Quiver It Was Artemis, Goddess Of The Hunt And Mistress Of The Wild, Who Rescued The Abandoned Baby Atalanta, Sending A She Bear To Nurse Her And A Band Of Hunters To Raise Her In Safety Now Sixteen, Atalanta, Famous Archer And Swiftest Mortal Alive, Has Devoted Her Life To The GoddessWhen Strangers Appear In Atalanta S Village One Day, They Bring Shattering News The Father Who Forsook Her Is A King And He Has Summoned His Daughter With A Simple, Chilling Command Marry And Produce An Heir Fleet Footed Atalanta, Determined Not To Betray Artemis, Counters With A Grim Proposal She Will Marry The First Man To Outrun Her In A Footrace, And Those She Defeats Must Die It Is Atalanta S Desperate Hope That No Man Will Be Foolish Enough To Meet Her Challenge

I was born in Davenport, Iowa, and grew up in Rockaway Beach, New York I read straight through my childhood, with breaks for food, sleep, and the bathroom I went to college in Bennington, Vermont, moved to New York City, and took a job in publishing so I could get paid for reading I read so much bad fiction that I needed a break, so I moved to London, and from there I traveled to Morocco, Iran,

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  • Paperback
  • 177 pages
  • Quiver
  • Stephanie Spinner
  • English
  • 08 September 2017
  • 9780440238195

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    Spinner retells the Greek legend of Atalanta, a royal born fosterling with athletic grace whose father and king orders her to marry in spite of her vow of chastity and devotion to the goddess Artemis When Atalanta consents to race potential suitors on the condition that losers die and only the man to beat her will win her hand, Eros intercedes with his arrow of love More in this version than in others, Atalanta seems a strong female character with some control over her destiny, in spite of her offerings to the goddess and the intervention of fate.Students studying Greek myth will recognize traditional elements such as prophecy, humans desiring to become godlike, and the punishment of prideful humans What makes Spinner s version stand out are her savory details that lend a tangible quality to the historical period The insertion of imagined conversations between the gods as they wager on the outcome of the human events they manipulate is unique and raises the story up a notch while adding a note of humor.A map, author s note about the various version of the story and a quick who s who of the key deities flesh out the background While this is not a replacement for Hamilton or Bullfinch, the freshness of this timeless story has appeal for teens today Pair with McLaren s Aphrodite s Blessing Atheneum, 2002 for an interesting comparison of two takes on the tale.

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    I love the story of Atlanta but I hate one particular ending and this book did not fail to provide the undesirable ending but it is easily forgiven because it was only two and a half pages I loved how in this version Atlanta made it very clear that woman are to be wary of the woods because drunk, homicidal, rapist Centaurs are on the loose And it was also very funny how Meleager spontaneously combusted right before Atlanta s face And I absolutely loved the dialogue between the deities and how they would wager against each other.

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    I definitely used to like this book better when I was younger This reread left much to be desired The plot moves along much too quickly, although I still very much enjoyed the story And I definitely did not remember the ending, which too felt a bit thrown together and rushed.

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    Interesting retelling of the myth of Atalanta.

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    I found it Took me literally hours of googlingI read this book ages ago but couldn t remember the name

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    This was an OK adaptation of the myth of Atalanta Spinner didn t do much to leave her own unique mark on the tale, but it was told well The stakes didn t feel too high and I didn t really get a great sense of the major character s personalities, but it was a short book.The ending did take me by surprise I had forgotten about that.

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    Exactly what I m looking for in a Greek myth book a detailed, fictional version of a classic story that doesn t stray from the original tale Loved it All I wish is that I could have gotten to know Hippomenes character before the story ended Loved the twist at the end as well Overall, I m satisfied.

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    Stephanie Spinner wrote a great book that made me feel like the Greek mythology she talked about was actually real Definately worth looking into.

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    When her father abandoned her to die in the woods as an infant, Artemis sent a bear to nurse her Raised by the hunters who found her, Atalanta runs like the wind and can hit any target with her bow and arrow When she turns sixteen, her father, a cruel king, summons her back to his palace and demands that she wed and produce an heir Afraid to betray the vow of chastity she made to Artemis, she tells her father that she will only marry the man who can beat her in a race The losers will be put to death Many suitors try and fail, but when handsome Hippomenes comes to race, Atalanta is no longer sure she wants to win I thoroughly enjoyed this retelling Atalanta was a strong character and the verbal sparring between Artemis and Apollo made me laugh Also, that thing with the lions was new to me I ve read several versions of this story and never encountered that twist before.

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    El libro se me hizo muy corto, creo que pudo haber dado para m s Aun as me agrad Atalanta, a pesar de que no fue un personaje desarrollado por completo considero que si se asemejaba a aquellos h roes que tanto quer a emular.Eso si, me aterr sobremanera como los dioses manejaban todo a su antojo y las personas no eran m s que simples mu equitos.Quiz no sea el mejor libro basado en un mito griego pero considero que es una buena introducci n para quienes buscan iniciarse en este mundo.

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