Places I Never Meant To Go

Places I Never Meant To GoAuthor supplied copy for honest review This is a relatively short book that is easy to read through in a condensed time It is written in first person narrative which ultimately narrows down the available story that can be told I think avibrant, suspenseful and complete story could ve been created if the author wrote it in third person point of view.As a seasoned BETA reader I noticed several discrepancies and unrealistic plot points in some parts of the story which left me a little confused in places but as the story moved through, I did become engaged with Tyler as a character and quite invested in his journey.If you are looking for a light read, and you don t tend to over analyse as you go then this story will fit the bill nicely. Tyler Works A Dead End, Job By Day And Drinks Himself Stupid By Night When The Girl He Has Been Talking To Online For Several Months Is Suddenly On TheO Clock News, Tyler Finds Himself Driving Across The Country In Hopes Of Finding Her In Search Of The Only Thing He S Ever Really Cared About, He Will Learn What It Means To Fight For Something In His Life That Actually Matters Instead Of Letting Life Pass Him By Tyler works a dead end, 9 5 job by day and drinks himself stupid by night When the girl he has been talking to online for several months is suddenly on the 6 o clock news, Tyler finds himself driving across the country in hopes of finding her In search of the only thing he s ever really cared about, he would learn what it means to fight for something in his life that actually matters as apposed to letting life pass him by.An interesting story that started rather slowly for my taste, but since it is a short book it was easy enough to persevere stick with it until things began to actually move Ultimately this book is probably best if read when not in a literal frame of mind I found it a bit challenging at times to reconcile the main character, Tyler, to his actions He is certainly a player, but since we have no clue what he looks like it is tough to see a different woman throw herself at him each night Yet it is clear that he is physically attractive as he is the object of smiles, winks, and pick up lines from women.Then there are the discrepancies, of which these are just a few he talks of his difficult financial situation and yet he is out drinking every night and buying his annoying co worker drinks as well due to continually losing at their daily contest Plus, why does he decide to drive across country rather than just hop on a plane if he s in such an all fired rush to get to Portland, Oregon to search for the missing Emily He could have spent less time money by flying there and had that muchtime to search Emily And then there is the comment made to him about not spotting the person railing him in the surveillance footage, which makes no sense since he is reviewing footage from before his arrival in the city.Although this book presents itself as a suspenseful thriller it is muchcomplex It is a multi layered story about coming of age, soul searching, friendships, romance, and forgiveness This is a book that requires that you pay close attention to the details, lest you miss something of grave importance Having read two of Ms Lynam s books back to back I think it safe to say you need to drop any preconceived notions prior to beginning any of her works, as they are quite different on a number of planes. What a talented young writer I became a fan of Shay Lynam s after I read the first book in her Tree House trilogy, The Tree House First I was a fan of her writing style and by the time I finished the book I was a fan of her storytelling ability.Places I Never Meant to Go is a very different piece of work from The Tree House I was immediately sucked into reading this book I read it at work while on break and covering the front desk, and honestly, I was looking forward to going to work so that I could readof this book each day that s saying something One thing I think that Lynam really nailed with this book is character development At first, I wasn t sure if I even liked Tyler, but by the end of the book I could see so much growth that I really have to applaud the author for her work with this character One of my favorite things about the way that Lynam writes is the way she describes emotions She doesn t tell us what the character is feeling, she shows us, which is not as easy as you may think You really have a wonderful picture in your head of every detail as you re reading her books.Places I Never Meant to Go is an account of an emotional journey that will leave you appreciating the small things in life and maybe have you questioning your own existence The endingoh that ending I can t say much about it because I despise reviews with spoilers Let me just say that my jaw was on my desk and my heart was broken.Wonderful book by a talented writer. An incredibly intriguing story that left me totally engaged in the characters and yet, heartbroken Well written with a smooth flow, you are instantly drawn into the ho hum life of Tyler An average guy with a recently deceased millionaire mother He s a rebel working at a dead end job, waking up with nameless women, drinking and having IM chats with Emily in Portland The one constant in his life being his best friend, Paul After chatting a couple of months, Emily disappears Tyler goes cross country to find Emily and ends up on a road to self discovery, realizing that he is worthy and finds forgiveness for all the wrongs in his past Along the way, the reader gets insight into how Tyler s mind works how he can be in his own little world with his imagination