Pussyfoot (Midnight Louie, #2)

Pussyfoot (Midnight Louie, #2) Douglas Takes A Holiday From Her Acclaimed Irene Adler Historical Mysteries To Let Midnight Louie Off His Leash For The First Time Since Catnap Tor Murder Strikes A Las Vegas Stripper Competition, And Midnight Louie Leaves No Back Alley Unprowled To Find The Murderer For The Hapless Humans

Carole Nelson Douglas is the author of sixty four award winning novels in contemporary and historical mystery suspense and romance, high and urban fantasy and science fiction genres She is best known for two popular mystery series, the Irene Adler historical suspense novels and the 28 book Midnight Louie contemporary mystery series Delilah Street, PI Paranormal Investigator , headlines Carole s

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  • Hardcover
  • 302 pages
  • Pussyfoot (Midnight Louie, #2)
  • Carole Nelson Douglas
  • English
  • 17 October 2019
  • 9780312852184

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    Temple Barr is at it again and so is Midnight Louie.She finds herself at a Striptease Convention and there is murder a foot The original public relations person finds a dead woman hanging on the wall in the dressing room He has a heart attack and Temple takes over Who is the murderer and will Temple and the police get to the bottom of this Midnight Louie has his own investigation going as well as helping Temple, his doll Seems like Savannah Ashleigh, a film star, has come to town and with her, Midnight Louie s lost love, the Divine Yvette he feels she s in danger as well.Another good read by Carole Nelson Douglas.

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    These books are obviously not aging particularly well, given that they were written in the early 90s However, if you get the referencesstill delightful This book doesn t have as much Midnight Louie as the later books, which I forgot and is still disappointing Still, it establishes some important facts for the rest of the series and it s interesting to read.I didn t guess the killer in this one, either I like how the reader is kept in the dark until all of a sudden CLICK it all makes sense to the reader at the same time it makes sense to Temple I like that in a mystery novel.Solid, pulp y mystery.

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    Another mystery involves Las Vegas PR expert Temple Barr and her keeper , Midnight Louie, along with her neighbor Matt and landlady Electra.After turning down a PR job for a stripper convention accepted by her nemesis, Crawford Buchanen, Temple finds herself involved anyway, when Buchanen becomes ill and she is asked to substitute a murder has already been committed, and there is to come as Temple wages her determined way forward on spike heels, much to the chagrin of Lieutenant Carmen Molina.

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    This was a light read, a cat mystery that became a little convoluted This author has written this series which we learned continues with Midnight Louie, the cat Many of the characters continue, die, come back, and have different identities I can t imagine what her character wall map looks like Anyone who reads the entire series deserves a medal

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    Midnight Louie is just as entertaining in the second book as he was in the first Temple, the main character, could easily be the most annoying person on the planet, with her petite stature and ridiculously high heelsbut she is not She is not a superficial bubble head Her brain shows through and you cannot help but like her.

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    I love Ms Douglas work started with the Irene Adler series and recently with Midnight Louie This entry, the second in the Louie series, was a little edgier Great characters, as always.

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    I enjoyed this second Midnight Louie mystery better than the first one I like the format of two simultaneous protagonists I had found Midnight Louie pretty obnoxious in Catnap, but in Pussyfoot, his perspective was fun Temple Barr s character also is cohesive in this one, and she seems to have developed some empathy to go along with her curiosity, independence, and sometimes pushiness Temple was in need of another public relations job, but had turned down the job of publicist for a striptease competition, both because she considered it a seamy enterprise and because she had not been back to the Goliath since the disappearance of her former love, who appeared there as Max the Magician Though loathed by most everyone, especially Temple and including the contestants, offensive public relations man, Crawford Buchanan, took the job One of the strippers was murdered During the next day s interrogation, Buchanan developed heart problems and was hospitalized He called Temple to the hospital to do her the favor of giving the job to her, which she decided to do There seemed to be an underlying plea in his request, she needed the money, and she had stumbled upon a murder there previously while publicist for a booksellers convention, so her curiosity was piqued That s also where she had stumbled upon Midnight Louie, the black alley cat from this series, and the antagonistic Lt Molina from the Las Vegas police department As Temple plunges in to get background for publicity, the backstories and humanity of the competing men and primarily women are revealed A number of them see the prize money for winning the competition as a way out of intolerable situations some of them enter against the wishes of the casinos where they are working and some, if not all of them, see it as affirmation of their artistic ability as dancers and performers Midnight Louie has been surreptitiously hanging around the Goliath to see Yvette, a silky, long lashed kitty belonging to one of the strippers When another murder takes place, Temple and Midnight Louie are right in the middle up to the end.

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    I like these books they are cute and interesting and the solution to the mystery is never the expected

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    Temple Barr and her 20 pound black cat, Midnight Louie, get caught up in another murder mystery This time, Temple is working as a fill in Public Relations Director for a Stripper Convention after the regular PR man has a heart attack following his discovery of the murdered body of one of the exotic dancers Once again Temple spars with the abrasive Lieutenant Molina, but she becomes just a wee bit human in this novel The Stripper Convention is being picketed by an offended feminist, and the next day she is joined by an offended Christian While Temple is dealing with these PR emergencies, another stripper is found murdered Midnight Louie is drawn to the dressing rooms of the exotic dancers because he is in love with the Divine Yvette, a petite silver furred Persian belonging to one of the competitors, Miss Savannah Ashleigh He witnesses the first murder, but only sees the legs of the perpretator He is interested in the murder as well, but very much distracted by the lovely Divine Yvette This second novel in the Midnight Louie mystery series was an improvement over the first, Catnap The mystery itself was constructed much better, the pacing was much improved, and the chapters narrated by Midnight Louie were convincing The Stripper Convention setting was strange, and there was a lot of discussion between Temple and various characters about the morality and sociology of the exotic dancers Care was taken to explain that they were not prostitutes, but dancers who exploited their men customers for cash as much as they were exploited However, they also discussed how an extremely high percentage of them came from abused childhoods, and many now suffer from abusive relationships In Pussyfoot, we learn about Temple and her missing lover, Max the Magician It was a good mystery, and I enjoyed my second encounter with Midnight Louie on the glitzy Las Vegas Strip.

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    Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read , But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I d pick it up.4 stars I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be on the look out to pick up from the series author.5 stars I loved this book It had earned a permanent home in my collection and I ll be picking up the rest of the series and other books from the author ASAP.

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