Pivot WOW Such a compelling story, and though it was horrifying and beyond creepy, I couldn t stop reading it I had some pretty disturbing nightmares a time or two.Jack I had no clue, until it was directly pointed out to me I never even suspected.Cyrus scared me to death Patrick was both amazing and tragic, and I adored him Roland ripped my heart out.I loved the exploration of the gray, where I think the majority of us hang out There is rarely only black and white, and angels are only demons who are better at control This story is a journey into the pliable and moldable mind, as well as the very nature of good and evil Such a mind fuck Never once was I not routing for Jack in some way, regardless of the atrocities committed Excellent writing I m so hooked Can t wait for the next leg of Jack s journey This revised version is somehow even better than the originalmurder is poetryand I have written chapters with knives Raised by the charismatic and powerful leader of a following Cyrus , Jack has been taught, since age seven, to efficiently and effectively kill at willCyrus knew how to be human, just like them, exactly like them, so that they d sway with him toward inhumanity Cyrus is a nasty, brutal and selfish man megalomaniac, rather who would sacrifice anything and anyone to rise to the top Jack has witnessed many horrors growing up under his care and supervision But as Jack approaches adulthood, Cyrus motives and actions are questioned and soon Jack must take a stand and choose between right and wrong, good and evil.I read the original version of this story back in 2013, shortly after its release As you can see from my review, I thought it was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed it.Now, six years later, Barlow has released a revised edition I was eager to read it though doubtful that it could get much better I was wrong Completely restructured, this book now goes into greater detail and provides of the Jack s background story, which is greatly enthralling With elements of the occult, fantasy and horror, this story combines exquisite writing, brilliant storytelling and suspense to weave a most unforgettable tale It will surely keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat as you share in the horrors that Jack must constantly face I highly recommend this exceptional book. From The Age Of Seven, Jack Harper Is Raised By The Leader Of A Mystical Cult, Cyrus Harper Through Cyrus, Jack Receives A Full Education In All Usual Subjects Economics, Literature, Mathematics, History As Well As One Unique Skill Useful To A Person In Cyrus S Position Assassination With The Help Of Roland James, A Man Incapable Of Dying, Cyrus Hones Jack Into The Perfect Weapon To Use Against All Who Oppose HimIt Is Not Long, However, Before Jack Discovers That Cyrus And Roland Are Not The Only Ones Living In Cyrus S Mansion There, Too, Exists A Mysterious Creature In The Depths Of The House With Supposed Immortal Magic According To Roland, This Creature Is Responsible For All The Miraculous Things Jack Has Witnessed Throughout Her Childhood, Including Roland S Resurrection The Creature, Potent And Powerful, Only Weakens In The Presence Of Cyrus S Red Velvet Box A Dark, Enchanted Tool That Grants Cyrus His Invincibility And Ensures His ReignLonely And Terrified By Her Life In The Cult, Under Cyrus S Neverending Watch, Jack Desperately Pursues The Mysterious Being When They Finally Meet, Her World Is Turned Upside Down, As He Offers Her Than She Could Have Ever Expected The Possibility Of Escape And Her Own Secret, Magical Power Buddy read with my favorite Greek girl.Initial thoughts I still say that was the strangest book I ve ever read I thoroughly enjoyed it Review to come Actual rating 4.5 stars No spoilers Review That s a strange gif, ya Well, this is a strange book It is unlike anything I ve ever picked up It s far from anything you ve read either I don t mean that in a bad way I love when I come across a totally unique book I storyline different from anything I ve ever even thought up in this crazy head of mine I can t say much about this story without giving it away Jack is special Jack meets Cyrus at a young age, and Cyrus takes Jack in Jack is raised in Cyrus home Cyrus is not a good person I m not sure what Cyrus is, but he s baaaad to the bone Such an evil, evil man A battle between evil, and evil er I know that s not a real word, but this is my review so I get to put made up words in it if I want ensues There s isn t really a good guy in this story, or is there A sweet love story slaps us upside the head, and a massssssive twist happens One of the best I ve encountered I nevvvver saw it coming Thenit s left open, making you want the next book Where is it I don t even see a speculative date Nooooooooo Read this book, so we can talk about how weird it is I thoroughly enjoyed this one It s so much than a horror book, which is all I expected There are some minor grammatical and punctuation errors speckled throughout But the story was so damn original and enthralling, I was able to overlook most of the minor flaws I can t wait for the next installment Up front I won this via Goodreads Giveaways This has zero bearing on my review.Unlike my usual fare, and in spite of the teenaged protagonist, Pivot is not what I d consider a Young Adult read Let s start with the bad the ending is slightly less than perfect, though I can t imagine what I would change The printed version I got could use some copy editing That s it.Other than those quibbles, I gotta say that this book a self published book by a first time author no less blew me away From the very first line My roommate leaves me notes on rose petals to the very last He listens I was fully engaged At no point did I even wonder where the storyline was going because I was so caught up in what was happening right then Yes, this story is dark Yes, it involves unsavory people doing unsavory things for unsavory reasons Yes, it has a strong element of supernatural that requires some suspension of disbelief Yes, there are doubtlessly deliberately