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魔法少女まどか☆マギカ 1 In This World, There Exist Strange Creatures Who Have The Power To Grant One Wish To A Chosen Girl However, In Exchange, That Girl Must Then Become A Magical Girl And Use Their Powers To Fight Against Witches, Evil Creatures Born From Darkness That Are Responsible For Murders And SuicidesIn The City Of Mitakihara, A Schoolgirl Named Madoka Kaname And Her Friend Sayaka Miki Are Approached By A Familiar Named Kyubey, Who Offers To Grant Each Of Them One Wish In Return For Making Each Of Them A Magical Girl Another Magical Girl Named Homura Akemi Tries To Prevent Madoka From Making Such A Deal, While Kyubey Urges Madoka By Telling Her She Will Become The Most Powerful Magical Girl However, Contrary To The Glamorous Notions One Would Expect, A Magical Girl Finds Herself Dealing With Death, Isolation, Loss Of Humanity, Agony Over The Value Of Her Wish, And Existential Crisis Madoka, Following Her Friends, Soon Sees The Darker Side Of Being A Magical Girl, And Because Of Knowing The Truth About Being A Magical Girl, She Questions If She Should Become One As Well

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ 1 book, this is one of the most wanted Magica Quartet author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ 1
  • Magica Quartet
  • English
  • 25 September 2017
  • 9780316213875

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    Hermosamente cruel Maho Shojo psicol gico chicas magicas Hablare de este manga sin hacer spoilers, aunque es complicado ya que desde el principio hay multitud de giros argumentales.Por las preguntas sobre la edad recomendada es 14 a os, y para los que no quer is leeros el manga porque se lo quer is recalar a un a chic hij , probablemente chica o hija, aqu viene el porque, aviso que esta plagado de spoilers graves view spoiler No todas las chicas m gicas conseguir n acabar este manga anime con vida, aparte de la complejidad de los contratos, no se ofrece un deseo milagro por nada, al principio del manga nos parecer que la pega es que deber n luchar contra las brujas hasta la muerte, pero mas tarde veremos que el coste del deseo que pidieron es mucho mas alto y tambi n puede ser algo traum tico cuando descubr is como se crean las brujas y el por que de su existencia hide spoiler

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    I decided to re read this because I ve been wanting to get to all the side stories and I m finally gonna do it So I m starting with the base series of course This volume is just as amazing as I remember it to be The world is so magical obviously yet so creepy at times and it s a great first volume I really love Homura, she s probably my favourite girl and I just want her to be happy I really recommend you try this series, just because it s so different than your conventional magical girl series and it s so unpredictable

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    Don t be fooled by the cover

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    Kyubey you dirty liar.

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    Note to self Don t make a contract to become a magical girl with a fluffy cute creature unless I want to keep my soul.This series, when the first information hit the web in December, really fired up both fans and critics of Studio Shaft the studio responsible for the TV anime People were pretty evenly divided, since Shaft now has their own individual signature animation style, and everyone was wondering if this was just going to turn into another typical Shaft style show I myself was wondering the same.I love Shaft, though they aren t my favourite studio out there Of course I had to give the show a try, and I loved it from the first episode onward And then out came the manga, and my love for it only grew.This isn t your typical Shaft project It s nice the directors mixed up their usual style on backgrounds and character design, and it s even better that that translated into the manga project as headed by Magica Quartet This series makes no apologies about its content, which is pretty contraversial within the anime manga world The magical girl genre has been around since the late 1960s, and has only grown in popularity since then If you ve heard of Sailor Moon , then you know what a magical girl is usually a girl with magic powers as the protagonist, going through rough battles in order to come out a better person in the end Usually those that grant her magic powers if she isn t born with them in the first place are usually benevolent non human creatures that only want to improve the world and save it from evil.Magica Quartet turns this on its head and asks us the question well, what if those benevolent magic power granting creatures didn t really give a shit about saving the world from evil This story isn t one of the usual magical girl tropes, it s an exception to the genre and, even when it s at its most unbearable painful in content, it s still one of the best new stories to come out of Japan within the last year It s not all sunlight and awesome transformation sequences It s not all about justice and selflessness if anything, it s the opposite You re sacrificing yourself, fighting Witches and Familiars for the power to make the wish YOU made come true No one else can do that but you.I applaud Magica Quartet for making us think on this one What would you do if you were offered a wish and the powers to make it come true Would you question the price Would you question your future should you choose to take Kyuubei s deal and get your wish and powers at once Magica Quartet makes us question our deepest desires and animal instincts and these days, in any kind of fiction, that s pretty rare crossposted to librarything and witchoftheatregoing.wordpress.com

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    This starts off as a fairly standard magical girl manga, with some really nice art But by the last chapter, it becomes clear that this isn t going to be a typical series It starts in a pretty standard way, with schoolgirls Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki getting the call to become magical girls and fight witches They re guided by Mami, a experienced magical girl, and Kyubey, an adorable, talking, magical critter So far, quite normal, and it s only the art style that would make the series stand out When the girls fight the witches, they enter into surreal, beautiful, creepy landscapes that are unlike anything I can remember seeing in the genre The last chapter throws quite a curveball, though it still leaves a ton of unanswered questions This is the part where I really started to take notice I don t know where this is going, but this is clearly not an average magical girl series, and I m hooked.

