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Kun ét livThis was a slow paced police procedural that frequently dealt with the private lives of the investigators than the crimes they were trying to solve The murder of a teenage girl of Jordanian descent is suspected of being an honour killing Then, however, her best friend a white Danish girl is also murdered with similar strange marks found on her body.There s no doubt the novel is well researched and well intended and it does deal with the thorny issue of the clash between Islamic and European cultures in a sensitive manner However, as a crime thriller it fell down with a lack of momentum or focus. I have a quibble with the publication of these booksthe first one still has not been published in English, the publishers put out a later books as her first one I like to read books in order as character develops and history of the main characters is established This is common with Scandinavian mysteries, I have waited ages for enough books to be published to be able to follow this series as properly as I can, and just got an Anne Holt s Hannah Wilhelmsen book which allows me to read them in proper order, that took years The first one I encountered had her in a wheel chair, but I discovered there was a whole stack of books with her as an able bodied person prior to the event that put her in the wheel chair, that felt like a real spoiler, so I put it on the stack quietly bought the books slotted them in their proper evolutionary spots until I got to her origin That being said, I enjoyed this book very much It was dealing with the uneasy relationships Danish society has with its recent spate of immigrants from counties torn apart by war, many of them Muslim The forward thinking Danes are uncomfortable with what they think of as the restrictive nature of the lives of Muslim women, and the immediate response around a murder is to begin investigating it as an honor killing Everyone has to check their prejudices and assumptions before the proper view is found to establish the motivation for the murder This was a good read, entertaining, thought provoking, and well paced A good entry in the ongoing series Strongly recommended for mystery fans. Jealousy, Obsession, And Family Honor Have Fatal Consequences For An Immigrant Community On The Fringes Of Seemingly Idyllic Copenhagen SocietyIt Was Clearly No Ordinary Drowning Inspector Louise Rick Is Immediately Called Out To Holbraek Fjord When A Young Immigrant Girl Is Found In The Watery Depths, A Piece Of Concrete Tied Around Her Waist And Two Mysterious Circular Patches On The Back Of Her Neck Her Name Was Samra, And Louise Soon Learns That Her Short Life Was A Sad Story Her Father Had Already Been Charged Once With Assaulting Her And Her Mother, Sada, Who Makes It Clear That Her Husband Would Indeed Be Capable Of Killing Samra If She Brought Dishonor To The Family But She Maintains That Samra Hadn T Done Anything Dishonorable Then Why Was She Supposed To Be Sent Back To Jordan Samra S Best Friend Dicte Thinks It Was An Honor Killing A Few Days Later Dicte Is Discovered, Bludgeoned To Death, And Samra S Younger Sister Has Gone Missing Navigating The Complex Web Of Family And Community Ties In Copenhagen S Tightly Knit Ethnic Communities, Louise Must Find This Remorseless Predator, Or Predators, Before It Is Too Late Have I mentioned how much I love Sara Bl del I rarely read mysteries but I challenged myself to read a few this month.While looking for reads I might like I stumbled upon this book by Sara Blaedel Ok I will admit part of the draw was that a blurb said Ms Blaedel was the Queen of Nordic Noir oh mystery here I come.This was the third in her Louise Rick series but the fact the story revolves around a Jordanian immigrant girl s death in a small Danish town had me interested in the story than worrying about not starting at the beginning of a series.I don t like giving spoilers but this book touched on so many topics that are relevant in the world today People trying to understand each other s cultural and religious differences and the women s movement.Though not a tue story as I read I thought back over news stories I had seen over the past few years and realized how things in this book could happen especially when you are looking at a situation where many apply broad brush strokes over how they perceive differences in immigrant behavior and beliefs to their own.Overall this was a fantastic read I will admit there were a few small plot points, especially in the beginning that I had no reference to since I picked up in book three Those were easy enough to overlook as the story progressed As I said I am not a fan of the mystery genre but I could not put this down and read it In one sitting Living in the U.S I found a hard copy of this used online and you can bet I will be looking for the first two books in the story very soon Sara Blaedel has made me a believer in Nordic Noir Unfortunately, I can t say I liked this novel Because I didn t As it gets better as it progresses, it s still a one dimensional effort, showing very shallow research on its main selling point honor killings There is no narration make from the Arabic family whatsoever, that would ve highlighted the struggle of living in Occident, coming from the Middle East, which is so heavily rooted into religion and tradition Blaedel always stops her character at saying Well, this is a cultural difference and I don t understand, but I don t like it either By the end, Bladel at least proves she s a competent novelist and at least digs a little deeper into some