confusing elements By the very same token though, this story can be full of wonder and awe That darkness is what gives Ms Barlow s ideas of existence and meaning and humanity the chance to shine I am frankly stunned by how much I liked this book This is Art, my friends. A huge thank you to L.C Barlow, both for writing this incredible book and for generously sending a copy to me in the GoodReads first reads giveaway W O W I am totally blown away by this book, that I hardly know where to begin I have read many, many books over the years, but the level at which Pivot engaged my brain in this incredible story does not happen very often Ms Barlow, you possess quite an eloquent gift for writing, as well as a brilliant imagination There are so many facets to this jewel of a book that it is very difficult for me as a reader to place it in any one, definitive, cookie cutter genre I ll first say it s fiction, although if it were not fiction, it would be terrifyingly beautiful in places and soul shattering to behold in others Many other elements are woven together in Pivot Such as horror and hope, humor and despair, sweet and bloodcurdling, loss and redemption, life and death, love vs sex, angels and demons although the line is deliciously blurred on this one and supernatural abilities vs extraordinary humanity to name a few As I read the book, I was completely oblivious to my surroundings I won t write a synopsis of Pivot here, but I will share 2 of my favorite parts in this book And believe me there are so many astounding twists and turns in this book, your head will spin similar to the way in which some of the characters heads physically and or emotionally do in this book Well maybe not spin exactly for the characters, like pop off in a creative way rather than spin Throughout the book I thought I could see where a sequence was going, only to be caught off guard with my jaw dropping over where it did end up going The main character, Jack, becomes quite complex as you move through the story, with a slam bang surprise about him that I was totally blind to He s a lovable character, which you might not see right away as he s been molded into a ruthless killer on command by his mentor and demonically violent cult leader Yet, as the story unfolds you can t help but feel almost protective of him and hope that he has a happy ending and a release from what his life has been One of my favorite chapters is 19 It s hilarious, scary and existentially deep all at the same time Jack s friend, Patrick one of my favorite characters , hosts a wild party in his loft seems fun enough right Well, humor, fright, casual sex, drug use, the stark question Do you believe in God , anger, doubt, secrets and ultimately an unsuspecting party guest Brian having his pants with his underwear in them violently torn off and burned in the fireplace to end up with him in a ruffled apron and a towel after having a retaliatory one man food fight are all rolled into one here Yes I know, that is one run on sentence, but that s the best way I can describe it And that s one of the lightest chapters in Pivot There are also some endearing satellite characters in the story that remind you that all is not lost when it seems darkest My favorite is elderly Margaret who, along with her 2 friends all dressed in roaring 20 s outfits, discovers Jack in a cemetery tomb after his serious drug binge to numb his pain Without blinking, she cheerfully takes him under her wing for a fleeting interlude in his horrific life by insisting he join them at a roaring 20 s themed wedding reception at the church next door She proceeds to thrust much needed food and beverage on the bedraggled and seemingly hopeless Jack, while imparting some seriously relevant wisdom upon him Coincidence that a total stranger happens along just when Jack seems to think his only way out might be death As Jack asks, who is she, really As for all the thrills, major chills, supernatural forces and deep questions posed in this book, you will have to read them to see them for yourself All I can say in closing are 3 things I hope there is a sequel very soon, Alex and similar red boxes are still out there after all I am still contemplating so many questions raised about the demonic and the divine and I m pretty sure I will be sleeping with my bedroom lights on tonight at 51 yrs old.PS I also would love to see this released in audible format This one has been Pivoting around my Kindle for a long time Originally downloaded as a random freebie, it never really demanded attention, but now that it is somehow getting a rerelease and received somehow a very nice cover blurb from Josh Malerman, it seemed like a sure, why not kind of read In retrospect, should have left it sitting around Maybe Malerman read a different book Maybe a lot of people did Because I can t really think of any nice things to say about it at all In fact, this was the kind of book I didn t really enjoy from the first few pages and then the completist in me decided to plow through anyway, only to get to the end and do the Told You So sort of thing Thanks for nothing, inner completist But ok, let s talk about this the basic plot is decent, right Intriguing, even A kid, Jack, gets taken into a violent cult led by a supernaturally powered man named Cyrus who over the years trains the kid to become his murderous prot g of sorts And Jack is fine with being one until Jack finds love and develops a conscience And so Jack rebels against his master and they battle it out The entire book is very much all about a struggle between good and evil Decent plot, right Well, maybe a different writer might have done something with it Barlow s writing very loudly screams debut It s amateurish, overdone, melodramatic, ponderous and tiresome It has the angsty energy of YA goth YA specifically and no amount of excessive violence balances it out And the romance the romance alone takes it down a peg or two, if it had that many pegs to begin with Jack s passionate love affair with the fiery Irish ginger playboy is just silly Like laughably so Like Jack admiring