Preservation Five Stars Preservation has a great story, awesome characters, tons of drama and romance Kate first meets Ryan in class as her Professor The two do not start off on the right foot Obviously the two has some tension, but not just because she s late for his class Though Ryan is crazy sexy, crazy smart with crazy hot tattoos, he s also developed a reputation for being one of those philandering professor types Kate wasn t sure what to make of Ryan First he scolds her for being late and for being an overachiever, then obviously flirting the next What to do, what to do I love the chemistry between Ryan Kate In fact, I ve got two words for youCopy Room Plus the supporting cast is just was wonderful I love, Love, LOVE Dean Carter Seriously, why can t I have two gorgeous BFFs Yeah, I m jealous Brilliantly done Rachael Fear Is Sabotage S Sweetest WeaponKate Has No Time For Meaningless Romantic Charades, And Definitely No Time For Hot College Professors Who Are Full Of Themselves And Smitten With Her Constantly Battling Eviction Notices, Tuition She Can T Afford, And A Sick, Dependent Mother, The Last Thing She Needs Is To Be Distracted With Someone Else S Complicated Baggage When She Stumbles Into Ryan Campbell S Creative Writing Class, He Is Only Mr Campbell To Her, Until Ryan Finds Himself Captivated By Her Writing And She Is Forced To Face Their Mutual Attraction His Cocky Know It All Syndrome Is Enough To Send Her Running In The Other Direction, And His Posse Of Female Admirers And Playboy Reputation Are Enough To Squander Any Odds In Her Favor But Underneath Ryan S Abrasive Facade Is Something To Behold, And She Can T Stay Away For Long Ryan And Kate Must Decide Who They Re Willing To Become And Fight Against Their Former Selves If They Want To Make Things Work That S If Academia, Vicious Vixens, Old Skeletons, And Their Own Mastery At Self Destruction Don T Pummel Their Efforts First DNF at 17%Let s write a story with a heroine that is Beautiful Cool Intelligent Funny Dedicated that every male around wants but is struggling to look after a parent sibling family member and put herself through collegebut isn t like all the other women who are needy slutty self obsessed jealous a bang hole that means nothingOH JUST FUCK OFF ALREADY This shit is what the 13 year old me would have written I d be the best at everything but be struggling in one area so people felt sorry for but yet admired me at the same time An older man that could have anyone would pick me and want marriage and babies and crawl around on his knees doing anything to have me And BLAHBLAHBLAHNO Nope No thank you Stop right there Red light No entry NOOOOOI m done Done done done DONE What bollocksGoodbye I was given this as an Advanced Readers copy for review by the Author Preservation is a classic story of how love prevails all Kate turner is a twenty something independent young women trying pay her way through college and pursue her career as a working author When Kate meets Mr Campbell her smooth talking and feisty college professor she is immediately turned off by his obnoxious observations, snarky attitude, and overly confident stature but that is deterred by his good looks dreamy eyes and his love for writing.As Kate and Ryan s relationship gets heated will they be able to call their encounters a fling or will their emotions get the best of them I loved this book from beginning to end I can definitely say this was a fast read because I read it in two sitting and I couldn t put it down I couldn t stop thinking about what happened next when I wasn t reading The story starts off with two introductions one of Ryan s aka Mr Campbell s past and an excerpt building on Kate s past When I first read the blurb I thought this book would fully evolve around the Teacher being physically and emotionally involved with a student but it goes way beyond that and my expectations Even though the situations in this book are a little scandalous which is why I read the Author takes us into the lives of two selfish and unsure individuals and tells their story of lust, pain, loss, happiness This book was on the romance side which made the book really enjoyable in my opinion We get to see the reasons behind their stand offish feeling about love because of their past relationships that in both cases didn t go well for both As you continue reading you see Kate and Ryan s relationship heat up to something that is just casual sex to something that can become so much Of course there are bumps along the way that will test the main characters feelings in the relationship which will lead to a turning point in the story.This book was by far a great read If an Author can write a book that has me sneaking into my secret hiding place at work just to read what happens next I give them two thumbs up because that was exactly what I was doing The characters were fully developed and definitely set in their ways about the other sex and the boundaries that come with it The Author also lets the reader emotionally connect with the characters to the point that these fictional characters come to life on the page and you will be saying I would do the same thing Just thinking about this book gives me a happy feeling and I am glad I got a chance to read about Kate and Ryan s story from beginning to end Favorite Quotes Your love is one hundred percent genuine and has the power to completely obliterate me Ryan Campbell Rachael Wade in Preservation As much as I d love to bury myself in you and break the shit out of this headboard, I have one Christmas present for you, Ryan Campbell Rachael Wade in PreservationCover Rating Slick clean and invitingRecommend to People who are over the age of 17 and like Contemporary Romances.Tt NeverEndingStoriesBookBlog But this isn t a story about my coming of age or all the shit I went through growing up It s a love story about how I met Ryan How he stole my running shoes and put reality in perspective for me In the most infuriating, blindingly beautiful