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One Little Wish (The Little Things Mystery #1)

One Little Wish (The Little Things Mystery #1) Can't wait for scarlett 's next adventure

I enjoyed this story from start to finish. The characters were all well defined and interesting. The plot had twists and turns to keep you guessing. I enjoyed the story between the girls as they discovered their friendship was as strong today as it was back when they were kids. Look forward to the next adventure. A very heart felt story that had me in tears by the end. This is a sorta spin off of the Lacey Luzzi series. It goes into Mack's (from 'Seasoned') history.

There is the romance, the mystery, those zany characters we all love to read about, and even those we hate. Of course I loved it all! =)

A 'nobody' living in a small town keeps finding dead people, and try's to prove she wasn't involved. With the help of 'the one who got away,' Scarlett turns a deaf ear to all the rumors, and seeks out the truth, even if she is clueless as to the who/what/why's of it all.

Although this doesn't have quite as much of the humor that the Lacey Luzzi series does, there is a lot more emotion. It is a quick, clean read, good for all ages. I really wanted to like this book. I've enjoyed the Hex Files series and had hoped to love this one too...but I just can't.

The Dear Diary chapters just seem to be out of place. Chronologically they don't make sense. Sometimes these chapters are preemptive, sometimes right in the middle of the action (how does a diary entry fit in), while it is reflective later.

The plot was disjointed, with few revelations to tie the mystery together. The ending and the culprit feel unlikely and don't provide enough background information to make it feel plausible.

While the quirky GURLZ and the great friendship between Noelle and Scarlett offer redeeming qualities, it's not enough to satisfy. I'm left feeling like this was a tale written by a junior high student in a rush to meet a word quota (Diary chapters). One Little Wish (The Little Things Mystery #1) by Gina LaManna

5 out of 5 stars
One little wish is the first book of the little thing mystery book 1 written by Ms. LaManna is a great book. The plot is awesome with twist and turns and second chances and through a few deaths to make this a wellrounded story. The characters are well written with strong personalities and the way their quirky ways play off each other.

This is Scarlett and Mack’s story.
Mack disappeared from Scarlett’s life years ago and now he is back in town for Reunion Day and what a reunion these two would have! She is a smalltown girl with big opinions. She has one little wish that hopes will come true at some point in her life.

Will Scarlett’s wish come true? Will Scarlett and Mack have a happily ever after? Will they find out the truth about the murders?



An enjoyable read

I like the characters and the tension in this book. However the format with the diary entries seem a little superfluous given that the narrative is written in 1st person. I would buy into the diary entries more if the narrative was in 3rd because then they serve more of a purpose (insight to protagonist's thoughts)...when written in 1st person we are already privy to those thoughts so the diary entries don't add much and seem a little redundant in what is revealed. Still, I enjoy LaManna's style and creativity which is why I still enjoy the book! Wishing can be treacherous!
Scarlett is the perfect name for an imperfect gal! Her Diary is a personality as well and offers us a window into her inner musings, hopes, fears, and her version of events (!). Diary is the only one who knows Scarlett’s secret little wish. Mack, her high school sweetheart, is back in town for a tenyear reunion, which ripples throughout this small Texas town. Murder and mayhem ensue, with Scarlett in the middle of it. She also has a precious relationship with a little boy named Gray. He brings out both her creative and protective sides. This is an easy read, with just enough humor here and there. A splendid ending!
Sweet story

The characters were well developed, and the mystery contained plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing. I didn't find it believable that she could be suspected or disliked so fiercely and want to stay in Luck, despite her positive friendships. I realize there was supposed to be a mix of feelings with her hometown relationships, but it didn't come off quite right. Very good read

