Only Human (Only Human #1)

Only Human (Only Human #1) This book grabbed me from the first paragraph It s Urban Fantasy loaded with supernaturals, a plethora of sexy, Dominant men and a sexually submissive female protagonist that holds her own among them all, even if she isOnly Human.I have been reading Ms Blevins books for years, love her Safeword series and have stretched my boundaries with each new book This new series is a departure in that it is firmly in the UF genre, with the world building accomplished in a skilled manner that avoids the brain dump often prevalent in a first book of the series and with a cast of supes that runs the gamut vampires, tiger and dragon shifters and and that s before we even speak about Kirsten, who is certainly not ONLY human.This series has great potential, with a terrific premise, hot sexy dust ups and lots of room to expandI cannot wait for the next one ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewUpdate 6 25 16 I thought I d do a re read before I read book 2, An Unhuman Journey.I bought it this time, I loved it again and I m already into book 2, which is amazing Kitty s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsWhenever I read Candace Blevins, I have some very distinct ideas of what to expect I expect hot BDSM scenes, hot love scenes, characters with stamina and strong willed women I expect to be surprised and, most definitely, expect to be entertained So, when the ARC of Only Human showed up on my Kindle, I was excited, thrilled and ready to read a hot, steamy, sex filled, BDSM romance Well, I didn t get what I expected What I got was a preview to a new Urban Fantasy series by Candace I got one hell of a strong, beautiful woman with several hot, steamy men after her Some for pleasure and some for death I got surprised because this novel is so much off of what I have grown to love and adore about reading Candace Now, I expect More excitement, thrills and adventure I expect of the hot, steamy love scenes I expect of the Vampires, Shape shifters and Gods And, I definitely expect an HEA, eventually.Kirsten, Aaron, Nathan Abbott, Mordecai, Randall Alex, Eddie All characters in the book, all with their own story on how they became supernatural All possibly interested in Kirsten Yes, Abbott has her now, Aaron and Eddie had her before, Nathan may not be interested but the rest are all fair game But, can they fulfill her they way she needs Can they make her submit There lies the question and only one has proven to her that he can bring her to her knees.So, no, I didn t get what I expected I got a lot Unfortunately, Candace Blevins raised the bar with Only Human for me She added a new layer to her unbelievable writing skills She has brought herself out of BDSM and into the Urban Fantasy world She enthralled me, had me turning pages to see what was going to happen next She had me cheering for Abbott, feeling sorry for Aaron I have no inkling as to what Nathan really feels Mordecai is a real unknown to me and I can t wait to see if Kirsten takes him up on his offer But, most of all she had me smiling.So, sometimes you don t get what you expect Sometimes you are disappointed and a little let down that you didn t get what you expected Then, that one time happens and what you expected is less than what you really got You know, like on Christmas morning when you ve hinted at what you really wanted and don t find it under the tree Then, out of the blue, you not only get your new Kindle, but find it loaded with books from all of your favorite authors WIN Now, unfortunately for Candace, I expect And, what s funny about that, I know that Candace will deliver She s never let me down and I don t expect her to do it in the future Outrageously surprised with Only Human is the only way to describe how I felt when I turned the last page of the book Candace has done it again, she pulled me in, tied me up and made me submit, with a smile on my face.Review copy provided for an honest review. 5 stars Amazing fell in love with H h First met the H in the book Duke he sparked my interest straight away If this is any indication of future books i m all in Auto buy DNF at 52%Yet another story about a human woman with super duper amazingly special skills and a master vampire who is lusting after herAdmittedly, the bdsm aspect in an UF series felt new and different, and I usually like that sort of thing, but I was unable to gel with any of the characters Therapist at day, Buffy monster hunter at night Nah, not feeling it Moving on to better books. I have to admit that I have read the world of Kirsten O Shea out of order so I already knew about some of the characters in this book That being said I really, really enjoyed this book Kirsten O Shea isn t your typical human, she has special powers that allows her to fight against the EVIL supernatural that are walking around Kirsten O Shea is a sex therapist by day and a badass by night I haven t enjoyed a female character this much in a long time.Kirsten is a dominate female and doesn t take orders from anyone except in the bedroom where she is a sexual submissive She is the perfect two sides to a coin character I enjoyed when she was letting loose on the evil that has invaded her town but I loved when she let her guard down and submitted to her desires Aaron Drake, owner of Drake Securities, aka The Dragon King, has Kirsten on his payroll as the therapist for all of Drake Securities employees to use when needed Kirsten knows that Aaron is a weredragon and she fights alongside of him when needed He is also a close friend that trusts her implicitly Although there is nothing sexual between them now they do have a special bond Now, Nathan on the other handhe is an Alpha Lion and there is just something between him and Kirsten that I can t figure out They do not like one another at all and you know there s is a fine line between love and hate but they haven t crossed that line yet so they just hate each other Their story has me on the edge of my seat waiting to see if they get together at some pointbut that doesn t happen here, but you never know what the next book will bring Abbott is the main love interest of Kirsten, but he had a lot of competition in this book It would seem that most of paranormal and mythological alpha men have the hots for Kirsten I look forward to reading An Unhuman Journey to see what happens next This book was provided by the Author through the BDSM group on Goodreads in exchange for my honest review I received an ARC from the Author in Exchange for an honest Review I wasn t sure what to expect when I decided to read this book since it was first time read a book from this author This was a well written book and I really enjoyed to book I really loved all the characters but Kristen is kick a female and a strong female even though she is a submissive she says it like it is I also enjoyed Abbott who is the sexy vampire that is interested in Kristen and also a Dom too The sexual build up between the two is explosive that you just want to continue until the end to see if the submissive Kristen will give in to the Dom vampire. I don t really have a lot to say about this book, it has a lot of high ratings but it just didn t work for me and I only made it to about 34% before