Prisoner 374215

Prisoner 374215 While The Cell Is Sparse And Cold, At Least This One Has A Bed The Figure Resting There Is Too Thin Too Still, The Prominent Bones The Result Of Long Starvation, The Stillness The Product Of Too Much Anguish And Abuse He Watches, Though An Anxious, Intelligent Mind Still Occupies This Frail And Failing Body, One That Watches And Wonders About The New Guard Occupying His Cell Each Night

Angel Martinez currently lives part time in the hectic sprawl of northern Delaware and full time inside her head She has one husband, one son, two cats, a love of all things beautiful and a terrible addiction to the consumption of both knowledge and chocolate Angel s alter ego writes the all ages science fiction Sandra Stixrude.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 50 pages
  • Prisoner 374215
  • Angel Martinez
  • English
  • 10 May 2019

10 thoughts on “Prisoner 374215

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    4.5 starsWow, I loved this story Gosh the claustrophobic atmosphere and dreaded feeling of doom had me hanging on to every word Its intense and edgy, the hopeless, awful gut feeling hit its mark Tal s experience is emotionally fraught and terrifying but don t despair there is hope, thank god I thought it was fantastic and the writing is fabulous An awesome read and it perfectly fit the story prompt, highly recommended.

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    This is how it s done This is how you create an intensely claustrophobic ambiance This is how you grab your readers by their throats in a mere 30 pages An excellent prompt and a, mostly, fantastic execution Strongly recommended.I took away 1 star because I personally found the ending somewhat lacking The prompt explicitly stated that a HEA would not be necessary, which I appreciated Especially when it comes to dark stories that also happen to be short, it s difficult to avoid a HEA from appearing to be tacked on Yet what did my freaking eye spy A whopper of a HEA that covered all the Hollywood clich s I think the excerpt from the history book would have lent itself perfectly for a mysterious and slightly sinister ending We all know how history is often altered by governments Especially in times of war, when there is a lot at stake and a loss of face is simply unacceptable, propaganda runs rampant I m disappointed that the author did not add a dash of mystery By claiming in a footnote that, for example, according to the resisters government the war hero lived his happily ever after, but that historical research didn t show evidence of said hero s existence after his supposed escape And that historians are therefore skeptical of the official version of how events unfoldedUhm..maybe I should submit a prompt for an ending next year. p

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    Perfect execution of the prompt Written with enough darkness and pain, mental, physical and emotional to get me to become both invested in Tal and then crying with him over his lost chances and shame The guard perfectly handled, including his gentle strength, and an end which packed sense and relief and was absolutely satisfying.I m so happy with this

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    4.25 starsWOW Just WOW I have read several stories by Angel Martinez before but this 10k story is definitely one of the most intense, one of the most powerful, and one of her BEST Within 10,000 words, the story painted a vivid dreaded feel of a prisoner his fears, his emotional state, his desperation But at the same time, it also builds that wonderful ray of light in the end of the tunnel, in form of Scar, the prison guard who keeps watch over Prisoner 374215.Science fiction dystopia is not my favorite genre which is part of the reason on why I can t give stars rating However, I admit, I have no trouble following this enthralling story I hang on to the every word, every scene, on the edge of my seat until the reveal of the name of Prisoner 374215 and the back story on why he became a prisoner.The romance might be very, very subtle this is of story of Prisoner 374215 than romance But the epilogue gives that assurance of happiness after months of being captured.Thumbs up, Angel

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    Tantalizing setting Tantalizing everything About the only thing I didn t want to know about was the prisoner himself the pieces were all there.

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    Prisoner 374215 is such a poignant and gripping tale for a short story The angst and strife is so quiet yet deep, it cuts like a scalpel It s dark without being overly gruesome those who prefer bubbles and rainbow butterflies stories might still quake in their boots from this one but it s not that scary of the grittier abuse happens off scene Was it a tearjerker for me No, but it might be for some.Based on the prompt, this story hits each mark lovingly Prisoner 374215 has been dehumanized to a basic shell, conditioned to forget himself He knows nothing but pain But there s a guard who treats him with kindnessis a trick Prisoner 374215 is sure it is but he can t help to respond to the small comfort the guard offers.The guard, Scar Marcus was spot on I don t want to gush and give away why this story with about 10K words could move you It was so touching There s no sex there s some cuddling and I was super satisfied.I find beauty in this story A great tale A wonderful ending whispers Yes there s a not so overt HEA but a HEA still the same.Job well done, Angel

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    Holy crap I actually cried at the end This is just a short story and I had no idea where it was going It s brutal I cringed and wanted to shy away and dnf but I m glad I didn t I so wish this was full length.

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    Claustrophobic, dark, and full of pain and sufferingI am a bad person, because this ticked all my boxes I loved seeing the transformation of Prisoner 374215, from the man he was, to the man they made him, and thanks to the little epilogue into something than that at the end Another fantastic LHNB story, and you guys, it s free

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    Prisoner 374215 is an enthralling short from the LHNB event The prisoner in question is being held in a prison testing facility No clue what he s being tested for but he s becoming weaker by the day Death would be a blessing, a welcome reprieve So far, though, they had refused to let him die Scar is assigned to guard him at night By all outward indications, he should be terrified of Scar but strangely enough he s comforted by him Yet Hope, any sort of hope, was dangerous Scar finds a way to break through to 374215 by provoking memories of who he once was an inspiration to many A strategic genius All of which was stripped from him on fabricated charges by the Andalusian Corporation There s just enough back story to make it engaging leaves the reader to fill in the blanks I appreciate not having it spoon fed to me Well written I was surprised by the level of investment 37 pgs could generate.And it s free Bonus

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    Claustrophobic, terrifying, imaginative a sort of dystopian technologic Auschwitz In and of itself, that s enough to give me nightmares I love I hate oh, fuck, it was well done, the way 374215 was conditioned and brainwashed, and I love how he was able, with the help of his future husband, to break free of his psychological binds.I have to agree with Tinka here and admit that the ending felt, if not tacked on, at least a little rushed, but I think I would have killed someone if I hadn t gotten my HEA, so all in all I m perfectly satisfied with the fairytale feel of the resolution.

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