Repeat It Today with Tears

Repeat It Today with Tears Firstly, this is a topic that is quite tabooI was quite shocked when I go to the point where it is revealed, although, there was a slowish buildup to it I am divided on the book, I think that some will love it or hate it, depending on your personal values and morals That being said it was well written, it was just the subject matter that was a bit disturbing. Difficult to really like any of the characters, from narcissistic Susie to her pathetic father who can t believe his luck at bagging a beautiful teenager, but beautifully written and skillfully evocative of the era it s set in I still don t understand the origins of Susie s single minded sexual compulsion towards her father, it s never really explained however, this is a satisfying and gorgeous read the writing, not the topic at hand. I need to process what I just read 5 Marvellous stars for the tragic passion and it reminded me of a heartbreaking book I read 2 years ago Chained Melody by Debbie Martin.It is a fairly short book that moved me and it isnt a book for those offended by taboo or incest The book is set in London in the 70s set in London written in the first person POV The narrator Susie, is an introverted intelligent girl who has grown up pretty much without love and grows up obseseed about her father wanting to know about him She does comes across as manipulative sometimes but she seems lost in her passion for him Her blind twisted passion for her fathehr and that she only burns for him I felt like I wanted to reach out to her Of course, we know right from the beginning that this is going to be really tragic The narrator goes on to tell us how she grew up, background information about her father , her sister, her 2 close friends and the job she took up and how she comes to meet her father and begins her affair.This is not the steamy romances I usually read with explicit sex scenes but one with the beautiful in between details of her closeness with her father as her lover Her father never knew that she was his daughter Like how he touches her inner thighs or the different flavors she tastes when she kisses him in the mornings or how he washed her hair when she was sick She also goes on talk about the beauty of her father.This book does not sensaionalize or romanticize incest either It just tells without judging Of course, I was very intrigued by how normal the tone was as a narrator until part 2 starts and she neveer sees it as anything and she feels her father made her so that she can be his lover To be everyhing beautiful she can possibly be to soothe his soul.I think this is a difficult topic to write about and I think Anne Pelie did a wonderful job and writing sometimes seemed like poetry The author never question the moral viewpoint of incest anywhere and just goes to chronicle the experience I loved the way the author made susie s father, a rounded character with dimensions rather than too flat As I read the book I do want to understand Susie and why she did such a thing I can see her dreams and hopes, her passion and love, her vulnerability, her sense of reasoning and feelings At times, I felt I was just reading about a younger girl having an affair with an older manI am not going to spoil how the story goes for anyone I would like to highly reccommend this book to anyone whos is thinking about giving this book a go. I picked this book up in the library because the cover grabbed my attention and, when I read the back cover copy, I was torn as to whether to take it home This book deals with the incredibly taboo topic of incest and so I knew it would be a difficult read, but something about the title and the description made me want to read on So I decided to go with it.The first thing to say about this book is that the writing is beautiful Such a sensitive subject could easily become crass, explicit and disgusting but, whilst there are obviously sex scenes in the book, these are not described graphically but are focussed on what s going on in Susanna s head This is a deeply disturbing read but the prose is written with such finesse that somehow it is moving and poignant at the same time.Susie is an interesting character She s manipulative and clearly very screwed up, bordering on evil, yet there was something about her that made me want to give her a huge hug and tell her that she s not alone Same with Jack, although he didn t know that Susie was his daughter, he knew that he was committing a taboo by dating someone so you, especially given that he was married, which should make him an unlikeable character, yet it doesn t.What I also liked about this book is that it doesn t attempt to romanticize the book It never questions the moral standpoint that incest is very wrong It just chronicles one girl s experiences with it and her mental decline as the relationship progresses.I finished this book a few days ago and I m still thinking about it I think this is one that will stay with me for a while. The novel is divided into two parts The first half of the book concentrates on Susie s childhood and how she then meets and seduces her father The second part does not come a surprise to the reader, because by then Susie has already hinted many times at a the end of their secret affair While in part one, she is but a quiet girl who is in desperate need of parental love and then goes at it in a way most people would never even contemplate, when the love of her father is taken away from her, she suffers a mental breakdown The story then deals with her life in a mental institution, where she claims memory loss and a hardly functioning memory in general to get the doctors off her back Honestly, this book was a very daring project The love affair balanced precariously on a very, very fine line In spite of my many reactions of revulsion throughout the book, I have to admit that Peile handled it pretty well, because she never crossed that line The opening sentence was a very clever move Susie immediately grabbed my attention by stating that the first real kiss she shared with her father took place on Easter day With this intriguing and disturbing opening to the book, you just have to continue reading, be it in small portions at a time which was the case for me Maybe I just have a overly sensitive disposition Susie is a well written character, her personality well developed It was not difficult to sympathize with her, although I could never forget what she had done with her father It was clear from the start that she needed parental love and obviously her mother would never dole out any Growing up in a blue collar neighborhood, surrounded by oversexed teenagers her older sister Lin included , and a mother who hardly acts like one, how could this sixteen year old understand the different kinds of love Poor Susie, she really did not know any other way to claim love from her father or how to give appropriate affection back I had the impression that after she was institutionalized, the possibility of a normal family i.e being raised by her father and his wife Olive , however briefly, did pass through her mind I just wish she could have continued living her life unscathed by her experiences on which she looks back quite often and very fondly indeed But that would not be very realistic, would it For reviews, read these two brilliant ones Still Life with BooksIris on Books Fifteen year old Susanna grew up with