I gave up on it.It s not badly written but I felt it was trying to do too many things at once and not quite hitting the mark on any of them The main character Kristen is a sex therapist by day and a demon hunter by night which makes for an interesting combination She s into the BDSM lifestyle which is something you don t tend to see much of in UF so I was very curious to see how it was handled but it just felt like every guy she meets was someone she had either already had sex with or was thinking about having sex with in the future There were just too many hot and powerful guys who were all vying for her attention I wanted focus on the actual story.I never really connected to Kristen s character and I was bored by the mundane details we see of her It s very much written in a I did this, then I did that and then XXX happened to me style and that rarely works for me, especially if I don t like the main character.I m obviously in the minority here so don t let me put you off trying it but I can think of a lot of other UF series that I d recommend you read first Honestly, I m kind of mad that I wasted so much time waiting for this book to get better I wanted it to be good, and it s just not Stylistically, it s clunky and awkward, and the excessively long, clinical explanations drag down an already overencumbered plot There are way too many alpha male types, all of whom seem to fawn over the main character within moments of meeting her, and she herself comes across as reckless and stubborn poorly spun in an attempt to appear daring and independent In addition, the author appears to be one who subscribes to the independent women have to be in the boys club , because she spends a lot of time talking about how Kirsten doesn t usually act like such a female, or doesn t usually do such female stuff like cry after murdering the shit out of a bunch of bad guys , or how she used to be a shallow and materialistic female because she was a model and a ballerina and a juggler before an injury ended her career which is no longer a hindrance because she healed herself and led her to become a therapist and a demon hunter.Oh yeah, did I mention she used to be a juggler, model, and ballerina before becoming a therapist and demon hunter In between those radical career changes, she apparently also found time to learn about energy manipulation and martial arts from Native American ceremonies which is the easiest way to co opt some mysticism without having to research exactly what she studied and with whom and by studying with monks in China.I m starting to get ranty because I really want to share exactly HOW bad, boring, and at times than borderline offensive this book is, so I ll just leave it at this whoever said this was like early Anita Blake was dead wrong This is like shitty sex obsessed forgot she used to be a necromancer Anita Blake, and I 100% do not recommend to anyone, even people I dislike I deeply regret spending money on this. Buy this book NOW I ve already read this book three times and I love it This new series from talented BDSM writer Ms Blevins is a winner This is the story which Safeword Storm Clouds should have been In this new series, there are character crossovers between the Safeword world Let s see if you can find them as quickly as I could And let s see if you recognize Kirsten.In this story, Kirsten is a human That is all she is to her knowledge She does have a special skill to help hunt supernaturals She s a bit like Buffy the Vampire Slayer but a lot mature and way kinkier Her day job is as a therapist every character must have a flaw Kirsten leads a pretty happy life with a good part time boss, Aaron Drake who is a Dragon She is a single mother by choice who adopted a Chinese orphan from China And she s able to shoot lasers out of her hands to kill demons What s not to like about her Did I mention the BDSM Kirsten is a sexual submissive She s a kick ass martial artist and independent woman during the day and sexy submissive at night to a dominant male For the past years, she s been training with a Dominant who s taken almost all of her limits and removed them This is all done in an amazing way I m melting in a puddle of goo just reading about how Kirsten is trained even though I m a bit afraid.This book could be cookie cutter trope with alpha dominant males and a kick ass heroine Ms Blevins takes a much beloved trope and creates a game changer This story carries her brand of super nova hawt BDSM as well as well developed characters For those who loved the early Anita Blake books by Laurell K Hamilton, this is the series you were waiting for This is better written, better sex with no penetration, better characters and no narcissistic main characters From a world building perspective, it s just unfolding I can t wait to read about it It is familiar to many who read paranormal romance and urban fantasy What Ms Blevins does is blend it with some mythological figures which may bring a smile to many readers face.I love the characters in this story What I like is that they are not infallible They make mistakes and own up to them There are several hot dominant males in this story They kept me at a constant humming erotic haze and I fantasized about submitting to them As each alpha male Dominant appears, I respond the same way as Kirsten panting with desire and doing my best to stay calm Ms Blevins doesn t even have any intercourse in this story until the very end and yet this book is erotically explosive because she is able to capture the D s dynamic so well For those who are D s lovers, this book will rock you Each of the dominants make me want to kneel down and whimper for just a taste of their dominance The BDSM in this story is amazing and I could go on and on about it It s best experienced Suffice to stay, Ms Blevins does tone down the SM and ups the D s Her love of contracts does come into play just a little bit in this story The descriptions of the scenes are so vivid it is easy to slip into a sexual yearning whilst witnessing Kirsten submitting Even the non erotic parts are still charged with a sexual tension.Lastly, I must note the Chinese part to this story It is very clear to me Ms Blevins did her research into China and probably has visited China The two secondary characters in here which are Chinese are very accurate and makes me happy They aren t some white character with a Chinese name Ms Blevins is able to translate the nuances of being Chinese for these two characters and I love her for it I can t wait to read the next book in this series This urban fantasy is highly recommended to kinky readers who love mentally stable heroines who are strong, sexy and still be sexually submissivearc provided by the author Book One Of An Exciting New Urban Fantasy Series Someone Is Abducting Women And Killing Men In A Way To Get Kirsten O Shea S Attention Luckily, She Has Some Formidable Friends And Allies In The Supernatural World, And She Isn T Without Her Own Defenses, EitherA Powerful Master Vampire Romances Her While The Alpha Werewolf Flirts With Her, And An Ancient Being Who Used To Be Worshipped As A God Wants Her Dead, But Kirsten Survives, Even If She Is Only Human candacesblevins and Goodreads

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