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Private Property Sam Kostas Is A Popular Mystery Writer With A Bad Case Of Writer S Block He S Recently Moved To A Large Victorian House On The Coast Of Newport, Rhode Island Hoping To Gain Inspiration For His Next Novel However, His Writer S Block Seems Worse Than Ever, Until A Strange Young Man By The Name Of Will Adler Comes Into His Life With Cakes And Craziness, And Insists That Sam S House Belongs To Him It S All Out War Between The Two Until They Both Realize That They Actually Just Might Like Each Other Maybe Even As They Fall In Love, The Battle For The House Is On Until The Very End

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Private Property book, this is one of the most wanted Audra Beagle author readers around the world.

[Ebook] ➢ Private Property By Audra Beagle –
  • ebook
  • 108 pages
  • Private Property
  • Audra Beagle
  • English
  • 05 March 2018
  • 9781603707862

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    4 stars Sam, an aspiring mystery writer with than a few OCD tendencies, purchases a little home in the country, hoping to find his creative genius in the peaceful solitude Peace and quiet isn t in the cards when one cool summer evening, a mysterious and gorgeous stranger named Will shows up on his doorstep with a delicious chocolate cake and claiming ownership of the house I actually picked this book up for a challenge and I wasn t sure if I would be enjoying it The blurb sounded intriguing, but the reviews mentioning that Private Property and Private Parts is a romantic comedy made me feel a little relucant considering that I m usually not a big fan of comedy But Private Property and Private Parts has been absolutely hilarous the characters, the awkward dialogues, the completely ridiculous actions I just couldn t stop reading and I have been laughing a lot Romantic comedy is definitly not a genre I would like to read on a regular basis, but sometimes it s just I think I might try often I definitly adored Will and Sam

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    I absolutely love it when I come across a book that tickles my funny bone I had no idea that Private Property by Audra Beagle and Chloe West was going to be as humorous as it was I admit that both authors are new to me, so I didn t really know what to expect, but when I started reading it I knew pretty much from the first page that I was in for a treat Sam Kostas is a mystery writer who is suffering from severe writer s block He thought that buying an old Victorian home off the coast of Rhode Island would be just what he needed to clear his head and start his creative juices flowing again Unfortunately for Sam, his plan hasn t worked About the time Sam is starting to get frustrated enough to chunk his old typewriter out the window, a mysterious and very beautiful man rings his doorbell carrying an old suitcase and a big chocolate cake.Will Adler will almost resort to anything to get his family home back He had been hoping to pass the peace pipe with his ex wife and buy the his ancestral home from her But, to his utter shock and horror, she s sold the house out from under him to some crazy, rude, somewhat eccentric writer Will knows he must do what he can to convince Sam to sell him back his home When Sam won t listen to him, Will decides he must do whatever it takes to get back his home What happens next is an every man for himself all out battle between two stubborn individuals Both men go to extreme and often hilarious lengths to get own way They just never thought they would fall in love with each other in the process.I loved this book It was so much fun to read I started it last night and before I knew it I was reading the last page The intense connection between Sam and Will starts out with a bang and never lets up until the last word I loved watching their relationship revolve from feuding enemies, to reluctant friends and then developing into a deep love that neither man can deny Sam is not your typical hero Yes, he s gorgeous, but he s cranky, than a little self centered at first and took glee in making Will s life miserable at times Even though he has some very un hero like ways, I adored him His somewhat anal retentive behaviors was a perfect match for the quirky and very beautiful Will These men were very well matched and watching them come to terms with their attraction and feelings for each other was a wild ride Whether Will and Sam are arguing, making love or even just talking the passion between them amazed me I loved their rapport and I adored the creative ways they came up with to get under each other s skin Another great thing I loved about this book was the range of emotions I felt when I read it Yes, it s very funny, but it also has some very heartfelt and tender moments in it, too Not only did I like the main characters, but I thought the secondary characters were as interesting and delightful as Will and Sam were My only gripe is that I hated for it to end I m hoping that one of the secondary characters, Grant, will get his story as well.

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    Three Strikes I listened to the audiobook3 Strikes 1 Poor writing quality Here s an example The man was the complete opposite of Sam While Sam was solidly built and boyish, the man on Sam s doorstep was lean and feminine, almost willowy The man was pale and dark, an attractive contrast, where Sam was dark all over Sam s olive toned skin complemented his short, wavy, brown hair and dark green eyes Page 8There are some challenges with use of pronouns when the gender combination in a romance is MM and probably FF too rather than MF Since I ve been reading M M romance, some authors are adept than others with over coming the issue of use of pronouns so that there is no confusion between the same gender couple individuals Sometimes I have in fact been confused The example above, the author avoids confusion of the two male MCs characters, by repetition of the phrase the man and Sam This is not good writing I suggest that the author s put in the time to read M M titles by some of the top authors in the genre not for plagiarism, but to learn how to handle two MCs of the same gender 2 Horribly edited audio with repetition of sentences like skip scratches in a vinyl record does anyone remember those 3 Subpar audio narration The narrator Mark A Child sounds like he s, wellreading I don t like a narrator who just reads I can read a book aloud myself without paying for an audiobook.NTS MMRG Ultimate Challenge, February 1, 2017 January 31, 2018 February March Bonus, state Rhode Island.

