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Pandora's KeyMy actual rating of this book is 3.5 stars I put 4 to even the scales of an earlier review that felt the same but marked 3 It was fun to read a story about how Greek mythology plays a role in current time I enjoyed the prologue which told the mythology version of Pandora s Box Not exactly how I remember the story but it was an interesting version The story is set in Portland, Oregon I lived there for a few years so I liked the familiarity The story is about an average teenage girl, Evangeline, who finds out she s anything but average Her mother isn t well and she fears losing her and being on her own While her mother is hospitalized she learns that almost everyone she knows has secrets they ve been keeping from her The secrets of Pandora s Box and how she s involved with the cult as she refers to it There s another story going on that later entwines together in the story A teenage boy, Malledy, is part of a secret group, known only to the rich and powerful, that searches out powerful talisman for their wealthy clients The search becomes personal when he figures out that it can save him from the incurable disease he has, Huntington s disease Evangeline has to quickly find the courage within her to learn about her family s history and protect herself and the people she loves This being the first book in a trilogy, I will definitely read the next two books and follow this story to it s end. I quite enjoyed this lovely new approach to one of the most important legends in Classical Greek mythology Highly suspenseful, adventurous, and roller coaster paced, Pandora s Key kept me turning the pages and reading it in one sitting due to the likable characters, intricately convoluted plotting, and author Nancy Richardson Fischer s smooth and talented writing style I m eagerly anticipating the next book in the series, so I can find out where the protagonist goes from here However, Pandora s Key functions well as a stand alone novel, ending in not so much a cliffhanger as a promise for further stories for eager readers such as myself.Evangeline is the sole daughter of a single mother, Olivia, who was herself a sole child, orphaned at seventeen by the sudden grisly death of her mother She has a lifelong best friend, Melia, who still finds time for her despite Melia s current love interest, Tristin, a new student in Portland and another good friend, Raphe, for whom E continues to wish there could be something in addition to friendship.E as her friends call her and her mother Olivia both have nightmares and in her mother s case, bizarre hallucinations over a period of weeks leading up to Evangeline s birthday On her sixteenth birthday, E receives from her mother the onyx key which Olivia herself had always worn as a pendant, and almost immediately Evangeline s world turns topsy turvy and inside out in a reversal of everything she ever thought she knew as fact both for her personally, and for the world at large I highly recommend Pandora s Key, which has appeal to readers of many different sub genres. When Everything You Believed About Yourself Is A Lie, How Do You Unlock The Truth Evangeline Theopolis Has Nightmares About The Violent Deaths Of Women She Has Never Met Her Single Mother, Olivia, Suffers Delusions She Can T Hide And Malledy, A Brilliant Young Man, May Have A Disease That Will Leave Him Paralyzed And Insane Their Lives Are About To Collide On Evangeline S Th Birthday Her Mother Gives Her A Necklace With An Antique Key Charm A Family Heirloom, Though No One Knows What The Key UnlocksEverything Changes Her Mom Is Hospitalized Her Godmother Attempts Murder An Ancient Order Tries To Kill Evangeline, And A Lethal Sect To Kidnap HerNothing Makes Sense Especially Evangeline S Own Face, Which Has Morphed From Geeky To Eerily Stunning The Ancient Key That Feels Strangely Alive Against Her Skin And The Magical Abilities She Begins To Possess Evangeline Must Use Her Wits And Supernatural Powers To Fight Her Deadly Adversaries And Discover Her True Identity But Can She Accept Who She Really Is And Save The World I wanted to like this book, I did Because 1 the author was kind enough to send me a free copy still appreciate that though and2 My friend Emilija really really liked it And I like her and I still do, we just have a very strong difference of opinion on some matters Like this book Clearly Why, will forever be a mystery to me, and I guess I will just have to mull over how we can have such different opinions and experiences of the same thing The human nature a mystery, eh Because of the 2 beforementioned reasons I finished this book, even if I was not enjoying the ride But I promised the writer, and I was hoping, somehow, to discover something I could appreciate about this book.But I really, really did NOT like this book In my opinion so many things were wrong with it I will try to tell you Spoilers will be hidden in spoiler tags, so don t click them if you don t want to know.My main problems with this book was the writing and the storytelling which was worse and most at fault for making this book so bad, I am undecided.I ll admit, writing is a HUGE deal for me, even than the story itself Good writing can reel me in, keeping me interested in something I really would never have cared about This book did not have that And what was so bad about