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    Before I get on with reviewing this, I have to admit that I had a little trouble finding this series by volume since it goes by a plethora of different names Wikipedia told me it was chapters 1 through to 4 that make up the first volume, so I went with that Apologies if I made a mistake.On with the show Now this one was recommended to me by Vanessa, who has recommended two other tiles to me so far The first was Black Butler, which was so frivolous and disappointing that I actually fell asleep reading it The second was Monster, which is already one of my favourite manga of all time So far, then, the score is 1 1 Let s make that 2 1 in favour of the involuntary headdesk.No, really, self inflicted cranial trauma was the only way I could honour my commitment and finish this volume.I have a couple of major issues, and the rest are just a ton of screencaps where I found problems I hope that s ok but I don t really care about the approval my last few posts were highly verbose and it s about time I tried a different way of expressing my frustration and or disappointment Since in this case I feel both those things, be prepared for a barrage of screencaps and snide comments I apologize for nothing.The cover was my first indication that something was about to go spectacularly, kill the spare ingly wrong This art is distinctly reminiscent of things yes I m looking at YOU, Cardcaptor Sakura that I adored deeply as a child but even then felt bad about watching because it seemed too childish Even as a ten to twelve year old, I felt like I was too old to be watching something that ridiculously girlish and immature While Cardcaptors, and mostly Touya, hold a very firm place in my heart, PMMM is way out of my comprehension level I repeat, sirs and madam, that I just cannot goddamn compute.This kind of artwork was cute when I was in grade school Now it just makes me roll my eyes, because I don t feel like I m young enough to be able to appreciate it For a manga that s trying to be gory there s one pathetically executed beheading that s less scary than the Scary Movie series this isn t the artwork it needs It cheapens the content and any attempt to be serious is blinkered by all the frills and ribbons.Oh, and speaking of Cardcaptors, what s with the rodent So it goes around making deals with random people it deems acceptable to stop witches making people commit suicide Two things here First He calls himself Kyubey but he s just ringing across as a Keroberos ripoff Secondly, suicide is an epidemic in Japan, or it was for quite some time at the very least Where the hell do these people get off eliminating the concepts of circumstance and choice in these scenarios No, you must physically reinforce the concept of life onto people, because the only reason they want to commit suicide is because they re demonically possessed Suicidal people are all possessed by the devil and therefore they re all going to hell Man, Christians must love this series.Speaking of chosen, are these kids picked off the street at random or something Kyubey mentions that Madoka has a lot of talent, but at NO POINT in this volume is her talent made explicit, except for when Kyubey conveniently points it out She never sticks up for herself, she never asserts herself, never has any opinions and just sits around whining and letting people clean up after her Way to be, you imbecile.If I weren t so against being casual about suicide, I d tell you about how this stupid waste of space whining endlessly made me want to kill myself too Maybe that s why people around her keep dying It s not witches, they re just trying to get the hell away from her.Okay, okay, that s too far Not because she doesn t deserve it, but because people who are losing the will to live don t deserve to be associated with something so meaningless as PMMM.I also adore the cheesy dialogue, a lot of which occurs when a battle is about to occur My favourite is when Madoka leaves her friend to watch over a Grief Seed which would hatch into a witch that could kill her and goes to Mami for help Instead of rushing to Miki s aid, however, Madoka and Mami just decide that they just want to have an emotional bonding session with heartfelt chit chats, because hey, it s not like their friend s life is on the line, right Oh wait, yes it is The least annoying character, Homura, isn t an exception to this cheesy speech rule either It s sad that a majority of this manga follows on in this vein It just comes off as rehearsed and preachy, which just makes the characters sound two dimensional and unrealistic, making it even harder to get attached to them or give a goddamn when they get beheaded.I also love how so much of it isn t explained How the girls are chosen are not explained, they re just speshul snoflakes with supah kawaii magikal powahs desu yo.It s great how the characters always know where to be and what to do Our main characters sacrifice nothing and are perpetually kept safe by other people Nobody has to work for anything here, you just get GIVEN huge amounts of power so you can perpetuate the concept that there is no free will when it comes to despair Expletive you.I had a couple other allergic reactions to this volume too but those are better expressed via pictures I copied 95% of the review onto here from my blog though so even if you don t follow the link you won t miss much, maybe just a Crash Bandicoot joke.Yehey

