Red Moon Demon (Demon Lord, #1)

Red Moon Demon (Demon Lord, #1) Five stars for series starter.Four stars for storyline.One star for misogyny.Let s start with the good Caine Deathwalker is a human who wields dragon magic through a collection of intricate dragon blood tattoos all over his lovely body Adopted by a demon clan as a child, and raised by the last Atlantean demon he calls Old Man, Caine has grown into the Alpha and sexual dynamo of the Los Angeles paranormals He is also his clans demon for hire Hiro Kirishima has a problem His grandfather made a deal with a succubus for financial gain, all it cost him was one of his great grandkids But Hiro is not willing to give away his only daughter Haruka so he hires Caine to protect her If this were PNR this story would then be pared down to a romance between Caine and Haruka against a bad guy But this isn t PNR, this is fantasy and as such we have an expansive cast with multiple friends and villains Haruka is hardly in the story at all This world has demons, vampires, werewolves, dragons, warlocks, nephilim, dhampyr, succubi, fey, goddesses, spirit animals, gargoyles, yakuza, and slayers Yes, it s a lot, but it doesn t all come at you at once Also, it s all from Caine s point of view so you don t get turned around from POV jumps There are some powerful women in this world and I thought I should touch upon that Gloria is a bar owner and ancient vampire who always keeps her headMad, happy, sad, pissed beyond sanity, her expression tended not to change I liked that about her, even if it creeps me out at timesIzumi and especially her mother Kellyn were my favoritesThe girl turned the full force of those icy, electric eyes on me, deadening my muscles like a killing frostThen there is the goddess, Red Lady, with whom you should never messThrough gritted teeth, she said, Keep that up and I will never let you die no matter how loudly you beg A real bitch Just my kind of womanAngie, Leona, Sara, and a few others should be mentioned but I liked them less, lol.Now for the bad There is a difference between being kind of a dick, a man s man, a ladies man, and a misogynist It s not really a fine line, it s a solid stripe Caine is a misogynistI had to yell over the room full of hysterically crying women, who doubtless realized that without the men, they d have to pay their own checks Perhaps it was mean spirited for me to think so, but I was demon raised Men existed to pay for my services Women existed to service me in bed someone called the cops on me, claiming I was killing a whore Not that I have a problem with that whores aren t really people Since they don t have souls, they can t even make a binding contract with a demon Briefly, I indulged a fantasy where I killed every male in the room, stripped the girl, and spanked her into submissionThis takes a lot away from the story, but I don t want to end on a bad note There is an irreverent humor to this book that reminds me of Gene Doucette s Immortal I ll leave you with a few fun quotesHe thought my cursing a sign of poor upbringing, and took it personally being the up bringer Booze often plays a bigger role in my decisions than even I like to admit He zipped up slowly, carefully, trying to imply his size was so monstrous he had to be extra careful I made a mental note to remember that trick All my treasures were here, safe from the I.R.S and other demonic forcesMy favoriteI don t care I want what I want, and that sack of shit was in my way Kellyn graced her daughter with an approving look Spoken like a pure blood fey Rating 2.5 I had a hard time deciding if I should give this 3 stars and then go down to 2.5 or 2 stars and go up to 2.5 The fact that I found myself skimming through a lot toward the end decided it for me This was a book full of action but very low on the story There was magic everywhere which I love with absolutely no explanation of how it worked or its limits which I hate The main character was supposed to be some kind of badass which he was but everything he did was over the top There were a lot of things that did not make sense Caine Deathwalker was the adopted son of a Demon lord which begged the question, why did his adopted father need him to perform the job given to him instead of doing it himself There were also some indications that Caine s adopted father hasn t told him the truth about his parents Caine gets up set and says he is going to have words with the Old Man, but never actually does His functional alcoholism was over the top as well Overall there were a lot of interesting ideas that could have been explored, but the author spent too much time dealing with action and not nearly enough time dealing with the actual story No plan to read the next book. Different from other urban fantasy books doesn t even cover this masterpiece 24 7 awesome action and nonstop humor aplenty,oh and let s not forget the fact that this is book breaks all those cliches stuck to every other Urban Fantasy book ever No altruistic protagonist he s a straight up villain , not a detective or P.I assassin,contractor for a DEMON CLAN , definitely not a