the picturesque curves of his fingernails silly The surprise reveal and how contrived is that Ta Da at the end is never going to make up for picturesque fingernail curves It s like something straight out of Twilight books as I imagine them to be So Very Corny And there you go, a contrived dark thriller that desperately wants to sit at the grown up table, but just isn t tall enough with a bunch of unlikeable characters and nothing especially inspiring plot wise I mean, even the cult factor doesn t save it and I m really, really into all cult related stories So that s the book, basically It doesn t even have the decency of brevity It does have typos, though It isn t the worst crap out there, not by a long shot mainly because there is a lot of really crappy crap out there , but it has nothing to recommend itself Except for Malerman Malerman recommends it for some inexplicable reason Some other places too Why You d think the fact that this book was meant to be the first in trilogy and never got a sibling in six years would speak for itself, but no Someone decided to resurrect this turd and shine it up, instead of leaving it where it belongs, with a lukewarm not steaming, mind you, it has enough decent moments to warrant a lukewarm upgrade pile of other amateurish debut attempts But still, you know, a turd. I cannot say how much I absolutely loved this book In some ways I think it was truly brilliant It is one of those rare books which grabbed me by the throat and pulled me and never let go I was hooked from the very first page, and stayed engaged to the end It was one of the most originally and unique things I have read in a long time And I loved the absolute strangeness of it.One of the things which I found quite interesting about this book is that it very much centers around the importance of balance and duality Rather than the age old struggle of Good vs Evil, this book emphasis the way in which Good and Evil are co dependent upon each other, that in fact they one one in the same thing, but to borrow an expression from the book one of them bites and the other doesn t I loved the idea of the importance of equalization which is emphasized in the story Evil does the things which good cannot do I also very much loved the way in which we are presented with a cast of characters all of whom are or should be quite loathsome and yet I myself could not help but to love them for all of their depravity, a part of me wanted to be a part of their world I think that this book shows the beauty which can come from the ugliness of the world And for all the strangeness for all the impossible things, and all the depravity within the book, I still felt it was relateable in many ways to me Particularly with the relationship between Jack and Patrick I, like Jack, can appreciate the way in which an anonymous friendship can be the most perfect thing in the world, and that sometimes knowing too much, or being known too well can ruin everything There where these lines sprinkled throughout the book which held such deep glimmerings of truth. If there s beauty to be found in horror, you ll find it here in this amazing book The story is beautifully told from the point of view of the main character, Jack As a young child, Jack is taken to live with the mysterious Cyrus, a cult leader who possesses certain powers Early on, Jack is taught how to kill Jack becomes a murderer, a thief and a drug abuser Yet, there s much to Jack as wellsomething unique and special Readers get the treat of experiencing life as Jack does, understanding the emotional turmoil felt by this strong, yet vulnerable character, and discovering the secret to Cyrus red box and those whose lives it has affected.I was almost hypnotically immersed in this incredible novel The I read, the fascinated I became by the story that unfolded I had formed my assumptions and guesses throughout the book and boy was I wrong about things one thing in particular wow, what a shocker I thought it ended abruptly, but I suppose that s because I didn t want it to end at all I just wanted to know what would happen next L.C Barlow is a brilliant author I look forward to the next book in her remarkable series. Soon lol.Buddy read with my girl Shandra 4 27MIND FUCKING BLOWN Actual ratings 4.5 starsFor the past few weeks, I ve been pushing a buddy, Hi Shandra waves , to read this with me in a buddy read I told her, I heard it twisted.I ve heard it gory.I heard it really really disturbing Well this book was all that and Seriously, Mind Fucking Blown First off, the writing is great The characters are sinister, and you want to cheer for the good guybut there really isn t one.We meet Jack Jack is a killerJack does what Cyrus says, and Jack was raised by him Cyrus teaches Jack to kill, to murder anyone that opposes him He teaches Jack many ways to kill, teaches Jack to be efficient and get the job done the right way, no questions asked Jack does not disappoint Jack kills, and kills without mercy Jack even kills for fun But on top of Jack killing, Cyrus has these powers that are unexplainable He s able to do things that make men fear him, and Jack fears him too.Then there is Patrick, and this relationship develops between them A friendshiplater than that.And then at 90% BAM the biggest shocker happens.Like completely changed everything I had read Changed completely how I felt of these characters, and how I seen them It really was mind blowing I had to put the book down for a few hours to really think about how I felt of this revelation It was like a whole new dynamic that can make or break the book This totally made the book, but I m still confused about how I feel.This book is worth the read Especially if you love thrillers, a little paranormal, a love interest that feels real, fully developed, and genuine, and a little gore and scary ass scenes I really really recommend this bookand I want to read book two Like yesterday I hope this second comes out soon I think I m going to go stalk the author and find out when book two comes out.

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