Oliver How Do Planes Fly How Does Our Fridge Work Can I Breathe Underwater Like A Fish Oliver Is A Curious Explorer, So He Asks A Lot Of QuestionsThen, One Day In The Bathtub, He Hears A Strange Gurgle What Lives Down The Drain He Wonders Soon Oliver Is Headed Down The Drain In His Homemade Submarine On A Spectacular Mission But Will This Clever Inventor Be Able To Discover A Way Back In This Imaginative And Funny Adventure Story, Judith Rossell Introduces A Lovable Little Hero Whose Curiosity Leads Him To Extraordinary Places

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Oliver book, this is one of the most wanted Judith Rossell author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Oliver
  • Judith Rossell
  • English
  • 18 March 2019
  • 9780062022103

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    What a wonderful story So cute and a story any kid can relate to Oliver is a curious kid with a vivid imagination that will have your kids falling in love with him A book my 5 yr old as well as my twin 3 yr olds loved A solid reading level 1 book, this cute story keeps all ages engaged with the bright colorful pictures and cute story My 5 yr old liked it so much, he asked for by this author A great addition to any children s library.

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    Going through the new picture books, I pulled this to read because I immediately thought of my friend Jen s son, Oliver I haven t seen him since he was a few weeks old, but I imagine he is in the fun toddler stage of into everything And with the intelligent, knowledgeable older brothers he has, I can imagine him in a year or two start wondering, imagining, exploring, and Of course, it isn t just her Oliver It s all the little kids especially boys that I know, or know of Each one has a curiosity of the world around them and their personaility really shows in the way they go about satisfying that I think this book reflects that time of life so well.I would enjoy doing this in a lap read or suggesting as a read alone since I m not quite sure how I would read it in a storytime.

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    Oliver by Judith Rossell is adorable, warm, and chock full of imagination The pure magic and joy of learning and exploring can be found in Oliver s story I loved every page Oliver likes to ask questions lots of questions Why, how and what And then he sets out to learn and discover anything and everything about the world around him From broccoli to penguins to what s down the drain I m going to find out what s down the drain, he said.Did you hear me, Mom I m going down the drain HahaInventions, art, drain gurgles and Come see what Oliver finds down the drain.Highly recommended adventure.

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    Grades Pre K to 2 This book reminded me a little bit of Where the Wild Things Are with inventions Oliver is very curious He wants to learn how to fly, wonders if penguins could live in his refrigerator, how fish can breathe underwater and what the noise in the bathtub drain is He s always making a mess with his experiments, and his mother is tired She tells him to do something quiet while she rests Draw So he does and takes an adventure to discover the answers to all of his questions Cheerful drawings and relate able story makes this a good choice for an invention inquiry introduction.

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    Oliver is an imaginative, curious boy, and I was drawn to him from the very beginning of the book when he found out all he could about wings made cardboard wings and strapped them to his arms but already knew a lot about Band Aids His mother has some great lines, too At one point she suggests he take a nap His reply is, I m not tired To which she says, I am Do something quiet His quiet activity takes him on a great imaginative adventure.or was it just his imagination Wonderful book the text and art work together beautifully.

