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Poison Dance James Is Skilled, Efficient, And Deadly, A Hired Blade Navigating The Shifting Alliances Of A Deteriorating Assassin S Guild Then He Meets Thalia, An Alluring But Troubled Dancing Girl Who Offers Him A Way Out If He Ll Help Her Kill A Powerful Nobleman With The Guild Falling Apart, It Just Might Be Worth The Risk But When You Live, Breathe, And Love In A World That S Forever Flirting With Death, The Slightest Misstep Can Be Poison


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  • ebook
  • 57 pages
  • Poison Dance
  • Livia Blackburne
  • English
  • 03 November 2017
  • 9781940584010

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    Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Poison Dance by Livia BlackburnePublication Date September 12, 2013Rating 5 starsSource eARC sent by the authorSummary from Goodreads James is skilled, efficient, and deadly, a hired blade navigating the shifting alliances of a deteriorating Assassin s Guild Then he meets Thalia, an alluring but troubled dancing girl who offers him a way out if he ll help her kill a powerful nobleman With the Guild falling apart, it just might be worth the risk But when you live, breathe, and love in a world that s forever flirting with death, the slightest misstep can be poison What I Liked You all KNOW how badly I want to read Midnight Thief, right That s Livia s official debut, to be published by Disney Hyperion, in early July I ve been aching for that book since like, May no seriously check my About Me page So, when Livia mentioned that she would self publishing a novella related to Midnight Thief, you know I was all over that James is one of the characters that we will see in Midnight Thief, and if I m not mistaken, he plays a pretty significant role Maybe not as a protagonist, but as a secondary character with an important role in the plot This novella is about him, and a young woman that he meets Thalia Thalia knows something that James wants to know about the Guild, assassinations, his former leader somehow, she knows than she leads on James and Thalia work together, and form an agreement Thalia will give James information, if James uses his assassination skills to kill someone for Thalia.Both characters are so complex You wouldn t think that a novella could convey so much about two characters, in such a short length, but Livia does this brilliantly James is torn between duty and love, and Thalia she s just broken A difficult past filled with loss and death, a miserable future filled with pigs for men and slobs for employers Thalia is so complicated Her need for James to kill the person is twisted and tragic I admire Thalia s bravery and courage Thalia is headstrong and independent, but she is also very clever and strategic She knows when to act demure, and when to show her claws In this regard, she and James are very well matched James is extremely observant, strong, and analytically minded.The progression of their relationship is slow and beautiful I love how Livia times everything perfectly The relationship grows it doesn t feel rushed and insta love y, or dragged out and boring James and Thalia are a great couple And there is no love triangle thank goodness The plot of this novella is actually rather complex, instead of a straightforward one, which most novellas feature So many things are going on with James, the Guild, Thalia, her mark, her training, the trade business Livia weaves a complex world into a short space, and somehow, manages to capture the world in a simple and intricate manner.The ending The ending is bittersweet I totally saw the ending coming it s the way the story is set up From the beginning, I knew for sure that one thing would happen, and it did The thing is, as bittersweet as that event is, this novella really couldn t end any other way Read this book, and you ll know what I mean What I Did Not Like There wasn t much that I didn t like maybe that I NEED Midnight Thief even than before Yes That.Would I Recommend It Totally As with most novellas, it s not necessary to read this novella before or after reading Midnight Thief not that I would currently know about AFTER But we get some great insight on James and Thalia , so why not It s priced very cheaply, and totally worth your dollar Rating 5 stars I can t wait to read from this author But you already knew that Please give me an ARC, Disney

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    ETA I ve been getting a lot of questions about preferred reading order for Midnight Thief vs Poison Dance You can see my official recommendation here originally conceived of James as a supporting character in my novel Midnight Thief, and I quickly fell in love with him As the enigmatic leader of the Assassins Guild, James was cool, competent and intriguing He was the type of character who invited questions How had he come to power at such a young age What was behind his hatred of the nobility Had he loved before Was he even capable of love I wanted to tell his story, and here s the result.

