RansomOverflowing With All Of The Majesty And Intrigue Of Medieval Glory Days, This Magnificent New York Times Bestseller Is A Page Turner Of Passion And Loyalty, Justice And Honor Beloved Storyteller Julie Garwood Steps Back To The Silver Shrouded Highlands Of Her Classic Tale The Secret And Hails The Return Of Two Unforgettable Warriors Ramsey Sinclair And Brodick Buchanan In The Dark Days After The Death Of Richard The Lionhearted, Lives And Lands Would Fall Into Upheaval At The Hands Of A Power Hungry British Ruler And His Violent Minions One Victim Of The Scourge Is Innocent Gillian, Who Is A Mere Child When The Cruel And Ambitious Baron Alford Slaughters Her Father And Tears Her Family Apart Alford, Determined To Recover A Jeweled Box For The Despotic King John, Is Furious When The Precious Treasure Slips Through His Fingers Only To Be Lost For Than A DecadeNow A Beautiful Young Woman, Gillian Finds The Key To Resolving Her Past In Handsome Scottish Chieftains Ramsey Sinclair And Brodick Buchanan With The Cunning And Courage Of The Daring Scotsmen, And With The Friendship Of A New Ally, Bridgid KirkConnell, Gillian At Last Fights The Unscrupulous Baron Alford, Laying Claim To Her Home, Her Family, And Her Father S Reputation But In The Presence Of The Mighty Warriors, Gillian And Bridgid Discover That Desire Can Be A Weapon Of Conquestbetrayal Can Slay Trust In A Heartbeatand The Greatest Risk Of All Is Surrender To The Deep Emotions Of Unexpected Love

With than 35 million books in print and 26 NEW YORK TIMES bestsellers, Julie Garwood has earned a position among America s favorite fiction writers.Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, Ms Garwood attributes much of her success to growing up in a large family of Irish heritage The Irish are great storytellers who relish getting all of the details and nuances of every situation Add in the fa

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 546 pages
  • Ransom
  • Julie Garwood
  • English
  • 06 May 2019
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    I m going to keep this short and sweet I loved this book too I have pretty much loved every Julie Garwood book I have read so far This book was like two love stories in one The main love story was Gillian and Brodick The other love story was a small side story that I felt really should have been it s own book That side love story was Ramsey and Bridgid I loved Brodick from and he was amazing in this book He was so rough, hard, kick ass, and so damn prefect that I just love the hell outta him Gillian was brave, sweet and outspoken I love outspoken heroines that don t let men walk on them Gillian didn t let Brodick walk all over her I loved them as a couple and I loved every minute of their love story I really wish they didn t have to share their pages with another couple Then I could have had time with them Also Ramsey and Bridgid were so likable they should have gotten their own book I wanted time with them too I loved the plot and I loved that the bad guys got theirs This book was great

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    Oh, crap Did I really give this 5 stars the first time I read it Has this really been sitting on my favorites shelf See This is why it s dangerous to do rereads sighSo, 5 years ago, I read this and thought it was A MAZING.Like, the bestest book evah And I ve been singing its praises ever since.In fact, when I saw it was on sale a while back, I bought it Those of you who know me realize what a big deal that was For those of you who don t Let s just sayI m cheap Reallyreallyreally cheap It wouldn t be an exaggeration to say I guard my money like that shriveled up hobbit thing from Lord of the Rings.Anyway, I went into this expecting to feelAnd, instead, I felt I m not sure what happened here, but, this time around, I thought the dialogue was kinda clunky Plus, there were several times I had to put it down, because it just wasn t holding my attention the way I had hoped.And the romance wasWTF What the hell was I thinking when I read this originally I sorta wanted to grab hold of my younger self, and ask her a few questionsI don t mind when guys aren t perfect in romance novels I like tough guys, snarky guys, even rude guys But you ve gotta give me some reason to root for them.This guy Ehhhhhhhh.I m not saying he was a villainous, horrible person JustI didn t like him very much He was a cookie cutter version of every emotionally retarded hero ever put on paper.And I was not all that impressed.I mean, it was still a decent book, and I was entertained enough to finish it, but I was pretty underwhelmed Thing is, I had such fond memories of this book Ugh I think it s gonna take me a while to get over the disappointment sobs

