Out of the Shadows (Werewolf Wars, #1)

Out of the Shadows (Werewolf Wars, #1) This was a great book that got me out of my reading funk However, I would like to note that there are some small grammar errors throughout If this is something that would drive you nuts, wait for the updated version to be uploaded If you can read past it, than you ll like the book. I really enjoyed this book At first I felt like the story love story was taking too long to form, but when it finally did, the book went from 3 stars straight to 4 If your like me, you love shifter romances because of the whole yummy mine things the alphas do It s kind of like you are guaranteed a happy ending, in one way or another, and after some of the books I read, I definitely need it.I liked this book because the trouble was after them and not between them There were no lies or crazyness, just a pure, sweet romance between these two They experience the whole I hate you I like you thing until they finally can t take it and it is SUPER HOT.I love the story line around them, taking the bad alpha out and setting wrongs to rights within the packs.I loved how it ended, the bad guy still out there and looking to cause trouble for the next couple coming up.The only thing that bothered me was I felt like some of the story was mixed up Like literally a section should have been like a chapter ago instead of the chapter it was in For instance, there s the part where Devon is taking Lark to see his house and she falls in the woodsblah blah blahsexy shower sceneblah blah blah, the next day she wears her yellow dress and they go on their first date and then go home When they get home, Devon goes into a meeting with Gene and when he comes out he sees Lark in the bathroom with a boo boo on her knee bleeding When he asks about it she says she didn t realize her fall in the woods had caused her to bleed Then they cue shower sex again, but are taking off their work out clothes That s all from their first night I thought Their outfits they wore out to dinner were totally different..Anywho, do recommend and can t wait for Talia and Gene In An Attempt To Save His Sister, Emily, From Becoming A Breeder, Devon Harris Defies His Alpha And Flees His Home With His Sister His Actions Lay The Foundation For A War Between The Packs They Seek Refuge At His Uncle Rick S Ranch, And There, He Meets The Fiery Human Lark In The Midst Of A War, Does He Dare Let Himself Fall For Her Rick Harris Has Been Like A Second Father To Lark Davies Since Her Parents Died In An Accident Three Years Ago She Is The Sole Guardian Of Her Younger Sister And The Owner Of Her Own Bakery, Leaving Her Little Time For A Social Life Lark Instantly Feels The Allure To Devon Even Though They Are Constantly At Odds With Each Other However, Danger Lurks Around Every Corner As Lark Spends Time With The Pack, She Is Drawn Further Into The Werewolf World A story of good shifters escaping and challenging bad shifters, a romance with the usual challenges and family dynamics Interesting but a bit violent for my tastes If you enjoy shifter romance with good and evil you will enjoy this book. This book has been sitting on my kindle for a couple of months now and had it not been for the prequel novella Forbidden Hope I most likely would never have actually got round to reading it This book picks up where Forbidden closed, well to be exact there s a slight overlap but it starts with Devon, Emily and Vincent arriving at Uncle Ricks seeking sanctuary.I like the whole idea behind this series and I m looking forward to future books but I have to say the whole Devon and Lark hot, cold, on, off, hot, cold, on etc, etc, etc got on my nerves a bit, for me it was overdone Apart from this its a good interesting read and everything is in place for this to be a really good series. Out of the ShadowsI enjoyed reading this book Werewolves and regular folks band together to fight a growing menace threatening the women of the group I did not like the abrupt ending designed to force me onto the next book If this is not an issue for you it s a nice easy read. I enjoyed the ebb and flow of Lark and Devon s relationship Their oil and water personalites made for a great tease on what would happen next, and what would ultimately become of this fiesty duo I like the simplicity, but yet complex dynamics of the werewolves and their politics I appreciate the fact that this book concentrated on werewolves, and it didn t require any other paranormal elements If you re a fan of paranormal romances, then I suggest this book I look forward to reading the rest of the series, and anything else written by Bethany Shaw. I love Ms Shaws writing style It s grabs a hold of you and flows like water with occasional surprise twist and turns Her stories are without a doubt written from her heart Her characters are well developed full characters Devon and Lark are a great couple and fun Their I hate you, I love you relationship growing pains are funny and endearing The sex is HOT This is really a great start to a new series Loved it Thanks for allowing me to ARC for you once again. Out of the Shadows Slow start with an exciting finish Sassy and spunky heroine and a hunky, ill tempered, misunderstood hero Great secondary characters especially Vincent and the storyline is straightforward Looking forward to see what the gulf packs have in store Happy Reading Everyone Slow start with an exciting finish Sassy and spunky heroine and a hunky, ill tempered, misunderstood hero Great secondary characters especially Vincent and the storyline is straightforward Looking forward to see what the gulf packs have in store.

I am happily married to my husband of almost nine years and have two wonderful children.I have always loved reading and writing and am thrilled to have published my first novel Paranormal romance is my go to genre and the genre I prefer to write in I love the unique feel of creating an entirely different world and implementing it into the human verse.

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  • Out of the Shadows (Werewolf Wars, #1)
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