The Last Ever After

The Last Ever After Sofie A Ag Ta, D Ve Nejlep P Telkyn , Nyn Sokyn , Si Myslely, E Nastal Konec Jejich P B Hu, Kdy Se Jejich Cesty Roze Ly Ag Ta Se Po Boji S Krutop Snou Schov V S Tedrosem V Gavaldonu A Sofie Ije Se Koln Kem V Jeho V I Zd Se, E Ob Na Ly Sv Astn A Nav Ky , Av Ak Fabul Tou Jejich P B H D Le Vypr V T A P Epsat Ale Tentokr T Nejde Jen O Jejich Poh Dku Zlo Ovl Dlo Nekone N Les A V Ichni Zloduchov A Arod Jnice Z Poh Dek Se Vr Tili, Aby Se Pomstili A Zm Nili Sv P B Hy Cht J Prom Nit Sv T Dobra A Zla V Temnou I, Kter By Vl Dla Sofie, A Jen Ag Ta A Tedros Jim A Stoj V Cest Jak Dopadne Posledn Nav Ky V Poh Dkov I Ve Velkolep M Z V Ru Trilogie Koly Dobra A Zla Se Star St V Op T Nov M A Sofie S Ag Tou Mus Elit Nejen P Tomnosti, Ale I Sv Minulosti, Aby Na Ly Ten Prav Konec Sv Poh Dky

Soman Chainani s first novel, THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL, debuted on the New York Times Bestseller List, has been translated into 26 languages across six continents, and will soon be a major motion picture from Universal Studios The sequels, A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES and THE LAST EVER AFTER, debuted on the New York Times Bestseller List as well Together, the books of the series have been on the

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  • Hardcover
  • 498 pages
  • The Last Ever After
  • Soman Chainani
  • Czech
  • 04 October 2019

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    3.5 starsZero spoilers for previous booksIt s been a while since I did a song review Anyhoo, put on your cowboy boots, slip on a sparkly dress and let s go back to 2008, when this gem came out.I took a chance, I took a shotAnd you might think you re bulletproof, but you re notYou presented an ending, I took it hardAnd down here from the ground I see what you ve becomeI m sick and tired of your repetitionI m feeling like I don t know youYou make Sophie struggle with Good and Evil, like that hasn t been done before And I need you like a heartbeatBut you know you got a love triangleUsed to be relatable, but now makes me cringeAnd here s to you and your paddingYes, I believe two hundred pages could ve been shaved offAnd I know that you see what you re doing to meTell me why..You could write a guide on how to ruin an otherwise perfect seriesWell, I get so confused and frustratedThink it should have ended at book one, ohI m sick and tired of your reasonsI got no one to believe inYou set the bar so high with book two, then let me downAnd I need you like a heartbeatBut that ending was so disappointingAgatha and Sophie should ve both view spoiler become Deans hide spoiler

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    HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAPTHIS BOOK WAS PERFECTION IT WAS EVERYTHING SOMAN PROMISED IT WILL BE EXCELT FIVE TIMES MORE THAN THAT THE CLOSING LINE WAS PERFECT.Now to the calm portion The first two books had this pattern of Sophie and Agatha being placed in a situation of injustice and pointing out said injustice within seconds This book, however, took it a step further by having EVERYONE who experienced injustice in the course of the series call BS, including Lesso, Dot, Hester, and even Hort who, in my opinion, had his importance ranking skyrocket, as his role in this book was crucial to the development of all the main characters.This book talks about everything from fat shaming Dot gets a monologue, and it is ON POINT to the blood feuds that riddled all of the Evil character s stories And it did it in such a beautiful way, everyone should learn from what this book has to say.We got to know everyone so much better, and i en ended up taking a liking to a character that I formerly thought had the personality of cardboard.I could go on, but frankly then I d just start spoiling the whole book, so I ll leave you all with JUST READ THIS GODDAMN BOOK.

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    O my God I need this right now Like RIGHT NOW When I saw the date I was like image error

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    forever pretending the first book in this series was a standalone.

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    BEWARE PLOT TWISTS EVERYWHERE The Perfect Fairytale Ending.This is my all time favorite Juvenile series Mr Chainani has forever filled my High School girl heart with good and happiness If a person creates a series that was meant for juveniles and hooks a high schooler to the point of her dying for the book releases, buying his books, crying at his books and even having it as her phone wallpaper. Well that person deserves a medal Once Upon A Time there was a girl named Kylie who fell in love with a book with a gorgeous cover and interesting synopsis She started reading this book and fell in love with one of the main characters A spunky, hilarious tomboy named Agatha Soon a handsome yet sometimes foolish boy named Tedros entered Agatha s life Kylie was first skeptical about this new couple, but as time went on she shipped them like she never did before and wanted Agatha to be the next queen of Camelot with Tedros as her king.Then theres Sophie Backstabbing, selfish, annoying, girly, AND EVIL, Kylie did not like her AT ALL She couldn t stand the way Sophie would do anything to get a gorgeous boy who she didn t even love She never hated a character than she did Sophie.

