Once Upon a Highland Summer

Once Upon a Highland Summer A Lush Scottish Historical Romance In The Vein Of Karen Ranney And Karen HawkinsAn Ancient Curse, A Pair Of Meddlesome Ghosts, A Girl On The Run, And A Fateful Misunderstanding Make For The Perfect Chance At True LoveLady Caroline Forrester Is On The Run From Her Brother S Scheme To Marry Her Off To The Highest Bidder An Escape To Scotland Offers A Chance At Employment As A Governess And Freedom From An Unhappy Marriage It S The Perfect Solution But Caroline Wasn T Prepared For The Feelings That Her New Employer Brings Out In HerAlec McNabb, The Reluctant Earl Of Glenorne, Never Expected To Return Home To Scotland But Now That He S There, He Realizes He Has Obligations That He Cannot Escape Alec Needs To Marry Well, And QuicklyWhen A Case Of Mistaken Identity Coupled With The Sensual, Magical Atmosphere Of Glenorne Castle Results In A Passionate Encounter, Caroline And Alec Must Decide Whether Their Attraction Is Enough To Overcome The Problems Of Their Pasts, Or Whether This One Chance At True Love Was Over Before It Began

Lecia Cornwall lives and writes in Calgary, Canada, amid the beautiful foothills of the Canadian Rockies, with four cats, two teenagers, a crazy chocolate Lab, and one very patient husband She is hard at work on her next book.

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  • ebook
  • 432 pages
  • Once Upon a Highland Summer
  • Lecia Cornwall
  • English
  • 15 August 2019
  • 9780062328434

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    Once Upon A Highland Summer is a single title by Lecia Cornwall Its a short novella, about 100 pages, and I received a copy from Avon through Edelweiss I wasn t sure how much I would enjoy this one, since it was a novella, and I tend to be a tad picky with the shorter stories However this story just cemented my desire to read from this author I was impressed with how well structured the story seemed to be considering the length I didn t feel at all like it was too short, it felt quite perfect The characters were well developed and it was fun seeing these two fall in love admidst the highlands in the sweet summer days As with most stories typical of this era and style, there was the usual conflict of the hero being engaged to someone else, and a mistaken identity, and having to choose duty over love But there was a little side story of Alec and Carlonline s grandparents that added a certain hitch to the story The way that Lecia Cornwall put in her descriptions of the surrouding were so details and vivid, I almost felt as if I was there in the story, smelling the beautiful scents and seeing the breathtaking scenery A great story that I would recommend to anyone that love a solid romance with the romantic setting of the highlands and a sweet love story to tug at your heartstrings A Tale you NEVER should wish to miss out on.

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    I have got to admit Lecia Cornwall delivers a wild, pulse pounding ride from start to finish I loved every minute of ONCE UPON A HIGHLAND SUMMER The cast of characters were diverse, enjoyable and highly entertaining The twists and turns within the story had me on the edge of my seat and I for one, could not hope hard enough for Caroline and Alec to get their happily ever after I have enjoyed this author s past books and found her latest release is full of laughter and giggles amid sighs of romance as you turn the pages of it The author captures the characters vulnerabilities and fears perfectly I really loved the ghosts one is the old Laird, grandfather to Alec and the other his ladylove, Caroline s own grandmother Both made me wish they could get their own happy ever after as well These two caused quite a few giggles and snickers as they tried to help Alec and Caroline on their way to their own happy ending, well you get hilarity galore From the first page to the last, ONCE UPON A HIGHLAND SUMMER keeps the reader glued to the pages, eager to see what would happen next for not just Alec and Caroline but for a few other characters as well I can attest there are than enough characters to fall in love with and at the same time hope they get their own happy ending as well Ms Cornwall delivers a wildly entertaining story that will keep you amused on a rainy afternoon Now I just want to know, will we see of Alec, Caroline and the rest of these wonderful characters in the future Run don t walk to grab ONCE UPON A HIGHLAND SUMMER and get ready for one rip roaring ride from start to finish.

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    DNFI enjoyed Beauty and the highland beast but this one was not my thing Still, I tried to finish it and I was almost at the end when I just thought, ugh, I give up The we cant be together cause I need money but, hey its ok to sleep together trope is not my thing The worse part is that it all worked out in the end but not because the otp worked for it It fell like a present on their laps Other people changed their minds, and voila, you can be happy YAY Not..Don t think I ll be giving the second book a try. The synopsis doesn t look that good either

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    ONCE UPON A HIGHLAND SUMMER by Lecia Cornwall is another intriguing Scottish Historical Romance Fast paced with a ghost or two, a curse and finding true love Once again, Ms Cornwall has written a tale full of passion, Scotland, romance, Scottish Highlanders, Scottish lovers, fate and love.How can you not enjoy a tale of the supernatural, two meddlesome ghosts,Scottish lovers,a girl on the run and the Scottish hero who finds her Oh and don t forget the magic of Glenorne Castle A wonderful story I love this author and Once Upon A Highland Summer was do different Well done Received for an honest review from the publisher and Above the Treeline.RATING 4HEAT RATING HOTREVIEWED BY AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

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    Started out with the ghost of 2 lovers separated and not allowed to marry because he was a Scottish Laird and she was an English Lady Both were miserable the rest of their lives and now as ghost they still couldn t touch because of a curse The curse may be broken if he grandson and her granddaughter fall in love and can stay together but it doesn t look good He s promised to marry for money to save the clans and she has runaway and is a governess to his sister It s a mess and it was so much fun to watch it all fall into place Loved it

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    Leica Cornwall is a new author for me This is the second book I have rad by her I will be looking for of her books.