way possible, a way that only he could And how I wrestled with his influence until the inevitable instilled me with a brand new kind of fear regretOh yeah , a paragraph like that is than enough to get me excited to read thisclears throatSetting aside all the goofiness , lets get on with this review , shall we Cover speak My first impression of this cover was something like this Honestly , I was speechless My mind must have said Holy wow How the girl manages to get such awefic awesome terrific covers for her books goes beyond me Just two words LOVE IT For those of you who dont know who Rachael Wade is , let me tell you this She s the author of one of my favourite vampire series fiction Amaranth and The Gates And man was I impressed with what she did here with Preservation To see her change gears from a Vampire series to a Contemporary Romance definitely was like a wave of freshness The synopsis burb of the book says it all , so I m not gonna get into whats this book about part Things I loved about this book I ve always believed in those 3 points right there , and I was so glad that this book is based on those points Right from the lives Kate and Ryan have lived to the point they meet and thereafter comprises of moments that breathe and live these points Faith is the absolute thing for any relationship to susutain Without love life is lost and Hope well Hope makes the world go round There are definitely gonna be times that you ll one or all of these things as you move along in life but its not like you wont find it again You will just have to move on , pick your microscopic goggles on and look for it in the right directionTrust me , its not so difficultRachael , you have clearly made me a happy woman with this book And I sooo want you to keep writing such awesomeness I loved the steam facotr in this book Ryan and Kate were enjoyable characters to read about They were nt perfect but thats what made them real Dean and Carter were an absolute mayhem to read and get to know God I want friends like these If you are a total romance junkie like me I suggest you read this book right away you wont be disappointed In a nutshell, Preservation is an insta lust story between two unlikeable characters with no chemistry Ryan, a college professor and manwhore with his student, the passive aggressive wannabe writer, Kate.The sex scenes were hot and I wish they were longer to compensate for all the stupid, unbelievable melodrama Perhaps, the book would have worked better if the author continued Ryan s POV to alternate with Kate s Perhaps not. I so wanted to like this b c I am a sucker for Professor student relationships Preservation was a DNF for me I read half There was no sexual tension, and no chemistry b w the characters and I didn t give a flip what happened to them. 1 STARFear is sabotage s sweetest weapon this book s cover Um, whut Was that translated from somewhere else Because that tagline makes absolutely no sense relative to this book.I don t take proclamations lightly but this is possibly the worst NA book I ve finished reading so far because my faith in this genre to do worse is pretty unshakable So much so that I feel like I owe the few books I ve read and 1 starred DNFs not included before this at least dinner I refuse to spoiler tag anything in this review on the grounds that I wish nobody the horror of reading this book accidentally If you re really keen on reading Preservation, please skip on right ahead and disregard the crazy, agonized woman ranting about sense and logic that would be me.Just how bad do you think can things get for this genre Let s meet the cast.Kate Parker is a college student studying something She s escaped the sordid past of a drug dealer boyfriend, a deserter father and an addicted mother right into Seattle where she struggles to make ends meet by taking an added job in the literacy center and takes writing workshops at night She has two best friends, Dean and Carter both hot blooded, straight males harboring feelings beyond friendship for the nonchalantly gorgeous Kate who adamantly friend zones both despite her repeated proclamations of their attractivenessWith a body like a Ken doll and hair like Meredith s McDreamy she s referring to Patrick Dempsey , I couldn t figure out for the life of me what he wanted with me Spoiler Alert, Ken dolls don t have dicks So swoon your little heart over that, Kate.Anyway, she pays neither gag drool worthy men any mind because she s too busy cursing while also privately checking out at her professor, the hunky manwhore Ryan Campbell, who has been on her case for always being late for class Ryan has a reputation of sleeping with his students around campus but only after he s asked them to drop his class Because, you know, the faculty generally FROWNS on this behavior and not expressly forbids it and Ryan Campbell is a man of outstanding meritorious morals And besides, he s only behaving thus because he s been scarred by his fiancee whom he caught with a hockey player no ten minutes after he s left for an interview he forgot his wallet that would ve ended with his literary works publishedRyan s POV It would no longer be Ry and Jamie, Jamie and Ry, the sweethearts from college, the ones who wanted to live in a little farmhouse in the mountains with two dogs and a cat It would just be Ryan, the guy with a writing degree and no writing career, the apparent sex god with nothing else going for him except a little charm and some good looks Well, if he puts it that way, then I find his behavior totally excusable I mean sex gods are people too, you know So they basically hate each other until Ryan reads Kate s writing and derives from there that she s a literary genius Then something like non existent sexual tension and chemistry in a pointless pool scene then boom They re banging each other Okay I may have cut a few corners there but there were A LOT of suddenlys going on in this book Suddenly, Kate s attracted to Ryan Suddenly, Ryan stops his manwhoring