Pandora Gets Greedy (Mythic Misadventures, #6)

Pandora Gets Greedy (Mythic Misadventures, #6) Pandora Is Off To Rome In Search Of Greed With A Little Magical Help, Pandy And Her Friends Pose As Servants For A Roman Senator But The Hard Work Leaves Little Time To Search For Evils Not To Mention Dealing With The Senator S Bratty Daughter When A Feud Breaks Out Between The Senator And Julius Caesar, Pandy Finally Gets The Courage She Needs To Search For Greed But There Is An Odd Twist The Greek Gods Are In Town On A Family Reunion With Their Roman Counterparts Are The Double Gods Just A Coincidence Or Are They Here To Help Her The Magic And Humor Of Carolyn Hennesy S Beloved Series Is Back In Full Force Fans Will Be Thrilled By The New Twists And Turns And Next Year Will Bring Us The Final Chapter In This Exciting Quest

Carolyn Hennesy, a Los Angeles native, has been in over 100 theatrical productions spanning the LA., regional and international theatre scenes Having trained at American Conservatory Theatre and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London as well as earning a dramatic scholarship to the California State University at Northridge, she has played such distinguished houses as the Mark Taper Forum, Ariz

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  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Pandora Gets Greedy (Mythic Misadventures, #6)
  • Carolyn Hennesy
  • English
  • 04 January 2019
  • 9781599904412

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    Pandora Gets Greedy is another great book I ve read from Mythic Misadventures series This time the setting takes place in Rome What I found fascinating about this book is that the Greek gods will go to Rome and meet with their Roman counterparts I found it amazing how every god has their own twin with the same appearance and personality I used to always think that a Greek god can transform into a Roman god, but it s different in this book This time Pandora needs to capture the sixth evil Greedy with her best friends This time Alcie is back from the underworld and she gets to join Pandora with capturing all seven evils While reading this book I noticed that the gods have many human like personalities such as getting jealous easily or telling jokes to other gods The antagonists in this book are Hera and Juno Hera s Roman counterpart They re using their amazing powers to kill and stop Pandora and her friends from capturing the seventh evil This time I actually thought Hera and Juno can kill Pandora and her friends because they both have the same target and they could combine their powers to achieve their desires I m also excited to read the next book

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    If you like reading about Greek mythology, teenage life, and adventures then you will like this book The lesson of this book is that you should never listen to what those that do not wish well for you have to say, as an influence for your actions Pandora is a teenage girl living in the city of Athens in ancient Greece Her father is the mighty Prometheus She and her two friends, Alcie and Iole, stay close together as they go through life in Athena Maiden Middle School, always blushing about boys and avoiding their rivals Helen and Hippia When she gets her annual school project where she has to bring an object that shows how the gods are present in her everyday life, she has no idea of what to bring, and she certainly cannot bring her dad s liver again One day she stumbles upon a box under her parents bed, and remembers that it was given to her father from Zeus as a burden for disobeying him.She decides to use it for her project, being extra careful not to break or drop it, but lets the box into the wrong hands The box breaks releasing the greatest evils, and they engulf Pandora s world with misery and chaos Now on the orders of Zeus, Pandora must take a journey across the land and sea to search for the evils, and with the help of her two friends, a few supplies, and some help from the gods she must capture the evils to save her collapsing world.My favorite quote from this book is, Pandy knew that her life, if she had one was never going to be the same This is my favorite quote because it shows that Pandora is about to go through some life changing events It shows that it is so life changing to the point that the Pandora questions herself about having a life I can personally relate to this book because as a girl in middle school like Pandy, I understand how it feels to be offered items, invitations, and other opportunities that can get me some sort of popularity or attention I know how it is like to lie for my own selfish reason, like when I want to get what another has Just like how Pandora lied to get a good grade on her project without having to do too much work I know how it feels to try and fit in, and just like Pandora I have two friends that always stay by my side.This book made me really think about why girls do the wrong things for popularity because the main character senselessly gave away an item very important to her dad, so she could be invited to one of the popular girls party.

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    When I say this series is kind of like Percy Jackson for girls, I m not meaning it at all derogatorily It s every bit as exciting, fun, full of actual Greek myth The pace moves quickly the characters continue to develop in personality Of course, this series has nothing to do with the modern world even main character Pandora is, of course, a figure of myth In this book, she s after the sixth of seven terrible things she accidentally let out of her dad s famous box greed In order to come across it, she her trusty friends Alcie, Iole, Homer, must go ten years into the future to the newly powerful city of Rome, where they become slaves in the house of one seriously obnoxious senator Things are about to get seriously crazy, but at least Pandy s arch nemesis Hera is still in pieces in Persia or is she Honestly, in spite of the definitely girly cover art, I d have no problems at all recommending this series to any kid who loved Percy, girl or boy Can t wait to see how things finish up in the final book.

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    All rightconsidering that I read the last few books in this series a few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised that I still thoroughly enjoyed this I loved the greek and roman mythology, this book gave the gods and goddesses a much entertaining role.Knowing that this book was geared towardyounger readersI still adored it It was a fun, relaxing read.Okay, the one thing I HAVE to mentionI was so, super duper, annoyed with one character Rufina Oh my goodness, she s worse than my brotherand my brother is really bad Not only is she incredibly demanding and unfairshe s also just plain mean I honestly couldn t stand her It s been a long time since I ve hated a character so much.Oh, and I loved Pandora as much as I hated Rufina Pandora has such great and admirable qualitiesand ohmygoodness, that ending Okay Six books down, one to go I even have the last one in my possession so I can get right on to reading it instead of waiting another few years Yay

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    An amusing read, Hennessy has written a perfect installment for a fulfilling series A great twist on the old Pandora s Box Myth, the author has readily captured the hearts of children ages eight to fifteen The only negative thing, however, is that when it comes to Pandy s own personal love life It s forced and rushed her most recent admirer, a young brilliant Persian youth, seems overly appreciative, when Pandora herself doesn t think twice about him Though through this book we ve gained a bit respect for him and his faithfulness, he came across as a very weak character.

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    I have loved all the rest of the books in the series, and this one didn t disappoint me in my assumption that I was going to love this one as well I can never get tired of Pandy, her friends, and all the comedy with the Greek Gods I can t wait till I read the next book If you haven t read this series and liked Percy Jackson, read this series when you can You will love it and this is coming from a 20 year old girl, so age shouldn t matter

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    This title is part of a series and this is the 6th book I have not read the other books in the series and did not know at the time of check out that it was a series my bad But in most series the author is able to write in small reminders of what has occured in previous books so that the reader is not completely lost This did not happen and I was completely lost I will try again with 1st book.

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    This book wasn t as entertaining as some of the other books but I still enjoyed it It had some really funny parts like usual I like seeing of the gods and their personalities I had a few issues with this book but overall it was fine I am looking forward to the last book I want to see how it all ends.

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    In the beginning I thought this was going to be a book I was going to have to drag myself through But as it went on I really enjoyed it I love the character Homer because even though he s dating Alcie he s still a best friend to all the girls and I think that s a really cute relationship that I wish I had.

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    2013 07 19 Young adult novel rooted in mythology In this series, Pandora is searching for all the evils that she let out in the world This time, it was greed I rally enjoyed the Greek and Roman gods teaming up That was a fun little bit Fun book despite being a bit juvenile for me Good, though.

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