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Read My Hips The ONLY thing I didn t like about this book is that I found it so hard to believe that the author really is totally all right being fat If she has reached that level of self assurance, my hat s off to her It was well worth reading for an alternative and refreshing viewpoint about the whole issue of obesity in this country I only wish I could accept my body the way the author has This is a quick and interesting read for anyone who is concerned about her body image I definitely recommend it. My Review For anyone who has experienced a tumultuous relationship with food and body image which would be almost all of us self acceptance may initially seem like a radical idea And that s because it is As a society, we re not taught to love ourselves and feel comfortable in our bodies In fact, the exact opposite is true The diet and weight loss industry along with several other equally criminal corporate interests rake in millions upon millions of dollars each year by planting the malicious seeds of negative body image and cashing in on the incredible self loathing that inevitably festers within us The idea that we are not whole and good exactly as we are is a cruel, criminal, and incredibly destructive institutionalized message that we must challenge And Kim Bettingham is doing just that Read My Hips is an insightful and wonderfully captivating memoir about freedom, acceptance, and unrestricted self love I, like many others, have struggled with body image issues for most of my life and can attest to the fact that self love is one of the most challenging concepts to internalize Am I really okay the way I am What about the roll of my belly The stretch marks on my inner thighs The sway of my hips and my round behind It s safe to say that Kim s answer would be a resounding YES you are whole and you are beautiful It s amazing to me sometimes how difficult it is to truly love myself and appreciate my own wonderful uniqueness flaws included Indeed, true self love is a lofty goal and it s one that I work toward on a daily basis And although it sometimes feels like it, I know that I am not alone I absolutely recommend this book to anyone on a similar journey to anyone who is tired of destroying themselves with hatred and body related obsessions It s time to let go and learn to love ourselves with genuine excitement, openness, and gentle, unwavering acceptance. Kim Brittingham Struggled For Years With Her Weight And Body Image Before She Learned How To Love Her Self Unconditionally, Find Her Confidence, And Fully Enjoy Her Life In This Unflinching, Humorous, And Uplifting Memoir, She Openly Explores Her Complex Relationships With Food And Dieting, Sex And Dating, And Exercise And Health, Ultimately Inspiring Every Woman To Live Life To The Absolute Fullest, No Matter What Your Jean Size What I expected was a marginally interesting read with a few pointers on living life to its fullest whether that s in size or grandeur, what I got was happily a bit with a few spots of discomfort along the edges Allow me to explain This book is part memoir, part self help in the fact that you get to see life through the author s eyes, but also gain a bit of insight to better help you come to a place of understanding and acceptance about your body image There are times you will around page 19 where you get the infamous Sixteen Candles quote There are times you will when she is rejected by this butt of a guy who doesn t deserve the time of day even There are times you ll be shocked.such as the snack raids her and her fellow diet center workers had on unsuspecting boxes of diet peanut butter bars There are times you will take notes and try things for unleashing your inner Marilyn Monroe with a strut totally works.totally It s an interesting mix of life experience and lessons gleaned and shared from the heart The strength that it took to go through some of those experience and then to share them with the world in such a frank manner.if we were holding votes for world s strongest woman, she d have to be amongst the contestants I respect and am all for the way the author came to terms with her self image and realized that it had no bearing or rather shouldn t have any bearing on her self value No one is less worthy of love, respect, acknowledgement, etc simply because of their weight or lack thereof There were times though that I was uncomfortable as a reader The derrogatory nature of the terms fat , overweight , even big that our society has ingrained in us versus her comfort level or perceived comfort level with throwing them around left me squirming I mean, okayI admit it I m not the thinnest person on the planet by any means nor am I the largest but even if I was I don t think I could truly accept those terms into my own vocabulary to openly refer to myself Just a personal quirk perhaps, but one that struck me while reading nonetheless.The moral of the s not bad if you re big , but your health is another matter altogether Striking a balance between these two opposites as well as your own happiness is truly the most we can hope for out of lifeand we should accept nothing less My personal healthy and in moderation Start making those choices early even todayit s never too late and it will become a part of your body s make up allowing you to have your salad and eat your cake too.Recommended read for older teens and adult readers interesting in the life and times of a fellow traveller on this crazy road we call life or simply looking for someone who has been there done that and is going back for You ll laugh a little, learn a lot and best of all learn the meaning of unconditional acceptance as it applies to others as well as yourself. A feel good book that hashes out what it feels like to be a person in society that not only have personal self image issues but how society reacts sometimes positively and sometimes negatively to someone that doesn t meet America s ideal size I felt that not only did I relate to this book and diets and time and how they don t necessarily work and how it is a money grab This book definitely gave me a little bit of insight not only into the world of dieting but how it is important to accept who you are as a person and to know that sometimes what the world wants for you isn t right for you I recommend it to anyone that has struggled with self confidence and body image Well done Kim, you are my new hero. Overweight author explains at some length how she s ok with that and has learned to accept herself as is Describes horribly mean things people say to her about her weight and have since she was a kid Overall messages of living your life the way you want to NOW rather than waiting until you lose weight, of being fun and outgoing and cheerful rather than hanging back and avoiding people because you assume they ll reject you for being fat, etc came through well.Beyond that, readability was highest when she described actual events or periods from her life, such as when she worked for a time pushing diet plans and the associated prepackaged foods for overweight people, eventually concluding it was a scam that didn t help anybody and therefore quitting There are numerous other chapters in which nothing is really happening except the main theme of self acceptance being repeated a lot. I LOVED THIS BOOK Now, let me tell you why.I found Brittingham s perspective so thirst quenchingly refreshing Her anti fat shaming and female empowerment views is what I ve been searching for so long She says it s okay to wear what you want that tough love trainers don t always know best and also worth mentioning, it s okay to feel sexy, and to be considered sexy by others What a concept While I am not taking lightly the years she struggled with herself and the self esteem issues she had when she was younger, it gave me hope that one day I too can feel just as confident naked as she It gave me hope, and I will take proactive steps to gain the confidence myself Fantastic read I really enjoyed the beginning of this book Read the first half in one night Found myself nodding to many of the things she said However, I didn t care for the second half of the book it seemed as if she often took 10,000 words to say what could have been said in 100 Several of the last few chapters seemed like repeated ideas or run on rambling writing to fill up the chapter I actually did a speed read on the last 5 chapters Still think this is one that is worth perusing because like Kim I believe that self acceptance gets you farther than beating yourself over the head for every minor slip and failure. If I lose x pounds, I ll be feel attractive If I weigh x pounds, people will like me If I just lose x pounds, I ll be happy Why, like her, have I believed this for so long Because it s been engrained in my head since I was a child this idea that only pretty, thin people are truly happy or somehow deserving.It made me realize that it doesn t matter what I weigh, I need to live my life now and do the things that I want to do The number on the scale does not determine my self worth or who I am I usually don t like self help type books, but this was great If you ve ever struggled with weight or any other problem that makes you question your self worth, read this. I needed to read this book Sadly, for most of my life I have been conditioned to love myself and my body only when I am a master of calorie restriction and when I am thin I am so tired of living my life like this This book has started me on a journey to love myself and my body at any weight It will take years to undo the negative thoughts but this is a great first step What if I could be everything else I wanted to be without ever having to be thin What if You re just as valuable a human being now as you might be fifty pounds from now Kim Brittingham

Brittingham is an Anglophile dreams of finding an affordable fencing school lustily watches the History Channel and can t stop having good ideas She divides her time between New York and the Jersey Shore.

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