days and becomes faithful to Kate Suddenly, Carter foregoes his attraction to Kate and becomes Ryan s number one fan Suddenly, Dean s girlfriend Crystal is besties with Kate whom she is taking career advice from See my problem with reviewing this book How can you take any of this seriously How can the blurb be anything but disingenuous when it promises the thrill and taboo of a teacher student relationship when it delivers morally apathetic protagonists and a story set in an environment that doesn t care if they got it on or not If you re expecting a student teacher story with any perceivable depth beyond playacting during sex then you d be sorely disappointed.There was no character development going on whatsoever, no effort to explain any of the characters behavior and logic There was no foundation behind Kate, Dean and Carter s friendship They argue about desserts, Carter fakes a British accent and someone is afraid of heights and that s it There was lot of telling without showing giving this story a very porny feel where everyone is play acting their parts Badly As this was told from Kate s point of view and its been repeatedly hammered how good of a writer she is, you never get the sense that she s what the story is claiming her to be She s getting offers from a good number of PR firms to represent her work and even inspired Ryan to pursue his craft again Holy shit tattoos I spotted them immediately The man has tattoos under all that scholarly attire Crap Now it would be even impossible to focus when I was in his class I had a serious weakness for tattoos, especially on the arms, and well he had two works of art with heady aphrodisiac quality sprawled across them one on his forearm and the other on his bicep to his shoulder. I don t want to get judgy but this character s voice and the character profile do not compute AT ALL Such that I was so very interested in what kind of writing Kate was engaged in throughout this book but of course, it never came up.The dialogue was never organic or realistic and the story progression was choppy to a fault, skimming over scenes that would ve given the characters some depth The conversations do not make sense Ryan and Kate arguing sounded a lot like two deaf men talking to each other where one is talking about football and the other is talking about lunch Expectedly, there were several break ups and make ups on this one Over Ryan s slut shamed ex girlfriends, over Kate nearly getting raped after some decision making process fail and over Ryan swiping the publishing deal from Kate under her nose that one I actually liked The last one led to Kate escaping to St Lucia where she s set herself to teach children to read There was a moment of honesty in the scene where she s teaching a child, Nanette, that made me wonder why Kate was deprived of any such moments like that Moments that would have made me at least a little sympathetic towards her and make me hesitate just for a second calling her stupid in this colossally bad reunion set upThe bartender s voice rang out, holding the phone to his ear Kate Parker Still hazy from the shock of my afternoon delivery, I turned and waved my hand, and mumbled something into the phone, hanging up before walking towards me You re wanted down on the beach, miss Sorry Someone just rang for you and asked you to head down to the beach Guess what our heroine did there You re in a foreign country, its the middle of the night and someone asks you to go down the beach Yes, she automatically assumes it s Ryan, the very guy who just stole her publishing deal and pushed her to run away, and rushed to meet him In the beach At night Alone Because it s entirely implausible that there are armed terrorists or human traffickers waiting for her there instead.Seriously did nobody in this book watch Taken This got too long And ranty Nobody wants to read lengthy ranting reviews, especially from someone like me So I m just going to ask again How bad can things get in this genre Too late this is already a series.Also in BookLikes. Ok..before I start I have to tell you a secret..I have a strange relationship with free books When I see a free book on that sounds fairly decent I get it..but 9 out of 10 times I don t read it, it goes in a folder and stays there Not quite sure why..Then yesterday I thought I d have a peek at Preservation which I got free and I was hooked from the startmy kind of book and I thought how many of these little gems are sitting on my kindle being ignored Because Preservation was FAB I wish it had been longer though, I wish I could have gotten to know Ryan and Kate better through their pastbut what a treat at the end after the epilogue 0 LOVED that Won t spoil it Preservation is the story of Ryan and Kate two damaged people who aspire to become published writers and who have erected walls around themselves to ward of love and hurt Their relationship begins as Teacher Student but they are roughly the same age due to Kate having gone back to college late They both carry emotional baggage from their past which creates one extremely messed up relationship Both characters are completely lovable, I understood them but that didn t mean they didn t annoy the hell out of me at times Ryan..sighmy kind of hot arrogant but completely lovable tattooed alpha male..If you read this all I ll say is PHOTOCOPIERbloody hell..I had to read that scene twice Ok I liedI may have read it Oh and I LOVED Carter and Dean..I wanted of themDefinitely not enough of this book..that s the only thing I can criticize..I wanted

Rachael Wade writes edgy New Adult and Adult romance and science fiction She is the author of the bestselling PRESERVATION SERIES, THE REPLACEMENT, and LOVE AND RELATIVITY, as well as the paranormal romance series THE RESISTANCE TRILOGY When she s not writing, she s busy going to concerts, watching too many movies, and learning how to protect animals and the environment She s an avid Bra

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