I have read Lizzy series and thought I would try this one. I love the story line wishing there was more of her past but there's enough information to keep you guessing. I had all the elements I find myself liking in a book mystery romance laughter and tears. It kept me guessing who the villain was and I was quite surprised at who it was. I hope that there is more then two books to this series but we shall see. Off to reading book two I listened to this book on audio form. I enjoyed meeting these characters. The narrators voice brought these characters to life in this small town. The plot was interesting and kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. I'm interested in what book 2 will have to say. One Little Wish Yoko Takahashi YouTubevideos Play All Mix One Little Wish Yoko Takahashi YouTube Love Antique Yoko Takahashi Refrain Duration CeltixWizard , Views One Little Wish, Another One De Sandy Wind Sur Dcouvrez One Little Wish, Another One De Sandy Wind SurMusic Coutez De La Musique En Streaming Sans Publicit Ou Achetez Des CDs Et MP Maintenant SurOne Little Wish India Home Health Care The Purpose Of One Little Wish Is To Encourage Conversations Amongst People About End Of Life Care, To Provide Them With Information Regarding Palliative Care And Also To Get Them Acquainted With Our Ongoing Efforts To Get A Legal Framework Put Into Place Which Will Give People Legitimate Rights When It Comes To Making Decisions About Their Last Days Paroles Takahashi Yoko Chanteuse One Little Wish Paroles Paroles Takahashi Yoko Chanteuse One Little Wish Shinpai Nara Mou Shinaide Hoshii Omoide Ga Afure Dasu Yoru Wa Tsukare Hateta Karada Wo Nagedash Shinpai Nara Mou Shinaide Hoshii Omoide Ga Afure Dasu Yoru Wa Tsukare Hateta Karada Wo Nagedash One Little Wish The Little Things Mysteryby One Little Wish The Little Things Mysteryby Gina LaMannaout Ofstars One Little Wish Is The First Book Of The Little Thing Mystery Bookwritten By Ms LaManna Is A Great Book The Plot Is Awesome With Twist And Turns And Second Chances And Through A Few Deaths To Make This A Well Rounded Story The Characters Are Well Written With Strong Personalities And The Way Their Quirky Ways Play Off Each Other One Little Wish About India One Little Wish Hopes To Bring About A Change By Helping People Live Out Their Last Days The Way They Wish To To Do So, We Want To Createawareness About End Of Life Care By Bringing Inspiring Stories And Important Information To People One Little Wish YouTube Evento EvangelionSugar Queen One Little Wish Wattpad One Little Wish Teen Fiction Valerie Hankins, An Eleventh Grade Girl Has Fallen In Love With Someone She Doesn T Even Know She Met Dave By Accident, But He Keeps Hiding His True Identity All He Has Revealed Is That He Lives In The Same Town, He S Also , And He Goes To A Pri One Little Wish A Romantic Suspense Novel The One Little Wish Is A Full Length, Southern Cozy Mystery With A Strong Female Protagonist And A Hot As Sin Hero Note This Book Can Be Read As A Standalone, Though It Is Part Of A Larger Mystery Series One Little Wish One Little Wish Kit Is A Set Of Tools For Empowerment, The Little Extra Boost You Need To Soar In Life If An Extra Birthday Wish In Your Life Would Be Very Welcome, Then This Is The Right Spell Kit For You Through The Visualization Process And Exercises, You Learn That The Only Limits In Your Life Are The Ones You Set On Yourself The One Little Wish Kit Will Show You That Impossible Is Just A Word And The Infinite

Originally from St Paul, Minnesota, Gina LaManna has also called Italy and Los Angeles home After studying numbers and equations in college, she realized multiple choice tests were just not for her and began writing books instead She loves cappuccino foam and whipped cream and would subsist solely on sprinkles if possible She currently lives in St Paul with her wonderful husband and family.

❰Reading❯ ➹ One Little Wish (The Little Things Mystery #1)  Author Gina LaManna – Webcambestmilf.info
  • Kindle Edition
  • 277 pages
  • One Little Wish (The Little Things Mystery #1)
  • Gina LaManna
  • English
  • 05 July 2018

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