the writing Well It felt to me like the way a 10 year old writes He she did said x he she felt y It was bland and very banal Here and there it was trying to be descriptive, but it never quite worked, maybe because what it was trying to describe, really didnt matter, or really just wasn t that good of a description but it never had an edge, never compelled me, never made me taste the words And the forwardness of it all, like we would have killed them anyway no one would ever say that other than to be obviously waving a big sign of hello i am bad hate me do it do it now The storytelling kind of goes hand in hand with the language, and, surprise the story I didnt like how it was very out there telling me what to think about different aspects of the story Who was good, who was bad, ect Please, image error Pandora s Key Review on K BooksI really enjoyed reading this book, it s a great story with mythological aspects within the story so a great story for me personally as I love mythology within fiction.Evangeline has always dealt with her Mom s weirdness, her strage behaviour and headaches but what she doesn t count on is discovering a secret sect bound to protect her from her destiny She is a descendent of Pandora and holds the key and the power to Pandora s Box, which must be protected Evangeline holds special powers but she is not sure she believes in them When her path crosses with Malledy, a brilliant boy with a disease sworn to kill him, she must find the strength to believe in her powers or her life may be threatened.I wasn t at all sure about this book at the start I thought it was slow and I was really confused for the first 10% or so You are thrown into this new world where mythology is read I have read a lot of mythology books and I love them but I was quite confused with the events and things happening at the start of the book However I kept going because I could see a brilliant story under all of the confusion.I am so glad I carried on as once I got halfway through I could not put the book down and read the rest of the book in one sitting It was brilliant The second half of the book definitely surpasses the first and the action going on in the book leaves you breathless and waiting with bated breathe to find out what s going to happen I found myself holding my breathe while reading because there were so many twists I didn t know what was going to happen Evangeline is such a fantastic character She is the reason I kept on reading even though I was so confused I really felt for her and just wanted to jump into the book and give her a hug and tell her everything was going to be okay I think one of the things that I loved so much about her is when she found out about being a descendent of Pandora she didn t just believe it straight away She fought it and didn t believe it because it doesn t fit into the real world So many heroine s in modern books find out about something that in real life is impossible and they don t question it at all and that really annoys me so I loved that the lead character in this book wasn t like that.Rafe, I love him He s such a great character and I loved that we were introduced to him as the love interest right at the start of the book But then everything started to go wrong and he disappeared for a while This annoyed me a little because at the beginning of the book he came across to me as the best friend who d loved Evangeline for years and I didn t really believe that he would have left her to deal with things alone I felt that when she wasn t there for their date then he would have tried to find her I felt a lot happy about the book once he came back into the story and in my opinion that s when the pace of the book started to pick up and I couldn t put it down.Nancy is such a great author and she has a way of hooking you to the story and even though you find yourself slightly confused you just can t stop reading I really loved her writing style and it had me racing through the book desperate to see what was going to happen Nancy is definitely an author to look out for.Pandora s Key is such a great book and all mythology fans will love it You just need to look past the initial confusion and you will find yourself falling in love with the story I loved seeing this perception on the myth of Pandora and how the myths haven t died out they have been brought into modern times passed on through generations.A great start to what I hope will be a great mythological series I can t wait to see what happens next. This is a book review based on a free copy from the author Many thanks go to the author for this generosity.The same review is also available in my blog wasn t particularly attracted to the Young Adult genre, but somehow I got drawn into a few of them, with Pandora s Key being one of these Short the story may be, with only about 130 pages in e book format, twists and turns snaking throughout made reading this a distinctly fun process.My feeling at the end of the book was mixed there was a certain satisfaction with how the story goes yet something seemed missing from it at the same time Maybe it was the lack of action or the lack of any ingenuity on the part of the protagonist despite the surprising twists which kept me through the whole book.Pandora at 16With sweet 16 around the corner, Evangeline expected much of the life ahead of her getting a date with her