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    This fun and quirky story is a treat to read with a lot of humor and an engaging voice Unfortunately, the quirky details overwhelm the story to a point of discomfort and there are several holes in the characters and plot itself The sometimes awkward actions and dialogue start as charming but eventually become too much Additionally the story ends with a tidy, happy ending and then there is a ten page explicit sex scene tacked onto the ending that serves almost no purpose but to have an erotica scene added Overall this story is really humorous in spots, awkward and uncomfortable in others, but is easy, light, and mostly fun to read If readers are looking for quick, forgettable fare with a good dose of humor this should easily fill that craving.Sam Kostas is a frustrated writer Although a New York Times Bestselling author, he moves to Rhode Island in hopes of breaking through his writer s block What he doesn t expect is a man camping out on his doorstep and claiming to own the house When Sam discovers Will lost his family home in a divorce settlement and it was sold to Sam before Will could re buy it, Sam is caught between annoyance and sympathy The time Sam spends around Will, the he realizes Will isn t such a bad guy and the two might actually have something in common.The plot is loosely based on Will s attempt to annoy Sam into selling his family s home back to him and Sam s stubborn refusal to give in Along the way, the two annoy, pester, and finally love each other in a cute, quirky, warring neighbors turned lovers theme The dialogue is punchy and fast with several laugh out loud moments from the cake left outside to the intrusive shovel as a grumpy Sam narrates his frustration and hermiting tendencies through the story There are a few too many quirks and cute nuances to the story though, turning two grown men in their twenties into a couple of boys at summer camp From Will s fuzzy slippers and bunny pajamas to Sam s little dinosaur sheets, these details started to add up and become slightly disconcerting rather than the fun quirky aspect clearly intended.Other problems along those lines are the lack of sexual knowledge either man has to the point they fumble through sex and often refer to their groins as it and have no idea what to do Funny at first, when combined with the other details, this gives a very immature cast to the two men that rapidly becomes uncomfortable Additionally the two men have very inconsistent characters Sam is described as a twenty four year old bestselling author who shuns the fad of technology He doesn t own a cell phone, DVD player, cable, or even a computer He writes on a heavy, antique typewriter with custom ink This doesn t make any sense at all considering he wasn t raised on an isolated farm and later he is described as having a severe aversion to anything antique The book attempts to cast Sam as an old curmudgeon type which is completely at odds with his age and occupation.Will is not much better, even with the focus on Sam for most of the story Both Will and Sam claim several times they are not gay and never experience any desire for other men Yet strangely they kiss several times spontaneously throughout the book and ultimately fall in love even though neither man actually admits he is gay They are simply gay for each other without much thought or care This left their relationship feeling just as awkward, yet the streak of romance and humor through the story helps with easy reading Sam s friend Grant offers little to the story and, with the ridiculous explanation about his smirk, would have been better off omitted entirely.However, for all these problems, which would occasionally detract from the story, the humorous tone and fun voice keep the story moving and mostly enjoyable The humor laced in the men s various antics to annoy each other and the extended bits about the cakes Will makes does help entertain and engage the reader The relationship between the two may be too easy but it s without angst and overly dramatic actions which will likely please romance fans The fumbling and awkward interlude is refreshing and interesting in a format usually given to multiple slick sex scenes The characters, even with their problems, have classic appeal and interest than most For a fun, but imperfect, story about warring neighbors turned lovers, pick this up You ll likely laugh a lot and enjoy the ride.

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    It s like a screwball romantic comedy Funny at some parts.

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    Fun and easy to read I thought that it would be of a mystery in it, but it turned out that I got that wrong, it s on of the MCs, Sam, who s a mystery writer, not the authors of this book Which was great news for me, since I really do not like mystery books.Like I said, this was fun, but it was also heartwarming and by the end of it I was truly happy that the MCs had their HEA I was a little unsure at the beginning how I felt about Sam, but during the book s progress I started to like both him and Will and I wanted them together as a couple.

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    Sam was cranky, crotchety as the book progressed, increasingly and endearingly odd Although he seems to be the normal of the two at book s start, by book s end the reader should be disabused of that peculiar notion Adored his obsession with the shovel And crumbs Will has a bit of the too good to be true going on, but frankly, he d need to be the essence of patience to tolerate Sam s less than stellar moments He s a total jerk and very un hero like, at times, especially at the beginning So it s all good.I didn t expect to like this one as much a I did Given how the book started, I was anticipating a comfort story and that s what I got but the tables were turned on who was hurting and who was the comforter Fascinating Looking forward to from this author.

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    A humours read with a little too many awkward moments for my liking I found myself cringing at moments and admittedly I skipped the awkward scene at the end of the book where Sam proclaims his love for Will at the grand opening of Wills business in front of everyone I found it corny and embarrassing to read and also cringe worthy.I wanted to slap Will at the start of the story when he just shows up and demands the house is his when Sam has bought it legally outright, I also wanted to slap Sam many times What s up with his talking to the shovel and crumbs in the bed phobia Oh and the dinosaur bed sheets Other then these few flaws this is a quick and funny read that I will most likely forget as soon as start reading the next book in my list.

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    3.5A fun, quick read that was all over the place A bit too much and not enough This book left me with the jitters like a caffeine overdose Very funny in parts, frantic and hyper in others, sweet as well, a little angsty, kind of odd I wanted it to slow down some and let me get to know the characters better It wasn t that type of book though With one of the Chapters titled Mushy Shit you know what to expect.

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    This was an okay book It was a quick read and had a decent amount of interest because I loved the location and house.I just got tired of the way Sam acted and about have way through kinda got bored I would still love to try another book by the author I thought there was potential.

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