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    This was only my 2nd book by Julie Garwood, following The Secret, and I think I found a new to me author to glom I just loved these books Brodick Buchanan was a secondary character in The Secret that had hero tattooed on his forehead, so I was than happy when I found out that Ransom was his book He was the typical alpha hero and we all know what happens when this kind fall in love They fall hard and forever, but not always have the grace of acknowledging the fall, LOL Brodick was just like that, and it was funny to see him trying to deal with it When he told Gillian that she loved him, I giggled like a schoolgirl And when he tricked her into marrying him, I laughed like a lunatic That was one short lived Big Misunderstanding I had no problem with On a horse I was married on a horse Too funny I doubt Brodick would get away with his antics in real life but he just turned out to be one of my favorite heroes in Romancelandia.Gillian was perfect match for Brodick She didn t need to be coddled, which was refreshing when it comes to heroines in Romancelandia Not that she was harsh or anything like that, she was just strong and independent And yet, once she fell in love with Brodick, she wasn t afraid to admit she needed him to make her happier and she enjoyed talking and sharing her feelings with him If I have a minor quibble about her, it s her behavior near the end of the story, when she almost drove her uncle crazy with her crying over Brodick it was a bit out of character but, all things considered, it didn t bother me much It did make me smile imagining her uncle s suffering As for the plot, I was a little confused in the beginning there were so many players and so much going on that I felt kind of dizzy Why hadn t Gillian been killed by the villainous Baron Alford Was Gillian s sister truly alive How did Gillian and Alec meet considering how prisoners are supposed to be kept isolated So many questions Thankfully, everything started making sense soon enough and there was no stopping after that Great story There was a secondary love story involving Ramsey Sinclair, a friend of Brodick s who also appeared in The Secret, and Bridgid, a member of the Sinclair clan It was nice, funny but underdeveloped Ramsey and Bridgid were very interesting characters, their few interactions were funny and entertaining, and I think they deserved a book fully dedicated to telling their story I didn t get to see the build up of their relationship, especially on Ramsey s side, so it was kind of disappointing to see their HEA crammed into Brodick and Gillian s.This was a long book 546 pages but, frankly, it didn t feel like it It was filled with romance duh , humor, action, intrigue, suspense, some angst, and wonderful characters that I couldn t help but love A true keeper

