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Prada & PrejudiceAs you can see by the title the story is loosely based on the well known classic Pride and Prejudice, and I thought the premise was really interesting A modern girl plopped into Regency England I m going to have a conversation with the author to see if she can help me make that happen, but on to the story of Callie Note When you start reading let the book stand on it s own and not compare it with the classic because it isn t meant to be a retelling It s just uses some of the plot to propel Callie s struggle Callie is what you would call a nerd with a klutzy streak She s off in England not having the time of her life, and takes matters in her own hands She thinks buying some red Prada pumps is gonna solve things In a way she was right, but not in the way she thought Along the way she learns to become who she really is with the help of getting her buttons pushed by a certain Duke You really do wonder if it wouldn t be so bad to live back then just with all our modern ideas It had the perfect balance of old school class and modern flair Going in I knew I was going to enjoy myself I love seeing characters in that kind of deer in the headlights scenarios They usually make for hilarious reads and though this was funny I have read funnier I was worried about how she was going to end the book but I felt it had the right amount of realism but without feeling you were robbed of essential details Definitely romanctic and geared towards Jane Austen fans Loved the whole Dorothy Wizard of Oz feel with the shoes.I did catch some problems with the book though For example Callie all of sudden knows Victoria s name and then later on she acts like she has to figure out who the name belongs to I also saw that on page 125 they spelled headach instead of headache I know the mistakes are really minor but as the reader we do expect things to be almost perfect An enjoyable read. Pride and Prejudice meets The Wizard of Oz meets The Princess Diaries in this enchanting story of a young girl s journey back in time Callie Montgomery is an adorable, funny, bright, and klutzy character, and you will both cheer and cringe along with her as she struggles to survive in Regency era England But some things are timeless, like cute boys and good friends, and Callie finds both during her search for a way home She also discovers something she never had before her own self worth.In addition to building a winning character, Mandy Hubbard does an exceptional job of bringing Regency England to life From the satin gown fabrics and whale bone corsets to the opulent ballrooms and intricate line dances, sensory details permeate this book But the story never gets bogged down in historical details, because Callie s lively, modern character drives the action.With delicious romance around every corner, and tantalizing mysteries waiting to be uncovered, Prada Prejudice will satisfy the sweet tooth of dreamy, young readers everywhere. I am a huge fan of Jane Austen and was quite interested to read Prada and Prejudice a YA retelling of my favorite Pride and Prejudice The premise a great a 15 year old American girl miraculously time travels to 19th century England where after some adventures, mistakes, and misunderstandings she finds love of handsome Duke, Elizabeth Bennet style What s not to like about it, right Yet, something is wrong The book is an utter teenage fluff The actions of the heroine Callie are silly to no end the plan to completely ruin Emily s reputation to avoid marriage , the historical frivolities are annoying kissing and riding alone with Alex Emily s proposal to the boy she likes, and even calling the Duke by his first name, are completely out of line , finally, the idea that a 19 year old Duke would fall for a 15 year old girl whose only peculiarity is a knowledge of how many million times a day a person blinks requires me to suspend my disbelief a bit too much Lastly, compared to many outstanding YA novel out there, this book doesn t offer anything new neither creatively, nor emotionally.Pretty much, this novel was a complete waste of my 3 pool hours However, if you are looking for a fluffy romance targeting 12 13 year old girls, this book provides enough entertainment to satisfy your needs Personally I expected a littlefrom it. I ended up finishing this book well into the night after getting so caught up in Callie s temporary world that I couldn t put it down Prada Prejudice is the story of Callie Montgomery, a modern day teenager with a penchant for making a fool of herself Callie spends the first part of a school trip to London trying to find an in to the in crowd , but ends up taking a spill that takes her back to 1815 and lands in her the manor of a very hot duke.At first Callie wants nothingthan to return to her own time and place, but she soon gets caught up in helping Emily, her new friend, and in demystifying the duke Along the way, Callie discovers that being herself isn t so bad after all and in fact, it might just be the key to getting what she really wants, both in her new life and her old one.Now let me say this I honestly didn t know if this would be my kind of book I tend to write dark fantasy and that s what I tend to read as well, so I wasn t sure if this would be a book I could be engrossed in but I was soooo wrong I got totally caught up in the story and identified with Callie right away I really wanted to see her get what she wanted, and Amanda Hubbard created vivid characters that really came to life. Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard is such a good read I enjoyed it from the very first few pages The story is entertaining and fast paced, and such a breath of fresh air from the angsty stuff I ve recently been reading The main and secondary characters are extremely likeable and their adventures and struggles captivate you from the moment you meet them.Callie is on a high school trip to London She s excited about the possibilities of making friends with the popular crowd, as her once best friend has moved away Working her way into the in crowd is not as easy as she thought, so she formulates a plan to impress the girls by purchasing a pair of Prada heels Unfortunately her klutziness works against her and she slips, hitting her head and tumbling back in time Thrown 200 years back, Callie must find the courage, self assuredness and confidence to get her through this misfortune Ironically, these same qualities can come in handy if and when she finds her way back to the present.This romantic comedy breaks all the rules of reality, but the story is told so flawlessly that you wouldn t have it any other way It s such an enjoyable read, that you ll find yourself laughing and cringing at some of Callie s decisions The story is fast paced because you can t wait to figure out how it will unfold and resolve itself Very good read I enjoyed it very much Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen Queen for TeensReadToo.comCallie is on a class trip to London and she s miserable When she overhears a group of popular girls talking about how they plan to sneak into a club that night, Callie is determined to join them But first she needs something to make her cool Prada heels Callie is a huge klutz and one step in those three inch Prada heels sends her tumbling over and waking up in 1815 There Callie gets mistaken for a long lost friend of Emily Callie soon gets mixed up in family scandal, engagements, and high society and she can t seem to keep from butting heads with the arrogant but very hot duke Alex.This book was so much fun I loved every minute of it Callie is a fun modern girl and Regency England just isn t sure what to do with her I loved the author s ideas of how a modern girl would react to the customs and society of 1815 Callie s adventures were creative but felt realistic I mean really, what would a modern girl do about corsets and the lack of indoor plumbing I really enjoyed the interaction between Callie and Alex Mandy Hubbard gives a perfect nod to Elizabeth and Mr Darcy and their relationship was loads of fun to read.The thing I loved the most was that the story jumped right in I get annoyed when books tell you in the synopsis that something will happen, but it takes pages and pages to even get there Callie lands herself in 1815 by the second chapter which means most of the story has a historical setting and the action starts from the beginning I love that Thank you, Ms Hubbard This was an enjoyable, delightful read that readers of romance or historical fiction will enjoy I can t wait to readfrom this fabulous new author Fifteen Year Old Callie Buys A Pair Of Real Prada Pumps To Impress The Cool Crowd On A School Trip To London Goodbye, Callie The Clumsy Geek Girl, Hello Popularity But Before She Knows What S Hit Her, Callie Wobbles, Trips, Conks Her Headand Wakes Up In The YearShe Stumbles About Until She Meets The Kind Hearted Emily, Who Takes Callie In, Mistaking Her For A Long Lost Friend Sparks Soon Fly Between Callie And Emily S Cousin, Alex, The Maddeningly Handsome Though Totally Arrogant Duke Of Harksbury Too Bad He Seems To Have Something Sinister Up His Ruffled SleeveFrom Face Planting Off Velvet Piano Benches And Hiding Behind Claw Foot Couches To Streaking Through The Estate Halls Wearing Nothing But An Itchy Blanket, Callie S Curiosity About Alex Creates All Kinds Of TroubleBut The Grandfather Clock Is Ticking On Her Th Century Shenanigans Can Callie Save Emily From A Dire Engagement, Win A Kiss From Alex, And Prove To Herself That She S Than Just A Loud Mouth Klutz Before Her Time There Is Up Full Review here Line Prada and Prejudice showed a lot of potential the idea was interesting, the characters were supposedly modern and relateable, etc However, it ended up being a major disappointment for me because of mainly one thing Callie I didn t like her attitude and, for the most part, wasn t able to relate to her On the other hand, I could definitely see the connections between the originial Pride and Prejudice and this book, and I love allusions like those This was Mandy Hubbard s first book, so I m not writing her off my reading list for now, but hope to see improvements in the future View from the other side Maybe my view is uncommon because I ve read many reviews that say Prada and Prejudice is a fun, light read Technically, the plot was at a reasonable pace and there was definitely some romance stirring up My main issue was Callie, and I think if you re not bothered by her, you might actually enjoy this book. Prada and Prejudice is a fun, breezy read and I enjoyed it The story moves along quickly and never falters start to finish.Mandy Hubbard creates interesting characters The heroine, Callie Rebecca, is very easy to identify with Who, as a teenager, felt they didn t fit in Her unexpected trip back to 1815 is filled with good intentions, mistakes and well, prejudices that she makes by not having all the information There is no Darcy or Elizabeth in this one so it s not a re telling of the Austen classic.All the characters are well developed and act according to the world they live in Although Callie tries hard to behave with the proper manners, her twenty first century thinking gets her into troublethan once but she tries hard to do what s right.There was a very satisfying conclusion to the story.I look forward to Mandy Hubbard s next book. I completely adored this book I wasn t sure how into regency England I was going to be but it turns out I m a huge fan It was so cute clever and I couldn t put it down The story is about a girl named Callie who is on a school trip to London She s sorta clumsy and is feeling lonely and wants to get in with this particular group of girls She thinks buying an expensive pair of Prada shoes might do the trick and when walking out of the store in her new shoes, falls and hits her head, and wakes up in the 1800s She has to figure out how she s going to get back home and in the meantime, how she s going to survive staying in a castle impersonating an expected guest with a super cute Duke, and a great new friend, without getting caught or into anytrouble Teens will LOVE this book.

Mandy Hubbard is the author of PRADA PREJUDICE and YOU WISH, both novels for teens now in stores In 2011, her releases include BUT I LOVE HIM written as Amanda Grace and RIPPLE She is also a literary agent for D4EO Literary Agency For information, visit her website.

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