weakling that gets beat up in every single fight shoot,kill,stab,burn first ask questions later.All in all Caine Deathwalker is a pure badass and this book along with the entire series ruined me for all other UF books cause its so much fun and enjoyable to read If I have to spell it out for you I don t like human protagonist a.k.a wusses that bitch all the time.So yeah, If you want a fun book with a womanizing,badass,take no prisoners and blow shit up with a side of sneaky you re gonna love Red Moon Demon along with all the other books in the series Uggh The concept is really interesting and fairly unique the writing comes across like a teenager trying to tell us how cool his video game character is I hate to bash anyone who creates but the writing isn t very good but the imagination behind it really is If you want something different this is it but know the trip will be a bit painful. Because Sometimes You Have To Fight Fire With Hellfire, There S Caine Deathwalker Raised As A Demon, Armed Like A Gun Merchant, And Fuelled By Booze Nice Is A Dirty Word And Killing Is What He Does Best Make A Contract With Hell, And He Could Be On Your Side, God Help You Caine Signs Onto Guarding The Beautiful Daughter Of A Leading Japanese Industrialist Protecting Is Harder Than Indiscriminate Murder And Mayhem, But Gold Is Gold, And The Prize Of A Mystic Demon Sword Is Dangled Over His Head As Added Incentive Haruka Will Make An Interesting Bonus If He Can Get Her Out Of Her Kimono And The Damn Living Zombies Will Leave Them Alone Long Enough For Him To Bang Her A Powerful Succubus Is Playing Cat To Caine S Mouse, But He Has A Cat Of His Own A Black Leopard Spirit Beast From The Jungle That S Taken A Liking To Him And His Booze And Then There S His Father, An Ancient Atlantean Demon With A Code Of Honor Formidable Back Up, But Caine Senses A Greater Threat Lurking In The Shadows, Something Primal, Hungry, And Possibly Evil Than Himself He Shakes His Head Nah, Couldn T Be This Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences Looking for a book where the main lead is a bad ass This is your book Usually in most Urban Fic that I ve read it takes a few books for the MC to develop his powers, or gain experience themselves so by the end they are a power in their own right and one BAMF.Not in this case, Caine is one guy who do not mess with Few chapters in it s already established that he owns LA do not F with his city or he will kill you And your family.This book had great action scenes, and I like the variety of paranormals in it Dragons, weres, necros, mages, fae, etc Most are in it and all are well written.Only downsides I found were the occasional spelling error, missing , and the constant inner dialogue where the MC tells us how BAMF he is After a few chapters we know he s basically someone who thinks very highly of himself, but he constantly retells us how much of a bad ass he is I didn t mind it, but found it repetitive.Great action read though, starting the 2nd book now. A tough read.Boy was this hard going.The underlying story was quite good and would have registered 4 stars for me supposedly human child raised by demons, given dragon magic and being the clan enforcer demon for hire given a job to break a family deal with a succubus.But, it was made incredibly difficult to read care of the atrocious editing Bad spelling and grammar, random punctuation and sections of text seemingly removed or repeated at one point, around half a chapter is re inserted into the last paragraph.So, 1 star docked for the editing and another for the extreme misogyny of the lead character and it feeling like he s been written by a teenager trying to prove how bad ass he is That takes it down to 2 overall from me.I bought part 2 as part of a Kindle deal so will give it a go, but if the above issues are still present, I can t see me progressing further with the series. I do think it s a little silly people are rating this book down because there is a homophobic sexist main character We call that a character flaw if every book had main characters that didn t have character flaws, we d have a bunch of Mary Sues, and that isn t very fun.PC stuff aside, the book simply wasn t good There felt like very little effort put into crafting a story, was about how super cool the main character was We get it, he s a badass, it doesn t need to be rammed down our throats literally every page. Interesting but a little bit hectic, there are just to many thing happening just one after the other, it could use some calm parts to give the reader the chance to really get behind what is happening, the way it is here it seems a little unrealistic with just action 24 7.But non the less a good book A very fun book action packed with great humor.

Born in Brazil on Lagoa Witches Island , he came to the United States in his early teens As a writer, he focuses on the paranormal and occult, adding a weird spin all his own to the Urban Dark Fantasy genre.I just really enjoy writing and the urban dark fantasy genre lets me come up with some great stories.

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