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    Get a chance to win up to 100 in giftcards here You can also buy the book for 0.99 I was first approached by this author after I added The Midnight Thief to my To Read list on Goodreads The summary hypnotized me from the get go Assassins in a medieval like fantasy backdrop has been one of my favorite settings in fiction There s just something really intriguing about it because I always associate this kind of set up with politics and conspiracies, internal or outside of the assassins grasps A chance to have a sneak peek into The Midnight Thief s world was something I would never pass up, so I read this one in a jiffy and immediately found myself deeply engrossed in this short story.The first thing I noticed about the book was the writing Even thought there weren t many description of the surroundings, the prose and the words used in the dialogue made it easy for me to immerse myself and imagine what the scenes looked like I sincerely believe it is the dialogue that makes the atmosphere of the book, and I think it s what really made this novella stand out the conversations between the characters just jump out and take you there with them, at that place and at that moment I ve read so many books set in a similar setting, but often than not, they don t give a medieval vibe at all because the words used as well as the sentence structures give the place a modern feel It s like having a book set in a European city unless you re going to do something to set the atmosphere, it s going to feel like any other city What s the point of putting it elsewhere if you can t establish that, right And you re an assassin, she said.He took his time answering It was no secret that he was a member of the Guild, but it wasn t something usually announced on first meeting I may be I would retain your services Her tone was serious She believed herself earnest, at least.He gave a low chuckle Many think they would But few have the coin, and even fewer truly have the stomach for it I have enough coin And how does a dancing lass come across so much money He dropped his eyes to her shapeless dress Unless your trade is not purely dancing She flushed now, her nervousness replaced with anger My business is my own Will you take my coin or not It raised his opinion of her, that she didn t meekly accept his insult Nevertheless, he couldn t help her It doesn t work that way I take orders from my guildleader But do you have to I could pay you well I don t need the trouble The sounds of conversation in the dining room had died down, and James heard a talesinger s theatrical voice projecting over the crowd He turned to leave, and she took his arm You have a job tomorrow, don t you That stopped him To know that he was in the Assassins Guild was one thing, but to know what he was doing the next day What of it If there s anything in your quarters you d rather keep hidden, move it somewhere else before you leave And you may want to return early He studied her face for any signs of deception I ll keep that in mind And one thing, she said before he could turn away again What The rumors are right Your guildleader is dead I don t know about you, folks It s a simple conversation between two people, but the magical, medieval feeling is still there, and you feel it from the words themselves Is it just me I don t know But if there s one thing I am truly certain of, it s that I am so excited for The Midnight Thief to come out come 2014, especially with prose and writing that let you into their world effortlessly.As for the story itself, it s short, but it packs a lot of punch, so I m not going to spoil it for you There s a lot of characterization, a lot of intrigues, a lot of dark forces in the background, jam packed in a measly 57 pages yes, I was desperately wishing it was longer The Midnight Thief can t come soon enough

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    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum I first saw the intriguing description for the upcoming book Midnight Thief, I just knew I had to check it out But with a release date of summer 2014, it was going to be quite the wait So it was a pleasant surprise when I was contacted by the author and asked if I would like to read and review the book s prequel novella, Poison Dance Needless to say, I eagerly accepted I hadn t even known there was a prequel, and thought it would be an excellent opportunity to catch an early glimpse of the world and get a taste of the writing style.Now that I ve read it, I m just as excited if not for the first book of the series Livia Blackburne first described Poison Dance to me as darker, and heavier on the romance than Midnight Thief, and probably leans towards adult fantasy than young adult She s absolutely spot on, as those are all things I picked up from this novella It stars James, a skilled assassin who is approached one night by Thalia, a dancing girl who offers him a job to kill a powerful nobleman And if he won t take it, she is determined to go through with it all the same, with or without his help.I m typically very picky about my short stories and novellas characters always come first in my reading, so I find the fewer pages there are in a story, the challenging it is to make me grow attached to or form a connection with the protagonist However, Poison Dance impressed me immediately, painting a clear picture of who James is in a very short period of time I also found out later that he will only be a supporting character in Midnight Thief, but that just makes me think how much awesome will the characterization in that book be, if even someone in the supporting cast like James gets this much thought into his back story Livia Blackburne obviously puts a lot of care and effort into her world and characters, and if what I saw in Poison Dance is any indication, I m sure it s going to pay off.This novella sets the tone nicely, and gives a good general background for the world in which the series will take place I didn t expect too much world building, but what is there definitely piques my interest If Poison Dance is meant to build up my enthusiasm and fuel my eagerness for Midnight Thief, then its mission was most certainly accomplished.

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    Wow Poison Dance was an amazing novella that left me salivating for Midnight Thief The story is one you don t want to miss For those of you just hearing about this novella, Poison Dance is a novella surrounding James, a supporting character in the upcoming Midnight Thief Also note, the novel Midnight Thief will be published by Disney Hyperion in Summer 2014, so you can read this novella now to excite you about the release and get a early look into the world Livia Blackburne has created.High Fantasy is my absolute favorite genre, earning itself the position after I devoured Tamora Pierce and Jessica Day George s many series, so needless to say, I had high expectations Thankfully, my flying hopes were met James s story was powerful, intriguing, and a great introduction to this new world.Within the mere 54 pages, I actually felt like I connected to James, Thalia, and the rest of the cast James had this cool and fascinating demeanor I immediately wanted to know his story and secrets Thalia was a very well written character, with her air of confidence and determination to murder a certain nobleman.There is never a dull moment Within the Assassin s Guild, many things are happening Thalia is plotting a murder, James is teaching her, and there is a new leader that may just make James and his friends lives complicated.You would think a novella, being a good but shorter than a 350 page book, wouldn t leave much of an impact on you Wrong By the end of Poison Dance, I definitely was filled with emotion, and I will report that the author ends James s story with a bang.Overall, the superb world building, characters, amazing ending, dialogue, and writing in Poison Dance makes this novella a satisfying read I know that myself and many others are anxiously awaiting Midnight Thief Who wouldn t be counting the days till Midnight Thief after reading Poison Dance 4.5 5 Stars rounded up to five Received for free in exchange for a 100% honest review

