few times, or down on your luck, or haven t walked along with a bottle in a bag, don t bother If you have, you ll find some old friends here and you might even learn a thing or three I just heard from one of his associates that he is negotiating for a French language version and a release in France I really think it will be a huge hit there. If you picked up this book with hope of reading a richer and detailed version of A Love Song for Bobby Long, you will be very disappointed Names are the same, the location is the same, and there are glimmers of the book in the way of dialogue and parts of the plot, but A Love Song for Bobby Long tells a very different story than Off Magazine Street It is the sanitized Y2K Times Square version of a book that is gritty, real, and extremely uncomfortable.Off Magazine Street is the story of two derelicts they are referred to as this in narration who drift through the life drunk and shameless while constantly waffling between fulfilling the role of dirty old men who are completely oblivious to their lack of appeal, and educated scholars who cannot fully forget where they came from despite making no effort to crawl out of their Popov drenched rut.The movie tells a cleaner and prettier story, and does the thing that book Byron refuses to do when it comes to Bobby Long Byron wished he could have blamed it all on a war, a broken home during childhood, some terrible handicap, and make the reader of the book he would probably never finish believe that there was some good in Bobby But the truth was likely that, his friend, with all of his sins and faults, with his unusual mind enhanced or diluted with years of alcohol and too many thoughts was neither good or bad, just a conglomeration called Bobby Long In other wordss, Bobby Long is a fucking mess They both are and it isn t pretty In the movie, our drunken scholars are romantic and drift through a drippy, humid, New Orleans background, but in the book they are too real When I say too real, I mean I can almost smell the booze and reek of two guys who rarely remember to bathe and sit on the corner trying to sound philosophical while hassling women who walk by And you can almost smell their inevitable death, and see how one will follow the other because they re so codependent and simultaneously alone.So, if the guy on the subway who smells kind of like piss and beer and is likely a pervert makes you uncomfortable, this book certainly will It made me uncomfortable and that doesn t happen a lot I had to put it down and evaluate if I gave a damn about Bobby and Byron because they were rotten people The plot point of Bobby and Byron attempting to get Hannah through school is in the book, but Bobby is not fatherly and Byron is not as young and romantic as in the movie The book paints a much disturbing, and realistic, image of what s going on Eventually you can see that the guys are clinging to their perverseness out of habit than intent, but it doesn t change the facts of them being middle aged and Hannah being a teenager.Like I said, some parts are very disturbing.Even so, I can t hate it And I can t hate it because it is very real These are the people you see on the street, or the subway, or who are dragged in on the bed in the ER next to you and reek of beer and sweat and you just wish they d go somewhere else so you can get some peace The invisible lowlives that everyone passes by and judges Someone took the time to tell that story without dressing it up, and you have to appreciate that just a little. Era soltanto un essere imperfetto che di nome faceva Bobby Long Bobby E Byron sono una singolare ed eccentrica coppia di mezza et.Alle spalle una giovent di successi una brillante carriera scolastica che porta all insegnamento, i traguardi sportivi, la bellezza, le donne e l agiatezza economica.Qualcosa, per , ad un certo punto si incrinato perch ora sono proprio malmessi vestiti lisi, copri fatiscenti e nessuna casa.Le loro esistenza ora si accompagnano a massicce dosi di vodka e, come se non bastasse gi questa forte dipendenza vivono con il chiodo fisso del sessoUn giorno si presenta alla loro porta la diciasettenne Hanna, la giovane