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    4 to 4 1 2 stars Ransom is the follow up book to The Secret and it definitely exceeded my expectations Not only did it include the secondary characters I loved but also gave me a hero and heroine I could fall in love with and a romance over which I could swoon Like The Secret, this book focuses on the overall plot rather than just romance Fortunately, the love story and chemistry between Brodick and Gillian than makes up for it Interestingly, it was a five year old wanna be Highlander warrior name Alec the son of Iain and Judith from The Secret who stole my heart and the story He was endearing, inquisitive, and adorably obnoxious with his continual questions of you know what You just had to love him Brodick and Gillian were strong and likable characters They complemented each other perfectly and their chemistry radiated off the pages I found myself eagerly looking forward to their heart warming and witty interactions.Brodick is a hero to swoon over He was my favorite male character in The Secret I had a feeling that once I read Ransom, he would become my all time favorite Julie Garwood hero And boy was I right He s your true blue alpha hero, with all the strengths and weakness that encompass that aggressive but admirable personality I was grateful that Julie Garwood kept Brodick, regardless of his feelings and love for Gillian, true to his character traits throughout the book I can t help but smile when I think of Gillian s character She s a fabulous and endearing heroine I liked her spunk, confidence, determination, kindness, and heroism, even though she had a few of those too stupid to live moments.In my opinion, Julie Garwood has a way of creating the most lovable and endearing heroines I ve read There isn t a Julie Garwood book I ve read where I didn t completely fall in love with her wonderfully spunky and engaging heroines True, they may be borderline Pollyanna, but that s okay They re all written with such heart and soul you simply do not care It s a treat to spend a little time in one of their enchanting worlds.The secondary character in Ransom were simply amazing They were as captivating and richly developed as the two main protagonists I couldn t seem to get enough of the interactions between Gillian and Brodick s gruff and intimidating Buchanan soldiers The scenes between the soldiers and the heroine made for some of the funniest and endearing moments in the story I also liked Ramsey s and Bridget s side story However, I was a little disappointed with their HEA It felt abrupt, rushed, and somewhat out of place They really should have had their own story It s sad that didn t happen for them.Like most of Julie Garwood s books, the ending was a bit over the top and eye roll worthy But hey, that s signature Julie Garwood and I wouldn t have it any other way Ransom is one of the better Julie Garwood books I ve read It s longer than most of her books, with over 500 pages, but it s full of wonderfully developed characters, action, suspense, humor, and gasp, a little angst I fully enjoyed reading this book and would say it s a definite keeper.

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    Another book I thought I had read Boy was I glad that I didn t Read this for the Julie Garwood group read, and it was delightful Julie Garwood books are definitely comfort reads She understands why we read romance, and one of the reasons is we want heroines who we can root for, that we fall in love with just as much as the heroes Her heroines have this tangible sweetness that makes me want to hug them, root for them, and to fight with and for them Gillian is no different My heart hurt for her losses and I cheered her for her indefatigable will To be honest, I did think she was a slightly too good for Brodick, although I did like him Maybe that s a good thing, because the common dilemma for a romance fan is to like the hero .I have read the other two Highland Laird books and loved them I don t know how this fell through the cracks But it was perfect timing, because you need a pick me up sometimes when you ve been reading for so long, and some of it s assigned reading I am a die hard romance lover, and while I enjoy other genres, I always come back to romance because it has the tried and true things that satisfy me as a reader In this case, it s the great heroine and the story that completely immerses me and takes me away from my world back to medieval Scotland The romance is great, but there s so much in addition to offer in this book.One of the things that spoke to me strongly was the theme of family and loyalty Gillian has lost of her family, but she cleaves to that which is left She lived with the hope of being reunited with her sister Her uncle who raised her after the betrayal and death of her father has her unswerving loyalty She faces great danger to keep him safe from her so called guardian Baron Alford, who is essentially the Son of Satan That doesn t mean she won t spare the time to protect a young Scottish boy who was kidnapped by Baron Alford s forces, even at the risk of her own life She does it for because it s right, even if it s a great cost to her Fortunately, her good deed leads her right where she needs to be, and into the sights and arms of Brodick, Laird of the Buchanans.Brodick doesn t know what hits him not unusual for a Garwood heroine Before he knows it, he can t live without Gillian, even though he knows from the beginning that she s bound to return to England He fights his love for her because he believes love makes him weak Although he hypocritically demands Gillian s love as his due Brodick takes her into his clan literally, and gives Gillian the family she s missing.Brodick was a pretty good hero Not good enough for Gillian, but I liked him I didn t like that he tended to usurp Gillian s self will, both because he believes he knows better, and also for her protection He knew that she needed a protector, but the lie he told was a costly one, nearly losing the love of his life in the process This book has almost two romances for the price of one The second romance between Ramsey and Brigid was fun, and it develops slowly than the one between Gillian and Brodick Most of the characteristic humor is evident in their interactions, since Gillian s situation is so serious, it doesn t leave as much time for humor.Not only was the romance good, but it had genuine suspense Gillian is in some very dangerous situations, and she makes it through between a combination of divine providence, will power, and intelligence She hasn t had an easy life, but it s made her into the wonderful heroine she is One who can t help but acquire the loyalty of those around her.I was than satisfied with this book It took me a while to read, but that s sort of my life now But every time I picked it up, I was deeply involved and enthralled This was a long book, but when it ended, I wished for I did feel disappointment with the resolution of Gillian s search for her sister, but that s real life And at least she found a new sister in Brigid I can t help but give it five stars under those circumstances Even with my increasingly stingy ratings, I can t argue myself down from there.

