Rare Beasts (Edgar & Ellen, #1)

Rare Beasts (Edgar & Ellen, #1)A fun, creepy and exciting thriller for middle graders I love Dark I love Quirky But the animal abuse in this one gets a hard pass from me. Meet Edgar Ellen, The Troublesome Twins Of Nod S Limbs, And Stars Of Their Own Six Book Series, Board Game, And Upcoming Television Series On NickleodeonWreaking Havoc Can Incur Expenses, So The Twins Come Up With A Unique Fund Raising Scheme They Ll Nab The Pets Of Nod S Limbs And Transform Them Into Exotic Animals They Can Sell For Big Bucks Not A Bad Plan, If One Of The Purloined Pets Wasn T A Lethargic Python With A Raging Appetite A nice quick enjoyable read Would be a cool cartoon Probably won t read any but it was fun for an afternoon For fans of the Unfortunate Events books, here is a series were the children take charge of events Edgar and Ellen are twins who live in a mansion with their pet named Pet Without adult supervision their parents are away on an extended holiday , the twins wreak havoc on the town of Nod s Limbs In the first of their adventures, they conspire to kidnap all of the pets of the children who live in their town, transform them through the use of old Christmas ornmanets, paint, and glitter, thus transforming them into rare beasts that the townspeople will surely buy for their sad little children There have been, so far, 8 sequels to Rare Beasts and these books continue the adventures of the twins The following books are 2 Tourist Trap 3 Under Town 4 Pet s Revenge 5 High Wire 6 Nod s Limbs 7 Hot Air 8 Frost Bites 9 Split EndsThe illustrations for the books are very reminiscent of Edward Gore s, and have a very Addams family feel to them Perhaps Edgar and Ellen are lost lost cousins All books are quick reads This is darker than what I was expecting but I enjoyed reading it somehow.. Reading this book aloud will help you channel a fake English, scary, deep voice Or if not too deep, at least try to sound like Vincent Price I haven t had this much fun reading out loud in awhile.The writing style is what makes this book work Every sentence can be read evilly and gleefully In my head, I hear the voice of the guy who sings Mr Grinch It s darkly humorous book, but for kids As the story winds down the author tries too hard to throw in some irony, but it didn t work me. First of a series, I was hoping for better, a little disappointed No redeeming qualities whatsoever in Edgar and Ellen, but perhaps that s the point It almost seemed like a cheap knockoff of better existing books for the same genre I ve got 5 to read, hope it improves I did like Pet, hope to see of him her I saw the animated series years ago, and decided to snag some of the books for fun and to gain some background on the characters and read something dark for October The cartoon makes Edgar Ellen slightly enjoyable though as they are far obnoxious and sadistic in this story than I remembered I obviously didn t love the first book, but I don t mind having read it, because I did gain some of the info I was seeking Pet was one of my favorite characters in the series, but it doesn t get much story time in this one I d probably read others eventually, but I think I d be likely to purchase the cartoon or rewatch it than the books The illustrations were good though and I love the book cover Probably not for people who have issues with cruelty extreme pranksters for the sake of it, although many of their plans don t go accordingly, so at least there is that. The twins, Edgar and Ellen, are detestable, one dimensional, self centred, unrepentant, and pathetic characters that spend their time thinking up new ways to be bad and stir up trouble.Seriously, that s their main driving force in this book They want to be able to buy materials to flood the city or ruin everyone s day, so they decide to view spoiler kidnap all the children s pets and disguise them with glitter, glue, and paint, and then try to sell them back to the townspeople for insane prices This is nothing compared to how they treat their own pet an outlet for them to experiment on and try new cruel things hide spoiler

Charles Ogden is the pen name used by a collection of authors at Star Farm Productions for the Edgar Ellen book series for children and young adults The pen name is credited with nine books with a tenth upcoming , published by both Tricycle Press, and recently, Simon Schuster.

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