characters, but it takes so much time to take off Also, this won t fool any experienced mystery readers, as I had spotted the culprit before page 100 Only One Life had glimpses of interest the Moller family s dymanic, the fashion subplot, etc but it fell flat for me. Denmark has been in the news fairly often lately for conflicts between ethnic Danes and the immigrant Muslim population This police procedural puts this cultural tension in sharp relief, providing an engaging way to glean insights into the clash of civilizations now occurring in the West and particularly in Europe.Louise Rick, a 37 year old Inspector with the Copenhagen homicide investigation unit, receives a temporary reassignment to the elite Mobile Task Force A young Muslim girl has been murdered near Holbaek, an hour or so from Copenhagen An honor killing is suspected Honor killings occur in some cultures in which a family member has done something perceived to bring shame and dishonor upon the entire extended family The objectionable behavior can include, among other things, any perceived sexual misconduct including getting raped associating with others outside the community and adopting their values or even disobedience This can cause the whole family to become outcasts if the behavior is not avenged Some women in these tightly knit cultures prefer that the honor killings take place rather than having to endure the loneliness and humiliation of exclusion And many of the women, having never been exposed to different systems of thought, cannot transcend the socialization that encourages them to believe the abuse or murder is justified.As the author indicates in an excerpt from a U.N report of March 2010, The United Nations Population Fund estimates that perhaps as many as five thousand women and girls a year are killed by members of their own families Many women s groups in the Middle East and Southwest Asia suspect the number of victims is about four times greater Louise s best friend Camilla is a reporter, and tries to diffuse the smoldering anti immigrant mood surrounding the murder story by writing about non immigrant groups using shame to control their members, especially females She also reports on the number of girls in these groups who take their own lives as a response to the ostracism and humiliation inflicted upon them.Meanwhile, in the midst of the investigation, there is a budding romance between two of the characters, and here Blaedel is exceptional at capturing the emotions that accompany new relationships, as in this example Let s stop here, she said, releasing her firm hold on him, but nonetheless willingly allowing herself to be pushed along as he guided her backward, both hands on her hips, away from the Irish coffee toward the house As they walked slowly so she wouldn t stumble, her eyes bore into his to determine how big a catastrophe this was What did he think of her Had she pressured him into this Did he feel like he couldn t turn her down How crushing a failure would it be when he said this was all a mistake That they should have stopped before they even started In fact, the author s dialogue is very good when any emotional scene is involved The scene in which Louise brought bad news to the parents of a second girl killed had me in tears.Discussion This turned out to be quite an enjoyable book, but it had to grow on me Two things took me a while to get used to 1 It has a largish cast of characters having both Danish and Jordanian names this adjustment difficulty obviously being my problem rather than the author s and 2 It has a somewhat stilted narrative style, which I think could well be a function of translation At the same time, the parts with dialogue have a much better flow Certainly it is true that each culture and its language may have a wholly different syntax Moreover, the arrangement of linguistic elements may be one way for dialogue and another for narration The fact that the properties of the language may seem alien to us is not necessarily a reflection upon the skill of an author or translator At any rate, once I got accustomed to these constituents of the story, it became very engaging Evaluation This book provides the usual suspense, humor, and romantic interludes that characterize squads of dedicated police professionals at least in fiction The thought provoking look at the tensions between two different cultures and the spotlight on gender politics adds a great deal of interest to the story I definitely want to read books by this author.Rating 3.5 5 First Line She could just make out the blue flashes between the densely grown tree trunks, but she couldn t see how many police vehicles were at the scene.Inspector Louise Rick is called in to help local Danish police with a drowning that s anything but ordinary Samra, a young immigrant girl, has been found in Holbraek Fjord, a large slab of concrete tied around her waist and mysterious circular marks on the back of her neck.Samra s life was short and sad, with a father who d already been charged with assaulting her and her mother There s no doubt in her mother s mind that her husband would be capable of killing Samra if he believed she had brought dishonor to the family But Sada insists that her daughter had done nothing dishonorable, even though the girl was supposedly being sent home to Jordan.Samra s best friend believes her death to be an honor killing Within days this young girl is also dead, and Samra s younger sister is missing Louise Rick and her journalist friend, Camilla Lind, have their work cut out for them in solving this case Is it yet another honor killing