figlia di un amica che da quel momento travolger le loro vite.Da un lato Melville, Mc Cullers, Steinbeck, Faulkner, Tennessee grande a per la Letteratura Dall altro pensieri volgari e misogini.Un romanzo che inneggia alla dualit , al sacro diritto dell essere dicotomicoTennessee Williams aveva a cuore la sciattezza di tutti noi, le nostre vergogne, le nostre incertezze e le nostre disperazioni segrete Peccato e santit mescolate insieme in ciascuno di noi Credo che volesse mettere a nudo, iniziando da se stesso, quelle inclinazioni che cerchiamo di negare A volte mi sembra che la gente non capisca come lo stesso pensiero abbia bisogno di due opposti La vita stessa fatta di opposti Il paradosso Lo stesso paradosso del cazzo Con il bene salta fuori anche il male, non c scampo, come diceva il Vecchio Ragazzo Non possiamo dirci davvero inguaiati senza aver prima ammesso l esistenza dei guai Il mondo parla come se potessimo davvero incasellare tutto Ma come cazzo si fa Tematiche affascinanti fanno il paio con una scrittura che ahim non lascia grandi tracce.Non parlo del film come verrebbe automatico fare per la mia solita fissazione a non voler paragonare linguaggi cos diversi Il film, comunque, l ho visto anni fa e ne ho un ricordo positivo La sceneggiatura, comunque, d un taglio molto diverso estraendo la parte buona e bella dei protagonisti e quindi, in definitiva, dando un messaggio differente. Fallen From Grace And Shunned By Respectable Society, Bobby Long Is Joyously Content Drowning His Past In Cheap Hooch And Bedding Any Woman With Low Standards And High Tolerance His Partner, An Unproductive Writer Named Byron Burns, Is Happy To Join Him For The Long Ride Down Their Distant Salvation Is An Unwritten Manuscript Sure To Redeem Their Standing And Pride Though Both Know It S Just A Thin Reason To Get Up And Go To The BarWhen Their Latest Female Companion Dies In Their Fleabag Hotel Room, The Duo Find Themselves Putting Up Her Young But Futureless Daughter, Hanna Despite Their Own Dishonorable Intentions And Aging Desires, The Pair Cannot Abide Her Lack Of Ambition And Low Expectations For Herself Together, They Dust Off Their Teachers Instincts And Conspire To Use Every Means Necessary Legal, Illegal, Fair, And Unfair To Get Hanna Into College One of the most accurate descriptions of New Orleans characters I have read It is right up there with Confederacy of Dunces in my book If you live in New Orleans when you read this book you know the characters as much as sometimes you wish you didn t It is dark and twisted but so are the stories of many transplanted New Orleanians who chose to stay here because there is a certain tolerance for a style of living that isn t acceptable anywhere else. When I used to go to New Orleans a couple of times a year, the urge to fall out of society and write creatively overcame me as I walked Magazine St The people were so open for conversation so the dialogue would have been easy You just felt like you were in a place that was right and there was no need to leave it Then after a few days of hard drinking, I had to get out of there to stay alive.The two main characters in this story, Bobby and Byron, don t leave This is their conversations, appreciation of poetry, hijinks with the bums of the outdoor living room, and the care they have for those around them Not a perfect book, but perfect imperfection.Thanks for 3w thewareaglereader com for bringing this book to my attention. This turned into the amazing movie A Love Song for Bobby Long I was so enad with the movie, I picked up the book Couldn t get off the ground with the book, and don t know how the movie turned out so brilliant except that it stars J Travolta and the S Johanson I ll give it another shot someday. Pu un libro dai presupposti bukowskiani nascondere tra le sue pagine un romanzo di formazione Di storie di sbandati, debosciati e derelitti, circonfuse di alone poetico, ce ne sono molte in circolazione sugli scaffali delle librerie e tra gli ingranaggi dei proiettori ce ne sono talmente tante, e sono tutte talmente simili, che di poetico non rimasto nulla.Le prime pagine di Una canzone per Bobby Long di Ronald Everett