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    This was fine Wanted main character building less periphery characters Not much happened, but it wasn t the worst thing I ve read.

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    Once Upon a Highland Summer has several things going for it a pair of star crossed ghostly lovers, a supposed curse, highlanders and kilts, mistaken identity, and love triangles and Alec McNabb is the next in line to the earldom of Glenlorne Glenlorne has seen its better days especially before the massacre at Culloden where 7 of the 8 McNabb brothers were slain The remaining brother was banished when his family found out he intended to have an Englishwoman as his bride Remember this is the time where Jacobites were rebelling against the Crown because they believed Bonnie Prince Charlie was the rightful heir Families were split apart as some believed in the Crown and others for the Bonnie Prince Angus McNabb tried to restore Glenlorne and his son drank than tried to refill his coffers.Angus and his lady love they are ghosts mind you decide they want their grandchildren to be together and fall in love and finally unite their bloodlines, something they couldn t do in life They and or fate bring together their grandchildren in a very curious way.Alec working as a thief for the Crown has failed his mission in recovering 8 love letters from a lady and Prinnie And in doing so has alerted her husband to her affair and the fact that his daughter, Lady Sophie Ellison, belle of the Season, is not really his daughter, but the Prince Regent To get revenge on her, he decides to wed the daughter to not nobleman as was expected, but to a poor, titled gentleman Alec to be precise as he has a title, but no money Alec doesn t want to, but with a dowry of 60,000 pounds, he can restore the name and provide for his tenants and sisters But before all this, he stumbles upon a young woman Believing she s feeling to Scotland to elope, he feels for her and decides to give her money so that she can safely arrive there He doesn t get a good look at her, but given her circumstances decides he wants to see her to safety That young woman is Caroline, escaping her home because her brother is forcing her to marry a man of his choosing Rather a brash decision, if you ask me, but she flees in the heat of the moment She doesn t see what he looks like either, but perceives him as an angel as he s providing a means to escape.Once in Scotland, she gets another sign of where to go, she takes the position of a governess to three young woman These three young women happen to be Alec s half sisters And when he sees her for the first time, he thinks she s beautiful, but for some reason thinks she s Sophie That her father decided to send her to Scotland to be married and somehow made it before him He thinks, well shoot, this is going to work out splendidly.I admit I thought he love scene was too early, but it makes sense in terms of the plot I just didn t think it was going to happen so fast I mean jeez that potion and extra helping of whatever that herb was really did the trick Ha, imagine if that potion was sold One could blame the quick love making to the potion, the giddiness of the bonfire and festivities or the call of two souls how sappy but I enjoyed how Angus was the voice of reason and questioned how come they didn t introduce themselves I mean really they spoke what a handful of words before getting it on on the plaid Blame it on the ale A bit too quick and without enough words for my taste Time flies quickly as several weeks and later a few short months passes in the castle As soon as that s described I was totally thrown off Everything is described to have occurred within days but weeks and or months have passed We don t really know what the characters are up to during these time Did Alec and Caroline really just ignore one another while staring longingly at one another After her family comes to get her it sets off a chain of events where the two characters are sort of communicating with one another, but I didn t understand not see how they could have fallen in love with one another Alec wants to do right by Caroline but wants to do right by his tenants and sisters so he chooses to marry Sophie There were times where I so rolled my eyes at his actions because he just casually asks where is she going to go or how is she going to survive Like even though we re supposed to believe it s killing him we don t get that feeling Other than their physical appearances what is it that attracts each other The story ties up a little too nicely It gets a little silly in the end and maybe it s because there are a little too many characters, love triangles, duty and all that I thought there would be a bit drama and deeper drama at that Everyone coasts into their happy endings rather than really fight for it like I thought they would Alec was sorta just there He didn t fight for Caroline because he was so duty bound, blah blah, but at one point he does say he s not doing the honorable thing for Caroline He tries to set her up and doesn t quite say it but wants Caroline as his mistress That was alluded to, but Caroline is the one to put a stop to that idea I thought it was Caroline s story than caroline and Alec s story which is a bit of a shame But regardless it was a enjoyable for what it was The McNabb sisters will have their own books and it ll be interesting to see how much they ve changed and grown from teenagers to young women.

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    A nonstop read This is a great beginning Strong men, feisty women, Scotland, dastardly villains what could I want I read straight through mealtime My husband brought me a sandwich that I ate without stopping my reading Now for book 2.

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    solid highland book Lots of skipped time though, which really made their romance kinda confusing, timeline wise The ghosts were the best part.

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