ParadoxLiterally breath taking view of a descent into madness and knowledge of one s own impending doom Really enjoyed this short story 4.5 Book source Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.Ted is in a space capsule heading on a routine mission to Mars He s put into stasis and when he wakes up he s 30 years past his arrival date What How did this happen He doesn t have enough oxygen, water or food to last him even if he could travel back to Mars or Earth What is he going to do Ok, this story freaked me out While I love Star Trek and Star Wars, I have no desire to be away from the plentiful if slightly polluted oxygen available to me here on good old Earth Ted s situation gave me the heebie jeebies And the ending Holy crap I had to read it twice just to make sure I had it right. A short journey through mind..and space sorry couldn t help it or is this a long journey through space and mind Whatever you choose this is an extremely well executed short story Nice way to delve into feelings of isolation and time Speeding up as we approach our death Is there a place such as Valhalla or Heaven Does it affect those last days..hours. minutes having that faith Or knowing we have no controlno way to change course or even put faith on the shelf when science will be ruling the day The title says it s a paradox..I would have to agree, life tends to be one no matter which path you choose.Nice play, Lane The psychological aspects of space travel aside, I believe there was muchto this little gem4.5 stars Fantastic I just loved this one It s the 3rd piece I ve read of Diamond s, and I m now officially a fan He just released a novel too, so I guess that s next on my reading list. Great. as if my earthly fears of dying in fire or under water weren t enough, now Mr Diamond had added death by loneliness in space to my phobias Very well written and laid out in a way that makes me wonder if the author didn t spend some solitary time in a tin can to turn fears into this written word It s a very short read but puts a ton of information in those pagesAnd an ever so subtle surprise that I feel many readers will missbut as I m not one for spoilers, you ll just have to get it and read it for yourself Don t blame me if you start searching outwritings from Lane Diamond Very short Novella, well written, although what I consider to be flowery and old style in its rich use of description rather than character building I prefer stories help me identify with the characters with Paradox, I felt like I was on the outside of the story watching an impending train wreck, hoping for a last minute miracle Then again, isn t that what we want a good story to do Pull us in so hard we can t look away This story was about an event I didn t find myself sympathetic to the protagonist, although I was curious to know where the story was going My potential 4 star rating boosted to a 5 upon the surprise ending I was totally not expecting Well done , Words When I M Able To Set Aside The Terror And The Realization Of What A Horrible Predicament I Face, I Have So Many Questions Why Didn T Space Command Abort The Trip And Stop The Ship Remotely Couldn T They See That Something Was Wrong They Must Have, As Telemetry For Remote Control Was One Of Their Precious Safeguards Did That Fail Too We Have Ourselves A Regular Comedy Of Errors, It Seems, Though I Find It Not Even Remotely Funny It Could Be Worse, I Suppose I Could Be Dead Think About It, Ted I Might As Well Talk To Myself Since There S Nothing Else To Do What Do You Think Is Going To Happen Now Ted Volunteered For The Mission Because, After All, It Was Just A Routine Trip To Mars What Could Possibly Go Wrong In The Deepest, Darkest Reaches Of Space, One Must Fill The Vacuum, The Void, The Emptiness Yet Do We Humans Have The Psychological Stuff For Deep Space Travel If Not, We May End Up Like Ted

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[BOOKS] ✮ Paradox By Lane Diamond –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 53 pages
  • Paradox
  • Lane Diamond
  • English
  • 18 September 2018

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