On the Night of the Seventh Moon

On the Night of the Seventh MoonI read this for Gothic square On the Night of the Seventh Moon by Victoria Holt.So I just realized after finishing this book that I really can t write a very in depth review, because if I do I ll be spoiling the entire book So I m going to try to keep this to just general things and then you can make a decision if you want to read this for Halloween book bingo.On the night of the seventh moon is told from the first person point of view of a young girl named Helena Helena is raised in a loving household, the only fly in the ointment so to speak is the fact that her parents are both desperately in love with each other and that doesn t leave a lot of love left over for her when they are in the same room together.Helena s mother is from a Germanic country The book doesn t really come out and say where she s from exactly and I couldn t guess and I was honestly not really in the mood to go do some digging about this Helena s father is English and though many around them don t think the marriage is going to work, it does.The only thing that Helena s mother really wanted was for her daughter to be sent away to learn Germany and French and other things and Helena is eventually sent to a boarding school that s near a town that her mother knows So we find out pretty early on that Helena is sent away from home for four years and is being raised and taught by nuns.Everything kind of goes sideways for Helena when she gets lost in a forest when mist suddenly forms Helena meets some mysterious man and she calls him Siegfried He takes her back to his lodge as one does and then goes about trying to seduce her Long story short, everyone around can tell that Siegfried is up to no good, but Helena feels so excited by things Blech This little adventure ends up with her almost being raped she bolts the door and is later awoken by the doorknob turning but in the light of day is disappointed Smack upside the head for Helena.Cue Helena having to go home after her mother passes away and then her father does as well Being forced to go home to her dreary little village and not be able to see her Siegfried again it s just making her sad I on the other hand think that if she had any sense she would realize that Siegfried was not a cool dude and she should just move on but then we wouldn t have a story here if that s what the author chose to do what do we Fast forward to some relatives of Helena s mother showing up and when she s given the opportunity to return with them to be at a nearby Village that is close to her old school she jumps on it because of course all she s thinking of is seeing her Siegfried again.And see him again she does I m not going to talk much after that because that s where the mystery lies and the entire rest of the book is Helena unraveling who s being truthful and who is lying to her I do have to say that even when she does find out what s been going on I think that she took things way too laid back for for what I would have probably have done And I honestly wish that Holt had just decided to end the book in a different way because I never did warm up to Siegfried.I have to say that I thought that the writing that Holt did in this one was very good I love the descriptions of the town s and other locations that appear in this story Holt really made me feel like I was Helena in a couple scenes as she becomes and thrilled with her surroundings Everything sounds positively Gothic at times which was nice to read on an overcast day The ending just turned into a mess though Once again won t spoil for others, but it just didn t make a lot of sense at all Then Holt does an epilogue that shows what happened to everyone and I ended up just feeling dissatisfied. This is not usually a book I would pick up but I remember a friend of mine giving it to me to read but I had never finished it I had fond memories of it, so when I found it at the goodwill, practically in pieces too, I gave it a shot and couldn t be glad that I did Though this book is quite old, it delivers a slamming story I would say this is romance with lots of mystery as I couldn t figure out what was going on until it was practically laid out for me at the end I so enjoyed this book and plan to read of her this year Pb s are easily found, so that s good 5 moons for me Sometimes, looking back, I ask myself Why did you accept this and that Why did you not inquire closely into these strange things that happened to you I was wondering that myself Long story short Helena Trant is attending school in Bavaria and the local villagers have this old festival every year on the night of the seventh moon Lots of drinking and partying and creepy mists in the forest, and our poor heroine gets herself lost and then found by an ever so handsome mystery man IIRC, she s sent home to England and then comes back and that s when she meets her mystery man again and they are married in secret Or are they married Just who is this mystery man and why does he disappear from her life after three days of wedded bliss Or were they married Don t you worry guys, you can guess every bit of plot point coming a mile away I kept hoping Ms Holt would pull the rug out from under me and surprise me at the end, but noKindle copy obtained via library loan. Aww yeah, 1970s Victoria Holt This was the sort of thing I read with abandon in my impressionable late middle early high school years, and is probably to blame for my deep lingering affection for anything gothic tinged This book has some issues repetition of certain phrases and themes, and characters who are too stupid to live, mainly but if you cut it some slack, it s thoroughly enjoyable. According To Ancient Black Forest Legend, On The Night Of The Seventh