Paragoy Dimension (Dimensions Saga #2)

Paragoy Dimension (Dimensions Saga #2) Book In The Dimensions Saga Kyrin Is Forced By Daemionis To Stay In Paragoy Dimension, But Only After He Sends Her On A Dangerous Mission To Retrieve The Coveted Seal Of Carathis While Away, She Befriends A Creature That Threatens To Disrupt The Peaceful Life In The Valharan Castle Finn Realizes That The Knights Of Valhara Have A Grudge Against The Known Evil, And He Sets Out To Make Sure Kyrin Is Treated As A Noble He Starts To Realize It S Going To Be A Harder Task Than He First Though, But Feels Indebted To Her Alric Struggles To Understand Why Kyrin Stays With Daemionis He And Sithias Try To Find A Way To Keep Her In Paragoy, When They Become Afraid That She S About To Shift Out Permanently More Nobles Bring Conflict, And Alric S Afraid It May Be Than Kyrin Can Handle

T.M Nielsen doesn t necessarily consider herself an author She s an every day woman who had a story to tell Never intending to let anyone else read it, she decided to put it all down on paper What she ended up with is a fascinating tale filling 7 books full of drama, adventure, action, romance, and excitement.When asked why she decided to publish, she stated, I want for others to be able to f

➷ Paragoy Dimension (Dimensions Saga #2)  Free ➭ Author T.M. Nielsen –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 336 pages
  • Paragoy Dimension (Dimensions Saga #2)
  • T.M. Nielsen
  • English
  • 22 June 2019

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    La storia molto bella, innovativa e ricca di avvenimenti Anche l evoluzione dei personaggi, soprattutto di Kyrin, abbastanza ben sviluppata Tutto per un po troppo frettoloso, inoltre spesso saltiamo dalla testa di Kyrin a quella di Alric, senza che ci sia un punto di vista ben definito Solo tre stelle, principalmente per i tanti, tanti e tanti errori E io sono una che non li nota

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    This a great continuation in this series Kyrin shifts through dimentions easily, but the people there are a danger to her As she matures throughout the book, she continues to grow to trust the people of Paragoy especially the King Paragoy Dimension is funny, heart breaking, and dark at times A book I intend to read many times

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    It was a good read I loved the way that Kyrin handeled everything that was thrown at her, and the way that she is learning slowly but surley that she is not a pure evil Cant wait to see how this actually plays out.

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    3.5These books are quite entertaining, I can t wait till the next becomes free on Nook D

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    Diciamo che avrei preferito pi azione, pi scenari fantasy e meno romanticismospero nel prossimo.

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