in the immigrant community, or is it something else entirely This is the third book in the Rick Lind mystery series and the second to be published in the United States Author Sara Blaedel is often referred to as the Queen of Danish Crime, but to be honest I could not warm up to this book or its characters Almost from the first page, I felt as though I d missed my bus and kept chasing after it as it disappeared down the street.Blaedel gives the reader a lot of facts about honor killings before the book even begins It s a horrible problem that I was made aware of here in Phoenix in 2009 when four boys aged 9, 10, 13, and 14 lured a developmentally disabled 8 year old girl into a shed on the pretense of getting some gum They then held her down and took turns raping her What was the reaction of the father of the raped girl The man told the case worker and a police officer, Take her I don t want her As horrible as that is to anyone who wasn t raised with that cultural behavior, at least the man told those two to take her away She d brought shame to his family He could ve killed her.So as far as the topic of honor killings go, this is an informative book to read However, so little background on the two main characters was given and enough references made to things that happened in previous books that I constantly felt frustrated The plot also hinges on the reader believing in one certain outcome, and since I guessed early on that something else was going on, the false trail seemed clumsily done.My enjoyment of this book might have been greater had I read the previous book in the series, but series books should be able to stand on their own without help from the ones published earlier The reader should want to read the older books in order to enhance their experience, not feel as though they have to read them in order to understand the characters and what s going on As much as I wanted to like this book, I m going to have to quote the late, great W.C Fields On the whole, I d rather be in Philadelphia. The very idea of Honor Killingsthat the recalcitrant actions of one person could lead another family member to commit murderboggles the mind Even though our society seems to have lost all concept of Shame and or Honorthe thought of Murder for Honor makes me blench Not to mention the fact that, according to this book, most Honor Killings are perpetrated my members of the Extended Familythose living outside the country where the Killing took place..All of which is Nice Good.except , in the case of this book, Honor Killings are a matter of Police Proceduraland Journalistic Hubris..and so it goesLouise Rick is caught up in another Honor Killing case, after being.sourced out to the town of Holbaekwhere a Jordanian immigrant girl s battered corpse is discoveredawash in a cold sea Enter Dicta Moller.dead girl s best friend and aspiring Model.she s got the Looks..the Linchpin of this story..Be Warned Teen Angst abides in this story in a rather Wooden manner.as does Rape by a Family MemberAfter much backforth..with Samra s family the Jordanian girl.and the whole Honor Killing thing.and Dicta Teenage Slut..I was left with a let down feelingmainly because the whole tone of the Narrative is dry as dust but, I ll chalk that up to the translation or full of excess characters Camilla the Journalist was present..to remind the reader of the previous novel.CALL ME PRINCESSand the fact that Samra s murder had nothing to do with Honor Killingjust Family Hubris..and teenage ambitionThe denouement wasn t unexpected..just Slow on Arrival..My second read by Sara Blaedelit was better than CALL ME PRINCESS.but still too busy, in ways that didn t keep the story moving..I like this woman s storiesjust wish they had life..in the translation This was a Net Galley This novel is released on December 24, 2018This was my first novel my Bleadel and to me, the mystery factor didn t wow me very much It had very intriguing storyline which is what made me want to read it, but while I was reading, I started losing interest about halfway through the novel That being said, it was still very good Detective Louise Rick is such an interesting character and I loved her persistence and how she never gave up on the case It s very rare that we got a female detective in books and that s one thing that I liked about this novel The fact that Louise was given a sort of small love life in the novel is very different to see in a mystery since usually the plot is simply focused on the murder It s nice of Bleadel to do that for Louise I loved the plot of the novel but the ending was a not very good one The killer was revealed simply out of the blue and personally, I think that it was not a very good twist The reasoning as to why it was done was somewhat shocking since secrets were revealed and all the puzzle pieces came together I do think that it could have been a little mystery based and the killer could ve been a little of a shocker I would love to see how the relationship with Louise and Mik will work out in future novels Thank you to Hachette Book Group Canada and Grand Central Publishing for providing me with an advanced copy of this novel.

Sara Blaedel is the author of the 1 international bestselling series featuring Detective Louise Rick Her books are published in thirty seven countries In 2014 Sara was voted Denmark s most popular novelist for the fourth time She is also a recipient of the Golden Laurel, Denmark s most prestigious literary award In 2016 she published the first book The Undertakers Daughter in a new trilogy

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