Moon, Loke, The God Of Mischief, Is At Large In The World It Is A Night For Festivity And Joyful Celebration It Is A Night For Singing And Dancing And It Is A Night For LoveHelena Trant Was Enchanted By Everything She Found In The Black Forest Especially Its Legends But Then, On The Night Of The Seventh Moon, She Started To Live One Of Them, And The Enchantment Turned Suddenly Into A Terrifying Nightmare I picked up an old copy of this book for 0.25 the other day when I dropped off some items at my local donation centre The pages were yellowed and the writing small but the topic intrigued me It s been many years since I last read Victoria Holt, an author known as the supreme writer of the gothic romance.Mystery, suspense, mystical forests, dark foreboding castles, trickery and folklore legends together with interesting characters made this book a very good read.The story is told from Helena Trant, the heroine s point of view as she recaps her past, a past shrouded in mystery as she tries to uncover exactly what happened to her on the night of the seventh moon when a festival celebration of mischief took place She is rescued by a handsome stranger with whom she strongly believes to have fallen in love and subsequently married, only to wake up to a psychological nightmare of being told it had been all a dream and none of it had happened.The mystery deepens as we speed through the pages to uncover what really happened Some of it is predictable, but the plot is well laid out and we are continuously kept guessing regarding the different characters as to whether they are truly Helena s friend or her enemy Although the heroine s character is well developed, I found the hero s was not I should have liked their relationship to have been explored a little.However, if you are looking for a good gothic romance this book delivers. I first read this book probably fifteen years ago It has been my favorite Victoria Holt book ever since and yes, I have read all 32 books she penned under that name To tell anything about this would be to give too much away so I ll just say this The romance was breathtaking the action was, in a way, believable and the intrigue was shocking For those of you who need a basic description, here s what the back of the book says On the Night of the Seventh Moon, according to ancient Black Forest legend, Loke, the God of Mischief, was abroad in the world It was a night for festivity and joyful celebration It was a night for singing and dancing And it was a night for love.Helena Trant was enchanted by everything she found in the Black Forest its people, its mysterious castles, its legends and lore Especially its legends of love.Until, one day, she started to live one of them and the enchantment turned suddenly into a terrifying nightmare. Love and Mystery in the Black Forest Set in Germany and England from 1859 to 1870 with an end note in 1901 , this tells the story of Helena Trant whose parents were so much in love they had little time for her Still, hers was a happy childhood among books in Oxford where her father had a bookstore When she was old enough, her parents sent her to Germany near the Black Forest to a convent school where her mother had been educated.Helena loves the forest and the fairy tales surrounding it She hears of the legend of the night of the seventh moon when mischief is abroad and is routed with the coming of dawn On one night, she gets lost in the mist of the forest and is rescued by a man who takes her to his hunting lodge She taken with him that she might have allowed him to have his way with her but for the intervention of a housekeeper who took measures to preserve Helena s virtue But Helena never forgot the man even though she did not know his name.Years later, she returns to Germany and on another night of the seventh moon Helena meets and marries her German at his hunting lodge, but then she wakes from her idyllic honeymoon to discover she has been drugged by a physician who tells her she has escaped a horror that befell her in the forest Helena lives in a fog of dreams and wonders where truth is.I have to say that I love Holt s writing, and this story sucked me in immediately It is labeled as a romantic suspense, but I didn t see it containing any suspense than many historical romances But it does have a Gothic feel and there is a mystery Holt had me wondering what had really happened She did an excellent job of that The book is a bit slow in the middle, and the hero and heroine are separated for years In that interim, I found passages that seemed repetitive, but the ending is a great one As always, Holt is a master storyteller and creates wonderfully vivid characters Despite the slower middle, I recommend it. This was a reread for me for bookclub I originally read this as a teenager back in the 1970s It was just as readable this second time through I didn t remember much of the plot even though I remembered vaguely that the book ended happily I did feel the angst at the horrible things that were happening to Helena I probably figured out what was going on earlier this time since I ve read so many books since I first read this but it was all new the first time through and as a teenager I wasn t quite so savvy Still the writing was such that you kept wanting to read to find out for sure what was going on and to get Helena through the bad stuff.It is of course a gothic novel so even though there is a romance the main thrust of the story is the surreal things that are happening to the poor heroine A fun read altogether.

See this thread for information.Eleanor Alice Burford, Mrs George Percival Hibbert was a British author of about 200 historical novels, most of them under the pen name

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