ResistanceThe Gathering Storm

ResistanceThe Gathering StormI absolutely loved the Resistance games, and I was really excited to read this book However, the book fell way short of my expectations The author tends to be overly descriptive, causing the story to drag in numerous places, especially the meetings in the white house Also, the way Nathan Hale is portrayed in the book conflicts with how he s portrayed in the games He is a completely different person in the book than he was in the games Finally, the games, while giving the player an alternate timeline where world war 2 never happened, still stayed true to the time period The book on the other hand did not and had, on than one occasion, characters using computers The secretary of war had a tape recorder that was newly developed tech, but they also have computers that can send email That just doesn t add up. I love the Resistance games from Insomniac Games and I wanted to love this book just as much.Unfortunately I just found the novel to be lacking and couldn t finish it. Great Britain July Three Years Ago, Russia Went Dark Nothing Got In Nothing Got Out The World Assumed It Was Political Strife But It Was The Chimera Voracious Extraterrestrial Invaders And In December , They Burst Across The Russian Border And Poured Into Europe The Luckiest Humans Died The Less Fortunate Succumbed To An Alien Virus And ChangedWithin A Year, Most Of Europe Had Fallen Only Great Britain, After Struggling Desperately, Had Kept The Conquerors At Bay But As The Chimera Were Repelled, They Were Evolving Building PlanningAmerica November The Chimera Have Crossed The Atlantic Their Lightning Strikes On American Borders Are Devastating Cities Are Lost Small Towns Overrun Citizens Transformed Into Monstrosities Enter Lieutenant Nathan Hale, US Ranger A Veteran Of The Chimeran Conflict, He Is Uniquely Immune To The Alien Virus And When Regular Troops Can T Stem The Chimeran Onslaught, Hale And His Special Operations Team Meet The Menace Head OnBut While They Battle The Relentless Chimera, Deadly Power Games Rage In The White House And When Hale Discovers A Far Reaching Conspiracy, One With Deadly Consequences For The Human Race, His Allegiance To Country And Mankind Is Stretched To The Breaking Point A hilarious attempt to bring video game logic into a mental setting. I was prepared to hate this book Until it came in the mail, I did not realize that it was based on a video game Not being of the generations that immerse themselves in video games, I am not all that familiar with the setting of this book That being said, you can read this and know nothing of the game as I did or Google the game which I did as well , but either action are not necessary to enjoy this book I have yet to read a Dietz book that I did not enjoy and this one, despite its game setting, is no exception The story is fast paced, the characters are believable, and I enjoyed the story arc My only complaint is the ending of the book which felt truncated and chopped off as if the publisher had a word or page limit.Spoilers ahead stop reading if you wish to skip The part where Nathan kills the President, I felt could have been taken into a whole new book Nathan could have risen to lead the Freedom First group against the government I would have liked to see a small civil war where Nathan with Susan beside him, leads Freedom First, taking the Sentinels with him against the Grace administration Nathan walking in and shooting the President was anti climatic and not the page turning action that I have come to expect from this author. I enjoyed the story It worked well and was a good addition to my reading list So Ok I don t know how to evaluate this overall so I m just gonna throw details at you.Writing mostly decent with a few awkward spots Not poetic or anything, but mostly unobtrusive, except for the aforementioned clumsy places.Plot story I would have appreciated some background setting, when the aliens have first invaded and are taking over various places It felt like the book jumped into the middle of things, but that makes sense since you re probably supposed to know the background already from the video game off which it s based The story is mostly battles strung together with a few scenes of human interest state of governance romance yo, you gotta develop it or I won t believe it interspersed The supporting characters were pretty believable and human, but I can t say I was too sad when they died And that ending Way too sudden.I will stop being a complaining potato now Overall it was pretty decent, a good fluff action read. The book is about Luitenant Nathan Hale who is fighting against the chimera and the chimeran virus in him.The Chimera are a race of aliens that are attacking the Earth The Americans are losing the war but the SRPA that house the sentinel soldiers wit the chimeran virus in the and trained to combat the chimeran menace I like this book because i played the games and it goes good with the story The book is an of a video game series I liked how the author added things to make the story interesting and go with the plot The main character is just so interesting because he is injected with the virus that the chimera inject in to humans to make humans become chimera The climax was a good way to end the book because the traitor in the White House is killed point blank and the traitors die. ,. Never played or heard of the game so didn t know what to expect.Typical end of world stuff with some good characters and plenty of action and some degree of tension.Would have liked info about fall of Britain but am guessing that was in the game Overall not a bad read, if you re into your apocalyptic alien invasion resistance fighters scenarios.

New York Times bestselling author William C Dietz has published than fifty novels, some of which have been translated into German, Russian, and Japanese He grew up in the Seattle area, served as a medic with the Navy and Marine Corps, graduated from the University of Washington, and has been employed as a surgical technician, college instructor, and television news writer, director and prod

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