crush, getting married, getting a family, getting a career Her life was not perfect with the lack of a father and the lack of a beauty her mother somehow did not pass to her, but she was content But then again, there wouldn t be a story if everything stayed that way.Somehow her 16th birthday turned out to be a nightmare, and that was after she had nightmares about the final moments of different ladies, all of whom she had no inkling about Her mother s succumb to delusions, her godmother turning into a killer, and the involvement of a certain cult she knew none about all of these made her almost forgot about a charming key chained to a delicate necklace which she received as her birthday gift before all these happened A key which was ancient, which she knew not what door it unlocks, and which she knew not were related to all these events unfolding around her With the obviously named Pandora s Key, it wasn t hard to guess what it really unlockedPandora of GreeceBy twisting Greek mythology slightly, Fischer managed to came up with a fantasy involving a small list of dramatis personae but which all of them were easily recognized From the parallel story of villainous Malledy and the crumbling days after Evangeline s birthday, the story unfolds and revealed how events had conspired since before the defining day of the protagonist s birthday.Especially satisfying was the fact that while I was slightly suspicious of certain characters, I was still taken aback when the revelation came Kudos to Fischer for such a nice sleight of hand in hiding the relationships between characters and entwined them to each other The characters themselves, including some which initially served as sidelines, were cleverly revealed to be tied to the plot, and while not all of them memorable, they do leave enough of an impression to know who is who, unlike certain stories which have such a giant cast that I start to forget who was doing what at where.The story of Pandora being a gift sent from the Greek gods, as well as being endowed with special abilities, should be no stranger to those enchanted by the ancient myth, but the abilities endowed from the gods were slightly altered for the benefit of the story In some sense, these gifts were inherited through Pandora s child as well as her curse.Still, the aforementioned missing item is the fact that Evangeline s abilities were not being utilized in clever little ways, much like Number Four did not utilize his special abilities in clever little tactics in fighting his enemies read from my previous review of I Am Number Four.Even so, Evangeline s portrayal as a young lady at the turning of age being faced with momentous revelations about her life and ancestry could be translated to be the same for all adolescents facing the uncertainty of society life, especially for one stepping out into the working force for the first time Sometimes life could be cruel in rearing its ugly head, but when the worst had passed, it would be one s courage and stamina in facing life that will defined what came out from the fires of the forge.Pandora s PowerThe pace of the story, as well as its twists and turns, is thrilling It brought the momentum which is required to push readers past pages and keep wanting It isn t slow since the beginning, and it didn t slow down until the end.Maybe I am still hooked to the kind of thriller like Dan Brown s and Matthew Reilly s, so much so that I find the momentum and revelation in Pandora s Key not as addicting I would also have expected revelations about the Greek gods since this clearly is in the league of Percy Jackson s Greek adventures, but the story seemed content to deal with magic only through Evangeline, and no divine power seemed to intervene to put things into motion There weren t even any suggestion as to whether they were still watching.Where creativity is concerned, no novel concept, something which I cherish most in stories, was introduced in Pandora s Key, making that another minus for me The story could have brought forth the ancient gods as well as show how Evangeline evades the ingenuity of Malledy, but somehow it all ended without such.All in all, Pandora s Key is a nice book, well deserving its praises from different reviewers and an award from IndieReader Discovery Awards for Young Adult Fiction It would be a better book if the concerns highlighted above are addressed Even with the few negative comments from me, I am still looking forward to Fischer s next installment in The Key Trilogy. for an interview with the author, check out my blog post about Pandora s Key the interview is posted HERE I love anything that has to do with mythology, so I had very high expectations of it Luckily, it lived up to my expectations First of all, my first impression 1 Greek mythology, 2 amazing cover 3 nice author this book has to be freaking fantastic The blurb of this book intigued me, and I instantly started reading it I couldn t put it down, and I had finished it in a couple of hours I read it in 2 sits, which hardly happens to me, so that s a very good thing The main character, Evangeline, is just your average high school girl Not the prettiest, not the most confident, or the smartest of them all Nothing special Or is she She is given a key on her 16th birthday And that key will change her life, forever How can her mothers precious key change her appearance how