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    Excellent A A suberb medieval epic The book is one huge mother of a read but you barely feel it as the pages go whipping on by You get two top notch alphas Highlanders Ramsey and Brodick both lairds of their clan They get what they want when they want except maybe the women they really love so they have to resort to trickery especially Brodick to seal the deal with their lady loves The word play in one marriage scene is so well done that the reader feels like the heroine and doesn t know which end is up or what just happened Garwood has an amazing talent to write such a long book and never once do you feel bored or get that read that before feeling There s a great group of villains and some outright hilarious scenes These men are all alpha but in different ways Ramsey is polite and diplomatic but don t get him mad Brodick is frank and forthright and doesn t care who he offends Do not even think of crossing them when their heroines are in danger When you think of alpha hero these guys certainly come come to mind Lots of action, great steam, fantastic characters, well paced a true historical romance in every sense

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    Was this 5 star literature No, but it sure is 5 star enjoyable It s campy at times and I doubt the historical accuracy and you know what I didn t care I was so happy to get Brodick s story and Gillian was lovable despite being so perfect I won t say much about this as it s been reviewed a zillion times It s pure fantasy, but it kept me absorbed and put a smile on my face.Susan Duerden was a fabulous narrator, as usual.

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    Summary Gillian was just a child when her home was attacked, and her sister disappeared, and her father murdered in front of her, and the Baron Alfred took over and sent her away to her uncle up to northern England Now its been ten years and she has been called back to the Baron, who wants to know the location of a box that belonged to King John, and thinks that the family still has possession over it When she plans a escape with a child, Alec, who falls down a gorge, and she rescues him, they are caught by Baron s men, and in order to protect the boy, Gillian is severely beaten And they escape knowing if she doesn t find the box or her sister the Baron will kill her uncle, a man that is her only family, and was like her own father and raised her, and she will do anything to save him Gillian and Alec make their way to Scotland, to Brodick Buchanan, who is Alec s protector and close friend to Alec s father Gillian and Brodick are drawn together by circumstances, and even though her life is in England, and she must return there, her heart belongs to a fierce Scot who would protect her at all costs but will it be enough The Hero Brodick Buchanan is now laird over th Buchanan s who are known as heathens among the Scots Brodick, once wanted a English lass, but when he and his friend Ramsey when to England in search of some sweet passionate lasses, they found none that they liked and were both used Ever since he made a promise to himself that he would never marry a English lass only a Scottish lass But when he hears of a woman claiming to be his bride, he is intrigued, and finds himself drawn to Gillian, who is so different from any other woman he has ever known Brodick is a hoot for a hero.he is one of the most fiercest Scots, and always wearing a scowl, most women fear him, but not Gillian His character is quite amusing, because he is used to issuing commands and having them obeyed and no protests allowed, I loved his stubbornness, strength, and ways he manages Gillan.The Heroine Gillian has only known pain and grief, she loved her family, but when she witnesses her father being killed right in front of her, her life changed Gillian as a child, was quiet and kept to herself, and had nightmares As a woman, she has grown into herself, and is self assured and confident She stands up to the Baron, and doesn t let him weaken her resolve She is protective of those innocent and those she loves most She is patient with Alec who is a child with endless questions and she never loses her temper so bravo She stands her own ground again Brodick, and isn t afraid to disobey or disregard his rules he sets down She is determined to save her uncle, no matter the risk to herself.Plot and Story Line For quite some time I have been wanted to re read Julie Garwood s historical romances Now of all the authors that write historical romance, Julie Garwood is at the top Its been years, so I decided to download the audio version, and the narration was amazing and did the accent quite wonderfully And as a side note its on sale at Audible for 3.49 which is quite a bargain so I recommend heading over there while the price is so low Ransom is the second book in series, and I recommend if you haven t read this series yet, you might want to read Secret first since it s a bit connected to Ransom The story begins with some background information on our heroine, we see her as a child and a bit traumatized as well from what she witnesses My heart just went out to her, but then we skip ahead and see her as a woman, and her character was so endearing She is one of those heroines that accepts what has been dealt to her, but she also stands on her own and fights for what is right Then we get an added element of a side character, Alec And for those who have read Secret Alec is Ian and Judith s son And what a precocious child he is, and one of my favorite side characters I have ever read I love the way that Gillian is with him, protects him and even though her uncle is at risk, will return him home as her first priority And there were so many moments in this story that were charming What I loved most about this story was the development of characters and seeing the various changes unravel in the plot that keeps the reader engaged We also have a side love story of Ramsey and Bridgid and oh Bridgid just loved her What I loved most about her character, is that she will only marry one man the man she loves, but he has to stop being stupid before she will even agree I love her bluntness and how true to herself she is, and holds nothing back She is brave and bold and I admired that quite a bit and she brought a bit of fresh air to the story This just might be one of my favorite books from this author, I am sure I read it ages ago when I first started reading romance, but I just don t remember this one, but now I have decided it s definitely going to be considered a re listen to I would recommend it to anyone that loves a tender and fierce love story A must read for any romance lover HIGHEST PRIORITY The Cover Now there are two covers for this book, the paper version and the audio version I like both, but I like the audio version a bit , since it connects with the setting of the story a bit .Overall View Ransom is a treasure of charming characters, thrilling plot, quick witted humor, a tale of love and brings a spicy fresh quality to it, a engrossing read that will have you stunned from beginning to end A RICH AND A TRUE DELIGHT

