Raven's Gate

Raven's Gate. This book was kind of cheesy Ok Not just kind of Really cheesy.I can picture it Horowitz sitting down to write Stephen King for teens Except that Stephen King for teens doesn t have any of the interesting scary bits that normal Stephen King does.Matthew Freeman or just Matt, because reasons is 14 and an orphan and apparently super important to the sort of person I imagined a Satanist to be when I was 10 TL DR synopsis view spoiler Dead parents Crappy aunt takes him in Crappy aunt doesn t like being a parent so much Juvenile delinquenting Government farm work instead of jail time program Creepy old lady foster mom Everyone he starts to like gets murdered because saying the lord s prayer backwards gives you demon powers Reanimated dinosaurs Nuclear reactor explodes hide spoiler He Always Knew He Was DifferentFirst There Were The DreamsThen The Deaths Began When Matt Freeman Gets Into Trouble With The Police, He S Sent To Be Fostered In Yorkshire It S Not Long Before He Senses There S Something Wrong With His Guardian With The Whole Village Then Matt Learns About The Old Ones And Begins To Understand Just How He Is Different But No One Will Believe Him No One Can Help There Is No Proof There Is No Logic There Is Just The Gate I wish there were YA books that involved vats of face melting acid.Review at some point. Fourteen year old Matt Freeman is an orphan in a lot of trouble After he s caught stealing he is funneled into the LEAF system, a new program that England has put in place to deal with youthful offenders Through LEAF, Matt is fostered with the evil Mrs Deverill, a satanic witch bent on torturing Matt Everyone Matt gets close to has a bad habit of ending up dead and no one can seem to tell him about something called Raven s Gate a mysterious place that is somehow tied to Matt s own psychic abilities.I listened to the audiobook version of this novel It s possible that some of my disappointment with the book stems from the poor reading it was given The narrator, Simon Prebble, has a very deadpan voice with little vocal range or variation It could certainly have been done much better.However there are a myriad of other reasons I didn t like Raven s Gate Think of every cliche you have ever imagined about black magic tada you ve just met the cast of bad guys from this book Lacking in originality or interest the bad guys are cookie cutter cardboard baddies with about as much oomph as an old B horror movie Horowitz s writing is stacato and terse, and he doesn t embroider his tale with a lot of description just short and to the point There are many that enjoy that sort of writing, I am not one of them The plot feels thin and forced and the story is rather lackluster I won t be picking up the rest of the series. Another surprisingly good read I was always excited about what was going to happen next Lots of imagination in this story, and it s well written It s such an underrated book The ending could have been better but it was still good.I was scared this book was going to be like The Darkest Minds series which had a decent story but I just did not enjoy it at all It didn t resonate with me but Raven s Gate did.Raven s Gate is kinda likeMiss Peregrine s Home for Peculiar ChildrenmeetsPercy Jackson This is a pretty good book I wouldn t say there were any memorable moments that I really adored, but the overall story was quite interesting It had quite a pace and barely slowed down I was hooked from the start and I am definitely going to read the rest of the series EventuallyButthere was something missing Don t get me wrong, it was suspenseful It should be a mini series.Let me see how I can phrase this.It wasboring No Slow Definitely not It just didn tresonatewith me Yeah, I know it sounds pretentious like who am I to say that I m not a highly intellectual book critic getting paid millions to rifle through pages and publish my opinions I wish but it just didn tfeellike it wasa feeling likethe thing isfeelingresonatewordsyeah, nope I got nothing.Maybe it s just the fact that the characters are all 14 year olds and there s very little I can find to relate to them I understood Richard s predicament better Also, there were some parts that we just boring but I think that s my impatience to get on with the story than anything to do with the book.But Anthony Horowitz is a legend The core idea of this story is incredibly intricate and mystical, and I absolutely adore how he bothered explaining the precise operation of a nuclear reactor.It appeals to the in me.Anyway, this was the bizniz and I liked it a much lot and I am gonsta reads the next many.Look at me being all current and modern and keeping up with the lingo I am totes fitting in great. . Raven s Gate The Gatekeepers, 1 , Anthony Horowitz Matt Freeman, always knew He is different with others He started with dreams Then he came to the murders After arresting Matt Freeman, the police sent him to a farm in Yorkshire to be run by an elderly woman Not long, that felt Matt , his supervisor is not a common habit The rest of the villagers were not normal Then, Matt , from the existence of the predecessors, became aware, and knew, for reasons different from others But nobody believes in his words, no one could help him Does not prove anything Logically, there is only one gateway in the Carnist the crows gate Raven s Gate is the first book in The Power of Five series, written by Anthony Horowitz It was published and released in the United Kingdom on 1 August 2005, by Walker Books Ltd and in the United States 1 June 2005 by Scholastic Press under the adjusted series title The Gatekeepers Raven s Gate is followed by Evil Star, released in 2006, Nightrise in 2007, and Necropolis in 2008, with the final book Oblivion in 2012 2013 1389 319 9786001820045 20 What do you get when you mix elements of Harry Potter, Stephen King, and Night at the Museum together You get Raven s Gate.This was a very quick and enjoyable read and had me on the edge of my seat I could hardly put it down Of course it is a story or Good vs Evil I fell in love with Matt the minute he was introduced and knew there was to him than met the eye And the unfolding of his story was done very well and in such a way that you were hooked from the beginning to the end.It is the first book of Anthony Horowitz s Gatekeeper series I received the fourth book Necropolis as a giveaway and because it was the 4th book I went out and got the 1st three because I don t like to start reading a story in the middle.I can t wait to start the next book the only problem I have is that there should be a 5th book but so far I have not found any reference to a future publication date In fact the only reference I found was on Wikipedia which stated a title The Darkness The Horror Within but little else So I m hoping the story will not end unfinished.

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