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    A story about an assassin written by an author who has a PhD in neuroscience from MIT Is it just me or does that sound like the coolest thing ever I mean, it s not like I expected the whole neuroscience thing to come into play at any point in the book and let s face it, my brain is allergic to science so it s not like I d understand it anyway if it did , but still, I just think it s cool.Poison Dance is actually just a sort of tie in novella to the author s debut book, Midnight Thief, in which we are given a brief introduction to that book s world through the eyes of an assassin named James and a dancing girl, Thalia.The writing is decent but it did take me awhile to warm up to the story And because it was so short, as soon as I began to really get engaged, the damn thing was already over But I suppose it served its purpose in making me interested in reading Midnight Thief which comes out in July I ll let you know how it goes btw, this novella is free on right now

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    I wanted to start a light and Young Adultey new series, and this one did the trick just fine It s hard to rate short stories but this one was entertaining enough In eighty six pages, we got a decent go at a medieval like setting for assassin guilds, quests for revenge, blink or you ll miss it romance, and brief intrigue It s almost like reading about the male version of Celaena from The Assassin s Blade In other news, look at that girl on the cover Doesn t she have the nose of Natalie Dormer and the lips cheekbones of Scarlett Johansson THE STORYJames, Bacchus, and Rand are the three Backstreet Boys from the local assassin s guild, which is newly run by Gerred Thalia is the Natalie Dormer lookalike who dances at the local pub they all frequent she seeks James s help with teaching her how to assassinate someone wicked Ah The good ol revenge angle THE VERDICTAnyone ever read Midnight Thief before Based off the prequel novella, I have a optimistic hopes for it I hope James is still the main character in that book because it would be nice to read about a male main character in a young adult fantasy book for a change Two minutes later Never mind Just read the first line of Midnight Thief and it doesn t look like it s about James Oh, well.

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    11 13 16 Thank you Aneta for telling me about this free offer I love free things, especially books The blurb sounds pretty wicked in a good way and I can t wait to give it a try Edit 4.5 stars Once again I am proven wrong This novella was action packed, sad, and makes me want to read Midnight Thief even I never felt that short stories would be as good as long ones because they miss details not like not needed ones, but adventure and excitement and a climax that has been built up.I enjoyed the characters, the plot, the idea, and the buildup and hope to read by this author.My only complaint besides from small editing errors that don t matter much since they didn t take away from the story to me is that I wish there was There are ways to make someone s loss sadder Remind them of it, make them see it every so often, use it to fuel their goals.

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    This novella is pretty excellent, but it s also incredibly misleading 1 It s written as NA, and therefore has a much mature feel than the book itself, which is firmly YA, and has even been described than once, as feeling almost middle grade.2 The entire purpose of this prequel is to give you background information on a central character from the book, but once you ve read the book, the novella was pointless, b c it absolutely did NOT accomplish what it intended which in my opinion was to attempt to make a sympathetic character out of someone who is simply reprehensible The whole thing feels like a set up It s hard to believe that this is even written by the same person My biggest complaint from the book was that the MC see things as black and white while being, herself, a criminal, and yet, this is nothing but one giant excuse for another character s amoral behavior I don t ask for much, but I do ask for consistency.

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    This and my other reviews can be found at to Livia Blackburne for giving me this book to review.James is one of the best in the assassin s guild but with the new leader feeling threatened and out to get him, he just wants to find a way out He finds an opportunity in a troubled dancing girl Thalia who will aid him in exchange for him helping her kill a noble man With the guild falling apart, will James be able to help Thalia and escape before it is too late Poison Dance is a very good prequel novella to Midnight Thief as it gives a great introduction to the people and the fantasy world This novella has a fast paced which has an interesting and strong plot which drags you into the story, which is surprising for a short story I really liked James as he has learned how to survive and is strong but does not show off and he keeps his feelings close to his chest I also liked Thalia as she does not back down and will do anything to kill anyone who hurts her loved ones, but is still vulnerable and wants to be protected.I did not see the ending coming and this novella makes it hard to wait to read Midnight Thief to see what part James will play in it I would recommend Poison Dance to fans of the Throne of Glass novellas or those interested in reading Midnight Thief.

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