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    Sigh I loved this book, super sweet and endearing Julie Garwood never does me wrong I love her highlander series

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    Castle on the cliffs of Scotland This is a review of the audiobook Susan Duerden has quickly become one of my favorite narrators In Ransom, one of my favorite Garwood books, she manages to elevate it even Awe mazing I ve read Ransom several times, but it was fun to hear it read to me Ms Duerden does a wonderful job on the Scottish accents and inflecting just the right tone for the characters and the situation I don t know how she got some of the deep voices for the men Her pacing and voice level are consistent It was a real joy to listen to this on audiobook I m so glad I didn t resist getting this newly released version, as I know I ll listen to it again and again.What can I say about a classic Garwood Highland Medieval and at 546 pages, or 16 hours on audio a chunkster to boot I feel like I m repeating myself about Ms Garwood but, while there were a few LOL moments, what I really found was that I was smiling throughout this book I like smiling while I listen to a story it gives me a warm feeling makes me want to hunker down under my covers and stay there, indulging in a bit of escapism to Garwood s Medieval Scotland This writer can get away with a subtle brand of humor that others cannot The prologue in this one is excellent, and instantly transported me there Even in the urgency and danger of the situation JG still managed to capture the character and innocence of a young Gillian and make me well, smile Here we get two love stories in one, which some people don t like, but I found one complimented the other and made the developing friendship between the two women, Gillian and Bridgid, a realistic relationship It gave them something to talk about Not that there wasn t enough action, intrigue, and betrayal going on in the story This was true for the corresponding relationship between the two long time comrades and heroes, Brodick and Ramsey They all got to know each other on a different level, and it is easy for me to see the four of them remaining friends for life.That said, I felt the resolution of secondary love story was a bit too quick greedy romance reader that I am, I would have liked a smidgen Maybe a wedding One not on horseback LOL

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