Random Stranger

Random Stranger Random Stranger Is An Abstract, An Idea Made Flesh, And An Unknown Adversary Is Out To Kill Him And His Friends Have You Ever Had Car Trouble And Received Aid From A Random Stranger Or Awakened After A Particularly Hard Night Of Drinking To Ask Yourself Who That Random Stranger Is Next To You Wonder No Longer, For This Is The Story Of Randy Stranger, Who S Always Around To Add An Unpredictable Element To Each Of Your Personal Stories Whenever The Unexpected Happens, There S Randy, Whether He Wants To Be Or NotRandy And His Crew Have Been Formed From Ideas That Had Collected And Been Shared Across The Human Consciousness Together With His Best Friend, Lucky Bastard, And His Ex, The Shotgun Toting Karma, They Find Themselves Suddenly The Target Of A Long Planned Assassination What Could Be Worse Than Being The One In The Crosshairs How About Learning That The Would Be Killer Might Be Someone Close To You That They Might Be An Abstract As Well

Matthew Davenport hails from Des Moines, Iowa where he lives with his wife, Ren, and daughter, Willow When his scattered author brain isn t earning weird looks from the ladies of his life, he enjoys reading sci fi and horror, tinkering with electronics, and doing escape rooms.Matt is the author of the Andrew Doran series, the Broken Nights series along with his brother, Michael , The Trials of O

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  • ebook
  • 232 pages
  • Random Stranger
  • Matthew Davenport
  • English
  • 09 May 2019
  • 9781301319411

10 thoughts on “Random Stranger

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    Random Stranger takes the questions of What is an abstract idea and flips it 180 degrees into Who is an abstract idea The creative genius that it takes to create a personification of some of the world s most famous ideas ex True Love, Karma, Lucky Bastard and put them into real world scenarios is a fresh take on modern fiction Reading how Davenport s characters interact with each other makes the reader reflect on how they ve interacted with their own random strangers in their own way Every time I catch myself telling a store about a random stranger I now stop to think about what kind of situation I just put Randy in It s a great read good for the beach or good for a rainy day I recommended it to my fiance who just started it he s hooked It s a great rainy day read.

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    Is it a fantasy or what His real name is Random Stranger and his brother is Perfect Stranger Yes, two of his friends are Lucky Bastard and Poor Bastard Now, take that and run with it, but Davenport will always exceed everyone s ideas This whole thing is one great guffaw put into print by one of the best imaginations around today.

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    My favorite thing about this book is the original concept I loved the idea of abstract concepts as flesh and blood people Random Stranger, Lucky Bastard, True Love, all walking and talking I really enjoyed the story.

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    Great job Matt This book is a nice read You have a unique story with likable characters, humour, magic, and action

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    Great book Minor edit mistakes that will be corrected however do not let that get in the way of your fantastic journey into the authors mind

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