Capps Mattioli 1885, pp 308, 18 potrebbero trarre in inganno Il tono quello della disperazione, della caduta in disgrazia con tutti gli annessi e gli abusi connessi Bobby Long e Byron Burns, sembrano due personaggi usciti direttamente da un imitazione di Storie di ordinaria follia Potrebbe essere il solito scritto specchio dell America del sogno infranto e delle vite sprecate.Non cos Bobby e Byron sono, s , due ubriaconi depravati dal passato glorioso, ma non sono per nulla maledetti Figure tragicomiche, entrambi in qualche modo hanno scelto di vivere come due barboni, hanno scelto di bere fino alle estreme conseguenze e hanno scelto di lasciarsi andare Non c autodistruzione per nella loro condotta dissoluta, semplicemente, un giorno la vita si avvitata su s stessa e loro hanno concluso che fosse giunto il momento di scendere dal carrozzone.Quando Hanna, la figlia adolescente e sbandata di una loro improbabile convivente, obesa e malata di mente, capita all improvviso a New Orleans per la morte della madre, i nostri decidono che per un certo periodo dovranno dedicarsi a uno scopo che non sia semplicemente bere vodka Popov e fare sesso con qualsiasi cosa respiri.Bobby e Byron si prenderanno cura a modo loro di Hanna tra lezioni di letteratura, ballate country per ukulele, letture di Tennessee Williams e squallide, ironiche, avance facendole scoprire che nella vita tutti hanno la possibilit di scegliere.A questo punto Byron forse citerebbe Sartre, dicendo che la stessa cosa ubriacarsi in solitudine e guidare popoli Anzi probabile che il quietismo dell ubriaco solitario vincer l inutile agitazione del condottiero di popoli In ogni caso siamo liberi e responsabili di ci che facciamo della nostra esistenza e di cosa decidiamo di essere, ubriaconi o condottieri Bobby gli darebbe una pacca sulla spalla, e bevendo birra allungata con succo di pomodoro , comincerebbe a intonare una qualche canzonaccia, senza accorgersi di avere la patta sbottonata.Una storia felicemente amara, a tratti grottesca, buffa e tenera, tradotta in pellicola qualche anno fa, che merita attenzione Un piccolo grande libro, un po nascosto e soffocato dalle pubblicazioni estive, ma che vale la pena di fare proprio Esistenzialista ma leggero, divertente e mai banale, Una canzone per Bobby Long, forse quello che ci vuole davvero sotto l ombrellone, al posto dei vari polpettoni consigliati da pi parti Una questione di scelta.http New Orleans Sudiciume, dissolutezza e, in ogni caso, poesia Con tutte le sue colpe e i suoi difetti, con la sua intelligenza inusuale acuita o diluita dall abuso di alcol e dai troppi pensieri non era n buono n cattivo Era soltanto un essere imperfetto che di nome faceva Bobby Long Sbronzarsi la regola, senza pi fede o slanci di ordinariet , non diversamente l appetito per la cicciona Lorraine dalla personalit borderline Quarantanove anni, Byron, lo scrittore, sempre a bere e a leggere e cinquantaquattro anni, Bobby, l ex professore, tutti di occasioni amare e seduzioni I tre sono pi appagati che disperati, pi risoluti che incerti mentre, nel sud della Florida, la sedicenne Hanna stenta a immaginare di poter decidere quale direzione dare alla sua vitaBalordo, forte, Bobby Long, illuminante personaggio a cui Shainee Gabel ha reso omaggio con l acutezza della sua sceneggiatura e il fascino dell interprete, John Travolta, distintosi per una performance d alta classe la Repubblica , 2004 soggetto di un attento studio caratteriale e di una storia di opportunit a cui Ronald Everett Capps ha trasmesso pi di ogni altra cosa l idea vitale della svolta, che si crea da s , che nasce dal realizzabile e nei confini di prospettive sempre pi credibili E ancora per il bene di Hanna, giovane figlia di Lorraine, espresso con parole di speranza e di libert Che il fine, appunto, della narrazione, perseguito senza pudore o pacatezza, con la generosit tuttavia grande di Bobby Long e Byron Burns portando all attenzione i sogni, orizzonti insieme e limiti, sprofondando in lunghi dialoghi, rinvigorendosi dell american way of life, invocando senza ombra di stucchevole affettazione la fortuna dell

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