Peace, Blood, and Understanding

Peace, Blood, and Understanding The Enchanting Jane Jameson Series Returns With This Fun And Witty Paranormal Romance Following A Vampire Consultant Who Has Nefarious Plans To Oust Jane From Her Role As The Head Of Half Moon Hollow S Vampire Council Ever Since Jane Jameson Took Over Running The Vampire Council For Half Moon Hollow, Things Have Been A Little Unorthodox And That Doesn T Sit Well With The Head Office Who Would Have Thought Vampires Were So Into Bureaucracy And Tradition Enter A Vamp From Corporate Who S Determined To Unseat Jane And Get The Council Back On Track Which Means No Of This Kentucky Neighborliness And Mixing With Humans, Werewolves, Witches, Or Anything Else But Jane S Not Interested In Going Back To The Bad Old Days When The Council Was Mired In Corruption And Tended To Accidentally Eat People Now And Again, But She Might Be In Over Her Head This Time Good Thing There S A Pretty New Face In Town Who Just Might Be The Perfect Distraction And Help Save Jane S Career

My mother remembers an 8 year old me setting up my writing office in our living room by putting her old manual typewriter on the couch next to a toy phone And I very slowly pecked out the story of my third grade class taking a trip around the world and losing a kid in each city.I had a dark sense of humor, even then.In high school, when other girls my age were writing

[Ebook] ➡ Peace, Blood, and Understanding By Molly Harper –
  • ebook
  • 260 pages
  • Peace, Blood, and Understanding
  • Molly Harper
  • 06 March 2018
  • 9781501151385

10 thoughts on “Peace, Blood, and Understanding

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    I have yet to read any of the Half moon Hallow books that didn t leave me wanting My only complaint is I wish there was a new book every week, or at least every month Yes, I m greedy

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    One thing I can count on with a Molly Harper book is interesting characters.Unfortunately, I didn t get a well developed romance.The couple in question had one poignant conversation, one heated sexy moment not that I need , and a paragraph summary that these thing occurred after off page Then at the end we get the I love yous Sorry, I can t buy into it The heroine had a steady fuck buddy friend who was a really nice attractive guy she liked until a plot device was used to destroy it Let s make him an asshole to explain why that relationship is dumped in favor of a new fuck buddy.This heroine wasn t into relationships If so, why not the first guy We were really given a reason why her and Luke weren t before his dick move So why with the enemy turned lover guy Honestly, his list of attributes weighted less than Luke s He didn t really seem like the guy for her until the last chapter When then he says those three words when on paper these two had little chemistry on page.I m very disappointed I thought the conflict with the parents got play than this relationship I m supposed to believe in Anyway, I think this story need 2 hours listening or 20k words to read with relationship building to make for a solid read We ve come a long way since the first Jane book and we aren t getting better I m torn between 3 and 4 stars I ll go with 3.5 and round up because it s a MH book.

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    Review to come..

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    These books make me laugh and this one is no different I like how Jane and Dick run things differently, sadly that brings them attention from the council with stick in the mud Weston to look things over Meeting Weston was fun because we got to see him from Meadow s perspective I loved how she poked at him by not letting know the ways of Half Moon Hollow Of course things went down hill from there, with Dick doing his dick things, someone creating havoc at the council for Weston to report on By the end of the book things had changed, for the better for all of them.

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    3 STARS I love almost every book by Molly Harper but this book unfortunately just wasn t it I did not like the Hero I liked the Meadow and I felt as if she was settling for less I really wish the author hadn t destroyed Luke because I kindof liked him This book just didn t do it for me.

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    PeaceBloodandUnderstanding MollyHarper EdelweissAnother wonderful addition to Molly Harper s Half Moon Hollow series I was so excited to have Jane back in the main story line Ms Harper s books make me feel upbeat and happy I truly enjoyed this book and look forward to from this author Thank you to Edelweiss and Gallery Books.

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    I had been listening to the Mystic Bayou series via audible by Molly Harper So when I saw their was a new book I immediately pounced on it thinking it was going to be a Mystic Bayou book The cover looked a little out of place considering the tone of the others, but I was far too eager and didn t pay attention Then I m listening to it going, what the hecking heck, why are we not talking about the other characters I know and love And who is this Jane person who sounds to familiar I read Nice Girls Don t Have Fangs when it was first released, and Molly Harper was a debut author Holly Hell has this girl tightened up her writing chops I struggled with the first book, because I could see how it had the potential to be good, but it wasn t quiet their yet And now, I would devour a Molly Harper book in a heartbeat So the great thing you need to know is that even though this is book 7 in a multibook multi series book world, you can still jump in and have a good time without conquering all that back catalogue And now you have back catalogue to go through The bad news is, their are threads there, that while she does a good job of summing up, you would probably be like, I know their are layers, and I want of them, and maybe they would make sense if I came at it from the beginning, slowly adding them on, as opposed to trying to peel them back later on Seriously, Molly Harper is a hecking good time, and you should read all of her books They are sexy and funny at the same time.

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    Nice to see Jane, Dick, Gabriel, and the rest of the Half Moon Hollow group again I m tempted to give this 4 stars, but 3 seems appropriate There s less plot than the last books of this series, less depth to the new characters or maybe they just have fewer disasters happening but it is still enjoyable, and I bought it to add to my own collection.

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    I loved this Harper s heroines are enormously empowering They are kind and compassionate but never doormats They are smart and accomplished and self aware and flawed and funny In short, they are always what I want to be when I grow up fangs and all

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    Very fun addition to the series Loved the snippets of the Pacifists guide on each chapter.

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