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Relative Sanity Out OfStars Marty Reaves S Second Novel, Relative Sanity, Is An Intriguing And Edgy Psychological Thriller That You Won T Be Able To Put DownReaders Of Chuck Palahniuk, Stephen King, Or Truman Capotewill Appreciate This Frightening, Touching, And Unflinching Look At The Darker Recesses Of Our Minds After A Lifetime Of Physical And Mental Abuse, Thirteen Year Old Babylon Finally Escapes The Shack In The Woods, Walking Away From All She Has Ever Known In Search Of The Moon People She Has Heard On Late Night RadioSpecial Investigator Nick Grimmer Witnesses The Crumbling Of His Marriage As His Wife, Cassie, Seems To Slip Further And Further Into An Unexplained MadnessPurdy Fallon Is A Child Trapped In A Thirty Year Old Man S Body Abandoned By His Mother Twenty Years Earlier, He Lives A Solitary Existence In A Ramshackle Trailer Until Babylon Shows Up At His Door And Changes Everything ForeverShow More Show Less

Martin Reaves is the critically acclaimed, award winning author of Dark Thoughts, the Relative series, A Fractured Conjuring, and the Twilight Zone inspired Rosebud Hill.

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  • 22 February 2019

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    Martin Reaves has created a dark, cold, muddy world that I was glad and fortunate to be enmeshed in This is a book I can categorize, lightly, as scary Not scary as in cheap thrills and the generically supernatural Scary as in the unknown passages of minds slipping away from reality, of the twists in life that create havoc in the human psyche, of stories and characters so plausible that one wonders, with understandable fright, what would happen to our relatively normal lives if fate slapped us a little too hard.Alex Tinkham and Nick Grimmer are best friends and partners in their detective work They re brought in to investigate a case I can t describe without giving away the plot, and then their stories are crossed with other incredibly memorable characters in such an artistic, clever way that I wondered, page after page after page, where the plot was going and how it would unfold And wow, how it did It s been a very, very long time since I ve allowed myself to read a thriller of this nature simply because I don t enjoy having scary thoughts in my mind I gave up superficial fare a long time ago, but I am so glad I picked up a book by an author who is so supremely talented that I can only hope people flock to his books and enjoy them as much as I am I bought his other book, Relative Karma , nanoseconds after I finished Relative Sanity I haven t been as involved in something dark since Dan Brown s Angels and Demons a couple of years back and the only reason I compare these two books is because Brown also has a knack for putting his characters and readers in uncomfortable, perilous places and yet you love every second of that difficult flight I enjoyed this book just as much, if not so much , than Brown s This is a book I wish I could write a mix of literary fiction, thriller and mystery something as difficult to categorize and describe as I am sure it was to write But all descriptions and words aside, the bottom line is an expertly written, highly entertaining novel by an author I am very happy to follow closely I look forward to reading Relative Karma , and I recommend Relative Sanity with the awe and satisfaction of having read something that s simply quite brilliant Kudos to Mr Reaves for his amazing work in a nutshell, what a good, good book

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    Really enjoyed this, and looking forward to reading Relative Karma

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    Mystery, with a capital MThis book caught my attention immediately and I could not put it down Well written with great characters Need to read by this author

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    Daphne s Mill Babylon Bella 13 was prepared for her dad s harsh treatment this time Bible in hand, dad was asleep She held the gate open for Bella they took off never to return Heather Springs Rd Purdell Purdy Fallon 30 later had spied the 2 girls.He had started giving them 3 square meals a day.They hadn t had the luxury of hot water a bathtub a TV.Nick Grimmer husband Cassandra Cassie Grimmer wife seemed to enjoy what they thought of as a happy marriage Deacon Deke Wells Landon came to Purdy s 30 house Kathryn had done the investigation on him What happened to Nick Cassandra PG is now missing.Deputy Chief Landon Detective Alex Tinkham were doing the MP case I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review Only an honest one A very awesome book cover, great font writing style A very well written psychological thriller book It was very easy for me to read follow from start finish never a dull moment There were no grammar typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists turns a great set of unique characters to keep track of This could also make another great psychological thriller movie, or better yet a mini TV series It was just OK for me so I will rate it at 4 5 stars Thank you for the free author eBookStage Digital Services LLC book Tony Parsons MSW Washburn

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    I enjoyed this mainstream crime thriller Not my typical fair, but a good read from an indie author you probably do not want to miss The author was great with characterization, he had a good plot, and the pacing was adequate though the story would improve with a bit of cutting.Told from several view points, Relative Sanity follows the unraveling of Nick Grimmer s life, and consequently his friend and partner s, after the death of a reclusive pedophile Seemingly unrelated, Mr Grimmer s wife, Cass, goes into a mental breakdown, wreaking havoc on their lives After an accident that puts Grimmer in the hospital, the story shifts to his partner s attempt to figure out what is going on before he loses his sense of reality as well.Though I thought this debut effort from Mr Reaves was well done, I couldn t help but think it could have been better The author spends way too much time getting to the point He savors the moment with a good scotch or cigar, which is fine once or twice, but got a bit old and seemed to weigh the story down I would have liked less of the savor the moment sort of passages, and of the background on what would drive a woman to give up her only child That part just didn t jive with me, and since we learn it second hand from her friend, it didn t ring true either.Otherwise, a very promising effort and I look forward to reading from this author.

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    The author, Martin Reeves, gave me a copy of this audio book in exchange for my review.Reaves gives us the unpleasant aftermath for the child and writes that narrative from that child s perspective in a wholly believable way That isn t to say Babylon s journey isn t unpleasant She is a child uneasy to trust and living in a foggy state of innocence as a self protection measure When Babylon finds Purdy alone in his trailer waiting for his mama to return, he s a dream come true He s a moon person He s kind, gentle and has chocolate Babylon trusts him though another side of her harbours deep suspicions about his intentions Purdy s self narrative is well written and distinctly voice acted by narrator Brandon McKenzie Balancing Babylon and Purdy s stories is that of Nick Grimmer and his partner Alex Tinkham There are moments between Nick and his wife that are somewhat graphic but not inelegantly written Reaves has a narrative talent and builds his flawed and damaged characters with a delicate hand Brandon McKenzie is a wonderful voice actor Each character was distinct and his delivery of Reeves story was flawless I tend to listen to audio books at a higher speed but slowed Relative Sanity to its natural speed in order to savour the natural pacing of the narrative Relative Sanity is a compelling psychological thriller.

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    I m not sure what I was expecting when I first began to read this book I had not read any of the descriptions of the book The first couple of pages started off rather interesting and as I progressed through the book I wondered just why and what was going on with Nick s marriage Then I suddenly became confused when the story switched to a whole separate set of characters I actually flipped back to see if I had missed something Anyway the story flips into another set of characters and wow Babylon s story is heartbreaking Trying to escape an abusive father and family really had me jumping to her team.Anyone who has read my reviews knows I do not give spoiling details or talk a great deal about the story line With that being said, I do like the book and the basis of the story line However, I did not love it The author does a great job with his descriptive and writing techniques The problem I had was becoming confused at the transitions between characters It left me thinking how in the world are these characters connected Many times I wondered if it was perhaps separate short stories Overall it is a good book and I did like it therefore I am giving it 3 three stars.

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    This was an OK book It seemed to me that there werea couple of different stories going, but then they cametogether and it all became clear what was going on.Maybe if I re read it again it will make sense All in allIt was a good read.

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    I really liked this book a lot I cared about the characters, and even though I was wrong about what I was reading by the end I was OK with it.

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    wow i dont know how many times i said WTF this was an incredible book highly recommended

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