a sister who was ready to embrace her sexuality the minute she crossed that threshold and a mother who couldn t care less about what her daughters wanted or did Her mother didn t have a great opinion of her daughters father either, who she claimed was a womanizer and who wasn t around much But Susanna was fascinated with the idea of her absent father Having grown up on tough or no love, under a mother who is only focused on her own love life with a married man and with a sister who moves from one bed to another, Susanna mostly visualizes her life with a father who is always there for her And then one day, she does find him Using the flirting strategies she learned and concealing her identity, she seduces and then begins an illicit affair with her father.When I first read the synopsis of this book, I thought this was a weird and unconventional premise for an award nominated book Repeat it Today with Tears was longlisted for the Orange Prize and I badly wanted to read it Incest is such a taboo, discomfiting and disturbing topic, but it s also an oddly fascinating one one which leaves the two sides of your minds warring with each other On one side, you don t want to understand a character like Susanna if I understood her, does it mean that I approve of her actionsOn the other hand, you do want to know why she did it, and to know that, you have to let go of all the inhibitions, prejudices and biases that you bring to the reading experience I say prejudices, because even though I don t see any legal, moral, ethical or biological good in incest, there is usually to a picture than meets the eye And while, during the first half of the book, I was railing against Susanna to not do something like that, and use her common sense instead, halfway into the book I began to empathize with her and really understand her Eventually, I was able to close the book without judging her, and for me that was very important, because it meant that the author didn t use incest as a plot device or to manipulate a reader but to create a fascinating character who was simply lost.I had to say the above, because I am not a fan of books that take controversial matters or true tragedies and weave them into fiction My instinctive reaction is usually to feel exploited or taken advantage of I didn t feel that here There s also the fact that incest is a very hard topic to read about Most of us have fathers, mothers and siblings we love, which is what makes empathizing hard How do you empathize when you cannot put yourself in the other person s shoesThis book didn t glorify, sensationalize or sully the concept of incest Interestingly, it felt like reading about any other affair In addition, the author didn t cast her judgments into the story or the character, or make it appear a right thing to do or a wrong thing Repeat it Today with Tears was actually pretty fascinating and intriguing, despite its subject Most of the time, I was curious about how this will unfold, because there s definitely not going to be a happy ending Susanna s father had no idea that she was his daughter He had given up his womanizing ways for years and was surprised to find a young beautiful girl want to even be with him Since Susanna s mother had all but neglected her daughters completely, there was no one to stop her from doing whatever it was that she wished I loved how the author constructed the novel as I mentioned above, I was all anti Susanna initially But over time, you could see why Susanna did what she did I felt sorry for her any girl who makes sordid life choices at 15 and doesn t think so, didn t have a proper home or guidance At some point in, I began to see The Bell Jar s Esther Greenwood and Audrey Tautou s Angelique from He Loves Me He Loves Me Not in Susanna You could see her erroneous reasoning, her descent into the madness of love and life, her attempts to obsessively protect everything that she considers hers, her jealous woman reactions to her father lover s conversations with his wife, her easy willingness to give up on her life even before it has begun You could see that although just 15 16, she was behaving mostly as someone much older than that, and yet still trapped within the vulnerability of a 15 16 year old mind.In the end, I thought this book was wonderfully written Mostly, it s a character driven novel a very powerful one as the author builds the background of the characters and establishes the relationships between them Occasionally, I felt the writing slip up as if the author was trying too hard but instead falling flat The second half of the book felt intriguing to me, because we learn of the consequences of Susanna s actions on others and on herself Here was a chance for a girl to get over the affair, but I m not going to spoil it for you I would strongly recommend this read, which at 186 pages, packs a lot of emotion, intrigue and a wonderful story arc. Like The Kiss, but fictional and therefore not as shocking The Kiss, for anyone who doesn t know, is about a woman who has a consensual affair with her father Part of what makes The Kiss such an amazing book is that though most of us have not had incestuous affairs, the story is instantly relatable to anyone who grew up with an emotionally manipulative parent, even if their own relationship never crossed that line But in Repeat It Today with Tears, the father never knows that Susie is his daughter, and so all the evil and manipulation lies in her That being said, the writing was beautiful and reminded me of early Kate Atkinson, before she started doing mystery thrillers and did coming of age. Not an easy subject to tackle, I wasn t even sure that I wanted to read it but am so glad that I did.Susie seeks out the father she never knew and leads him into a sexual relationship without him knowing her true identity.So much about this book could have gone so wrong but rather than being voyeuristic and sleezy , it was a disturbing and uncomfortable read, yet also incredibly touching and poignant.Whilst admittedly there is a lot of sexual activity it very much takes second place to Susie s desperate need to be loved and taken care of Very well drawn sympathetic characters, the author lets us understand them rather than demonise them as they enter their clearly doomed relationship A very brave debut. Got this from my chica today A Secretive Child By Nature, Susanna Makes A Covert List Of Everything She Knows About Her Absent Father, Determined That One Day She Will Find Him Unable And Unwilling To Adapt To Life In Her Mother S Unsympathetic Household, She Distances Herself As Much As PossibleWhen She Finally Discovers Her Father S Whereabouts And Seeks Him Out, In The Free And Unconventional Atmosphere Of S Chelsea, She Conceals Her Identity, Beginning An Illicit Affair That Can Only End In Disaster Repeat It Today With Tears Is In Many Ways A Traditional Love Story, As Well As A Skilful Evocation Of Radical Times And Desires It Is A Fever Dream That Examines Our Need To Be Loved And Accepted And A Piercing Portrait Of Madness Anne Peile Is A Striking New Voice In Fiction

Anne Peile was born in London she has lived in the South West and Belfast and worked as a cook, writing emails for the BBC and in educational support She works for a London bookstore Repeat It Today With Tears, her debut novel, was longlisted for the Orange Prize for Fiction 2011.

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