of fangs and blackness in people I loved how these thoughts and perceptions about the people he meets on the journey added personality and made him evenreal The adventure is intense and thrilling with plot twists that keep you drawn in and an ending that is far from expectation Brilliant characters that are likeable, believable and real combined with a beautifully and subtlety written romance without the predictability I felt I was part of the story from the beginning and captivated till the end I m definitely now a fan of Shay Lynam and looking forward to readingof her work 5 stars.Places I Never Ment to Go was a funny, but sad read.Tyler meets a girl online by the name of Emily They talk back and forth, and he begins to like her One day Emily goes missing, and Tyler feels it is his job to find her He drives from New York to Oregon to find her Crazy things jumps in his path as he travels From getting sick, to meeting new friends a long the way But is it worth his life to save her I felt so bad for the MC Tyler It seemed like life was throwing him a bad hand all the time From someone dying, to a simple flat tire I think the reason wy I liked him so much is because no matter what happened, he kept going.There were a few things that I thought could have been better I really wish we could have learnedabout Emily I also thought the world building of this book could have been a little better.One of the main things that I really liked about this book was that Tyler really got to find out who he really was There was a lot going on in his life, but at the end of it all he He figured out who he was.I really enjoyed this book I highly recommend this book Book provided by author for review. .I received a copy for an honest reviewTyler is lost and alone in this world The problem is that he thinks he is doing just fine Drinking and women and a dead end job, his contentment is just barely getting him by day to day His friend Paul wants to see him be a better man, but the first step to getting better is to admit that you have a problem and Tyler is nobody s fool When his only emotional attachment is becomes unreachable, he has to go find her No matter where it takes him A long road trip and a lot of soul searching bring to the realization of many things he never wanted to know.This story is sad and heart wrenching You see thing through the eyes if this neglected boy now a young man who is struggling to find out what life is all about Hurt and searching for the one thing that he never thought he had, love I had to stop and think after the end of the story I got to the song list and listened to the songs that Shay chose, and found them all saying what I felt at different points in the story Well done, Shay, well done. copy given by author for an honest review WOW This is the first book I have read by Shay Nynam and did not know what to expect I can honestly say I am defiantly now a fan I loved this book It was written wonderfully and flowed effortlessly I was entirely captivated by this story from the first page and could not put it down until the very last page All the characters truly intrigued me and they all are very important to the story This is a book that just keeps you wanting to see what is going to happen next, and scared to blink in fear you might miss something.Tyler has been chatting with Emily online for a couple of months, then suddenly she stops responding When he realizes that Emily has gone missing, Tyler drives across country to find and save his friend However, this will be a journey he will never forget Full of suspense, couple of twists and turns, this is a great story of self discovery, love, and forgiveness.If you are looking for something different and intriguing, then this is THE BOOK for you You will not be disappointed. Decepcionante.No le ning n review antes de empezar a leer el libro pero tenia buena nota as que le di una oportunidad.La historia ten a tanto potencial El protagonista, Tayler es sarc stico, gracioso y est en busca de algo. el sentido de la vida quiz Tiene sus demonios por culpa de la madre que le di todo el lujo que pudo pero nunca le dio ni su amor ni su atenci n.A medida que iba leyendo, juro que me imagin un mont n de cosas locas que podr an pasar por que le a y le a y no entend a de donde sal a tanto amor por el libro Segu esperando que pasara algo loco y te dejara con la boca abierta y mindblowing Pero no, lo nico que pasa que supuestamente ten a que ser la gran revelaci n la vi venir desde la mitad del libro m s o menos Lo que m s me doli Que toda la historia podr a haber tomado otro rumbo La escritora tiene potencial pero siento que se qued a mitad de camino Y por eso es que me molest tanto la historia y el final.Esperaba mucho m s Los personajes merec an mucho m s Hay escenas que est n s lo de relleno This is a suspenseful and captivating adventure Tyler has just lost his mother and he hadn t seen her in about five years He is working a dead end job living with his roommate Paul He spends his free time drinking and instant message chatting with a girl named Emily that lives in Portland, Oregon Suddenly, Emily is missing and Tyler decides to use his inheritance to find her The journey Tyler takes to find Emily is intense and thrilling I found this book to be well written I was instantly drawn into this story I look forward to readingby this author.

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[PDF / Epub] ✑ Places I Never Meant To Go ☄ Shay Lynam –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 149 pages
  • Places I Never Meant To Go
  • Shay Lynam
  • English
  • 24 March 2017

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