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    2017 Reread Okay, so maybe the flaws stick out to me a bit too much the second time round Everyone s speech, including all the secondary characters, are m o n o l o g u e s I understand why this book is 650 pages long, because everyone speaks in paragraphs, not sentences Also, the relationship development between Sophie and Agatha doesn t really happen until 500 pages in The rest is just a repetition of the antics we ve seen in the first two books.I think it would almost be interesting to read a prequel about the story of Lady Lesso and Clarissa Dovey because they re like the OG Sophie and Agatha That being said, I am pumped for Quests for Glory, especially after skimming my way through the Handbook for the clues of what s to come I guess after two years, though, I ll definitely be changing my rating 2015 I love this series so much, I m willing to look past the flaws the final book presented The development of Agatha and Sophie s relationship is magical, everything about this book is magical in fact I can t believe I ve reached The End of this happily ever after

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    Do you ever read a book and have such high hopes, see so much potentialonly for it to take you on a ridiculous, nonsensical runaround, completely wasting your time Yeah, that s pretty much what you re setting yourself up for if you read this book The pacing is terrible, the characters motivations don t make any sense and the big twist revealed in the final pages of the book has absolutely no bearing on the outcome of the story.In the first book, we re told that you can find love outside of romance that friendship is just as valuable You don t need a prince to be happy, and it s okay to question the traditional idea of a fairy tale.In the second book, the author apparently changed his mind on this, pitting girls against boys and blaming the feud on the two girls who chose each other over a boy in the previous book He turned the entire school for girls into man hating feminazis and set the two leads against each other, even though they d resolved their differences in the first book.The third book feels like a pathetic attempt at repairing all the damage the second did Even after finishing the book, I m not 100% clear on the message he was trying to send The secondary characters were interesting and watching various characters come to terms with their parents was nice, but none of it was enough to save this insipid book from being an utter waste of time.

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    There s a cliffhanger ending at the end of book 2.In other words I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK TO BE PUBLISHED

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    I have been in a reading slump for two and a half weeks That s crazy, I can t believe I haven t read in so long Nowadays, I have so many things to catch up on but there is NO TIME Before I get too into my ranting, I want to talk to you about something It s something that I have been thinking about for awhile There are so many books and movies that have Good vs Evil And if you think about it, MOST people, not all, support Good While others support Evil, but in the end, Good always wins But, have you ever thought about a world without Good A world full of Evil, murders and crimes Scary right If there is no Good to stop the terrible acts, are the Evil really Evil If there was a planet that had all Evil people and there were no Good people, were they considered to be Evil Or is it normal to be Evil in that planet I know what you must be thinking, over the past two and a half weeks, I went bonkers And now I am back with a crazy brain thinking about weird scenarios and questions I have always wondered what it would be like if there was no such thing as Good If the world was Evil, what would happen Wouldn t it be normal to be Evil in a world of Evil Anyway, I really want to talk about this in depth, and I could go on all day, so I am going onto the review Of all the tales in all the kingdoms in all the Woods, you had to walk into mine The School for Good and Evil is a trilogy and this is the final installment to the series Every year, two kids are chosen kidnapped from Gavaldon to a place This year, Sophie and Agatha are chosen and are led to a school which has two different parts, the School for Evil and the School for Good Sophie, the blond pretty girl strongly feels that she will be put in the School for Good while Agatha, the girl who is ignored with short, black hair feels that she might be put into the School for Evil But instead of these things happening, the two girls are put unexpectedly in different schools Sophie is in the School for Evil and Agatha is in the School for Good The two girls go on a wild adventure in order to find out who they really are But sometimes to keep Evil from getting in, you have to let Good out After reading this book, it answered most of my weird questions that I asked at the beginning of this review It showed me how a world would be like if it were Evil I loved seeing the different details that made a difference to the world It was interesting to see the different fairy tale villains, I loved it so much Reading this book was so much fun and I am so sad that the series is finished Dear girl, it will be a very long road if you spend time looking backwards than forward Another part of this book was the confusion between Agatha and Sophie and which one of them was going to be left out Which girl did Tedros want to be with Who was going to be left out, the third wheel And it was really painful to see both of these characters suffering because they felt so alone I felt like I could relate to these characters in this situations because I always feel alone Maybe not in the same way as them, but the feelings that they went through were things I went through or currently go through I hate that feeling and I kept thinking about how these characters should just forget everything and move on I loved all of the characters except for Rafal, of course Tedros is super nice, although him and Agatha argue a lot Agatha is a character that I most relate to and I understood her feelings of confusion for her future Although Sophie was a bit annoying, I still loved her Hort was hilarious and I couldn t stop laughing at him I don t know why but Merlin reminds me of Dumbledore There are just so many characters, it is hard to name all of them But Rafal was so annoying and I just wanted to finish him off right away He s so old, like he s older than my grandparents and yet he is flirting with teenagers UGH This was about two sides warring for love Although the ending was sad, I loved it because everything ended perfectly All of the conflicts were solved and we got to see a bit of everything I wished I could read , because there could have been a little bit with Tedro, Agatha and Sophie and how they are in present day But I loved the ending and it was such a solid conclusion Soman Chainani did an awesome job on finishing this trilogy and I am so happy to have come across it To find a happy ending with someone else, first you have to find it alone

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    The best thing about this book and the series as a whole, in fact is how often it surprises you There were many points while reading The Last Ever After that I thought How on earth are they possibly going to get out of this situation or What on earth is really going on here only to find myself, pages or chapters later, wondering, How on earth did I not work it out The best twists, I think, are those you didn t work out but, when they are presented to you, they make perfect sense to the point you feel silly for not working them out sooner The Last Ever After is full of such twists and I lost count of how many times I shook my head in wonder at Soman Chainani s ability to leave me stunned.Some great characters are introduced in this book Whimsical Merlin, with his wonderful hat I want one was probably my favourite new character Rafal, on the other hand, was probably my least favourite new character or, well, sort of new, I guess though also old haha , simply because I found him rather annoying, rather than scary like his previous old incarnation Nonetheless, I did laugh when his insecurities showed, especially when view spoiler he turned up shirtless, thinking Sophie would like him if he styled himself like Tedros That was hilarious hide spoiler

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