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    It begins with a Oliver s essential question Jim Burke How do planes stay up in the sky When his mother answers, with a mouth full of clothespins, Wings, the curiosity is piqued and a delightful book about curiosity, exploration, tests and trials.and penguins with jet packs begins.What I really like about OLIVER is the comic pacing of the book that would lend well to reading aloud with purposeful pausing before page turning On one page, the text reads Oliver found out everything he could about wings On the next page cue the bell chime here it reads He already knew about Band Aids Let s talk about Common Core State Standards for just a moment This kind of simple set up affords the ability to introduce inference after you have finished the reading, please Go back Point to the text Read the prior page Turn the page These are important skills for younger readers The answer seems simple to experienced readers, but this kind of skill is needed again and again as readers grown and develop Why did the author make this statement What has transpired between asking the questions and where we find Oliver, aside a crumpled set of cardboard wings, checking his forearm Another celebration of OLIVER comes of the mother, who we get in voice only She is off stage calling out responses to Oliver s questions Her responses are those of a mother who embodies patience and long suffering even when Oliver becomes a little frustrated with the limitations put upon him in the name of maternal wisdom no, we should not be poking bananas down bathtub drains to see what s down there There is comic timing here too, even when we don t see the mother on the page When the mother suggests that Oliver Get dry, get dry How about a nap Oliver responds, I m not tired And here is where we see the reality of life with the curious I am, said Mom You do something quiet Do some drawing I love that this interaction reads like a quiet exasperation Think the mother from the Bill Watterson strip, Calvin and Hobbes Here, the mother is tired, but she offers an alternate activity that plays right into one of her son s personality traits And the banana stays on that page the whole time through the drying and dressing phase.Oliver builds a cardboard submarine based upon his own design, complete with Rossell s delightful child like renderings of Stick Oliver and the types of fish he may see when he is underwater Think about those early Simon cartoons from the Captain Kangaroo shows of the 70 s and 80 s and you will see why I think this book is so special for adult readers to share with younger readers.When Oliver tells his off stage mother he is going down the drain and suggests that he might not come back, the fish from the drawing arc over the next page to lead the way, straight from Oliver s design with their drafting paper bodies and and colorful patterns You ll have to read OLIVER to get the end No spoilers here, people You know that But, I can tell you that there are penguins, jet packs, and a classic picture book ending reminiscent of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE Judith Rossell has created something special here in the writing and illustrations There s a Hero s Journey tucked into this special book And journeys almost always begin with a question followed by a quest.In the end.we call come back Because people will miss us And we should check in now and then before going on our next adventure Building jet packs well.that s why we have a thing called tomorrow.

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    Ever curious, Oliver reminds me of a lot of children and adults I ve known You know the sort that I m talking about, and I m sure you ve had an Oliver or two in the classroom or maybe even in your own household Among other matters, he wonders about planes can possibly stay up in the sky and whether penguins could survive in a refrigerator When he hears a gurgling noise in the bathroom drain, he builds a submarine and heads down the drain Once he finds the source of the sound, he has so much fun that he almost doesn t come back home, eventually returning only because his mother might miss him Not only did I adore the illustrations created in pencil and watercolor for the scenes at home and in collage and colored crayon to represent his drawings and elements from his own life , but I smiled a lot at the interaction between mother and son as I imagined just how exhausting it would be to keep up with Oliver The understatement in this book is also delicious When his flying maching crumples to the ground, it s pretty clear that he s used up than his share of Band aids for scrapes from mishaps This title is a perfect read aloud to share with others.

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    Judith Rossell, although she is I presume , not a child herself, perfectly understands what it is to be a child My mother, like Oliver s, will not let me do anything specifically, she will not let me push a banana down the bathtub drain no spoilers if you want to know how that drama turns out, read the book This book includes complete specifications for the construction of a submarine and a jet pack, and contains interesting zoological information about penguins which you will not learn in, say, your preschool curriculum.

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    Totally charmed I love the clean but detailed illustrations, I love Oliver s graph paper designs, and I love how the illustrations switch to mixed media when he s off on his adventure The dry humor logical to the story plot developments made me smile What s that gurgling noise It s the penguins, slurping their drinks.

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    This is a wonderful and completely charming tale about creativity and invention, about art and imagination The narrative is short and the mixed media illustrations are terrific I expect that this book will appeal to children of all ages and parents, too Our girls loved that many of the characters and Oliver s submarine show the grid lines of the graph paper, and help to emphasize his artwork The broccoli islands are hilarious and really add to the fantastical nature of the story We really enjoyed reading this book together As a parent, I loved the firm, but loving way that Oliver s mom responds to his inquisitive and adventurous nature She s not depicted in any of the scenes, but she s always there to make sure he doesn t stick a banana down the bathtub drain and to answer his questions.

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