can it give her enemies The necklace brings up some difficult questions and massive trouble The unknown has to become known to Evangeline Evangeline is a great character Just a normal girl, as I said before Not a silly girl, like some YA book girls are, but a real character, with thoughts and reasonable feelings, which weren t annoying at all I hate it when main characters in books annoy me, so this was perfect This book kept me 100% interested from the first word till the end of the prologue A real pageturner, as I might as well call it The editing had been done well, a nice writing style, all of it was one piece of awesomenessA lovely story for every book lover and even for the ones that don t like mythology at all which includes amazing characters, lots of drama and a huge amount of action. Good story enjoyed the plot I do like mythology base stories and this one was very good I will spare you the synopsis because you can always go and read that elsewhere Onward with the you re probably thinking why four starsand here is why.there was too much thinking going on in her own mind which to me was a little annoying I understand that sometimes the thoughts of the character need to be toldbut it just seem too much Raphe could have been a stronger character I wish she would included him scenes with him in it instead of almost at the end Loved the ending did not see that coming It took me longer to read than I thought I don t know if it was because I kept getting interrupted or there where time where it slowed down a bit or it cold have been that it was like 48 chapters Darn if it s to short and darn if its to long right oh well still good glad I read it I just noticed that there will be a second and third book and because it s mythology I will definitely be reading it Pandora Key didn t really have a big cliff hanger so I can t wait where the story is going to take me next Maybe a little romance in the next book that would really be nice Thank you Nancy for letting me review your book I really enjoyed your story.https profile vihttp w pandohttp www gp cdp member r This book did NOT end up like I expected at all Not one bit in a good way.Some of the characters REALLY pissed me off It is a good sign that the writing draws me in so much, that I start talking back to the book,Oh, no Bestie did NOT just say thatI was honestly ready to throw my Kindle around I was so ticked off You don t know why to trust, how deep the rabbit hole goes Evangeline was feeling like Alice in Wonderland hurtling down the rabbit hole I do love you, he whispered, feeling unbearably sad But there s not enough love in the world to keep me from killing you if you stand in the way of my survival Very unique story, I don t think I ve read any before that focus on Pandora Even the few stories I can think of that involve Gods as in Greek Roman Zeus and the like usually they focus on the Gods themselves, or the demigods But it was an interesting take on the story I m still trying to decide why the story slightly deviated from the one I grew up with, where Pandora trapped Hope in her box.What a mind f ck Seriously, like a conspiracy theory nut s wet dream If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck they re part of this thing, too I will definitely continue the series.Very vanilla, YA, young romance do not read this book expecting serious hanky panky action Raphe said I was beautiful and I believed him I am such a pathetic cliche If you enjoy YA, and PNR Urban Fantasy with some dark undertones a everyone IS out to get me feel to it RUN, don t walk and get your own copy My review may or may not contain spoilers Continue at your own riskI ll start by saying that the prologue felt like a history lesson and I was bored by it But once the story starts I really got into it The characters were believable and the story progressed at a good pace There were moments where I didn t understand what was happening like the first chapter but it still made for an enjoyable read I also enjoyed the Greek mythology of it all Now, if your wondering why I gave it such a rating my answer will be broken into a few categories First, anyone who knows me might argue that the reason I didnt particularly love this book was the lack of romance Well if anyone thought that, they would be right When the story is starting up there are hints of a romance forming and romance loving me will admit that I enjoyed it The problem is that that is all you get a hint of romance Then there is also my dislike for Melia and Evangeline Melia is ridiculous and selfish and I hated the way she betrayed and treated her friend Although I understand her to a point, I disliked her behavior and am not at all her fan I found Evangeline weak I agree with her character being skeptical and in complete denial of everything that happens but the way she handles most situations left me disappointed After reading the description I thought I would be reading a book about some bad ass heroine totally not the case Towards the end of the book she gets a grip and although I agree with her decisions I still disliked her weakness I have the idea that this book might be a hate it or love it kind of book When it came to me it just wasn t my cup of tea I received a free copy of this book from the author through the Shut Up Read group to review.

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