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Passionate RelationshipIn Her Enemy s BedThis story was about a young woman who found out her father had not died when she was younger But had left her mother to find work Her mother had died in childbirth Her grandmother raised her until her death She then was raised in foster homes Now she finds out he really does many years later than originally told But his new family in Portugal were not impressed with her Claiming that she was a gold digger What happens when they find out the truth What happens when another woman becomes increasingly difficult for her new found love What will she do Not my cup of tea, November 9, 2011 This review is from Passionate Relationship Paperback From the back cover Passionate Relationship by Penny JordanPride and passion drew her to Portugal It had been your father s dearest wish that his lost daughter be found The words touched Shelley s heart and destined her for the Portuguese coastal town ofAlgarve.For her father had remarried, and Shelley could not resist the promise of a family s love, something she had longed for all of her life Instead she found hostility Her stepbrother, Jaime, made it clear that he thought she had come to collect the money her father left her, and for no other reason Yet that didn t stop him from wanting Shelly, and it certainly didn t stop her from falling in love with himBut her fiery tempered stepbrother, Jaime, greeted her with the suspicion that she had come only for an inheritance Shelley was tempted to run and it wasn t his hostility that startled her.MY THOUGHTS If I was a critical reviewer and analyser I would actually give the story a 4 stars because it delved into trust issues However, since I am not and I m into fantasy immaturity of unbelievable hero s LOL I gave it a 3 stars Let me explain The back cover plot actually covers the first two chapters literally The chapters after that is the whirlwind romance and possible marriage and trust issues and crisis, etc Basically, the heroine is a damaged woman emotionally thanks to her grandmother s lies So the main story is really about the heroine and her insecurities and believing and trusting someone aka the hero and his love, etc If you ve read my other reviews, I read two other Penny Jordan books before this so my review could be a little skewed However, I found the story a little bit boring and wasn t too impressed with the heroine and falling in love I didn t really believe the hero loving the heroine so fast I m like really What did you like about the heroine The book did keep talking about the hero really being SUPER into the heroine, but I felt Penny Jordan was forcing it too much As for the heroine, I understand why she was the way she was But after the 2nd chapter it got a little too much for me with all the something is wrong attitude the heroine kept having out all throughout the book As for the ending eh I guess my final say about the book is that I wasn t too impressed with it The love connection seemed forced and didn t really believe how and why the two fell in love with each other And the heroine s character seemed to change also In the beginning of the book I got the impression that she presented a facade of confidence but then throughout the story she turned into this wimpy scared person Eh, anyway, so so book for me. Shelley Had Found The Family That She Had Never Known, And An Impossibly Attractive Man All In The Irresistible Form Of Jaime Des Hilvares But Jaime Was Her Stepbrother He Was Also Convinced She Was A Gold Digger, After Her Share Of The Family InheritanceSo Why, Then, Was He Asking Shelley To Marry Him He Said He Was In Love With Her, He Showed His Feelings Every Time He Looked At Her, Every Time He Touched Her Yet Perhaps This Seduction Was Part Of A Far Sinister Plan Revenge Heroine has been left a property in Portugal by the father she never knew When she gets there her stepbrother, Jamie doesn t like her at first but very soon he falls deeply in love with her and wants to marry her and keep her in Portugal Heroine has a lot of issues She doesn t believe or trust poor Jamie, and doesn t want love or marriage I got her fears and insecurities but she was the definition of wishy washy She lacked courage and strength to follow her heart So frustrating That was pretty much a big ol helping of crazy PJ is not my favorite HP author but I m in the mood to read some vintage stuff soAnyhoo, the hero has a reslistic response to her at first He is suspicious that she has only come for her inheritance and didn t bother to come see her father while he was alive Once he finds out that she had been told all her life that her father was dead and didn t find out about him until after he died, Jaime instantly fell in love with her I mean instantly This was the worst case of insta love I ve ever read You re not a gold digging ho Then I love you Of course she suspected him of not really loving her What rational woman wouldn t So when the evil OW feeds her a line of course she believes Still that was right at the end and was resolved quickly All in all, crazy but readable. So I picked this up for the equivalent of 1 at an old book shop So I barely even read the blurb This was not the best Had all the awkward vintage romance tropes of a pushy, alpha, hoe of a hero, with some kind of exoticism he s Portugese that was also used as an excuse for his ridiculous archaic treatment of the heroine Then it had the virgin, awkward beautiful but doesn t know it, smart, orphaned heroine, who is super pale to contrast with tanned ruggedness of the hero and is just dying for someone to look after her Throw in some hate love at first sight which quickly turned into love love, about 