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    As my sister is ever so insistent on making a Homura Akemi doll out of paper modeling clay and I think it s going to turn out awesome I was thinking that rewatching the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime would take too long so I remembered stumbling across the manga on Goodreads and thought to give it a try.Now taking note that I have seen the anime in its full in March 2013 I will note the differences between the anime and the manga adaptaion so I will be very thorough Oh and if you did not guess it already Spoilers Dead Ahead Firstly I really like the art style it s a refreshing take of the Madoka Magica universe and it has some really great character renderings I personally like Homura and Mami san s designs very much, I find them to be gorgeous.Taking a step back though from the praise I will note some things that the anime had and the manga does not convey 1 Time The anime had time to develop the characters, make the viewer feel sorry for them, cry when they die and cheer when they manage to survive which was rare for Gen Urobuchi In the manga we have little time to actually know the characters and when Mami san s death occurred it took only 2 3 pages and I was left wondering What the hell just happened In the anime, while it does not take all that much time to display her death it does show signs, though eerie music, the indication that Mami is too confident in her powers that something is going to go horribly wrong.2 Colour The manga is all black and white, naturally, yet it takes away from the experience of the very diverse and otherwise really pretty Witch labyrinths Ok, I am going to be harsh here and say that the mangaka butchered them.3 Music The track for the anime done by Yuki Kajiura is so gorgeous I have it since March 2013 when I first watched the anime and I am still listening it to this day When I read manga and or comicbooks I have no background music in my mind so it s complete silence in my thoughts with the added reading of the lines written there The music gave the Madoka Magica anime atmosphere, a thing that is not properly conveyed in the manga.There are also some additions that I found rather irking, like Homura s passionate aggressive behavior is not in character Until her breakthrough in episode 9 was it, when she breaks down into tears, she was calm and calculated, unaffected, which properly shows her as a potential antagonist Here it already gives hints that she is part of a bigger picture.Kyuubey has facial expressions I do not buy that one bit Being an alien and not understanding human emotion, Kyuubey, in his own words, cannot feel fear, regret, enthusiasm, worry and other some such emotions displayed in the manga.The addition of the comedy is not to my taste, because it makes the characters look rather shallow.All and all for the first volume I shall award a 3 stars with the above commentary as the proof as to why I opted for such a neutral rating.My other reviews D

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    Puella Magi Madoka Magica 1 3 Plot gamblang dan tidak setengah setengah.Gambar OkPenokohan Setiap tokoh memiliki karakterisasi yang baik meski umum Desainnya juga manis manis Ibu Semakin ia keras kepala kalau dirinyalah yang paling benar, kebahagiaan akan semakin menjauh darinya Menyedihkan, ya.Madoka Apa ada yang bisa kulakukan Ibu Untuk yang macam itu, hasilnya tak akan bagus meski orang lain ikut campur.Tapi kamu masih tetap mau menyelesaikannya Kalau begitu, lakukan saja hal yang salah Termasuk untuk dia yang terlalu benar.Biar seseorang melakukan kesalahan untuk dia.Madoka Melakukan kesalahanIbu Benar.Berbohong atau melarikan diri dari hal yang menakutkan.Awalnya mungkin memang sulit dipahami, tapi akhirnya dia juga sadar bahwa itu benar Kalau memang tak tahu harus berbuat apa, berbuat salah juga salah satu pilihan Puella Magi Madoka Magica 2 Magica Quartet Saya membeli komik ini karena banyak yang memberikan rating tinggi uhuk.Saya belum pernah menonton adaptasi animenya, tetapi telah banyak melihat fanart dari judul ini yang bertebaran Hasilnya Saya merasa komik ini memang bagus seperti yang dibilang, tapi mungkin tidak sebagus jika saya menontonnya duluan.Ya Ya Saya serius Menjadi seperti seorang gadis penyihir yang menyelamatkan banyak orang orang tak bersalah dari ancaman penyihir terdengar sangat hebat Paling tidak itulah yang dipikirkan oleh protagonis utama kita Tapi apakah memang demikian adanya Selama membaca gelombang otak saya agak kontras luminosity dibandingkan orang lain yang sudah menonton animenya luminositykarena kontrassudahterlalumainstream XD.Pertama, adegan bertarungnya menurut saya hmmm agak kaku kaku gimana gitu Tidak fleksibel dan semacam langsung langsung saja Saya tidak mendapatkan aksi yang bisa membuat saya ikutan Jeger jegerr Konsep pertarungannya yang terlalu magis ini pasti akan lebih menggetarkan jika dinonton Begitulah pendapatku Tapi tetap saja, saya suka susunan ceritanya yang langsung seperti itu Diangkat dan dijatuhkan, kesannya tidak setengah setengah Intinya sih seperti itu 7.6 10

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    3.5I do not want to discuss this too much since I have already watched the anime that this manga was based on, but what I will say is that this is a very abridged version of the first 4 episodes of the anime It is not bad, but a lot of the emotional impact and sense of adventure is limited by the super fast pace in this adaptation I am excited to read all of these and re vist the world of Madoka, it really did amazing stuff for the Magical Girl genre and I recommend the anime to everyone who enjoys anime.

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