16 pointless misunderstandings and a rushed relationship and ta da you ve got yourself a vintage harlequin I can t say I wasn t entertained though, but definitely not for the reasons the author would have liked And I ll take a bad plot old school harlequin over a bad plot contemporary any day Cos despite everything else, at least they still put some effort into writing, not much, but it s something. I find the characters are boring especially the heroine If I could get in there I would pay for professional help psychiatrist The woman is a mess The hero is all over her What the hell Disgusting First he treats as if he has hated her all his life and then he cannot stop keeping his hands off her There wasn t even an inner struggle at the beginning between his attraction to her and his opinion of her I didn t like it at all However, I have to give to Jordan for creating annoying yet memorable characters Don t get me started on Response. Not my favorite Penny Jordan book It was, as always, amazingly written PJ dragged you into the story even though her characters were so damned annoying The h s self esteem was nonexistent She s supposed to be a calm, cool business type in her 1980 s shoulder padded business suit But the minute she leaves London and arrives in Portugal, that self control flies out the window and now she s this helpless, insecure person because of a hot Portuguese man That annoyed me to no end And how the hell do these heroines fall for the one man on the planet that treats them like shite The H wasn t much better He was just plain nasty and judgmental to the h the second he set eyes on her Not knowing anything about her, he passed judgment on her and found her guilty or whatever crimes his simple mind dredged up The other characters were either barely ok, nonexistent or thoroughly dislikable Yet I finished the book because PJ hooked me and I wanted to see how it would all be resolved That wasn t too disappointing, but it wasn t fabulous either All in all, it was an ok 3 Stars I won t read it again, though. I m going to remember this one for all the wrong reasons Hero s mother hears the heroine moaning in ecstasy during sexy times and rushes into her room, thinking she s in pain, lol This one was a great read until the heroine s insecurities started to grate It s not often that a heroine sums up in her own words exactly what is wrong with the bookIt was idiotic to keep going over and over the same old doubts Backstory Heroine s grandmother lied to the h that her father had died and also lied to the father that h had died in childbirth so neither was aware of the other s existence Father wised up later and had been looking for her for 8 years but she had been in foster care after the grandmother died so he couldn t trace her.Then the h sees a notice in the newspaper but only after his death H is the step son of her father, who had taken very good care of his mother and him and they were very much a loving family unit H assumes she has now shown up just so she can claim her inheritance She stands up to him with pride and dignity, refusing to entertain his insults and only wants to speak to the lawyer to refuse what s been left to her then leaves immediately She can t help stopping at her father s old house, longing to catch an insight into the personality of a father she has never known H catches up with her and PJ does an about turn from her formula of dickhead Heroes and gives us a remorseful, tender H who tries immediately to make up for his bad behavior.Knowing from a picture from a family friend that she looked like her mother, h s father had tried to paint her every year trying to imagine how she would look with each passing year Hero fell in love with her painting when she was 21 Though I m fairly sure he went Ooh boobies when she was 17 So it was good for a while with h feeling the unfairness of being denied a relationship with her father so she s almost resentful and jealous of H s with her father but it doesn t stop their love connection.H s half English mother is warm and welcoming of her into the family until her shock at interrupting the sexy time She immediately forgets her English hippie roots and turns into some weird, stuffy matriarch demanding her son make an honest woman of the h Then the heroine s anxieties surface Sure, her grandmother did a number on her to make sure she felt unworthy of any man but boy did PJ drag this out From believing she was unattractive to wondering if H was with her only because her father would have wanted it, to worst of all, taking the OW s word over the reassurance of both mother in law and husband She s 25 not 18, supposedly a self possessed, career woman who travelled frequently and should have some life experience view spoiler especially when Hero kept reassuring her ALL THE TIME of his love which he had already declared by page 75 He even puts OW firmly in her place telling her about their impending marriage hide spoiler 3.5 stars Not awful like the low rating indicates I liked this mainly because it delivered on the romance and contained plenty of passion, angst, and misunderstandings to go around, especially on Shelley s side which wasn t surprising considering her emotional baggage view spoiler Shelley didn t believe she was beautiful or worthy of love Her embittered, maternal grandmother had instilled a sense of low self esteem in her, treating her with the same dislike and bitterness she felt for Shelley s father hide spoiler

Caroline Courtney,

[Epub] ➛ Passionate Relationship Author Penny Jordan –
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Passionate Relationship
  • Penny Jordan
  • 10 October 2017
  • 9780263808346

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